Title: Ephemeral Summer
Author: a1y-puff
Fandom: D. Gray-Man
Pairing: DUH. Yullen Week anyone?/
Genre: Umm. Daily-life-ish/humor? With some angst but not much for this one.
Summary: It takes one hot summer day, one quiet library and one irritating, pretty prick to begin the unforgettable days for Allen to keep. But then, no Summer lasts forever.
Word Count: ~5000
Warning: AU. Possible OOC-ness, swearing Kanda (duh), bratty Allen… yeah.
Disclaimer: If I owned DGM, Allen would have kicked Leverrier's arse and escaped through the ark's gate with his "friends". SRSLY.(
Beta: La Fuego (Thanks for helping mne even when you're busy, Rei-san!)

A/N: I know this is Yullen Week: WINTER Edition, but this story or chapter takes place in Summer, because, see, this is going to be some kind of a prologue for the rest of my Yullen Week entries, so yeah. I need to give them time for the transition and development, so. It will end in winter though). My style might be a little different here, or maybe it's the genre. Anyway I haven't written that many AU fics, but I hope this would be enjoyable.

Special thanks to Nherizu for her daily moral support and to Harmony283 for helping me coming up with the title.


Yullen Week, Day 1

Theme: Yearn

The first time Allen had seen one Yuu Kanda had been at the town's library.

It had been one hot summer morning and Allen couldn't take being cooped up in his house without the air conditioning system or the TV to distract him anymore—the electricity bill hadn't been paid, so no electricity for them. And Cross was conveniently away to god knew where for god knew how long and—

Well. Allen didn't actually have a lot of money, so to the library he went.

The town library was quite big, with an extensive collection of books Allen wouldn't be able to compare with the ones in his school library. There were books from all over the world, some of it—a lot of it—was the private collection of the owner of said library. An old man that went by the name 'Bookman'. Allen had always wondered if it was some sort of a joke.

Entering the building, Allen was welcomed by the sudden rush of cool air from the air conditioning system, and he closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the cool breeze on his face. That was, at least, until someone called him.

"Allen, kid, don't stand in the doorway, please~!"

Coloring just a little, the white-haired boy turned to face the librarian and walked closer to the counter. "I'm not a kid, Lavi," he replied, putting on a frown that was definitely not a pout, no.

The redheaded librarian just grinned up at him, reaching out a hand to ruffle the strands of white hair. "Sure you aren't."

Allen huffed, but he didn't swat Lavi's hand away. "So," he started, "Any interesting books lately?" he asked, eyeing the book, whose title he couldn't even read, on Lavi's hand—what language was that anyway?

"Interesting..." Lavi hummed contemplatively, before his eyes light up. "Oh, I know! Go to the second floor," Lavi pointed to the general direction of the second floor that could be seen from there, "The third aisle from the back. It has many interesting books," and he grinned up just a little mischievously.

Allen raised an eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing. He said his thanks and went to the stairs to the appointed aisle.

Allen had no expectation of what kind of interesting books Lavi had meant, but surely it wasn't 'Natural Bust Enlargement With Total Mind Power'? What the... Allen cringed, his mind automatically, against his will, went to Cross, for some reason. Well. Cross loved women with big boobs.

Shuddering a little, he walked deeper into the aisle. Dead Clients Don't Pay, Soldier Bear, History of Orgi—ugh. The English: Are They Human—"What?" Allen hissed, offended. Yes, he'd lived in America for quite a long time now, but he was proud of his English heritage.

Frowning, he glanced further up to see if there was anything good up there. His eyes then caught the title 'How to Survive a Robot Uprising'. Allen really, nearly snorted at that—had his mind not decided to remind him of Komui, Lenalee's brother who was a scientist somewhere and really, shouldn't be building robots. But he'd claimed that it was his passion—even if he spectacularly failed at robotics, in a way that his robots would always go out of control and—


Okay, so reading it probably wouldn't hurt, right? It was just—to spend his time...right? And just—just in case Komui did manage to build a giant robot and then it went out of control... well.

So help him, Allen reached his hand up to said book, but the problem was...he couldn't reach it. He tried standing on his toes, stretching his arm as far as he could, but only the tip of his fingertips were able to touch the edge of the book.

So he tried jumping. First try, failed. Second try—almost there, but—failed. So he jumped, the third time, and managed to pull the thick book just a little out of the shelf, but not entirely. He grumbled under his breath and that was when he heard a snort coming from somewhere to his right.

