Dave retired from the NHL at the age of 33. He wasn't forced from the game due to injury or illness, it just…seemed right. Joining the NHL had been his dream, but he had other dreams as well and it was time to see them through to fruition.

Kurt remained active in live theatre for the next few years until movies and television started picking him up. By their mid-thirties, they returned home to Lima. Kurt's acting gigs were infrequent so he didn't suffer much of the travel stress his twenties had been notorious for.

Both men began fulfilling fantasies they had had as teenagers. Kurt threw himself body and soul into youth theatre. Directing was stressful, but Kurt thrived on that stress. The kids were all as in love with the limelight as he had been. Kurt convinced himself that every one of them would be on Broadway some day.

He had auditioned for a fairly regular gig on a television show over the summer and was thrilled to learn he had gotten the part. It was an interesting premise; a high school French teacher, facing difficult struggles in his personal life, decides to try and revive the school's drama club…or some such thing. It was sappy and cutesy and the creator didn't think it would last more than a season, but Kurt had high hopes.

David made good on his degree in physical therapy, though he had had to redo some schooling before he was prepared to enter the field. He passionately loved it and it was made so much better by being unsoiled by a weekly paycheck. Dave volunteered during the week at the same equine therapy ranch that had helped him so much during his final years at McKinley.

Aside from that, several nights a week, Dave worked as the hockey coach at WMHS. The team was horrible. Dave knew it; they knew it; yet still, they loved it. They played for the game, not the glory. When he had approached Principal Sylvester for the position, she had asked him if he wanted to captain the Titanic as well.

He had been with the job for years now and loved it as much now as he had that first glorious season.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the McKinley campus, a middle aged, slightly graying William Schuester entered his choir room. A hush gradually fell over his charges as they awaited their assignment for the week. Will didn't have an assignment for them. Glee's new co-captain had approached him earlier with an idea he hadn't wanted to pass up. He gestured to her, "Kitty?"

A stunning freshman girl with a round, cherubic face, chocolate eyes and mocha curls stood up and faced her fellow gleeks. "I've been doing some research into current music trends, and pre-millennial rock is making a staggering resurgence. I was thinking we could break into five groups of five and each group could select an iconic rock song from the first five decades of rock."

The glee club's approval was immediately evident from the excited whispering and comments. Will could tell who was fleshing out their groups and who was trying to come up with the perfect song. New Directions had been doing a lot of contemporary lately, so a chance to perform some retro music was a nice change to them.

Up in the seats, Rodney Jones was smiling and nodding at Christina Abrams. She leaned over and he whispered something in her ear. The ditzy girl smiled and clapped like a little child. Rodney loved making Chrissy laugh. Will was happy that after a year of hemming and hawing the two were finally dating.

He looked around the room and assessed every face seated before him. Rodney Jones, a well built, deeply religious, African American, junior football player. Christina Abrams, a doe-eyed, gentle spirited, sophomore Cheerio. Daniel Puckerman, a senior boy, this one with a temper problem and a fierce loyalty to his friends. Star Hudson, a junior boy who served as the second co-captain of New Directions and captained the Lacrosse team. Leah Cohen-Chang, a sophomore Asian girl with a spunky attitude and incredible rhythm. And of course, Katherine "Kitty" Karofsky. Schuster's lip curled into a small private smile. It was too bad Andrea Evans and K.C. Lopez had graduated already or it would have been perfect.


Kitty, Rodney, Chrissy, Star, and Leah were relaxing on the floor in Kitty's bedroom. Chrissy had herself draped across Rodney's lap was looking through the music on her phone. "I have everything but the 80's."

Rodney, one arm wrapped around Chrissy, one hand wrapped around his phone was flipping through his music as well. "I don't think our problem will be too few choices. We've got way too many choices."

Star nudged Kitty's foot with his own. "Ask your dads. They were probably alive back then and know what was uber-cool."

"My dads were totally not alive during the eighties, Hudson. They're the same age as your parents."

They hung out the rest of the evening just messing around and goofing off, but after everyone had gone home and Kitty talked to one of her dads, she was positive she had found the perfect song for the 80's.


Friday rolled around and everyone from glee was dressed as the band they would be performing as. The fifties were, predictably, dressed as Elvis and regaled the rest of the teams with a swinging rendition of "Jailhouse Rock." The sixties, with their button down peacoats performed an admirable version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles. The seventies, in a complete mish-mash of fashion, paid homage to The Who with "Who Are You?" The 90's, looking like they had gotten their clothes from a dumpster behind K-Mart did Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box."

Kitty was impressed with the other teams and their selection, but as her team took the stage and the soothing harmonies began, she was positive they were taking the cake…

Star stepped forward from the others to begin the vocals, as the rest of their team performed the background harmonies.

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world

She took the midnight train, going anywhere