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The Second Deal

Summary: Getting to know someone is hard enough. But relearning who they are and what they've become is even harder.

Beastboy and Raven pairing.

Rated M

Note:This is a sequel… read the first one, if you already haven't.


"Our fingertips don't fade from the lives we touch." ~ from the Motion Picture,Remember Me

Every day is another day.

Wake up. Take a shower. Go to work. Go to lunch with the same old friends. Read the next chapter of that book. Watch the same old shows that come on at the same time. Go to bed. Repeat. Day in and day out- same thing.

Not one day is the same. Nothing can be repeated. Not the same conversations. Can't tell the same joke and expect to get the same reaction. Some days are fantastic and others turn for the worst. Maybe those old friends decide to bring their friend to that lunch. Instead of reading that book and watching those shows, a night out with the new friend would do.

And with every day there is loss.

Whether it is a loss of a family member or a friend, through death or just distance – there is always loss. And it always hurts somehow, someway. No matter what. Even if it's a choice.

Thing is… when it's a choice to lose someone, that someone, someday, might find you again.

Chapter 1

"We did not change as we grew older – we just became more clearly ourselves." ~ Lynn Hall

The wind blew lightly against her as she stood underneath the tall willow tree. The birds twitted and the tree's leaves rustled in the wind – almost harmonizing with each other, blocking the sounds of the busy city around them. Shutting the world out.

She looked up at the trees branches. They seemed to crowd over her as if they were trying to wrap her up in its branches and hug her. The corners of her lips turned up slightly as she closed her eyes, breathing in as she did so.

"It's been a while since I saw you last." she breathed, "Months, actually."

The woman's long, almost black hair was pulled back into a low, neat bun. She wore a black trench coat and underneath a simple black dress and heels.

She was 26 years old now. No longer the rebellious teenager she once was. Sure, she still had her opinions and kept to her guns about them but now she was more willing to try new things before she shut them out completely. She was a little more compassionate, not as cold. Over the years she had harnessed her power enough to feel some emotion and not react as dramatically and as fearfully to it as she did when she was younger. And thanks to some friends of hers, she was able to come out of her frigid shell.

"I'm sorry I haven't seen you as much lately. I've been busy with work and all," she explained. Sighing, she opened her eyes and looked at her friend, "I've started a new series. I'm calling it, The Ragger-Muffin Girl. It's about this girl who gets diagnosed wrong over and over again and the hardships that she had to go through."

She stopped for a moment. It would always hurt whenever she talked about this. Rachael laughed softly- she had always thought that once she was an adult she would be able to deal with anything.

She took a breath, "And uh… yeah. My publisher and editor are pretty sure it's going to be a bestseller so far. I haven't finished it yet. I find it rather… difficult to write it. So uh…yeah. Everything is going well for me. The Fine Thin Line series is done and selling amazingly. I'm also writing opinion pieces for the Times. Sometimes I write for Jump's paper but since I live closer to LA, it's mainly The LA Times. Although, my pieces have been featured in New York's and Gotham's Times.I still haven't got a boyfriend - I know you're asking. You know, I don't have time for those. And that's about it for my life."

The tree leaves shuffled again in response. She sighed, looking at the dirt ground beneath her, "I…really miss you, you know? Even though, I haven't been here in a while… I really do miss you."

The tombstone before her stood there cold and emotionless, with the same words across its face.

"Darlene Shay

Beloved daughter and a dear friend

You will be missed

Oct 7, 1999 – Nov 6, 2009"

It had been six years since Darlene passed. She went away in as little pain as possible but it was still painful for everyone else who knew her. Rachael received a phone call from Darlene's mother, giving her the unfortunate news. The news was absolutely devastating. It took everything she had to keep control of her powers. She had really fallen in love with that child within the two-year span they had together.

Rachael's body shook as she held back the overwhelming emotion she felt for the loss her beloved fan and friend. She couldn't stand being there much longer before she would certainly lose control due to her friend's death. She took yet another deep breath as she reached into her purse and pulled out a book.

