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Day 1: Twenty-Six to Go

Chris McLean, host of the infamous Total Drama series, was in front of the camera, having his nose over to his armpit to smell for odors.

"Er," the cameraman said, "Mr. McLean, the camera is on."

Chris immediately stopped what he was doing to face the camera and put on a small, nervous smile. "We can edit that out…right?"

The cameraman nodded, which caused the camera to lose focus as it also went up and down.

"Good; welcome to the newest Total Drama series!" Chris exclaimed, throwing his arms out into the air, once the camera focused. "My name's Chris McLean here to host another season full of pain and suffering!

"After Total Drama Island, our big winner, Owen, had decided to keep his hundred thousand instead of going for the million! Dang! We already had season two planned out also!" Chris furrowed his eyebrows.

"But, after much worry and consideration, the producers decided to get a new cast full of better people than that sorry bunch of losers! Also, it seems we have to become a little educational while we're at it.

"My brilliant looks and brains came up with a new season that will try and serve their educational purposes: the contestants each have their name start with one letter of the alphabet!

"That's right; twenty-six new contestants battling it all out in Camp Wawanakwa, once again, for one million dollars!"

"So," Chris put his hand up to his chin, "what will these newbies be like? Will they rock the ratings through the roof? And who will they get paired up with? Find out right now on Total! Drama! Alphabetized!"

(cue theme song!)

"We're back!" Chris exclaimed, again. "It seems our first contestant is arriving; say hello to Alex!"

A tall guy with messy, brown short hair and dirty brown eyes stepped off of the boat with a wide grin on his face. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt with dirty magnolia overalls over that. He also wore gray messed up shoes. He walked up to Chris and shook his hand diligently.

"Thanks Chris, man," he beamed happily. "I always wanted to represent my letter for us 'A' people are the best! I believe so and so do the kids!"

"What kids?" Chris rose an eyebrow.

"I thought I told you I was a janitor at a local school! Me and those kids are real close and such! I even helped 'em pull a prank!"

"Not really ringing a bell," Chris said and rolled his eyes. "But, here's Baron!"

Another guy stepped off of the boat with a full grin. He was wearing a brown, short-sleeved t-shirt with a brown leather jacket over that. He also wore baggy, blue jeans and some brown shoes. He had on an aviator's helmet, which covered his hair, and some sunglasses.

"What's up Chris?" Baron asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Your planes that is," Chris smirked.

"Not yet," Baron said. "I'm still in school for flying."

"Hey," Alex said putting his hand out there for him to shake. After Baron shook it he said, "Nice seeing another guy representing the 'B' letter! Because after A, B is always the best!"

"Good to know that," Baron said, not really caring.

"Here is our next contestant: Casey!" Chris shouted.

The next boat pulled up with a blond haired kid who had nice, blue eyes. He was wearing a black, short-sleeved t-shirt, which had on the front "Come to the dark side…we have cookies!", and messed up jeans which had ripped parts all over it. He was also wearing black sandals.

"First off, I want to say you will all go down," Casey screamed in to the air before giving maniacal laughter. "Then, I will take over the internet! Mwahahahaha!" Thunder flashed behind Casey as he laughed, making the other two weirded out.

"How did lightning get out here on a sunny day?" Baron asked.

"It's called presentation," Casey said to them. "You guys wouldn't know that because only evil villains, much like me, can do that."

"Then how come you don't have theme music?" Alex asked.

"Of course I do! What's a villain without his own music?" Casey whipped out a remote which had a little red button in the middle. He laughed again and he pressed the button, sending out three 'dun dun dunnnn's' into the sky from nowhere.

"Here comes Devin!" Chris again called out to a boat pulling up.

On the boat a very pretty girl with long, silky brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, was standing there just staring at the guys like they were insane. She was wearing a pink top which cut a little bit above her breasts, which were huge, and white short-shorts. She also had on white tennis shoes.

"Excuse me," Devin called to the boys who were staring at her with mouths wide open.

"I'd like to fly that plane," Baron said, smirking.

"I'd kidnap that princess any day," Casey also said.

"I'd like to mop her up," Alex said. Both boys stared at him with looks of confusion. "What? Too soon?"

"Um, I'd like to know why no one has carried off my bags yet." Devin asked with hate in her voice.

The boys rushed up and grabbed her bags off of the boat quickly, fighting over them and sniffing them (in Alex's case).

Devin smiled as she watched the boys fight over her bags. "The world does need more pretty people like me."

