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Forgotten Memories of the Past

Chapter 11

"It's been a while Shikadai- kun…", A not very normal human looking spirit appeared in the room. He had long brown hair that reached up to his shoulders and half or it was neatly tied up in a pony tail. His eyes matched his hair and the clothing he wore must have been centuries ago considering they look like a emperors wore. If you were to look at him you would consider his a normal person, but when you see that smile that makes it look like his bottom jaws going to drop to the ground… then that's a different story.

"Yes… it has been awhile… Shinbi…", hissed Shikadai.

"hmm, I see you have a new master… but no matter, you will come back to me… it seems you havent been brought up well enough", Shinbi's smile quickly turned into a frown as he looked towards me. "after all I don't remember teaching you to side with these uncivilized humans… sigh… but first I have to try and kill this human or would you so kindly and give him back without violence?".

"I wont let y-", I interrupted the conversation between Shinbi and Shikadai as I spoke up with demand.

"You wont take Shikadai, nor will you kill me. You say you haven't brought him up well enough? Don't give me that bullshit, you were the one who locked up between dimensions, you were the one who let him suffer, you were the one who abandon him…, are you so retarded to think that I will give him back to his creator, the person who treated him so badly? I don't think so, I think he's much better here with his friends, and soon, his family. There is nothing wrong with humans, and you have no right to say that", I felt my eyes narrow even more than before as I spoke, raising my voice little by little. "I know you were also once human but your soul was twisted with all the crimes you did in the past and became what you are today".

Shikadai looked shocked when I said 'family' but I reassure him with a genuine smile and he seemed to have relaxed a little when the three angles smiled at him. They were never the kind to hold grudges against someone I've already forgiven. If they were, as Nobuyuki had told me, it'll probably be against the person who killed me, which makes me want to laugh at that.

"hm… those weren't crimes… I was doing the right things but the civilians seemed to have disagreed with me…", Shinbi tapped his index finger on his chin thoughtfully.

"Mind telling me what you did, that made you seem…. Oh… so innocent?", I asked a little pissed off.

He looked at me and then smirked. "Nothing much… just killed all the children in the country, and using the women as slaves… hmm there was so much I've done I cant remember… but I don't see what the big deal is… after all it was my wife and my child had betrayed me first…". Anger boiled up inside of me as I felt something screaming inside of me to release my spiritual power and make him regret ever saying those thing. "That's what you call nothing? then you seriously need some help, what did your wife and child do to make you do such crimes?"

"they died" "What?", I asked dumbly as every looked at the guy like he was out of his freaking mind.

"They promised me that they'll be with me forever! THEY LIED! THEY BETRAYED ME! They killed themselves and left me a note saying that my rule over the country was horrible and that they can no longer stand being with me! So they killed themselves! Women and children are all the same, nothing but liars.", Shinbia shouted.

"But that's no reason to kill innocent people!", I retorted.

"SILENCE!", he ordered. "It's time for you to die, it will be your greatest mistake for going against me, foolish HUMAN! You will regret, even in the afterlife, for becoming my enemy!" Shinbi charged towards me as his sword appeared in his hands, but then Shikadai stopped him with his own swords before he reached.


He pushed Shinbi backwards were the other angels were holding swords and waiting to attack. When Shinbi was sent fly towards them, both Yoshimitsu and Tsuyoshi swung their swords from behind, but Shinbi was fast enough to flip into the air. He didn't notice when Nobuyuki was right behind him in the air, because he was concentrating on Shikadai now running towards him and jumping into the air. When Shikadai charged through the air at him, he pivoted his body to avoid the attack, but since Nobuyuki was behind him, he got slashed on the side of his ribs.

"Damn!", swore Tsuyoshi as he aimed for another attack. He was quickly sent flying a wall when a strong spiritual power in the form of a bird attacked him. He tried his best to get the bird off of him, but it turned into vines and locked him up against the wall.

Within seconds, all humans in the room were also sent against the wall, except Naru, Lin, Yui, Yu, Fujihiro, and Tetsuya. The problem was, they couldn't fight because of their injuries from the battle before. Fujihiro and Tetsuya was healing themselves first before they could get to the others. As I was too busy looking at everyone around the room, Shinbi charged forward and was getting to plunge his sword deep within my body. When I realized that I was getting attacked, I quickly closed my eyes and waited for the attack.

Minutes passed and I still didn't hear my blood dripping to the floor. Slowly, I opened my eyes and met with a blade mere inches away from my left eye, But I didn't care. Instead of worrying about the blade that's about to poke my eyes out, I watched in horror as Nobuyuki stood protectively in front of me with the sword stabbing one side of his heart and the through the other. In other words, the sword had stabbed his heart and that he had no chance of survival because the blade had popped out his back already.

I felt my eyes widen as tears streamed down my face. Shinbi smirked, and in stead of take the sword out, he ripped right out to the left, directly under Nobuyuki's arm. Blood splattered all over the walls, reminding me to day of when my parents died and I knew history was about to be repeated. Crimson blood was dripping out of Nobuyuki's mouth, and barely breathing (A/N: He's a half angel and demon… gotta be strong right?). His beautiful silver wings burst in to millions of feathers, they swiftly fell to the floor and soaked in the blood. Then they exploded into silver and red dust particles that flew into the air before disappearing.