"The Giving Tree. One of your favorites as I remember," Rachael murmured as she put the book down against the tombstone. She kissed her palm and put her hand against the stone, biding her friend goodbye.

"No matter what, you're still my biggest fan," she whispered, before she turned and walked back to her car.


The door creaked as it opened, allowing the loud snores to escape from the confinements of the room. Light steps were taken into the room, trying not to wake up the slumber body lying in the bed… yet. A louder snore erupted from the body, causing the steps to stop. Focusing on the target, she reared up and sped for the bed.

The instant she leapt on the bed, the man leapt up and grabbed the girl, "Gotcha!"

The little girl shrieked trying to back out of his arms but it was too late. She was stuck.

"It's tickle time!" he said, moving his fingers quickly against. She laughed loudly, pushing and kicking as she did.

"Daddy!" she laughed, "Stop it!"

"You tried to get a jump on the Daddy, huh? Now you must pay," he smiled.

He moved his fingers even faster, causing her laughs to get louder. Gasping for air, she chuckled, "Daddy, please stop! I can't breathe!"

After a few more seconds, he released her with a laugh, "That oughta' teach you to mess with the Daddy."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, whateverrr," he mocked, "What time is it?"

He looked over at his nightstand and read the red-lit numbers: 8:14 AM.

'Looks like I slept through my alarm again,' he thought. "Okay, brush your teeth, wash your face, and all that good stuff. And I'll go make us some breakfast."

The little girl giggled as she bounded off the bed and went to do as her father said. He watched her as she run out his room with a small smile on his face. How could he have been so lucky? To think that around six years ago, she wasn't a thought in his head – just a mere gleam in his eye, was almost unbelievable now. He couldn't imagine his life without her. She was his entire world, his heart, his love – his little Amora.

She was a beautiful, bubbly little girl with strawberry blonde hair and striking blue eyes just like her mother's.

He sighed at that thought, looking at the empty side of his bed. To say that he missed her would be a lie. He didn't miss her in the slightest. He hated her. Not even hate – he loathed her with a fiery passion. How dare she just-?

"Daddy!" her little voice rang out, interrupting his thoughts, "I gots soap in my eye!"

The anger he had felt a moment ago melted away in a matter of seconds. He took a deep breath, letting the last bit of the edge go and got up out of bed.

"Get your washcloth and clean it out with warm water, sweetie," he said as he made his way into the living room.

A whine erupted from the bathroom, "But it huuuuuurrrrrts!"

Chuckling to himself, he continued to his daughter. He turned into the bathroom and saw the little girl holding her eye.

"Daddy…" she whined.

He shook his head, "How am I going to make breakfast for us if you keep getting soap in your eyes?"

"Daddy… help me…please," she said in a small voice that would make anyone's heart melt. Didn't help that she was making The Face – a trademark that used to be his and that was now used against him on almost a daily basis. He smiled at Amora as he grabbed a wet washcloth and tilted his daughter's head.

"You need to learn to keep your eyes closed when you're washing your face, sweetie," he said as he washed her eye out, "You're going to go blind if you keep this up."


"Yes, blind."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Perhaps. Do you want to see for the rest of your life?"


He chuckled, "Well, I'll tell ya, baby girl, it's not an easy life."

"Have you ever been blind, Daddy?"

"Perhaps," he teased, kissing the top of her head, "Better?"


"Good. Stop getting soap in your eyes," lightly, he scolded.

"Can't make any promsisses," she smiled, drying her face.

"Promises, sweetie."

"Eh… you say tomatoes. I say, make me waffles!" she laughed as she ran off towards her room.

"Hey, watch it, you. Don't forget that I'm the Dad," Logan said.

Amora turned and smiled, "The best Dad EVER!"

Logan laughed, "Better believe it, kid. Now go get ready."

"Yes sir," she saluted, turning around and heading into her room.

He found himself pausing again. How did he get so lucky when not too long ago he thought all was lost? With another breath, he let go of his thoughts and headed off into the kitchen. Reaching up into the cabinet, he grabbed the waffle mix when the intercom buzzed.

Bzzt! B-b-bzzzzzt!