Turning his head to the side, Allen found someone with long hair tied in a high ponytail—it was a guy right? The posture said so—and he was smirking.

"Tch. Bean sprout," the guy simply said, before walking past the aisle and disappearing somewhere.

Allen gaped, unattractively so, and by the time it had dawned on him that the prick had just called him a bean sprout, of all things, he went to the end of the aisle to see if the rude guy was still there, but—well, no one was there.

Scowling, Allen went back to the book and jumped, again, and this time, he managed to take the book out of its shelf. "Ha!" he said triumphantly.

With the book in hand, Allen went downstairs to find a desk for him to read—just in time to see that guy walking to the counter. Allen frowned and went closer.

"Hey," he said in an unfriendly manner, and he faltered just a little when the guy turned his head, because—okay, so he didn't only have long hair but his face was kind of—pretty, too. Said pretty guy raised a mocking eyebrow, then, and Allen scowled back, remembering what he had wanted to say, "I'm not a bean sprout."

But that guy merely stared at him as if he was stupid, before those deep, dark eyes traced down to the book in Allen's hand and—he snorted. Again.

"Weirdo," said the long haired guy, before turning on his heels to bring his books to the counter for borrowing, leaving Allen to gape unattractively.




"I mean, how come someone could be such a—a—prick to someone they just met?" the British youth ranted on to his best friend when he met up with her for lunch the next day, "Like, he didn't even know my name or—or—"

"Allen, Allen, calm down, your food is spewing out," Lenalee told him as she covered her mouth and frowned in mild disgust.

Allen looked down and chewed his food properly before managing a small, "Sorry."

"It's all right," the Chinese girl waved her hand dismissively. "But seriously, it could have been a classic, romantic meeting, you know, with you couldn't reach the book and him helping you instead of—"

"Calling me a bean sprout," Allen grounded out as his face muscles formed a frown that ended up being a pout anyway. Then, he turned his head to his best friend and scowled. "Wait, that 'classic romantic meeting' you were talking about would require me being a girl."

"Yeah, well, you're as…tall as one," Lenalee snickered, but she raised her hands in a placating manner when Allen pouted harder.

"If anyone should be the girl, it would be him with that girly hair. As long as he didn't open his mouth," the boy grumbled as he stabbed menacingly on a piece of sausage, "Such a pity for someone so pretty."

"Wow, Allen, that rhymed," Lenalee chuckled good-naturedly, before her mind caught up to something and—"Wait. Pretty?"

"Yes, I would at least admit that much," reluctant, yes, but admitting nonetheless, "He had this nice long hair, you know. Longer than yours before you hacked it off after one of your brother's robots went crazy."

The topic brought a frown to the girl's pretty face, though, and Allen instantly felt guilty.


"Nah, it's fine," Lenalee shook her head, strands of shoulder-length hair flying with the movement. "At least my brother finally admitted that his robots are dangerously stupid after that incident."

"He should have realized after Komurin V tried to cut my arm off," because that was way more dangerous rather than losing a few centimeters of hair, but Allen dared not say it out loud. Allen knew how much Lenaleea ppreciated her hair... or any hair in general, really.

"Anyway," the girl started, sipping on her chocolate milkshake and twirling her hair with a finger, a habit she had regained after her hair grew long enough. "Bean sprouts are small, yes?"

That made Allen scowl. "I'm not—"

"And small things are usually cute," she went on, ignoring the half-annoyed, half-confused frown on her friend's face. "Maybe he was trying to say that—you're cute."

A few moment of silence followed, before the younger teen snorted and shoved the spaghetti rolled around his fork into his mouth and chewed conspicuously. "Yeah, Lenalee," he began after swallowing the spaghetti, "There's just no way."




No way, indeed.

Because when Allen accidentally met him again that weekend, that guy barely spared him a glance and instead he was so engrossed in a book—what was it about ... conceptual art? There was a sketchbook lying on top of the table, a pencil and an eraser lay on top of the covers.

"Wouldn't have pegged you as someone who's into art," the comment was out before Allen could even stop it—not that he would stop it, though. But.

The guy looked up, the frown that Allen was starting to suspect as a permanent feature still marring his (unfortunately) pretty face. "What do you want, bean sprout?"

"I'm not a—" Allen paused, remembering Lenalee's words and—"You're not...calling me cute, are you?"