Chris, now out of his trance, called out, "Here comes Erica!"

A girl with long raven-black hair and bright blue eyes flipped off the boats with a huge smile. She wore a dark green undershirt with a tan vest over it, containing small pockets for different things. She also wore an explorers' hat with a strap on her chin, and baggy tan pants with tan tennis shoes.

"Erica here! Survivalist and hunter for as long as I can know! I can stay in the woods for about a year or two! I am a good contribution to a team!" Erica cried out loudly.

"Not a very good look you got going on there," Devin said, pointing to her butt. "Oh wait that's not your face."

Erica glared at her, "You know girl, you would not survive with the gorillas and lions and bears; for one day!"

"I don't need to," Devin said lightly, "I have a life."

"Ooh! The burn of evil!" Casey shouted laughing evilly again.

"Does he have a snooze button?" Devin asked angrily, glaring at Casey.

"We'll have to find out later, because here comes Fabio!" Chris shouted to stop Casey's laughter.

A guy with light blond hair and bright blue eyes got off the boat next. He had a white, long-sleeved undershirt and a yellow t-shirt on top of it. He also wore dark blue cargo shorts with dark blue sneakers. He had a necklace around his neck which said "Awesomeness" in gold letters.

"Hey guys," Fabio said as he waved dumbly. "I just wanted to know what that thing was."

He pointed to the boat he was just on, taking off. "That's a boat, stupid," Devin told him as she rolled her eyes.

"Oh thanks!" Fabio said running up to her and giving her a hug.

"Not everyone has the brains like mine," Devin said, innocently. "Now get off of me before you infect me."

"Welcome Fabio," Alex said, walking up to him.

"Hey dude! You look like a farmer!"

"Oh," Alex rose an eyebrow, "thanks?"

"No probs," Fabio smiled.

"I think this guy is not the brightest plan at the Evil Convention Meeting," Casey whispered to Baron who just glanced at him, confused.

"Now," Chris shouted, again, "it's Greg!"

A boy who looked about twelve-years old stepped off the boat with a grim smirk on his face. He had tan skin and black, curly hair and hazel eyes. He wore a bright green t-shirt with the words, "I'm smarter than you", on the front. He also wore black cargo shorts and green tennis shoes.

"Thanks, stupid host," Greg smiled at the host.

"Hey," Baron went up to Greg and smiled. "What's up dude!"

"Technically," Greg rolled his eyes, "That doesn't mean anything if you were talking in logics, actually it does, but you're just asking me to look up. Secondly, slang is no good for one's grammar, especially for yours for how you look so far."

Baron rolled his eyes and walked off. Erica walked up to him and held out her hand in a friendly way, waiting for Greg to shake it.

"As if I'm going to shake that," Greg spilled out, looking at her dirty hand.

"Whatever," Erica narrowed her eyes, "don't get any friends on this island. No one needs you."

"Just how I like it," Greg smiled.

"Hold your horses, because here's Harley!"

A black, large, and buff girl with light brown hair and chocolate eyes got off next. She was wearing a Harley leather jacket over a tight blue, button-up-shirt. She also had ripped jeans and black sneakers. She had two tattoos on her arms, one for each which was a snake wrapping around the word 'Harley' on the right arm, and a tattoo of a motorcycle up in flames on the left.

"Hey guys," Harley smirked, waving to the other contestants.

"And where'd you get your looks?" Greg asked examining her up and down. "The City Dump?"

"More like the land waste," Devin retorted.

"I see we all have good personalities here," Harley grumbled.

Erica walked up to her and gave her a full grin. "Name's Erica. Don't worry those guys woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Harley chuckled at the hunter. "Or whatever they sleep on," Harley said, smirking at them.

"It's Igneous!" Chris bellowed.

A girl with long, brown hair, with a lot of orange streaks through it, and flaming orange eyes (done with contacts) stepped off the boat. She was wearing an orange top with the words "Flame is the fire of my life." She also had orange skinny jeans with orange tennis shoes. She had on a necklace of the flame emblem. In her hand was a bright orange lighter, as she was flicking it on and off.

She held the lighter close up to her face, flicking it on…off…on…off. "Isn't this fascinating guys?"

"It's just fire," Devin said, irritated. "You know something that us, normal people, use to stay warm."

"Yeah," Igneous said, still focusing on the tiny light, "but, it's just awesome, man!"