Logan pressed the button on the intercom, "Dick, that you?"

"Yeah, let me up," said Dick's voice.

Logan laughed, "Dude, you couldn't wait until after school?"

"Nope. Now let me up," he retorted.

With one last chuckle, Logan buzzed him in, "Oooh, Dick."

Dick, formerly known as Robin, was a frequent visitor at the Logan household. So frequent that Logan had often considered giving him his key back, since he had lived there once before but then thought it was better to not do so.

'Otherwise, he'd never go home,' Logan thought as he unlocked the front door and headed back to making his waffles.

"Knock, knock," he heard a voice say.

"You know for a Crime Investigator, you come here waaay too often," Logan commented.

Dick scoffed, "You know, I'm on suspension."

"Yeah because you're always here," Logan said playfully while ruffling his head.

Shoving his hand off his head, Dick laughed, "Oh, come on! You know exactly the reason why."

"Your violent tendencies, I know," Logan shook his head, "You should get some anger management for that."

"Yeah, yeah," Dick drawled, scratching his grown out straight black hair, "So they can tell me to find a calm place and ask me why I get so angry all the time. No, thank you."

"You'll never get your job back that way, dude. Didn't the captain tell you that one more violent slip up and that's it for you?"


"Then, do what you have to, to fix it. You can't afford it in today's economy."

"True. Happy belated birthday, by the way."

"Thanks. Why do you get so angry all the time?"

"I'm not angry. Got you a gift but I'll give that to you when we hang out with Vic again."

"Oh, that's cool. What's with all the violence then?"

"I don't know. Stop playing therapist, will ya?"

Logan chuckled, as he poured the batter into the waffle iron, "You know, it was only a few years ago that you were the one playing therapist and/or lecturing me. Waffle?"

"Yeah… funny how times have changed. Two waffles."

"No longer superheroes."

"No more morning drills."

"Living in apartments, homes… in your case, a mansion that Bruce gave you."

"For an engagement that fell to shit."

"That too."

Five months after the Titans disbanded, Dick proposed to Starfire – now known as Kori, who was aspiring to be a kindergarten teacher. It was a dream come true. Everything was perfect. They were out of the Titans, living normal lives. He was going to be Head of Investigation and she was going to be the best kindergarten teacher the world had ever seen.

But then, reality hit. Bills needed to be paid. Dick started to really dive into his work, which lead to neglecting his soon-to-be wife. After putting off the wedding about seven times within a two year span and being neglected for all that time, she broke it off with him - leaving him wounded, empty, and rather lost.

"How is Kori, by the way?" he asked in a nonchalant way.

"Good. She's excited to have Amora in her class next year."

"Oh Amora, is going to be in her class?"

"Yup. Amora's excited as well."

"Good. I've heard that she's a good teacher."

Logan looked at him with a sideways glance. Dick looked back at him, "Don't give me that look. You very well know that the mothers at Amora's school talk. Not my fault that I eavesdrop on them."

"Yeah, yeah," Logan said pouring some batter into the waffle iron again, "Just so happens that you hear about Kori. You should seriously consider that therapist thing though."

"Whatever," Dick growled, "Is the princess getting ready?"

"Way to change the subject - yet again - and yes, princess is getting ready," Logan said, "Speaking of which, Amora! Your waffles are going to get cold! Stop dancing in the mirror and come eat!"

"How'd you know I was dancing in the mirror?" Amora's voice rang out.

"I have good ears, baby. Now come on. Your Uncle Dick is here to see you."

"Uncle Dick!" she exclaimed as the sound of pattering feet coming down the hall sped up.

"Princess!" he replied, opening up his arms. She leapt up into his arms and hugged him.

"I swear, you two act like you guys haven't seen each other in years."

"Yeah well, I'm her favorite Uncle," Dick responded, "She's inclined to be happier to see me than you."

"Yeah, yeah," Logan laughed, throwing a dishtowel at Dick's head, "Could you put her down so we could have some breakfast?"

Dick smiled and carried Amora to her regular stool at the counter and took his.