And now Allen felt like an idiot for asking because the long haired male was eyeing him like he was crazy. "What the hell are you—"

"Right, of course not," Allen said hurriedly. See? No way. "Please don't mind me," Allen waved his free hand dismissively, while his other hand was holding a book on piano composition now—a totally sane book this time, thankfully—before taking a seat across of him.

"...the hell are you doing?" the deep baritone voice asked, and the white haired youth lifted his chrome eyes to meet those dark blue ones, and Allen raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to read, obviously."

"...and why the heck are you sitting there?"

"This seat is empty, isn't it?"

"Yes, but—"

"Then I don't see the problem," Allen replied easily, opening his book to a certain page and starting to read. He heard the Asian male grumble moodily but he quieted down, so Allen went back to his book.

Twenty pages and a few minutes of silence later, Allen looked back up to see the long-haired male still absorbed in his book. Well, now that Allen was paying attention from up-close, that guy sure was … pretty. No, pretty might not the word. Handsome, then? Beautiful—

"The hell are you looking at?"

The gruff tone cut Allen's train of thoughts, and the boy looked up to see those midnight eyes on him. Being caught staring was a little embarrassing, but—"By the way, I'm Allen. And you are?" He introduced himself instead. After all, good manners dictated him to introduce himself first before inquiring after someone's name.

"None of your business," the reply was immediate.

Allen scowled. "Funny name, mister none-of-your-business. Although it is a rather long name, don't you think?" and now he was smiling that bright, fake smile.

"What the hell, you're one annoying bean sprout!"

"I'm not a bean sprout, you—you girly-haired prick—"

"Who are you calling girly?"

"Well since I don't know your name, I might just consider referring you with girly."

"Yuu, his name is Yuu," said a new voice, and both boys turn their heads to find Lavi standing by their table, grinning.

"Yuu?" Allen tried, but—

"Kanda," 'Yuu' growled, and now Allen was frowning in confusion.

"So is it 'Yuu' or is it 'Kanda'?"



And then Lavi and the pretty guy looked at each other—a glare versus a grin and—finally Lavi turned his head to Allen again. "His name is Yuu Kanda, but he doesn't like people using his first name, since it could be damn confusing," here, he turned to Kanda again, "Right, Yuu?"

A growl was his only answer.

"Anyway," Lavi grinned again, "Now that you guys have met each other, do me a favor and get along, okay? You guys are noisy," he whispered the last sentence and enunciated it with a press of his index finger against his lips.

That was when Allen realized that—some people on the nearby tables were actually looking at their direction, some frowning in annoyance, others smiling in amusement. Well, shit, they'd attracted some attention, hadn't they? "Sorry," Allen mumbled, looking down.

"It's fine," the redhead said fondly, ruffling Allen's hair with a hand, before turning to Kanda, "You too, be nice, 'kay?"

"Tch," Kanda responded eloquently, eyes going back to the book in hand.

With that, Lavi went back to the counter, leaving the boys to their own devices.




"And then?" Lenalee asked, watching as Allen went for his third dish in mild awe. Really, watching the boy eat never failed to amuse her. Nice to know Allen still had a healthy appetite even after she'd been gone for nearly two months since their last meeting.

"And then what? We finished our books and went home," Allen shrugged, biting on his chicken wing. "Nothing was said after that, so."

"Aww, that's boring," Lenalee shook her head lightly, "You got his name but you didn't talk to him after that?"

"Well," Allen started, sipping on his orange juice and looking up to Lenalee, "He was emitting this unfriendly aura so I refrained from saying anything."

"But you kept sitting there?" a tilt of her head, "Even though he clearly wanted to be left alone, why?"

"Because I like sitting by the window?" the boy offered but Lenalee didn't look like she believed him.

"Sure, Allen, sure," and then she was smiling. Allen didn't know what she was trying to say.

Allen shrugged then, taking a couple of fries and threw them into his mouth before chewing quickly and swallowing. He turned back to his friend. "So, where have you been anyway? Haven't seen you in—what, two months?"

"Oh, brother took me to China without prior warning, sorry. I thought I sent you a postcard?"

"Well I didn't get any," Allen frowned. "But anyway since you were MIA, I mostly spent my time at the library. With Kanda," Allen snorted.

"Oh?" Lenalee perked up. Together? I thought you said he was a prick?"

