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The courthouse was jam packed with people, Families of the victims, people who had nothing to do with the case but were curious nonetheless and the reporters outside. Caroline Julian had called it a circus, and it had did nothing to calm the nerves of one forensic anthropologist and her FBI Agent, both of whom had been called to the stand. Brennan had been called to the stand before Booth. Providing a calm but vivid account of those harrowing three days and the final moments when she had been kidnapped by Roger Swift. The defense attorney had accused her of being biased but she had held her ground and when she slipped back onto the bench next to Booth, he had slipped his hand into hers and gave her a reassuring squeeze. It was his turn on the stand and he too was forced to re-live the time when he had been blackmailed into doing as Swift had told or risk losing Parker and Brennan.

The court was taking a short recess before the verdict was out. Brennan stood at a corner behind the doors leading to the courtroom, hugging herself tightly. Angela came round.

"Hey Mrs Booth, how are you holding up?"

"I'm still not quite accustomed to be addressed as that, having been Dr Brennan for a large part of my adult life, but I think considering that I've only been married to Both for three days, I think I'm doing quite well."

Angela laughed. "Well thank you for that bit of information, but I was asking about this, having to tell the court what happened, what that Swift guy did to you."

"Oh.. that." Brennan offered her best friend a sheepish grin. "I'll feel better once the verdict is out."

"You and me both." Booth said as he returned with a cup of coffee for his brand new wife.

He slipped an arm round Brennan's waist and pressed a kiss to her hair. "Honestly I felt like decking the defense attorney, the way he was going at you."

"He had to. That's his job." Brennan said, taking a sip from her coffee. "He sounded quite convincing when he tried to make it seem as if the DC sniper was you instead."

"Gee thanks Bones. I would've thought my wife would be on my side."

"I was merely stating that the defense attorney was certainly competent but not that there was any truth to his allegations."

"Well I think you two did great up there." Angela added.

"You too Ange, as an expert witness I mean."

"Yeah the computer animations were pretty awesome." Booth agreed.

"Let's hope the jury buys it." Angela

"I'm sure they will. Question is will they put him back in the looney bin where he escaped from once, or put his ass back in a maximum security prison where he belongs."

"Yeah well enough of that, once this is over you guys can go on that honeymoon you both deserve."

"Tell me about it." Booth grumbled. "I should be on a beautiful beach with my beautiful wife right now."

"We're not in control of the date set by the court Booth."

"Yeah well I'd rather be watching my beautiful wife get naked instead of sitting in some courtroom being accused of things I did not do."

"You have seen me naked lots of times Booth, this morning being the most recent time in fact."

"Bones!" Booth flicked his eyes at Angela who laughed.

"I'm always happy to hear the details Bren."

Hodgins appeared. "Hey guys jury's back."

Brennan cast Booth an uneasy glance.

"It'll be okay baby." Booth leaned to whisper in her ear. "He's not gonna hurt you or me again."

The group filed into the courtroom. As it turned out they had all worried for nothing. The jury had returned with a resounding guilty verdict, and Roger Swift was as Booth predicted sentenced to life imprisonment in a maximum security facility.

Outside the courthouse after their usual round of thanks and goodbyes, Booth and Brennan were finally allowed a moment to themselves. Booth pulled his wife to him in a warm embrace, hugging him tightly to her, rejoicing silently in the fact that they were alive, that she was now his wife.

Booth reached into his back pockets.

"Hey look what I got."

Brennan eyes him suspiciously.

"Whaddya say Bones? Time for our honeymoon? Maybe make a baby or two?"

"My family has no history of twins and as far as I'm aware yours doesn't either, so the odds of me conceiving twins are low. Although given the frequency of our - "

Booth silenced her with a kiss. "I love your sexy squint speak" Booth grinned when they broke the kiss. He waved the plane tickets in his hand. "So, two tickets to Hawaii. Lie in the sand, Swim with the sharks. You think you're up to it Bones?"

Brennan smiled.

"Of course I am Booth."

Booth smiled, giving her another quick kiss. "Come on, let's go home and pack. Our plane leaves in a couple of hours."

- END -

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