Chapter One

This will be my first story in a long time. I've never written a Lois/Clark fan fiction so I thought I'd give it a go.

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or any of its characters.

The story will start with the idea from season 7 where Lana returns, not from the car explosion but to run away from Lex for the time being.

Lois is already working at the Daily Planet alongside Clark.

Oliver Queen & Chloe are already working at Watchtower.

Other characters will make appearances as the story goes along.

It was like any other day in Smallville, the sun was glistening down upon the farm where Clark Kent had been living for most of his life. Nothing much has changed except of course, the fact that the woman he thought he had loved married his worst enemy; then mysteriously vanishes from the mists of the Earth. Being on the farm by himself made Clark feel at ease, but he couldn't help but feel lonely sometimes even with Shelby by his side.

There had been endless nights where Clark thought about his relationship with Lana. He couldn't help but wonder what could have been. What If she never married Lex? What if she had married him instead? Would he be living his dream life with her? Or would he not? Lana had always been the one he thought he'd end up with, but now he was at a turning point in his life. Lana Lang was now gone and hasn't been a part of his life for almost half a year. Though deep down he felt he still loved her and was still holding on. What if he was time to let go? Like his mom had told him, maybe Lana Lang isn't the one; maybe your true soul mate is out there to be swept off her feet.

"Clark?" a voice called out.

Clark super sped down the stairs and realized it was Chloe. She gave him a smile and was petting Shelby.

"Hey, what's up?" Clark asked.

"I hope you're still not moping around here about what could have been," Chloe replied.

"I'm not, I was just about to do my chores then head off to the Planet," Clark remarked. He sped out of the kitchen and was back within seconds.

"Show off," Chloe said while laughing. "Before you go, I found this on your doorstep." Chloe hands Clark an envelope.

Clark tears open the envelope and come to realize the letter had been from his mother. He couldn't help but smile with her warm remarks.

Let yourself be happy honey, let go of the past and look into the bright future ahead.

Clark read that sentence over and over, perhaps his mom was right, and maybe he should let Lana go for good. She was long gone and there was no other option but to move forward.

"Clark? Are you okay? Is something wrong?" Chloe questioned.

"No, nothing is wrong, actually today just got a little brighter," Clark answered with a smile. "I've got to get to the Planet or else Lois, well you know her."

"Of course, you wouldn't want to keep Lois Lane waiting," Chloe chuckled. "I'll see you later."

"Smallville!" Lois yelled. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Sorry Lois unlike you I had chores to do at the farm," Clark replied.

"Well while you were busy being the farm boy, look at today's headline," Lois said while smacking the newspaper onto his chest.

Clark looked at her puzzled and turned his attention to the front page. He couldn't believe what, Lex Luthor pronounced dead? How in the world did that happen?

"Chop chop lets go, we've got to head to the hospital to get that autopsy form," Lois demanded. She grabbed her coat and was heading out and turned around to look at Clark still surprised by the headline.

"Clark, I know you're in shock, but we've got to get going," Lois said grabbing his hand.

"If you ask me, this death was no accident," Lois interpreted. "Maybe he had it coming, after all the things he's done to you, me and everyone else."

"Lois," Clark said.

"Honestly Smallville, after all those things he's done to everyone, especially to you, do you really feel any kind of remorse for the guy?" Lois asked while staring at him.

"I don't know Lois, even with all the things he has done in his life, he didn't deserve to be murdered, that is if he was," Clark answered.

"Cover me, I'm going in to see if I can dig up anything," Lois commanded as she headed into the office closing the door behind her.

Clark let out a small smile and shook his head. He slowly gazed around and suddenly a familiar voice called out. He turns around only to see Lana standing there smiling at him. Clark's jaw dropped and was in disbelief.

"Lana…when did you get back?" Clark asked.

"I came back last night, thought I'd prepare myself before I see anyone," Lana replied. She approached him and gave him a bear hug.

What a morning he's having, first Lex declared dead, now Lana's back? Something doesn't seem to fit.

Lana slowly let go and gazed into Clark's green eyes. She slowly moved her lips towards his, but surprisingly Clark backed away.

"Lana I – "Clark was interrupted.

"It's okay, I understand, you must be seeing someone," Lana finished.

"No it's just, maybe we should talk about this later," Clark suggested.

"Smallville you're not going to believe it but I wa – "Lois said but stopped herself when she saw Lana. "Lana?"

"Hey Lois," Lana greeted. She let out her hand to shake Lois', but Lois stayed back, remembering the last time she laid a hand on Lana had led her to a hospital bed.

"Yeah, um…we'll talk later Lana?" Clark said to break the awkward silence. He grabbed Lois' hand and walked the other way without looking back.

"What was that?" Lois stated.

"Nothing important, so what did you get?" Clark disregarded.

"Yeah well, I was right, Lex's little incident wasn't an accident, they found some sort of explosive material at the mansion," Lois whispered. "I guess someone really outdid themselves this time to get back get Lex."

"Lois, for your own safety I think you should drop this, getting involved with anything that involves a Luthor isn't going to make your day," Clark warned. "Not exactly a byline I would want be in."

"Come on Clark! This is a headline of a lifetime, knowing that this was a setup, definitely worthy of the front page," Lois fired back.

"Lois please, at least consider it, I'd rather have you in one piece than buried with Lex," Clark remarked.

"Alright Smallville, just for you I'll consider it," Lois replied. "But then again you know me." Lois smirked and walked towards the elevator. "See you later."

Clark stood there blankly knowing that deep down Lois would never drop a story, especially not this story.

"Is that the miraculous Lana Lang?" Chloe recalled.