"He is, but—"

"So—what about the next meetings?"

Allen sipped his orange juice one last time before looking out of the window, musing. "Well," he started, "We mostly just sat there. I mean, it is my favorite spot so I wouldn't move and neither would he, so we just—tried to ignore each other. Most of the time."

"Really now," asked Lenalee in an amused tone, "Did it work then?"

"Well… not really. Sometimes we'd comment on each other's book—" Lenalee gave him a look. "Okay, yes, so I would comment on the book he was reading—and we'd end up arguing, usually. Just—one day we got too loud that we—got kicked out."




"And why, pray tell, am I eating with you?" Kanda pointed his chopstick menacingly towards Allen's forehead. The younger boy's eyes crossed with the movement, before blinking a few times. Then, Allen smiled that sickeningly fake smile.

"Because, pray tell, Lavi kicked us out and we were hungry."

"That was your fault, stupid bean sprout."

"I'm not. A. Bean sprout. How hard it is to remember a two-syllable name, you stupid prick?" Allen retorted, crossing his arms in annoyance. "And besides, if you had just answered like normal people would when I was asking nicely instead of insulting me, we wouldn't be here now."

"If you'd just stay away from my business—"

"And here are more of your orders!" the muscular, Indian chef slammed down the trays on their table with more enthusiasm then what was necessary, stopping the boys from starting yet another argument.

Allen smiled disarmingly. "Thanks, Jeryy," he said to the man, eyeing his second set of dishes with hungry eyes.

"Anytime, cutie~," Jeryy cooed, before skipping back to the counter in big, light steps.

It was when he was about to devour his second batch of food that—he noticed Kanda staring. "What?"

Kanda stared some more, face contorted in a frown, before finally he asked, "…you're going to eat all those?"

Allen raised an eyebrow. "Of course, why would I order it otherwise?"

"…how come you eat so much and stay so short?"

Allen's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Would you stop insulting my height? It's getting really old."

Kanda snorted. "Yeah, like your hair color."




"Oh wow, he sure does sound like a prick."

"He is a prick," Allen grumbled, biting into his straw rather menacingly. "That was the first time I really wanted to pummel someone into the ground."

"Well then if he's one, how come you—"

"I'm not, I already told you that I wasn't."

"Yeah, okay. So—you have anything good about him to tell me?"

"Well…" Allen was contemplating as he picked on his food with a fork, "He wasn't all that bad, actually. Like one day when we were walking home and my stomach growled loudly—"

"Wait, you were walking home with him?" Lenalee raised an interested eyebrow.

"We just happened to go to the same direction until the second intersection," the younger boy replied, defensive, although what he was being defensive about, Allen didn't know either. "Anyway my stomach growled loudly and he was complaining all the way and mocking me for how much of a monster my stomach was, but then he just—went and bought me some bread, so."

"Hmmmm," Lenalee hummed low and long, and Allen hated it when she did that. It was like she knew something Allen didn't, and the smile on her face was certainly not helping.

"Anyway, yeah. And besides, his drawing is good."




Allen had found out about that when one day, he managed to sneak behind Kanda while the other boy was sketching.

It was something simple, really, just the view outside of the window by their usual table. There was a tall tree, its branch fell in front of the window with its lush, green leaves sweeping against the glass surface with each blow of the summer wind.

There was a paved pathway down there, leading to the gate of the library. A couple of teenagers were walking side-by-side, laughing with each other—and this was the only element missing from Kanda's sketch.

Still, the picture itself was—"Wow. You really are talented, aren't you?"

At that, Kanda immediately turned his head to him, the long ponytail whipping to one side and the next second, he was already glaring at Allen. "Don't sneak behind me like that, baka moyashi!"

"I didn't—wait. What's a beccamoyashee?" he asked, earning himself a cringe from Kanda's part and—"What?"

"You're defiling my native language, stupid," the Asian male shook his head before going back to sketching. When Allen took a seat beside him instead of across the table like he usually would, Kanda growled a, "What?"

"You didn't answer my question," Allen pointed out, even though his eyes were trained to the pencil in Kanda's hand as it danced across the page, shaping lines and shades and—"Hey, can you draw me?" he asked on a whim.

Kanda looked up at him with a flat face. "No," he deadpanned.

"Aww, come on!"



"No. What's so hard to understand from a 'no'?"

"Even when I'm asking politely?"