Slowly he fell back and into my arms that awaited for him. He let out a grunt of pain as he looked up into my eyes. Reaching his hands up to touch my cheek, his tears left the corner of his eyes and he whispered quietly, "Sorry I couldn't protect you… Thank you for saving me… I will forever protect you even if I die, so please…. don't be sad, be strong, my friend, my master, my love…".

With his last breath, he died in my arms. I cried as I hugged him closer to my body, his fragile body. Memories past though my mind as I remember the day of my birthday…. The day I met him. Since he was half angel and demon, he had no place to belong, but I was the one to take him in. He was like my brother, he was my family!

Anger surged through my body as a let out screams of sadness. The body that lay in my hands slowly turned into glowing particles and disappeared, leaving me to hug myself as sobs racked my body. Naru and the rest watched quietly, as they were speechless. Naru had tried to get to me, but his body was in to much paint even move a muscle in his body and the fact that Lin hold him down from reopening his wounds.

I could hear, Tsuyoshi and Yoshimitsu screaming and attacking Shinbi, along with Shikadai. Shikadai didn't't know Nobuyuki, but as he saw me crying, for some reason he got angry and started attacking Shinbi. " I wont forgive you for hurting my master!", he yelled at Shinbi.

I ignore the battle that went on around me as I looked at my palms filled with salty tears. 'we only reunited a few days ago… now he's gone… he's not coming back… my brothers not coming back!', my thoughts screamed through my head as I didn't notice there was a bright white line formed circling around me. 'Nobuyuki… brother… he's gone!', at the last thought, the circle blasted a bright light that surrounded me, causing everyone to stop fighting and look into my direction.

Shinbi screamed at the pure light that engulfed the room, the next thing that happened was unexpected. Shinbi just exploded into a misty black smoke and disappeared as the light got brighter.

"What's happening!", Yelled Ayako as the vines released her from the wall.

"Crap!", yelled Yu.

"This is bad!", Yui finished his thoughts. "What do you mean this is bad?", Bou-san yelled across the room.

"Mai's powers is going out of control because of the shock", answered Naru.

"and if they goes on… she may end up killing her self", Lin added.

"What do you mean?", asked John worriedly as he and Masako tried not to fly out of the room because the wind that was surround the light swirled around.

"Her powers were sealed inside her body, you cant expect it not to build up", Naru said. "If she went through proper ways of undoing the seal, they wouldn't't happen. But since the seal was basically forced to break due to shock, it can cause a major amount of spiritual power to release and destroying the owner to make everything stable".

"Isnt there a way we can stop this?", Both Kousake and Kenji yelled.

"It's too late to stop anything, if anyone goes near that light…", Yui explained sadly. "If anyone goes near that light… there's a high chance that person will die".

Everyone in the room gasped There was no way to save Mai… they couldn't't do anything… Footsteps echoed throughout the room and everyone turned into the direction. They hand expect that right in front of them was Naru walking towards me despite the warnings. What shocked them even more, and a young lady and man that looked so much like Me, was walking right next to him. They looked as if they were backing Naru up, and everyone couldn't help but watch with hopeful eyes.

As Naru made his way to me, the wind had cut him from here and there but nothing major. Breaking through the barrier light, he quickly hugged me tightly, Whispering smoothing words, when he said 'I love you' in the end, I passed out and the light that engulfed me was gone. The surroundings calmed down, leaving a couple passed out at the center of the room and leaving everyone staring a what they witness.

Later that Night.

I slowly awoke from my slumber as I felt a hand petting the back of my head. I looked up from the chest in front of me to sapphire blue eyes that smiled gently down at me. I couldn't help but cried as I look into those eyes, Naru did nothing but hug me as I cried into his shoulder.

A few minutes had passed before I calmed down, "What happened?", I asked as I looked back up at him.

"Your powers went out of the control because of the shock, but I stopped it in time before anything could have happened", Naru answered as he hugged me more tightly.

"How?", I gave I'm a questioning look.

"I used some of my spiritual energy to even out the flow", the words left his mouth smoothly as if it was an everyday thing to him.

I quickly shot up from where I was lying and glared at him, "You WHAT?", I practically yelled.

Signing he sat up and hugged me, making smoothing circles around my back. "Never mind… lets go downstairs, everyone's worried".

When I was about to retort back, Naru dragged me out of bed and downstairs. What greeted me was a feast on the table and everyone gather around the room. When I entered they all shouted happy birthday for me.

I had completely forgotten about my birthday with everything going on, so I just cried for the tenth time that night. I got many hugs, and present. During the party I saw Tsuyoshi, Yoshimitsu and Shikadai talking at the corner of the room, laughing from now and then. At the end of the party everyone in the room gathered together and made a gravestone for Nobuyuki, since we didn't have his body. It was getting late at night and everyone had already headed to bed. I was sitting at the grave stone and remembering the past memories I had shared with my 'brother'. Signing, I headed off to bed knowing that tomorrow I'll be leaving. Of course, I'll visit since my house was only 15 minutes away by car.

When I entered my room that I shared with Naru, I felt someone grab me and threw me onto my bed. I looked up quickly to see who it was and relaxed a little when I saw that it was Naru. He smiled down at me and gave me a loving kiss before he pulled away and leaned down to my ear. He bite it playfully and whispered, "You just turned 18 today, and I think it's time for your punishment Mai…".


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