"Hey Chloe, how've you've been?" Lana asked while embracing her.

"Great, where have you been? You know Clark and I were worried about you," Chloe answered. "Have you spoken to him yet?"

"Yeah I actually ran into him at the hospital while getting a check-up," Lana replied. "He was uh, with Lois." "Are they together or something?"

"Lois and Clark? I'd like to see that day come," Chloe joked.

Lana faked a laugh, but deep down she still had a feeling they secretly were.

"I like what you've down with this place Chloe, I hope you don't mind, but since I'm back, I'll be checking in now," Lana said. "Plus I know the talon is taken, so what better place than to stay here right in the heart of downtown Metropolis."

"Yeah sure, of course, Isis is in your name anyways, it would only make sense," Chloe agreed. "But you wouldn't mind me using the technology here would you?"

"Of course not Chloe, you're always welcome."

"Okay so you're telling me that Lana Lang, former Luthor killed Lex?" Oliver asked sarcastically.

"Yes I am, I mean let's face it, Lex is pronounced dead and Lana returns to town? Don't tell me that is a coincidence considering the fact the last time I saw her, she could have," Chloe defensively replied.

"Yeah but Chloe she's your friend, not exactly an accusation a friend would say."

"Come on Ollie let's face it, we both know how much she hates the guy and you don't know what she's capable of."

"But killing Lex? Isn't that going a little far?"

"You don't know Lana Lang the way I use to, for all we know she could be planning something bigger."

"I honestly don't know what to say Chloe, we don't have any proof that she could have done this, besides I'd rather not point my finger at someone who has a power suit." Oliver joked.

"It only makes sense, we both know Lex Lu –"Chloe stopped once she saw Clark walk through Watchtower's doors.

"Hey Clark," she quickly remarked.

"Hi Chloe, Oliver," Clark replied. "Have you guys seen Lana yet?"

"Yeah last time I saw her she was at her Isis foundation," Chloe responded. "Aren't you happy she waltzed back into your life?" Chloe said with a grin.

"Yeah well she sure has her timing," Clark remarked.

"Whoa there Clark, you're saying you didn't miss her?" Oliver bantered. "That's surprising."

Both Chloe and Oliver were smiling at each other and acknowledging that Clark might have actually let go of the hold Lana has had on him for years. Something must be different between them.

"So I'm sure you heard the news about Lex, Clark?" Chloe questioned.

"Yeah and Lois isn't dropping the fact that Lex was murdered," Clark sighed.

"Any leads to who might have?"

"Not yet, but I thought maybe you could pull up some files and see what really happened."

"Sorry Clark, but I'm fresh out of ideas, Luthorcorp files have nothing on his murder nor do the police." "Don't get mad at me, but I've come up with a hunch."

"And what's that?"

"Lana Lang."

"What? You're telling me she did it?" Clark barked. "How do you even know that?"

"Clark calm down," Chloe said firmly. "Think about it, you and I both know Lana pretty well and she has done pretty dramatic things, she happens to come back the day Lex is pronounced dead." "She could have shown up any other day, but chose today."

Clark stood there processing the information thoroughly and he knew Chloe had a point. How is it that she comes back and Lex just so happens to be dead? Maybe Lana Lang isn't the person he thought she was.

"She's waiting for me at the barn, I'll call you if anything comes up," Clark said and sped out.

"Jeez Chloe, I think you could have warned him a little more, he does love her after all right?" Oliver remarked.

"Trust me Ollie, Clark isn't all lovey dovey for Lana Lang the way he used to be, she's changed and I don't exactly mean in a way that benefits him," Chloe replied eying Oliver.

"Lana," Clark said while closing the door behind him.

"Hey Clark, thanks for meeting me," Lana said with a smile. "Busy day at the Planet huh?"

"Yeah, big story today, I'm sure you heard?" Clark asked while walking past her into the living room.

"Are you talking about Lex?" Lana asked.

"Of course I am, you wouldn't happen to know anything about it would you?" Clark challenged.

"Why would I? I come back and the first thing I read is Lex is dead, not exactly a headline I would like to read about," Lana disregarded. "Anyways it's nice to be back in homeland territory."

Clark turned around to face her and he knew that she was hiding something, something big. Perhaps her whereabouts when Lex was murdered. Did she really think he was that gullible? Being around Lois Lane taught him a thing or two, never believe someone just because they say they're innocent.

"When exactly did you come back?" Clark started to interrogate her.

"Clark what are you saying? That I killed Lex?" Lana cried.

"I don't know Lana, you just so happen to return to Smallville and Lex is found dead, I don't know what to believe anymore," Clark answered. "I just want the truth."

Lana approaches Clark and stares into his eyes. "Clark, I didn't kill Lex." "You have to believe me."

"I'll believe you when they confirm that it was indeed an accident, not a murder," Clark adamantly said.

"I can't believe the one person I love the most and care about doesn't even trust my word," Lana complained. "You're supposed to be the one person I could always go to and always have faith in me."

"I'm not that guy anymore Lana, things have changed," Clark addressed. "Maybe we're not meant to be Lana."

"No Clark I believe in us, I believe in this and I'm not giving up just yet," Lana cried. "I want us to be together for real this time, no mistakes, forget the past and look ahead to the future."

"You took away that future when you married Lex," Clark said coldly. "You can't change that."

"I don't believe what I'm hearing," Lana grieved. Lana gently puts her hand on Clark's face and slowly moves in, but she's taken by surprise when she ends up kissing Clark's left cheek.

"Lana I can't do this with you, not again," Clark reacted. "This never worked out before, what makes you think it will this time?"

"Because this time I'm not engaged nor am I married."

"I'm sorry."

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