"Is it a yes to drawing me?"

"No, stupid, it's a yes to 'Yes I would still say no even if you were asking nicely'. Idiot."

"Why are you such a prick?"

"And why are you such a bean sprout?"

"I'm not a—"


Both boys turned their heads to find some other visitors pressing their index fingers to their lips with an annoyed frown on their faces, and Allen smiled apologetically while Kanda turned his head back to his sketch with a quiet "tch."


"If you don't shut up," Kanda hissed, "We'll get kicked out again. Moron."

The white haired boy frowned at that. "Then draw me? And I'll leave you alone," Allen coaxed a little more, adding his bright, bright smile for good measure—even if it hadn't worked on Kanda last time, but he could try, right?

Kanda gave him a weird look, but then—"Fine," he finally said, and Allen's smile got that much brighter.

Maybe, he should have been suspicious as to why Kanda so easily agreed to it, but for now he was just—happy? Although why he should be happy, Allen had no idea. Maybe because it would be the first time someone was going to draw a picture of him.

At any rate, he tried to stay as still as he could when Kanda turned to face him, sitting sideways on the chair and leaning against the wall behind him, the sketchbook now propped up on his lap in a standing position so that Allen could only look at the back of the book.

Kanda's hand started moving, the sound of the pencil scratching against the paper filled his ear—and Kanda only looked up maybe twice during that time. It wasn't long until that hand stopped moving and with a sigh, the Asian male finally said, "There."

Then, he tore that page from the sketch book and handed it to Allen, who was feeling a little bit too enthusiastic. Hurriedly, Allen flipped the paper and—he froze.

"What. Is this"? Allen asked flatly, his face blank because—he didn't know how to react to—to—

"You," Kanda simply answered, and the British boy looked up to see an amused smirk making its way to the other boy's pretty face.

There, on the torn page of the sketchbook was—a bean sprout. With Allen's face.




"Pfft—oh my god," Lenalee pressed her free hand to her mouth, trying—and kind of failing—to stifle a bubble of laughter from coming out of her mouth. On her other hand was a piece of paper with folded lines, containing the sketch she had managed to coax out of Allen's bag.

"Not. Funny," the younger teen gritted out, face bearing a red hue from embarrassment and a little bit of annoyance as his friend went on giggling.

"Ahaha, no, it's not funny," the girl managed between her giggles, "this is cute, Allen. Oh my god…" and she went back laughing.

Allen pouted, crossing his arms with a huff. "Not cute," he mumbled.

Finally, her laughter died down, and Lenalee sipped her milkshake to calm herself down. "But really, Allen," she began, "You—do you actually… like this drawing?"

Allen looked back at his friend and blinked. "Why?"

"Well…" Lenalee folded back the paper and handed it to Allen, "You're still keeping it."

Allen took back the paper and quieted down. "Well…"




"Say, I haven't seen Kanda lately," Allen had asked that day as he brought a few books to be taken home.

Lavi glanced up from scanning the books and with a sad smile, he said, "Ah, you see, he was only here for summer break. He's gone back to his dorm by now. He goes to some college out of town. Sorry, kid."

"Oh," Allen simply said, but he couldn't deny that he was—disappointed and maybe, a little sad, because—

Allen shook his head lightly, and that attracted Lavi's attention. "You okay, kid?"

"I'm not a kid," Allen pout, though it was more of an attempt to keep his disappointment at bay. But Lavi was giving him a look as if he could—"Look," Allen finally began, "It's just… there's something that I asked him and I haven't got an answer, so."

"Oh?" Lavi raised an eyebrow, looking curious now. He leaned forward on his desk then, propping his chin with his palm, and—"And that would be?"

"Well," Allen scratched his cheek absently, his eyes looking to the side for a moment, before he finally looked back up at Lavi and replied, "What's a 'beccamoyashee'?

Lavi blinked. "Becca—what?"

"I think it's Japansese. Kanda called me that last week—"

"Japanese, hm," Lavi hummed, "Beccamo—oh. Oh." He turned to Allen with a grin then. "Was it 'baka moyashi'?"

"Uhh, yeah, it sounds about right," if Allen remembered correctly. "What does that mean?"

"Well, he basically called you 'stupid bean sprout'."

Allen pouted. Figures, he thought, a prick until the end.

"Is that all?" the redhead asked again, snapping Allen out of his thoughts. The boy nodded hesitantly. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Lavi, I'm sure," because really? What more would he want?

