So this is the Christmas side-fic of my main chaptered fic "La Tortuga de Oro". Reading that isn't necessary to enjoy this (it's not even done yet), but it WILL help you understand the layout of the hotel and everything because I'm not really going to go over it again in this. (Mainly because I'm lazy.)

So, this is like, a few months after "La Tortuga" finishes up (whenever that happens), and they've started dating and suchness. I will say they don't actually live together, but take turns spending the night at each other's apartments.

Disclaimers: I don't own Hetalia or the song "Twelve Days of Christmas" but it was my idea to put them together!


"Do you know what you're getting Alfred for Christmas?"

Arthur Kirkland looked over at his friend and co-worker, Ludwig Beilschmidt, as the two of them were sitting in the latter's office. Ludwig was finishing up some paperwork while Arthur had brought down a bit of his needlework in order to keep him company.

"Oh, I got his present weeks ago. Why?"

The German man shrugged a little as if his question had been out of curiosity simply, but Arthur knew better. Ludwig had known his boyfriend, Alfred F. Jones, longer than he had and often was able to give him information about him.


A small sigh escaped the Aryan man as he looked up from his paperwork to look at the Englishman sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

"Just to warn you, mein Freund, he kind of…goes all out for Christmas."

"By 'all out' you mean…?"

Blue eyes met green in a fierce stare.

"I mean, all out."

The Briton tried very hard not to let his face get too pale. Sure, he liked Alfred a lot. (He was not going to say 'loved' because even though he felt like he was starting to truly fall for the obnoxious American, he wasn't going to give in quite yet.) But Alfred was…well, Alfred, and the man was known to be a tad bit over-the-top when it came to Arthur. The whole reason they had even met was because Alfred had basically stalked Arthur when he had first started working at the hotel.

"I'm sure he won't be too bad…will he?" Arthur wanted to wince at the uncertainty in his own voice, but he couldn't because he saw that Ludwig looked just as worried as he felt.

"I'm just telling you know, Arthur," began Ludwig, his eyes never wavering from Arthur's, "As of tomorrow, it'll be twelve days until Christmas, and I am fairly certain all of Tortuga knows how much he loves that song."

This time, Arthur really did wince. Ever since the day after Thanksgiving, the American had been blasting Christmas music practically nonstop. Several times he had been woken up to the man wailing, "FIVEEEEE GOOOLDDDEEEENNNN RIIIIIIINNNGS!"

Frankly, he was starting to hate that song, so the prospect of his boyfriend trying to act it out mildly horrified him.

"T-Thanks for the head's up, Ludwig; I'll leave you to your work, now. I must go…prepare myself."

"Viel Glück, mein Freund," said the German, his voice almost pitying as Arthur walked out of the office, his needlework clutched in his fist as if doing so would make the idea of Alfred trying to be seasonally romantic go away.


A/N: Hurr~ and that's the beginning! It's going to be 14 chapters total: Prologue, 12 Days, Epilogue. It's just gonna be cuteness, and not too much of a real story.

What Ludwig just said basically is "Much luck, my friend."

I don't know, I can just see Alfred obsessing over this song. Any Christmas song really.

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