Full Summary: Four years after her adventures in the Labyrinth, Sarah is now nineteen years old and thinks she is safe, but what happens when someone far worse than the Goblin King takes interest in her? To save her from the Devil, Jareth makes a bet, saying Sarah is too pure to be the bride of the devil. The devil takes Jareth up on his challenge, saying that if Sarah cannot pass the inspections given by seven of his closest followers, then she belongs to him. In order to save herself from becoming the Devil's bride Jareth must help Sarah pass the inspections and defeat the Devil's seven minions, the seven deadly sins. Eventual J/S. Story contains a darker Jareth. Rating may change.

Yay, my first Labyrinth story! I do not own Labyrinth, any of it's characters, or any of the songs/movies I mention in this story. All I did was take characters that already existed and put them into a story I wrote, adding a devil who, if this were to be made into a movie, would be portrayed by the wonderful and talented Alan Rickman. That is who I see when I write the devil character. He is just so good at being bad. . So because this is a new story, I will only wait for five reviews until the next chapter. Five reviews until chapter 2! So yeah…

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN LABYRINTH OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS, OR ANY OR THE SONGS/MOVIES MENTIONED IN THIS STORY! If I did, Jareth and Sarah would end up together in the end!

In a dark, mysterious land…

A loud scream broke through the silence. The scream came from within a black castle. The castle was large and loomed over everything that surrounded it; vultures circled its tall towers. The towers reached up to the sky, curving and winding this way and that, like a widow's long, spidery fingers reaching up to heaven. Surrounding the castle was…well…nothing. Black nothingness as far as the eye could see. The castle sat on a chuck of floating rock, and the rock sat in the middle of a black abyss. Everything was silent, except for the occasional scream of agony. The end of a lengthy, fragile looking rope bridge connected to the chunk of rock and reached out into the nothingness. The bridge was lit by torches, but eventually the bridge disappears into the blackness. There was a rumor that if you followed the bridge long enough you would come to a stair well that led you to a land of wonder and happiness, but no one was ever dim-witted enough to try. It was generally accepted that the bride went on forever, a trick and promise of false hope. Where was the castle that sat upon the lonely rock with the fragile bridge? Hell, the Devil's Toyland.

Two figures stood at the gate of the castle, looking like specks of dirt compared to the massive castle. One was tall and thin, the other short and plump. Dressed in dark brown cloaks, a thin, bony arm reached out from underneath one of the cloaks and rapped at the metal gateway. The knock echoed until all was silent again. After a few moments the gate slowly began to lift up, just enough for the figure to walk through. Just as the figures stepped in the gate closed behind them. They were met by a small, disfigured looking creature. It's skin looked as if it had been burnt off in places, leaving charred marks everywhere else. The creature was thin and hunched over, its ribs and spine pocking through it's skin. There was no nose or ears on the face, just slits. The eyes had no eyelids, just dim yellow orbs staring up at them, unblinking.

"The master is awaiting you," a whispery voice came out of what looked like a hole lined with shards of glass like teeth.

"Well," The tall figure spoke with a high, whiny voice. "We better not keep him waiting."

The creature nodded and pulled a piece or broken chalk out of a flap of skin. He hobbled over to a nearby wall and reached out, drawing a door. The stone fell away, reveling a door. The creature pushed the door open and extended his arm, beckoning the figures inside. The first figure knelt down as it walked through, the second getting stuck in the door. The small creature, with all his strength, was able to push the figure in with a load pop. The larger figure flew into the new room, knocking over his tall companion.

"Panic! Watch where you're going!" The taller figure's hood had fallen back, revealing a pale man with a long thin nose, hallow cheeks, small yellow eyes and long sea green hair pulled back with ribbon.

"Sorry Pain," Panic said is his low voice, pulling back his own hood. The man underneath was equally as pale, with a large potato like nose, large orange eyes, fat cheeks and small tuffs of dark purple hair sticking out from his mostly bald head. "That demon made the portal far too small for my… well… volume,"

"That does not mean you can just come cannon balling in here, knocking over everything in your path!" Pain yelled, dusting himself off as he got up.

