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Unlike the day before, Arthur was not woken up by Alfred obnoxiously turning on the lights, but rather by the loud talking coming from outside of the bedroom. Talking that sounded a hell of a lot like arguing. Very familiar arguing. Curious, the Englishman threw back the covers and walked into the living room.

"There's Wart!" exclaimed one of the five people sitting around the TV.

Arthur immediately stopped walking, his eyes wide as he stared at the horrific scene before him. All five of his siblings, even Peter, were in the living room, sitting on the couch as they watched whatever the hell it was Peter had put on.


"Oh, hey! Artie, you're up!" proclaimed Alfred as he exited the kitchen, carrying a tray of some kind of muffins. He was smiling and had extra food it looked like, so obviously the fact that Arthur's family was here was a planned event.

"…Alfred…" growled Arthur, his eyes narrowing at his boyfriend as he watched him set down the tray on the coffee table, in front of his siblings. "May I speak to you in the kitchen privately?"

"Huh? Okay."

Angered, Kirkland beat the American inside and sharply turned around the moment they were both in the kitchen.

"What the bloody hell, Alfred? Why are they here?" whispered Arthur furiously, gesturing with his hands to the living room.

Looking the slightest bit downhearted, Alfred replied softly, "I'd thought it'd be a nice surprise to have your family visit after Christmas because you spent Christmas Day with my family…"

Unwillingly, Arthur felt his resolve weaken. Alfred had tried so hard last night to make sure he'd had a good time when they'd had dinner with his family. Really, the only person Arthur had a problem with was Francis. And Gilbert, who Matthew had brought to Francis' dismay. Gilbert in turn, had brought Ludwig so he wouldn't be 'unawesomely alone'. Ludwig had somewhat embarrassingly asked if Feliciano could come, who dragged Lovino along for much the same reason Gilbert brought Ludwig. Antonio showed up with Maxim because he heard Lovino was there and both Gilbert and Francis had invited him. Arthur began to wonder how so many people got invited to a family dinner, but then Alfred had grown up with them, so it only made sense that they considered themselves a family. A highly dysfunctional one, but a family nonetheless.

"Alfred…I appreciate the thought, but really, I don't need to see my family at Christmas."

"But, they're family!" protested Alfred, a puppy-dog expression on his face.

"Yeah, Wart, we are family!"

Arthur felt his eyes narrow again at the sight of his only slightly older brother, Duncan, as he slung an arm over Alfred's shoulders.

"Duncan…" grumbled Arthur, a slight warning in his voice.

"Wart…" countered Duncan, mocking his brother.


The two brothers both looked at the American, who looked very proud of himself for "diffusing" the seemingly imminent fight. Arthur rolled his eyes and crossed his arms while Duncan smiled and patted Alfred's shoulders.

"'Atta guid lad, Alfie." Duncan let go of Alfred and walked over to Arthur, quickly getting him in a headlock and ruffled his hair in typical older brother fashion. "Happy Boxing Day, Wart!"

"Let. Go. Of. Me!"

Laughing boisterously, Duncan complied, practically tossing a freed Arthur into Alfred, who thankfully caught him. The American seemed perfectly content to just hold Arthur, but the shorter of the two pushed away, shoving Alfred out of the kitchen.

"Go make sure neither of the twins is destroying furniture or something. I want to talk to Duncan for a bit."

While not necessarily happy with being pushed away from, Alfred was happy to let the two brothers talk in private. "Okay, Artie!"

Arthur waited until after his boyfriend had left before turning back to his brother and growling, "Really, Duncan. Why the bloody hell are you here?"

Casually leaning against the counter, Duncan just smirked at his little brother as he answered, "I am here tae visit my baby brothers the day after Christmas. Is that so wrong?"

"When you've never seemed to care before, yes."

The red haired man shrugged a little, his smirk still in place as he replied, "I suppose ye have a point, Wart. Oh well, still get some of yer wife's cookin' instead of yers."

Blushing profusely as he followed Duncan out of the kitchen, Arthur declared, "He is not my wife!"

"Thank goodness. It makes so much more sense if ye are."

The Brit just stopped moving, struck silent and motionless at the gall of his brother, who just calmly went and sat down in between Bran and Sheridan. Seamus was busy teasing/bullying Peter by changing the channel on the remote, and Alfred was sitting on the arm of one of the armchairs talking to Bran. He finished the conversation and walked over to Arthur when he saw that his boyfriend was just standing there.


"How long are they staying, Alfred?" mumbled Arthur softly, the despair beyond easy to detect in his voice.

"…New Year's Day." Kirkland just gave him a look that expressed how bad of an idea he thought that was and how much he loathed him for that answer. "Look, I would say they would leave sooner if I hadn't already scheduled their return ticket for the first of January."

"…why, why would you do this to me, Alfred?"

Alfred, for once, rolled his eyes and just smiled gently as he kissed Arthur's forehead and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey, give me some credit. I booked the rooms so that Bran is with Sheridan and Duncan and Seamus are together. I figured the last two together was the lesser of two evils to the twins rooming together. Also, their rooms are two floors away from mine, so that we'll have some privacy."

Arthur sighed a little as he relaxed into the hug, purposefully forgetting that his brothers were mere feet away as he muttered, "Just know that I'm still annoyed that you even thought inviting them was a good idea."

"I'll make sure to keep their visits shorter in the future."


"Accept it or I will conveniently forget that you don't like it when they're here for more than a couple days."

"Since when were you so crafty?"

"Why does everyone assume I wasn't always so?"

"Because you're such a twit most of the time."

"Hey, I have an idea, how about you tell me what you and Duncan were talking about." Arthur chose to be silent, just as Alfred guessed. "No response? I'll just have to assume you were gushing about how awesomely heroic I am."

"…you're insufferable."

"What'd he say~?"

"He called you my wife…"

"Haha, what? That's not even remotely true."

"I know! I told him such!"

"Everyone knows you're the wife!"

Pushing away from Alfred again, Arthur glared at him before stomping away to the bedroom.

"Artie!" Alfred tried to follow, but Arthur locked the door behind him, barring the American's entrance to his own room.

"What did ye say, Alfie?" asked Duncan, looking over his shoulder.

"I called him my wife…"

Duncan just laughed, whispered something to Bran quickly, causing the eldest Kirkland to burst out laughing as well. Immediately the twins and Peter were clamoring to know what was being whispered, and who were the oldest two to deny their younger siblings?

Alfred just watched them, understanding a little bit more why Arthur didn't exactly enjoy their company, but also amused that they seemed to understand their brother far more than he realized. He was pretty sure that in their own way, they did care. They just didn't like to admit it to him.

Grinning a little, Alfred winked over at Duncan when the Scottish-looking brother met his eyes once again, and then pulled out his lock-picking tool and began working on the door.

This time, the red-haired man chuckled, glad that Arthur had found someone who cared enough about him to invite his family over to visit, even when the man himself didn't want to see his family.

Naturally, Duncan would rather say that Liverpool was better than the Rangers than say such a thing directly to Arthur's face.



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