Hi guys.

It's JPA.

Now, I recently received a crap-ton of hate in languages that are not my native tongue. (Hail Satan I know Spanish(;)

Anyways, I really want to know what you guys like to read now. This is an AUTHOR'S NOTE. Meaning this story and more than likely, the others, are on hiatus. Forever.

I want you guys to know I really love how you all were my base in writing when I was younger. I used to get so happy when it was the weekend and I could write like little two hundred word chapters. I've gotten better at that, I promise.

I have a tumblr, dA, and a twitter. If you guys want links and would cowrite something, let me know. I still get updates.

Anyway, have a fantastic day.

Much love,

xoxoxTears. (Tears has become my new JPA, but either one is fine)