Hanna's Not A Boy's Name Fanfic

Chp. 1


"A Politician named Jeremy Williams was found by a river on the north side of the city. He was suspected of doing shady business with all sorts of people, although there was never enough evidence to prove it but someone wanted him dead, but who? What could have driven them to commit murder? I can think of a lot of reasons but those just theories, and I plan to uncover the truth…" The one writing in his black journal closed it. He sighed and got his jacket he was going for a walk.

Casmiro carried Finas towards the nearest place for medical attention. Finas was bleeding everywhere.

"Casmiro…" Finas groaned "NEVER AGAIN."

"Shut up, you were enjoying it" Casmiro looked around, "Where is it?"

A red haired man with glasses walked by and saw the two vampires, he almost screamed. Casmiro looked at the red head.

"What do you want!" He yelled.

"I-I-I-Is your friend okay?" said the red head. "I know someone who can help him."

"Tell me now if you want to live." Casmiro glared at him. The red head took him to Doctor Worth, to Worth it didn't matter who would come into his office as long as they had cash. Hanna opened the door for Casmiro.

"Holy sh*t" said the doctor. "What the hell happen to him!"

"Knife fight, help him and you will live and be paid well." Casmiro glared.

"Tch, don't you start f**king tellin' me how to do ma job set'em up on that table." The doctor began to call someone. "Mont? You there? I don care what time it is, get yer as over here an bring some blood packs, some sorry hardcore kinky slut's dying"

"IT WAS A KNIFE FIGHT!" Casmiro yelled.

"SHUT UP I'M ON THE PHONE!" Worth yelled back at his client. "Anyway bring the packs or I'm gonna come and kick yer hairy ass."

The red head watched quietly he stood beside Casmiro, Casmiro looked at the red head.

"What? What do you want? LEAVE."

"Ehh, okay…" The red head closed the door behind him. He saw a car parking outside, a man in black appeared he had a few bandages on his face, he was holding a cooler.

"Hey Hanna." Said the man in black.

"Hey Lamont." Said Hanna.

"Are you here for a check-up or wasting Worth's 'precious' time." He chuckled Actually I was just leaving. He's busy with a client and I just came here to ask him a couple of questions about the murder of Jeremy Williams."

"The corrupt politician who got what he deserved?" He raised his eyebrow. "Hanna…I know it's your job to snoop around and write some bullshit story but I really think you should leave this one alone."

"Nah, I'll be fine." Hanna walked away.

Inside Worth was patching up Finas' wounds. Lamont handed Worth the blood packs.

"You owe me." Smirked Lamont.

"I dun owe ya sh*t" he grumbled. Lamont looked at Casmiro who was watching Finas. Lamont smiled Casmiro. He glanced at Lamont and glared every time their eyes met, but eventually Casmiro stopped glaring and smirked at Lamont. Lamont turned the other way Finas looked at them.

"So I saw Hanna," said Lamont.

"Really?" asked Worth.

"He was here."

"I didn't notice."

"He wanted to ask you some questions."

"Did ya tell'em to piss off?"

"I think he go the message."

"Well I'm done, now pay up"

"Fine." Said Casmiro, he paid Worth. Lamont handed him the cooler. "Make sure he drinks these packs. He's going to need more though since there's only enough for one night, if you want I'll bring more to your house." Lamont held a up a piece of paper.

"Tch, alright." Casmiro smirked, Lamont smirked back, Finas glared at Lamont.

End of Chp. 1

Well I hope I did a good job keeping everyone in character and stuff and I'm going to keep writing this AU for now, I've got nothing to lose and I want to have fun with this. I hope those of you read this enjoy it to and will continue to read it and stuff. Originally the journalist was going to be an OC but I decided to replace it with Hanna and I think it's better that way since the OC was just made to move the plot along and stuff.