"I said I was-"

"Pain. Panic," I loud, deep voice cut them off.

The two turned to find themselves in a throne room. They were standing on a deep, blood red carpet that stretched out to the other end of the room where a large black throne sat. In the throne was a man.

"So sorry your highness!" Pain yelled as he ran down the carpet, his fat friend not far behind. "Our task took us much longer then we had anticipated!"

"Our apologies King Lucifer!" Panic yelled as he dropped down on his knees in front of the throne, the ground shacking with his weigh. "We worked as fast as we could! But you know Sloth, he was sound asleep when he got there and it took us almost thirty tries to keep his attention long enough to even remember the paper work!"

"And that made us late for our appointment with Wrath, and he almost beheaded us for having the "indecency" to even asks for the forms!" Pain said, pulling up his sleeves to show the hand shaped bruises that were beginning to form.

"And do not even get me started on Greed! He was all, "Well what do I get out of this," Can you believe the nerve of him! How could he-"

Panic was cut off by a pale, long fingered hand reaching out in front of him expectantly. On the fingers were several rings of all sizes and colors. The hand was connected to a long pale arm, the arm connected to broad shoulders. The man in the chair was extremely tall, over seven feet. He was dressed in black and silver tunic, silver chain mail, black leggings and black knee high boots. His hair was pitch black, slightly wavy and came down to his shoulders. He had a mustache and goatee. His eyes were black, like the abyss that surrounded the castle. His very presence demanded the attention and fear of everyone around him. There is a big difference between fear and respect or loyalty, but everyone around him feared him so much they became fiercely loyal so the difference did not matter.

"…oh! Of course!" Pain reached into his cloak and pulled out a small book. He flicked the cover several times and the book expanded to an unimaginable size. The book hovered in mid air and slowly drifted towards the man in the chair. "Every account of who sinned this year. I hope everything is to your liking,"

The "king" reached foreword and opened the book, his dark eyes scanning the pages as he flipped through the ancient looking manuscript. "…where are Jareth's records?" Lucifer asked in an annoyed voice.

"Well you see… umm… you tell him Panic!" Pain mumbled, pushing his fat companion forward.

"Um… well we got to his castle just like you asked us to and we looked around for him, but we could not find him! So we asked one of his little goblins where we could find him and they told us that we had better leave and that the Goblin King was in an awfully foul mood. We knew it was important so we demanded his whereabouts. Eventually, several flying chickens later, we were told he was in his study. There he was, just as they had said, looking out his window, silent as the grave.

"We asked him for his paperwork, but he just ignored us. We asked again, but we got nothing back. I thought maybe he was just so deep in his thoughts that he could not hear us, so I walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. That's when… well…" Panic reached into his cloak and pulled out a chubby fingered hand, soaked in blood, identical to the one holding it. "He ribbed my hand clear off my wrist! I was actually hopping you could fix it later… Oh yeah! So then he told us that if we did not want the same thing to happen to our heads we would leave and never bother him again. Then he said some not so nice things about you…" Panic said, looking at his feet. "I'd rather not repeat it…"

Lucifer chuckled lightly, running his figures threw his hair. "So Jareth's "illustrious" temper strikes again. Well then, let's go see what is bothering the powerful Goblin King,"

Lucifer led Pain and Panic out of the throne room, down several long hallways, down several flights of stairs, and threw a heavily guarded entry. The door led to an almost pitch black room, only lit by a large lustrous pool in the center of the room. The water glowed an eerie white color, the light glimmering off the pale skin of the men looking into it. The still water was like a mirror, the faces of the men starring back at them.

Lucifer got down on his knees near the water. Pulling a small dagger from his cloak, he slit open the palm of his hand. The blood spilt over and into the water, the red droplets breaking the calm surface. The ripples cause by the blood covered the entire surface, until then men could only see the distorted image of their faces. As the ripples died away the men were no longer looking at themselves, but a mortal girl. She had long, chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her lips were a soft pink and were a perfect full size. The girl was dressed in a black peasant's blouse that sat off her shoulders, dark pants that looked more like leggings, and black boots that reached mid calf and were made of some sort of cotton. As they watched her, the girl brushed her hair with a comb, her lips moved as she talked to someone. Behind here on her bed the men could see a dwarf, a fox and an orange sasquatch.