Lavi eyed him, long and good, before he finally shook his head lightly, smiling in a way that made Allen wanted to-to—

"If you say so," Lavi finally relented, handing Allen the books to be borrowed which Allen gladly accepted before smiling and walking away.




"No, you don't say so," Lenalee was frowning now, and in Allen's book, that was never a good sign. "Why didn't you ask his contact details or—I don't know. Something. That librarian must have his contact information."

"And then what? It's not like we were even—friends. We were just—" just what exactly? Strangers who happened to meet pretty often? "I mean—we only ever met up at the library, and I've only seen him a few times. It wasn't like I went to the library everyday or—"

"Even though you did go there so you could see him?"

"I didn't—"

"You kept going there even when the electricity bill had been paid," the Chinese girl stated matter-of-factly, to which Allen had no valid arguments, and then she added, "And you're keeping his drawing."

"As a keepsake?" Allen offered, because if they weren't going to meet again—"It was something he made for me, Lenalee, even if—"

"But didn't you enjoy the time you spent with him?" Lenalee cut him off again, and Allen nodded, even as he was thinking that Lenalee should really let him finish his sentence for once, and—"Why?"

"Well Allen looked down, stirring his orange juice with the straw idly, just to give him something to do. "He's a prick," the answer was spoken in a smaller voice, because Allen knew it was kind of—weird, maybe.

Judging by the look on Lenalee's face when he raised his eyes to meet hers, it was.

"Well, you know, since he's a prick, I don't have to—be nice with him. I mean, he is… someone I could really argue with freely, and that's—is it weird that I enjoyed that?" because at this point, he didn't know anymore. It was just—Allen could almost, almost feel like he could be himself with Kanda, and the fact that he only knew the guy for less than two months, with a meeting frequency of twice to three times a week in average—that was saying something, wasn't it?

Lenalee's face softened up at that, and then she was smiling that 'you're so stupid but you're adorable' smile. "Allen," she began gently, as if she was talking to a child, "You're missing him."

That made Allen fall silent, because—it was true, wasn't it? No matter how hard he told himself that he wasn't, but—Allen lightly shook his head and smiled. "It doesn't matter," he finally said, looking up at the girl again. "He's living out of town, and I will be moving out in a few days too. I'm starting my uni soon enough, remember? I'll be moving to the dorms, so."

"Right," Lenalee murmured a little sadly. "You got a scholarship to study music at some art college out of town."

"Uh-huh," Allen nodded, shifting in his seat a little before unfolding the paper with his bean sprout drawing, "I'll meet new friends and have a new life, so it's fine." Even if he really missed Kanda, it was fine, because he—would be a part of Allen's summer memory, and that was all he was going to be.

He didn't like it that the thought made him a little sad, though.




Which was why, three days after that conversation with Lenalee, when Allen found himself standing in front of his new dorm room with a quite unfriendly frown as a welcome from his new roommate—as if said will-be roommate's eyes hadn't been widening in surprise when he'd first seen Allen mere seconds ago, Allen didn't know if it was appropriate for him to be happily annoyed.

"Why the hell are you freezing there, bean sprout?"

Allen's eyebrow twitched, and he was quick to ignore that warm bubbles in his chest in favor to counter with, "Why on earth are you my roommate?"

Kanda clucked his tongue. "Like hell I know, ask the dorm head or whoever's in charge," Kanda sighed and crossed his arms, stepping aside to let Allen in, but the boy was just—standing there. "Well? Are you coming in or are you planning to stay out here?"

"Oh, right," Allen replied, and he could feel his cheeks warming up a little. What was he daydreaming about anyway? "Excuse me—"

"The hell are you saying 'excuse me' when you enter your own room?" Kanda asked, raising a half-mocking, half-amused eyebrow.

For some reason, the half-mocking words from Kanda only caused the warm bubbles in Allen's chest to spread, and he really couldn't help the smile on his face. "Right."

Kanda snorted. "Baka moyashi."

"Hey! I know what that means now. BaKanda."

"What the f—"

"I just came up with it. You like?"

"Hell no."

"So you do! I'm going to use it on you—"

"Did you even listen to me you stupid—"

Right. His summer days with Kanda might have ended, but when one season ended, another season began. And with that, Allen grabbed his luggage with one hand and stepped inside his new room, and into the new season of his life.



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