Baron walked up to her. "Uh, ma'am," Baron said, looking worried, "can't you light this dock on fire?"

"I plan to bring up the flames from Hell and burn this whole island to its center!" Igneous said loudly, cackling quietly to herself.

"Now that is an awesome idea!" Casey yelled, writing it down on a notebook. "Mwahahahaha!"

"Going to your contracts," Chris said and whipped out a contract, "You may not light this island on fire, unless it is naturally caused."

"Uh," Greg stared at Chris with worry on his face. "That basically means we're goners if a wild fire starts."

"Yup," Chris nodded, happily.

"Oh great," Harley muttered under her breath.

Igneous just sat down next to Devin, flicking her lighter on and off still. Chris smirked, "It's Jasmine!"

Another girl with tan skin, short, brown hair, and dark brown eyes got off the boat. She wore a yellow top with a brown skirt on. She also had tiny yellow earrings and had a notepad in her hand, a pencil in the others.

"It seems by all of your looks so far that you," she pointed to Erica, "and you," she pointed, now, to Baron, "could be a wonderful couple!"

"Uh," Baron looked confused. "What?"

"You heard me," Jasmine smiled lightly. "Now, may I ask your names?"

"Baron," the pilot said politely.

"Erica," Erica smiled the wonderful smile of danger.

"Ooh," Jasmine erased it out quickly. "Not very good name clashes."

"What about me?" Fabio asked, running up to her.

"You?" Jasmine looked around at the girl contestants. Devin was filing her nails, Erica was now shining her machete, Harley was reading a motorcycle magazine, and Igneous was still flicking her lighter on. "Not one so far."

Fabio got a sad look on his face, "Aw."

"Don't worry," Jasmine started chuckling. "As the saying goes 'don't count your chickens before they hatch'. Or was it 'There's many fish in the sea'? I'm not sure."

"Well," Chris smiled, "we'll have to wait because here's Kyle!"

A really big boy (as big as Owen) with short black hair and hazel eyes got off next. He was wearing a black t-shirt, with a picture of cookies on it, gray cargo shorts and blue sneakers. He was eating a pretzel as he stepped off.

"Pretzels are good," Kyle said, stuffing more pretzel into his mouth. "They're really good with bananas!"

He stuffed a banana, peel and all, into his mouth, then threw in the rest of the pretzel. He rubbed his stomach while he was chewing, "Yummy."

Everyone looked grossed out. "Maybe you shouldn't show us these things," Devin said.

"Oh," Kyle smiled, "Sorry! It's just so good that I'd be crazy if I didn't tell you!"

Fabio went up to him and put an arm around his shoulder. "Awesome dude! Thanks! I've got to try that later!"

"Awesome!" Kyle said.

"Here is Larry," Chris said as another boat pulled up.

This boy had dirty blonde hair, put up into spikes, and bright blue eyes got off the boat with his best smile. He was wearing a light red t-shirt with blue cargo shorts and white shoes. He went over to everyone, shaking their hand firmly, and if a baby were there, he would have kissed it.

"Hello my fellow competitors," Larry said, smiling at them. "It shall be a great honor to compete against you."

"Thanks dude!" Fabio said, beaming.

He shall be too easy, Larry harshly thought. I'll need to worry about motorcycle girl and that hot girl. I'll need more time to find out something embarrassing…

"It looked like someone just got barfed on by Uncle Sam," Devi n sneered.

"Why I appreciate your comment," Larry said back. "I also like how your hair looks done by a little kid."

Casey snickered, "I love this show! Mwahahahahahaha!"

Baron sighed, "Do you have to do that?"

"But," Casey maniacally said, "it's fun! Mwahahahaahahahaha!" Just as he finished his laugh, lightning, again, flashed across the sky.

"How does he do that?" Jasmine asked.

"Evil villain secret!" Casey snarled.

"It's time for Mel to arrive," Chris shouted.

A girl with long, black hair and chocolate brown eyes got off. She was wearing a neon blue t-shirt with black gloves. She was also wearing neon blue skinny jeans, and blue shoes. "Hello," Mel said, with a hypnotizing smile.

"Hi!" Jasmine cheered, running up to her. "You look very compatible with that one guy." Jasmine had pointed at Baron who was reading a book on flying.

Mel was surprised, "Oh! No, no! I'm not here for romance or anything…I want to test my skills."

"What kind of skills?" Larry asked her, with fake interest.

