I tried, I really did! But our fight still when on. Punches. Kicks. And sharp objects.

I took a left hook at Sasuke, and I stopped his chidori but now I know he….. he really WANTS TO KILL ME! I than noticed the marks spreading around his body…. This is not Sasuke! This is this snakes fault! Why did you leave Sakura? She loves you! And you say I am the idot! He then said

"Did you know Naruto…when two shinobi are of a high enough level… They can read each other's thoughts, through no more than a trade of blows."

He went on with other crap but I didn't care this was not my friend! This… this is a person in the darkness. Then I noticed the small fireballs heading my way I jumped…just to find Sasuke next to me and I received a kick in the stomach. As I fell I saw the cruel smirk. I landed on the water and was able to block a punch but not a knee in the stomach. I keep the blocking but I couldn't stop them all. I was then lifted to the air. I than heard a thousand birds chirping….No! Sasuke where are you? Ack! C-can't b-breath! G-got t-to think o-of s-something! I saw is hand move towards my heart, so I moved it of course. But it hit my shoulder. With the last bit off concise (spr) I saw Kakashi sensei.

"heh to late sensei." I felt water envelope me.

"Naruto!" I saw Sasuke disappear. I knew Kakashi- sensei would go after Sasuke. The darkness than wrapped around me.

1 day later

Ow… Where am I?



"I mean I could have taken care of her!"

"Where am I?" I said. A woman looked to me. She smiled.

"Who am I?"

"Oh no."