"Sarah! Your date is here!"

"Thanks Dad! I'll be down in a sec!" The girl called back.

"Sarah… why does that name sound so familiar…?" Panic said, scratching his scalp.

"Sarah…" Pain said the name over and over under his breath, scratching his chin. "Sarah… Sarah… SARAH WILLIAMS! I know! She was the girl who bested the Labyrinth a few years back! First one to ever do it! Who knew the first one to ever conquer the Labyrinth would be a child and a mortal none the less,"

"Oh yeah I remember now! It was talked about nonstop for months in the Underground. Such taboo, Jareth bending his own rules for a mortal, and then trying to woo her! Like a mortal could be the future Queen of the underground, ha! And then if things could not get any worse, she said no! Turned down by a mortal child, no wonder Jareth is in such a foul mood. He has been hiding in his castle ever since. If I were him I would never show my face again either," Panic said with a chuckle.

"Sarah Williams hmm?" Lucifer reached out and traced her cheek with the back of his long fingers. "I think I would like to meet this mortal. Pain, Panic, get my things ready. I am going on a trip,"

Jareth's Point of View…..

Jareth paced back and forth in an empty study. The only light source in the room was his grand fireplace, big enough for exactly seventeen and a half goblins to be shoved into. How was this number thought of? Well that is the exact number of goblins Jareth had shoved into the fire earlier that day. As he walked his shadows danced across the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. Books, pages and paper, glass shards, wood splinters, and several limbs bobbing up in down in their own blood lay about the study. The only sound was of the cracking of the fire and Jareth's boots clacking on the marble floor, the room smelt of burning flesh, blood and a hint of pine.

His blond (or what used to be blonde, it was hard to tell with all the blood) hair was messier than usual, black bags under his eyes. His eyes held an angry gleam, one that asked for more blood to be shed, for someone to hurt. Dressed in only black leggings and boots, the light of the fire kissed his pale, well muscled chest, showing the angry red gashes and scars that covered his body. His long sharp nails and teeth were covered in dry blood. If anyone were to walk into the room, they would think they had taken a wrong turn and had ended up in the devil's lair.

Jareth came to a stop in front of his desk. For a moment he just stared at the oak, before reaching down and plucking a crystal orb off of the smooth wooden surface. Looking into he saw a red mustang come to a halt in front of a small house. The doors opened and two young people stepped out.

A young man around the age of 21 stepped out of the driver's side of the vehicle and made his way to the passenger's side. He was tall with dark, shaggy brown hair. His skin was tan, his eyes a chocolate brown. He wore torn jeans and a white t-shirt under a dark blue button up. Leaning down he opened the door. Jareth's hearts quickened as he saw Sarah step out of the car. She looked beautiful, as always. The two humans laughed as they made their way up to her porch. They stood there for over twenty minutes, just talking and laughing.

Aboveground, at the Williams Residence….

"Well I had better go, my parents are probably just on the other side of the door, waiting for me to come in," Sarah said, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Thanks again Johnny, I had a really good time,"

"Me too, and thanks for going with me. If I went to go to Black Swan alone and one of my friends had seen me, I would have never lived it down!" Johnny said, smiling and putting his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, so that's why you invited me! Gee, thanks. And here I was thinking you wanted to spend an afternoon with me," Sarah said with a laugh as she playfully hit his arm.

"Hey, watch it!" Johnny laughed, putting his arms up to protect himself.

As Sarah tried to hit him, he caught both her fists in his hands. He laughed as she squirmed and playfully called him names. After a moment they stood there, silent, just staring at each other. Slowly Johnny began to lean down towards Sarah.

'Oh God! He is gonna kiss me! Ok Sarah, you are ready for this, your first kiss!'

'Not on my watch,'


"Oww!" Johnny hollered and pulled away, holding his neck. "What the hell?"

"Johnny? What's wrong?" Sarah asked, reaching out to her friend.