"Oh," Mel smiled lightly, "you'll see…soon."

"We'll have to wait because here's Natalie!" Chris cheered.

A girl with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes rolled off the boat. She was wearing a light green t-shirt, dark brown cargo pants, and light green sandals. The most striking thing about her was that she was in a wheelchair.

"Hey guys," Natalie said, smiling while rolling over to them.

"What happened?" Greg raised an eyebrow. "You got ran over by a train?"

Natalie furrowed her brows at him, "Whatever."

"Chris," Larry became angered, "why did you accept a crippled person onto the show?"

Chris also looked stunned by what he saw. "We didn't see a wheelchair anywhere in her application form…"

"Chris," Natalie began, "don't worry. I'll be fine! No need to kick me off; and I promise I will not sue if I get horrible injuries." She looked at her legs. "Other than these."

"Well," Chris smiled wickedly, "fine, and thanks for mentioning horrible injuries. We need a little more injury in our challenges to make it awesome."

Everyone looked surprised at this, but Chris started laughing. "Well," Chris said, wiping a tear from his eyes, "here is Oray!"

A girl with dirty, and I mean dirty, she had dirt and her hair looked very oily. It was also very messy, and I mean very. She also had light brown eyes and wore a bright smile, dirt covering her face. She was wearing a large brown jacket with a very dirty brown t-shirt underneath. She was also wearing dark brown, dirty pants with brown sandals.

"Where'd you pick this one up?" Devin asked with faint amusement in her voice. "The dumpster behind your producers' building?"

"Pretty much," Oray said indignantly. "I lost my home five years ago. Been living on the streets ever since."

"How'd you afford a camera then?" Greg asked.

"Stole one," Oray simply said. "Does it really matter though? If I come from rags and you come from riches?"

"Kind of," Harley said, plugging her nose. "You stink!"

Oray rolled her eyes, sighed, and sat down on the dock, in deep thought.

"It's Patrick!" Chris bellowed.

A guy with short black hair and bright green eyes got off next. He wore a tight, muscle shirt, a red beanie, covering most of his hair, black gym shorts, and green shoes. He waved lightly to everyone and smiled.

"Hey guys!" Patrick cheered.

Casey smirked at this guy; he was tough, he had muscles, and he looked fairly dumb. Good qualities for a lackey. "Welcome my dear lack-er-friend."

"Hey dude!" Patrick said, running over to Casey and giving him a great handshake.

Casey smirked, Perfect.

Kyle started eating a flower, which had been right beside him. He thought nobody had seen him…but:

"HEY! YOU!" A girl with long, flowing red hair and bright green eyes ran off the boat and smacked Kyle across the face. She wore a bright green t-shirt with a bunch of little flowers on it, bright green skinny jeans, and bright green shoes.

"What?" Kyle asked nervously, still chewing on the flower.

"Spit out that defenseless little flower now!" The girl screamed at him in rage.

Kyle nodded slowly and spat up the flower, which had been crushed into a billion little pieces. The girl scooped it up, dug up a little grave for it, placed it in there, and filled the hole back up. She wiped tears from her eyes.

"It's Quell!" Chris smiled peevishly.

"I protect nature!" Quell snarled at the other frightened competitors, sans Harley, Erica, and Patrick. "If anyone of you even destroy a leaf, then you will walk down this dock! Got it?"

Everyone nodded slowly, while Chris chuckled happily. "Looks like Rocky's here!"

A really buff guy with short, blonde hair and dark blue eyes got off next. He wore a grey muscle shirt, some brown cargo shorts, dark brown shoes. He also had neon red tape around his hands.

"Hey guys," Rocky said, smiling proudly.

"Looks like someone just got back from Muscle Beach," Greg muttered.

"Actually," Rocky smirked, "got back from the ring. Had a few rounds with this other guy; man was he big!"

"Wait," Larry started, "are you a wrestler?"

"Boxer actually," Rocky said. "Yes, I know; the irony of my name."

Jasmine chuckled, "Easily paired you up!"

"With who?" Oray asked, interested.

"You!" Jasmine cheered, smiling brightly.

Oray blushed slightly, shaking her head. "No, no. I can't be in a relationship…I need to focus on the game so I can buy a house."

"Ok," Jasmine said, understanding.

Rocky just chuckled lightly at this, as Chris called out the next person: Sean.

This boy had scruffy, black hair, which was covered by a bright green and red bandanna on his head, and brown eyes. He wore a grey t-shirt backwards, with the words, "Be a free bird" on it. He also wore light grey jeans and dark brown shoes.

