Hanna's Not A Boy's Name Fanfic

Chp. 5


Hanna got into the hunter's car. The ferret sat on his lap. Hanna pet it.

"So what's the plan?" asked Hanna.

"We follow one of them and take him out." Said the hunter.

"Hold on, I'm not going to kill either of them. I just want my case." He looked at the hunter.

"So your case is more important?" he asked.

"No…no it's just I want to find the truth. That's all." Hanna looked down. "I don't want you to kill those guys. That's another thing…even if they're vampires and it's your job. I don't want you to kill those guys. Please…" Hanna looked at him.

"Justice must be served. "

"Don't tell me you're only doing this because a vampire killed someone important to you and ever since you're trying to find that vampire and take down as many as possible."

The hunter was silent. "I am assisting you because we're both after them for different reasons but still, besides I kind of pitied you running after them even though you would lose sight of them."

"Gee thanks." Hanna grumbled. "But aren't I just slowing you down? What if I try and stop you from killing them?"

"If you get in my way then I will kill you. I might not since chances are they are going to attack you. And I will have to stop them. All the more reason why I should kill them."

"Why not just let them kill me? Then you won't have to worry."

"You spared my life when you had a chance to kill me even though you knew I was going to kill all of you."

"That's because I'm not a murder like-" The ferret bit Hanna's left thumb.



The hunter pulled out a small spray can and sprayed it on his thumb.

"OW!" Hanna groaned.

"There are bandages around here." He said.

Hanna found one and placed it on his thumb.


"I don't want you infecting my car."

"By the way…" Hanna looked at him and smiled. "I don' think you're a murder or at least you're trying not to be one anymore."


"I know you were the one who rescued Conrad. Thanks for not kill-"

The hunter made a sharp turn causing Hanna to bump his head on the window.


"We're following the blue one."

Hanna gulped.

"I won't let him hurt you." Said the hunter.

"Thanks just don't kill him."

"I won't make any promises."

The vampire bat went into an abandoned building five stories high. The hunter parked his car.

"I'm Hanna."

"Isn't that a girl's name?" asked the hunter pulling out his rifle.

Hanna grumbled.

"My name is Abner."

"Abner…cool!" He smiled.

Abner nodded. "Let's go."

Hanna, Abner, and Paradox went inside the abandoned building and to look for Finas. Hanna spotted him on the 3rd floor waiting for them. Hanna gulped.

"I knew I was being followed." Said Finas he looked at them.

"Hi." Said Hanna.

"Weren't you that boy I was just talking to at that coffee shop?"


"Are you here to kill me?"

"No." Hanna walked up to him. "I just want the truth."

"Why should I tell you anything? I like my privacy, very much and I'd rather it not be made public of what I have been doing recently."

"Then tell me as a friend"

"I don't consider you as a friend."


Finas looked at Abner and Paradox. "Is that your bodyguard?"

"What? No, he's my friend."

"…I came here to kill you vampire, this man just wants the truth."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll kill you." He aimed his gun at Finas.

"Abner no!"

"He's going to kill us whether he complies or not." He looked at Hanna


Finas kicked Abner away went after Hanna but Paradox attacked him. Finas quickly threw the ferret away before running at Hanna. Finas jumped on Hanna. He felt something sharp, he sat up and pulled out the knife that Hanna used to stab him. Abner shot Finas' arms and legs. Finas yelled. Abner aimed his gun at Finas. Hanna stopped him.


"He tried to kill us."

"I don't want you to kill him."

"Why not?"

"This is my fault, I just want the truth and I kept going causing more people to almost die because of me. I don't want it to happen anymore."

"I don't care I'm going to do it."

He clicked his gun.

"I'm sorry." Hanna tackled Abner. Abner punched him causing Hanna to fall back. He pulled out his pistol to kill Hanna. Hanna shut his eyes. Abner sighed and took out the bullets dropping them to the ground.

"I can't kill a friend…" he said.

"So we are friends!" He smiled.

"Yes….I suppose so…" He picked up Paradox, help me take the vampire back to that doctor of yours." Hanna and Abner began to carry Finas down the stairs.

"Heh, it's going to be one long lecture."

"I won't be staying for that."

"Why not?"

"Because I heard he is very dirty."

Hanna laughed. Finas grumbled. Hanna looked down.

"I'm sorry, I really am. I'll make it up to you."

"Never let me see your face ever again."


Hanna and Abner took Finas to Worth's clinic. Abner soon left, leaving Hanna to deal with Worth. Worth yelled at him and began to help Finas. Eventually Casmiro with Lamont and asked Hanna what happened. Finas only said that a vampire hunter did this to him and Hanna took him back here. No one believed it, but Worth said to just leave it. Casmiro still beat up Hanna and Worth began fighting with Casmiro. Lamont tried to break up the fight but they ended up beating him up. Hanna sighed and checked on Finas.

"I'm going to finish this case."

"I thought we made a deal."

"We did." Hanna looked at his black journal. "And I intend to keep it."

Finas raised his eyebrow wondering what the young journalist was thinking.

What I meant by finishing this case was that I was going to really stop. Something I should have done before…I learned my lesson the hard way…this will be my last journal entry, I don't know what I'm going to do now…Maybe I'll become a paranormal investigator…that'll be a laugh right…?

Hanna left the clinic again and began to wander around the city until he saw a payphone. Hanna began calling someone. He hoped that someone would pick up.

"Hello? Who's calling me at this hour." Said the voice.

"Hey boss it's me." Hanna smiled.

"Hanna? What are you doing?"

"Nothing much, I just wanted to say I have nothing, I don't have a story or anything to bring you."


"I'm sorry boss." He chuckled. "I really did try too. I guess I'm not cut out for this stuff. Ah well, it's okay…"


"I have to go now boss, and by the way I quit…"


Hanna hung up. He put his hands in his pocket and walked away. Eventually he was at the river where Jeremy Williams' body was found. He pulled out all his notes and threw them in the river.

"I see this is what you meant." Said Finas.

Hanna backed away a bit.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome, thanks for not coming here to kill me."

"Your welcome." Said Casmiro. He placed his hand on Finas' shoulder. We have to go the sun is almost rising.

"Yeah you should."

"Bye kid." Said Casmiro. The vampires turned into bats and flew off. Hanna watched them and smiled.

"I might become a paranormal investigator!" He called out.

"I think you would be lousy at that too." Said a man.

Hanna turned to face the man it was his boss.


He nodded. "I thought I'd find you here."

"You know me pretty well."

"Yes, yes I do."

Hanna smiled, his stomach growled.

"I think there's a Denny's nearby why don't we eat there?" said his boss.

"Sure! I want some pancakes anyway."

His boss smiled.

"Wow you smiled."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah! You should do it more often."

"Maybe I should…." Said his boss.

Hanna and his boss walked towards the Denny's and ate pancakes together

The End

Not much to say about this except the end. Sorry if everyone was out of character I just thought I had to end it now like this and I'm satisfied with the ending originally I was going to make Hanna toss his notes into the river and be killed by Casmiro. I hope you all enjoyed this. Thank you for your time, =D