Time to get a Belt.

Since I've gotten here, aside from gorging on the spiders, I'd been eating a much healthier diet. Separated from soda and junk food, combined with an active lifestyle, the inevitable was to occur.

"Really Kita, those clothes are getting very baggy on you," chided Sue-Belle. I never saw her anywhere outside without a pot balanced gracefully on her head.

"So they don't look flattering on me. Big deal, they still work," I retorted, while shifting my grip on my own pot I was lugging home.

"You might want to at least get a belt, then," she advised as she motioned towards my pants. They had fallen down past my hips, starting to make a beeline for my knees. I nearly dropped the pot I was carrying, trying to pull them back up.

After that, I wore a rope that served as a belt.

And after that incident, Sue-Belle also started teaching me to sew.

And somewhere in that, we stated to become friends…