"S'tel od siht!" Sean yelled loudly.

"Is that German?" Fabio asked.

"Nope! I'm just expressing my freedom by saying words backwards!" Sean smiled widely.

Freedom? Larry thought. This kid will be a problem…

Baron chuckled at this and smiled. "Yes! The sky gives you freedom! The wind through your hair, and the birds going by!"

"The sky's the limit!" Sean cheered, high-fiving Baron.

"Let's hurry this up," Erica said, irritated.

"Well," Chris said, "here's Tay!"

A girl with long, light, blonde hair and nice blue eyes got off next. She had pink hair bows, a pink top with bejeweled words that said "Princess" on it. She was also wearing a pink skirt and pink heels. On top of her head lay a pink crown.

"Who wants to be the first to carry Ms. Royalty over there?" Tay asked politely.

Fabio rushed up to her and started carrying her bridal style over to the other side of the dock. After he put her on the floor he went on one knee and bowed. "Are you really royalty?"

"You bet," Tay said. "Thou shall get a candy for that wonderful deed." She handed him a mint, wrapped in pink cellophane.

"Thank you Your Heiness!" Fabio said, thankfully. Before he unwrapped the mint, Kyle took it and ate it all, wrapper and all.

"Aw; dude!" Fabio yelled at Kyle who just shrugged happily.

"Next is Umi!" Chris shouted as Umi got off.

He had light brown, messy hair, and hazel eyes. He wore a ironed button-up blue shirt, black dress pants and shoes. He also had a can of disinfectant in his hand, spraying it all around. He also wore a surgeon's mask.

"What is that?" Mel asked, pointing at Umi.

Umi sprayed her finger for a few seconds. "Don't get those dirty germs on me."

Oray rolled her eyes. "Wow! A guy who's afraid of germs; what a man!" She said sarcasm heavy.

"Eek!" Umi yelled at Oray, spraying down her whole body, running out, and then getting more.

Many people eye rolled at this, but Quell became furious. "Stop destroying our ozone layer with your stupid spray!"

"Stop our ozone layer from permitting germs!" Umi yelled back.

"I don't think that is even possible," Greg said.

"Whatever!" Umi yelled, spraying the air once again. Quell lunged at this guy and took the disinfectant from his hand, and proudly tossed it into the water.

"Fire! Fire!" Igneous yelled grabbing Umi's other spray. She flicked her lighter on and sprayed the disinfectant into the flame. The result was huge flamethrower, burning anything in its' path.

Tay's luggage burst into flames, sending her into a panic mode. She grabbed her suitcase and dipped it into the lake, dousing the flames.

"And with that we have our first fire started!" Chris cheered loudly as Igneous had the spray knocked out of her hands by an enraged Quell.

"Burn the ecosystem!" Casey yelled maniacally.

"Now, here's Vince!"

A black, buff guy, with short brown hair and brown eyes got off next. He wore, from top to bottom, a yellow construction hat, a grey button-up shirt with blue overalls covering it, and black shoes. He also carried a tool box in his hand.

"Hey everyone," Vince said loudly. "I'd be a great asset to a team, because I can build anything!"

"Can you build me a nature setting bed?" Quell asked angrily.

"Yeah!" Vince said, smiling greatly. "I can also build you a make-up stand!" He said, pointing at Devin who scoffed.

"Whatever," Devin said. "Can we get this over with before a beard grows on my face?"

"Wow," Harley smiled. "Someone can work at a circus."

"Shut up tranny freak. I can't tell if you are a girl or a boy."

Harley snarled and pushed Devin into the lake, smiling to herself. Screams were heard from the lake, screams from Devin that is. She was only screaming because a shark fin had surfaced and was floating towards her by the second.

Then, out came a girl with a bright red snorkel, goggles, and a shark fin strapped to her back, smiling wildly. "Hi! I'm Wendy!" She had short red hair and had freckles across her face. She wore a bright green top, and bright blue short-shorts. She was also sporting bright purple shoes.

Wendy climbed out of the water, threw off her snorkel, and helped Devin out of the lake. She started jumping up, down, around, there, here, that, wherever. She finally stopped to hear Devin's barely audible gratitude.

"No problem! That was fun too! I was swimming and went 'Yarrrgh!' and you were like 'Ahhh!' and I was like 'Rawr!' and you were like 'Eek!'" Wendy said hyperly.

