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So, Aoi and Misaki have been dating for a while now. 6 MONTHS.


The material of the dress was flawless, pink satin with a few sequins scattered across. The sequins caught the light and shimmered. I was transfixed.

'What do you think?', I asked Aoi.

'Honestly?', he answered. I nodded. 'Get that thing out of my face before I'm sick', he replied bitterly.

'Seriously, as my boyfriend, don't you think you're too harsh?', I tutted.

'You asked for my honest opinion! Honesty can hurt, gorilla-face.', he taunted. I marched back to the changing room, my eyes getting misty. I like Aoi – I really do, but sometimes he says things that make me wanna punch his pretty-boy face. He had agreed to be my boyfriend, and proposed that we go clothes shopping. He said it's about time I update my manly closet with some more flattering clothes-he even offered to pay. But was it a good idea after all? Nothing has changed since we began our relationship. Actually, things have worsened. I got changed quickly and put the dress back where I got it from.

'I'm a little dizzy, I'll be waiting for you at the café opposite the shop. Is that ok?' I asked him.

'Whatever', he didn't even look up from the dresses he was examining closely. Honestly, this guy is so oblivious.

I slung my messenger back over my shoulder and started walking out of the shop and towards a café named "Zettai". It looked similar to Maid Café. As soon as I entered, a plump woman dressed like a geisha sat me down and presented me with a ribbon-bound menu. I browsed through the crisp pages, my mouth watering at the wide selection of sweets and coffees. I made a mental note to tell Satsuki about this. Just as I called the waitress over to take my order, His Royal Pain graced me with His entrance.

'Yo, bought anything?', I tried to seem curious.

'Nah, everything was too… Bollywood'

'Well, it's a known fact that Japan is becoming influenced by other cultures', I stated.

'Mmm', I knew I had lost him again. Suddenly, his eyes focused and his expression solidified. He looks just like a statue, I thought. 'Misaki, I'm really sorry for acting like a douchebag'.

'It's fine. You didn't upset me', I put on my best "I couldn't care less if you turned into a llama and started spitting at me" expression.

'No, no. There's a reason. I mean, no, it's unforgivable, but something was on my mind – GODDAMN, this is hard to say', he ignored my confused face and went on, 'this isn't gonna be easy, but bear with me, onegai-shimasu'. His eyes looked pleading; I'd never seen him like this before. I gave him a sympathetic smile and a nod. 'My dad works for a really big company, DoCoMo. They want to establish a branch in America, and they asked my dad to help them do it. He's been promoted, and will earn a lot more money. I'm really happy for him, and proud because he's worked so hard', he gave me a sad smile, 'but he has to take me with him to America, I'm allowed to return to Japan when I'm 18, a legal adult. So I'll live there for 4 years.'

'I….', my voice broke, and tears pricked my eyes. He took my hand, and his warmth spread around my body.

'It's not going to be easy, but we can make a long-distance relationship work, can't we? It's also fine if you don't want a relationship at all, I don't blame you. I just want you to know that I won't even look at the girls there, cause' I'm sure I'll never like them as much as you. Plus,' he added jokingly,' I heard American girls are loud and they eat hamburgers all the time XD'. I managed a weak smile, clutching on to his hand. I cleared my throat.

'Ne, Aoi, you'll change a lot in 4 years, it's better to go out with other girls, rather than to hold on to just one girl. Your tastes will be different, and you'll have more things to talk about with a girl your age. You'll be able to go on dates, and see each other at school. And there won't be a massive time and distance gap – like between Japan and USA. It's better if you let me go.' He nodded, looking as if he might start crying. He rummaged in his bag, took out a polished photo and placed it in my hand.

I took a closer look at it, realizing it's the one we took after our first date. We were in the park next to the fair, and we were sitting on the warm grass. He had asked a passer-by to take a photo of us with Aoi's camera. He told me a joke so that I would smile, but I ended up laughing instead. He was looking at me, smiling. The photo turned out really well, but, looking at it now, it made me sad.

'I also have a copy of it, and I'll think of you and how happy you make me every time I'll look at it', he smiled, but his eyes had an edge of sadness to them. 'This is the last time I'll see you before I go, I don't want to remember your crying face.' He reached out and put a strand of loose hair behind my ear. I managed a humorous smile.

'Then I also have a request, stop talking like an obaa-san (grandma) who's been cheated by life and order a goddamn cake.' His laughter filled the room, and everything seemed lighter. We ordered cake and coffee and spent the next two hours laughing and talking, and did our best to avoid dark subjects.

We stood outside the café, bright lampposts lighting our faces. It seemed surreal, and I don't think my brain fully registered that he won't be here anymore in a matter of days.

'I'm leaving Japan tomorrow, so I'm glad I saw you today. I haven't told anyone else.' He checked his phone. 'I need to get back home and finish packing, but I'll never forget today, I won't forget you. Once I get back from America, I'll seek you out immediately, and tell you all about where I lived.'

'There's no need, you have more important things to do, like starting University.' I tried to dismiss the idea.

'I've never met anyone so stubborn, did you know that?' he laughed.

'I figured.' He leaned in and kissed me. It tasted sweet, and almost apologetic. And so, we said our final goodbyes. I stared at his back as he left, also taking a part of me with him.

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