"My neck… I feel like I just got stabbed," Pulling his hand away from his neck he made sure there was no blood. "Must have been a muscle spasm or something… I'm gonna go get it checked out. I'll see ya later Sarah. Goodnight,"

"Oh! Um… goodnight!" Sarah called after him and watched as he climbed into his car and drove off. Once his car was out of sight Sarah entered her house.

Sarah slowly made her way upstairs to her room. Now at the ripe age of nineteen, Sarah was not the young girl she used to be. Sarah was now in college, and was home for Christmas Break. She was studying to become a theatre major. Although she had been told how hard it was to make it in theatre, Sarah still wanted to try. Plus, if things did not work out the way she wanted them to, Sarah always thought it would be fun to be a teacher.

Once in she pulled off her clothes and tossed them into her laundry hamper. Just in her underwear Sarah looked at her reflection in the mirror. Now a young woman, Sarah's body had filled out in all the right places. She was now in a transition phase, between a child and a full grown beauty. She had both the beautiful innocence of a child and the seductive beauty only a woman could obtain. She had long chocolate brown hair that fell down her back in waves, jade green eyes that always shown with emotion, a straight nose, and if you looked close enough you could see the faint freckles that kissed her skin. But it was none of these things that made Sarah sigh as she looked in the mirror.

Angry red hand prints and scratches covered her light skin. Each mark told a story. Some were telling tales of a lover's tough touch, while some told stories of murder attempts and almost deaths. The odd thing was, Sarah had never been touched like that, in either way. In her sleep she would have these dreams… but she had never really been touched. Looking at her skin though, she saw scratches from someone raking their nails over her flesh, and hand prints from someone squeezing and molding her skin with their hands. There was even a handprint on her-

"I need to stop imagining these things," Sarah said to herself as she pulled on her pajamas. "Or I'll go insane," Not that she did not already feel insane. Like the voice she heard in her head earlier. It sounded just like… no. It couldn't be. He had not talked to her since that night four years ago.

Sarah brushed her teeth combed her hair. She made her way to her bed, pulled back the covers and crawled in, welcoming the warmth of the comforters. As she fell asleep, she wondered how many new marks would cover her skin. Within minutes she was sound asleep, dreaming a dream filled with passionate embraces, death strangles, lover's caresses, angry words, romantic poems and a pair of mismatched eyes that always haunted her sleep.

In the Goblin Kingdom…

Jareth looked down at his hand, the shards of the crystal he had crushed with his hand embedded deep into his skin, blood spilling over onto the floor. He should have done a lot worse than causing the mortal some neck pain, but if he had made the boy explode from the inside out like he wanted to, he would have gotten blood on his Sarah, and she looked so nice that evening. How dare some mortal try to kiss HIS Sarah. She belonged to him and him alone, and when the time came he could be the one to give Sarah her first real kiss. Real meaning actual flesh against flesh, not one of the ones he had given her in her dreams. In her dreams Jareth had kissed her lips many times, and other places…

"Sarah…" Jareth groaned, running his good hand threw his hair. "Do you know what you are doing to me?" He looked up at the clock on his wall. He would have just enough time to get cleaned up before he joined his precious in her sleep. While Sarah dreamed, many nights Jareth would join her. Half the dreams started with a romantic embrace, some with a fight that would make most wars green with envy. They all ended the same, both parties sharing a passion filled kisses and touches leading up to something more, and then they would wake up before they got too far, each covered in the battle wounds of their dream.

"You are quite the scratcher my dearest Sarah," Jareth mused, looking at the long nail marks that covered his back.

Yes, some of the marks on his skin were given to him by Sarah, but most of them were self inflicted. Jareth was quickly losing his sanity, and he did not know how long he would be able to keep himself together. Now clean, Jareth crawled into bed and fell asleep, soon staring into the Jade green eyes that would always haunt him.

Author's Note: I saw the devil as looking like Alan Rickman as the sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood. Wouldn't Alan Rickman make a wonderful devil in a film? He is just so dark and mysterious… sorry, I started to drool there for a second. So because this is a new story, I will only wait for five reviews until the next chapter. Five reviews until chapter 2! Thanks for reading and be sure to review, each review makes me smile!