"Uh," Devin regained herself. "Get away from me freak."

"Oh; ok!" Wendy said, hopping away from Devin.

"Three more people to go! Next is: Xeno!" Chris shouted.

On this boat was a guy who had grey spiked hair in the shape of a shark's fin, and red eyes. He wore a grey shirt that said, "We going to eat you!" in blood red letters. A picture of a shark was on there also. He also wore grey shorts and grey shoes.

"We are gunna eat you! Oh yeah! We are gunna eat you!" Xeno sang from the boat, to the tune of 'We're Not Gunna Take It'. He stepped off quickly, flashing a grin, showing off some fake fangs.

"What are those?" Alex asked the shark lover.

"My fake fangs!" Xeno said excitedly. "In case I want to rip out someone's guts!"

"You know those are fake," Larry said. "Right?"

"Fake?" Xeno rolled his eyes. "Of course not! I was raised by sharks! I'm like Tarzan!"

"He was raised by apes," Fabio said.

"That's what the government wants us to think!"

"Well, it's time for Yelda!" Chris yelled.

A girl with pure, white hair and bright green eyes stepped off next. She was wearing a white top and white short-shorts. She also had white sandals on. She sat down quickly and soon started staring at the sky.

"Is there something wrong?" Vince asked the lone girl sitting there.

"I'm good," Yelda said, soon staring back at the clouds.

"I think that's all we're going to get out of her…" Natalie said nicely.

"Well, time to introduce our last contestant: Zaron!" Chris yelled as the last boat pulled up to the dock.

This last girl had short black hair and had a green camo cap covering the top of it. She also had brown eyes, which was covered by some sunglasses. She also wore an army outfit: a camo button-up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, camo pants, and camo shoes.

"All you maggots better listen up!" Zaron yelled at them. "I'm winning that prize money, and if you get in my way you'll have to do one hundred push-ups! Do I make myself clear?"

As if in a trance, everyone nodded, even Chris. "Excuse me!" Tay shouted at her. "My royalty shall win that money!"

"No!" Greg yelled. "I'm winning it!"

Many shouts of, "I'm winning!" were heard, and soon everyone broke into a fight. Pulling hair, throwing punches, biting fingers, and even having lightning come out of nowhere was done.

Chris just smiled to himself. "I love this! I can't wait to see what these kids will do! I'm about to get some more money for hair gel!"

Chef came in a helicopter taking a promo picture of everyone fighting and chuckled to himself.

"Good job Chef!" Chris yelled at his buddy who just gave thumbs up to the sadistic host.

After a while the campers had stopped fighting with each other. After cleaning up dirt, and other injuries that may have occurred, everyone sat around the bonfire as Chris stood at his signature oil drum.

"Welcome to your newest season!" Chris yelled. "Now, I will have to tell you a little bit about this place before you can get some grub and start the first challenge!"

"Oh joy," Greg said sarcastically.

Chris ignored this interruption. "Over there is the Mess Hall," Chris said, pointing to the place where they would eat Chef's cooking. "The cabins will also be shown pretty soon."

"Right now you are at the bonfire pit where I will perform the Bonfire Ceremony. If you lose you must vote someone to walk the Dock of Shame and take a one way trip on the Boat of Losers out of here! And you can't come back…EVER!" Chris yelled the last word, making some flinch.

Confessional Outhouse

Chris: This is where you will confess your deepest secrets, or just to have a little fun!

Natalie: This place is disgusting so far…But, I must stay here to show these stupid people that crippled people CAN win.

Quell: That Umi kid better not take out that disinfectant ever again!

Umi: -He sprays the outhouse very well, using up a whole can- I cannot believe I'm here in this germ-infested place!

End Confessional

"Now, go eat the slop we call food on this game show," Chris waved them off as they all headed off to the Mess Hall.

A line had started up today at the front of the cafeteria. Today's meal: Cockroaches mashed together mixed with dung beetles. At the front of the line was Harley and Oray.

"This looks delicious!" Oray said, stuffing her face with the gross slop in front of Chef. Chef, disturbed by the sight, threw up on Harley's plate.

"Oh," Harley growled. "Thanks."

The two headed off to a table as Fabio and Kyle got up next. "This looks weird!" Fabio said, poking his food as Chef plopped it onto his plate.

"It looks delicious!" Kyle grabbed his and Fabio's plate stuffing both of them down at the same time.