"So what's on the agenda today?" Dick asked.

"Eh… get her to school. Go to the lab and get to work on the software-."

"You have any offers on that yet?"

"One. Japan."

"You taking it?"

"I gotta wait 'til it's almost finished and then, see how many offers I have at that point."

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Collins College with a Bachelor's in video game design, 22-year-old Garfield Logan was the most sought after video game designer of his time. For his honors project, he created a game called "The End of Days," impressing his professors greatly to the point that some of them shared it with other companies. Needless to say that before young Logan could walk across that stage and receive his diploma, he had already sold over a thousand copies of his new video game.

Now successful at 27 years old, Logan was finishing up his third installment of the video game.

"Are you almost finished with that game?"

"Not nearly. And save your questions for when you get back on duty, Mr. Investigator," Logan joked.

"Ha ha ha, shut up," Dick retorted. He coughed, "Vic's getting a house."


"Yeah… having a house warming two weeks from now."

"What's a house warming?" Amora asked.

"It's a party where the person who got a new house throws so that they may so off to their friends, princess," Dick replied.

"Like show and tell?"

"Exactly like show and tell."

"Eat your waffles, sweetie. You gotta get going in seven minutes."

"Can I come?"

"I have to talk to your Uncle Vic."

"You know he's going to say yes. He loves Amora almost as much as I do."

"Dick, if he loved Amora almost as much as you do, I would have both of you coming in and out of this house on a daily basis mooching off me," Logan said, filling his mouth with a bit of waffle, "Hurry up and eat your breakfast."

"I'm eating. I'm eating!"

"You know, if you had told me you were going to be the responsible one six years ago, I would've laughed in your face and called you a liar," Dick said as he stuffed another piece of waffle into his mouth.

"Tell me about it," Logan sighed, "You finally finished, kid?"

"Yup!" Amora said enthusiastically, pushing her plate away and jumping down from the stool.

"Alright, you taking her, I suppose?" Logan asked.

With a mouthful of waffles, Dick wiped his hands, "Who bedda ta e'cor 'er dan a cop?"

"A suspended cop, who needs to see some counseling," Logan said as the two made their way into the door, "And who needs to learn how to swallow before speaking."

"Yeah, yeah. See ya in a few, Gar," Dick said.

"Bye Daddy!"

"Bye sweetie, have fun! Be good!" He shouted before the door shut. He sighed, "My, the times have changed."

He was normal now. No longer a superhero. No day to day life-threatening situations. The most threatening his life was now was when he went into the bad parts of San Francisco (which was on a rare occasion) and when there was an earthquake. He had a successful life. Lived in a very well furbished loft apartment in Sherman Oaks, California – right outside the city of Los Angeles. He had a daughter – a lovely five year old daughter who was his entire world. Was the entire reason why he grew up as much as he did. Didn't help that he was doing it alone but he didn't mind. He couldn't imagine it any other way.

He smiled in spite of himself.

'Time is good,' he thought, 'But man, have they changed.'

He had a closer friendship to Dick than what they had when they lived in the Tower. Vic was still his best friend but they weren't nearly as close as they were before.

'He has barely changed,' Logan smirked as he cleaned the dishes.

Kori was no longer the foreign being as everyone once knew her. She had perfected her English to the point where you couldn't tell that she wasn't from this planet. Actually, if he didn't know any better he would say that she was born in the United States and spoke English all her life. And then there was…


Since their last night as Teen Titans, he had not heard from Raven. Not a single whisper. He had tried finding her on numerous occasions. He even asked Dick to go into the records to find a little clue perhaps – something that connected to her but no avail. He thought of her often even though it had been years since that night.

In truth, he missed her and missed her dearly. She was the missing piece of the picture that was his life as he often referred to her. At least, to himself. Before that night, it was hard to imagine life without her and now that he was actually living it… he was still bewildered as to how he was doing it.

"Sucks without you, Rae," he said to no one as he put away the last dish.

Bzzt! B-b-bzzzzzt!

"I should really get him a key," he sighed, walking over to intercom yet again.

Just a day.

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