Chef threw up, again, right onto Greg's and Jasmine's plates. Chef then plopped on top the slop.

"A chef with a weak stomach," Greg said. "That's great."

"With that attitude you'll never find anyone compatible with you," Jasmine smiled, nudging him.

They set off after Fabio and Kyle, and Alex and Mel got up there next. Chef snorted for a couple of seconds, producing a loogie right onto Alex's plate. Alex gagged and headed off and Mel just smiled at Chef, pulling out a round object.

After that Mel walked away with a nice steak on top of her plate. Many people stared in envy at her as she walked by.

Larry, Baron, and Devin came next. "Chef, I'd like to call the health department on your food," Larry said, touching his slop and a growl emitted from it.

"I'd like better food," Devin snarled at Chef, but he just put the same slop on her plate.

Those three headed off and Natalie, Tay, and Umi took their places. "I'm royalty," Tay began. "I deserve good food!"

Chef nodded and went into the kitchen to fetch something. Tay smiled and nodded as Chef came back with some mystery meat…then put some of the green slop on her plate also. She growled, but headed off to a table.

Natalie also gladly got her plate next and rolled off, with Umi behind her, spraying his food with disinfectant.

Quell got her food quickly to run after Umi, and to destroy his newest can. Casey smirked and got his food. "I see you are evil! Would you mind serving dinner to the Evil Con?"

"Evil Con?" Chef grunted. "What's that?"

"Where all evil villains meet to discuss our plans to take over the world! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!"

"No thanks," Chef growled, putting some slop on his plate.

Casey walked off, frowning. Vince, Erica, and Igneous came next. Igneous, once getting her food, set it on fire.

Chef rushed into the kitchen and grabbed the fire extinguisher, and sprayed all over the three campers, also putting out the fire.

"Thanks," Erica grumbled, heading off to a table, followed by Vince and Igneous.

Patrick, Rocky, and Sean went in front on Chef next, getting their food. Sean looked at his food and grabbed a handful of it, throwing it across the Mess Hall, landing on top of Larry.

Confessional Outhouse

Larry: Seriously, that kid needs to learn some manners. And I mean now if he doesn't want to get out.

Sean: This place is fun! I can do anything I want without getting in trouble! –Beep!- the authorities!

End Confessional

The last four: Wendy, Xeno, Yelda, and Zaron all got their food. Wendy ate it all in one bite, saying it tasted like 'a roasted boot'.

Zaron gave Chef a salute and ate hers quickly, shoving it down without chewing. Xeno also chewed it up, liking the crunch of the cockroaches.

Yelda just stood there for a while, even though the others left to go sit down. Chef pushed her away from the counter and she tripped over a disinfectant can, flying in the air. She landed on top of a table which flung all of the food on that table into the air…and right on top of her.

Most of the contestants started laughing hysterically at this show. Chris even came in and was chuckling lightly to himself. "So how was lunch?"

Greg, his food not part of the table that Yelda fell on, took a little bite of his food and gagged, spitting the piece out. "Five stars," he grumbled angrily.

"Good!" Chris smiled. "You'll need the energy for your first challenge! Follow me!"

Confessional Outhouse

Casey: Evil shall prevail in this little show of a game! Heroes shall be doused by the fire of evil!

Igneous: Burn, burn, burn! Fire!

Mel: How did I get a steak? Just a little talent of mine…

Larry: This will be too easy. I'll just need to find some dirt on these little kids…

End Confessional

Chris, with the campers in tow, pulled up to the entrance of the Wawanakwa Forest. Inside were dangers that Chris and Chef had lay for these unsuspecting campers.

"Your first challenge shall be to go through the Wawanakwa Forest, facing dangers that we have laid in there. First couple of people to make it across the finish line shall win invincibility for the first Bonfire Ceremony ever!"

"Can we split in to groups?" Umi asked.

"If you want," Chris said, shrugging. "Though I would recommend it."

"What kind of dangers?" Natalie asked nervously.

"Well," Chris tapped his chin, "there's some mostly based on elements."

"At least it will be a good nature view!" Quell cheered smiling.

All of the campers glared at her while Chris turned to the camera, beaming. "With twenty-six new contestants doing their first challenge: what drama will ensue? Will anything even happen? And who will be the first to walk the Dock of Shame?

"Find out after this message break!" Chris yelled as the camera cut off, even though audio was still on.

"Hey! Give me my coffee now," Chris yelled.

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