Lucky Charm

by EikoDoll

Chapter One: For the Sake of My Convertible

He felt that dark aura again. It haunted him every time he looked, or even thought of the color pink...

He ran.

But every time he tried to get away, she would always be there...

giving him a look he knew all too well.

THAT look. It haunted him more than the color pink!

The boy came to a dead end and nervously tried to look for another way out.

"Running away is useless."

He nearly screamed in terror when he heard her, the devil's voice.

"Just leave me alone!" the boy exclaimed, backing up against the wall as she walked closer to him.

He was trapped. The only possible way to escape was to run straight towards her and hope she moves aside. As he was about to make a dash for it, she seemed to have caught on and made a dash towards him as well.


The boy had been brutally tackled to the ground. The devil pinned him on the floor and hastily pressed her lips against his.

"Mmmmmphmmph!" his muffled cry for help was unheard.

He struggled underneath her for a few seconds, and she finally sprang up, releasing him from her unnaturally strong hold.

"Section two quiz, here I come!" she grinned evilly and laughed all the way down the corridor.

The boy lay motionless on the floor and stared up at the ceiling with horror stricken eyes.

"Curse you, Sakura Haruno."

Several Days Earlier...

The main entrance into Konohagakure high was vivacious with students talking, laughing, and hanging out with each other in their own little groups; so far, it was a fairly peaceful day.

Usually at a time like this something crazy would -

"NAAAAARUUUUUUTOOOOOOO!" It was a deadly screech.

Deadly enough to hush the students out of fear.

A tall, blond woman in her mid fifties (with exceedingly large breast) burst through the halls, causing all the students to back away. They knew it was in their best health not to get in the Principal's way. If they weren't so engulfed in terror, they would have found their Principal's situation quite amusing: she was drenched in blue paint...

Of course they didn't laugh...

or they would die.

"WHERE THE HELL IS NARUTO UZUMAKI!" she slammed a fist into the nearest locker.

Everybody knew that name.

He was known all throughout Konoha high school.

You see a pretty girl walking around campus, and they say, "Hey she's cute. What's her name again?" You see a first-string basketball player smoking marijuana in the boy's bathroom, and they say, "Isn't that the guy who shot that three-pointer at the end of first half...I can't remember his name." You see a teacher scandalously making out with one of his students behind the abandoned bleachers, and they say, "Oh my gosh!'s-his-face! I saw him making out with that girl behind the bleachers yesterday after school!"

Names were hard to remember; it doesn't even matter if you are a pretty girl, a really good athlete, or the guy who teaches algebra.

But for some reason, everyone knew his name...

and that wasn't a compliment.

"Ugh. Of course it's Naruto Uzumaki AGAIN."

"Naruto's always causing trouble. This is why everyone hates him."

"Yeah. Whenever he makes the principal suffer, we ALL have to suffer."

"How 'bout we all gang up on him after school and beat him up?"

"We only do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don't get ahead of yourself. We have to rest sometime, you know?"

"Aww, fine."

Tsunade eyed the students suspiciously, as if they were hiding something.

She really had no idea that her students would sell Naruto out at any given moment. It's not like he had any friends to back him up...

Finally giving up on her quest, she snorted unlady-like and stomped toward her office.

"Whew. That was scary."

"That stupid Naruto. I hope he gets caught."

"Hehehe, she kinda looks like those alien thingies from that Avatar movie. You gotta admit, it was funny."

"Still hate him."

Somewhere deep within the darkest hall, stood a tall figure in the shadows. The mischievous blue-eyed boy chuckled softly after 'Tsunade-baa-san's' little scene. "This doesn't look good. Looks like I'm going to have to skip school today." he shrugged, and watched everyone scatter across the hall when the first bell rang.

Oh great.

She was late again!

Sakura Haruno tied her pink hair messily into a bun and stuck in a few jeweled pins for the sake of fashion. She didn't even have enough time to brush her damn hair! Next was her uniform. She sloppily put on her stockings and slipped into a skirt. Her collared shirt smelled questionable, however she forced herself in it quickly. Her tie? She would have to fix it up on the way to school. She grabbed her jacket to complete the look and ran out the door with amazing speed.

Ever since she started dating that arrogant asshole, she's been nothing but a mess! She only hoped Tsunade wouldn't bitch at her about being late again.

How many tardies did she have this year already?

Oh, that's right, FOURTEEN.

"Soon to be fifteen." she muttered scornfully under her breath.

It was all HIS fault! This is what happens when stupid shallow girls fall for good looks and charm. Sakura hated to admit it, but ever since that rat ended their relationship, her life's been a complete nothing, if not, worse.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura had always been popular amongst her peers. Not only was she outrageously beautiful to the point of envy, she carried the kind of personality that made it easy for her to make friends. She was crowned the most popular girl in high school, and she was only in her freshmen year! So it was only natural she'd date the most popular guy in school, right? And his name was Sasuke Uchiha. People actually thought he was some sort of god...and for a while, she honestly thought so too. Sakura had always been attracted to Sasuke, but never attempted to make a move seeing as how he never showed the slightest interest in her. It was only about a year ago when he surprisingly asked her to be his date for junior prom. She was ecstatic! And it all went uphill from there. She proudly carried the title 'Sasuke's girlfriend' around school like a trophy, and constantly bragged about her relationship with the famous, good looking Uchiha.

And oh was he good looking.

Unfortunately, he still is.

"Argh!" she shook her head viciously. "Stop thinking about him."

As if things couldn't get worse...

"UGH!" she felt herself collide into a brick wall, or at least what felt like a brick wall. They both landed painfully on the ground,

and Sakura felt warm lips melt within her own.

She quickly pulled back and looked at the 'brick wall' in shock.

"W-What the hell was that for?" shouted the brick wall.

"What - where'd you - YOU KISSED ME!" Sakura hastily stood on her feet and backed up into a real brick wall.

Her eyes were fixed more carefully on the boy, and she suddenly realized who he was. Blond hair, blue eyes, tattooed whiskers...

"N-Naruto!" she screamed in horror, about ready to gag.

Naruto dusted the dirt on his uniform and frowned angrily at her. "Weirdo, why'd you kiss me all of a sudden?" he scoffed at her horror stricken face.

Sakura openly gawked at him. "What makes you think I wanted to!" she mentally shook a fist at him. "Oh, god! My life is over!" she cried. If people at school found out about this...


"Whatever! Just don't let it happen again!" he snorted and turned to the opposite direction of where school was.

Still backed up against the brick wall, Sakura watched as Naruto shoved his hands into his pockets and muttered gibberish under his breath. Dumbstruck by his bad attitude, yet more so by what had just happened, she stood there frozen. She could have sworn she saw a light blush appear on his face. However, that was far from important.


The biggest loser of her school!

And now she's really late,

Tsunade's going to pound her.

Was she cursed or something?

"This is the fifteenth time."

Sakura tensed when she saw a humongous vein appear on the Principal's forehead. Although, that wasn't the only thing she noticed,

"Tsunade, you're blue-"

"DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!" the woman scolded her, mostly out of embarrassment. She cleared her throat and attempted to calm herself down when she saw Sakura flinch fearfully in her seat. "What's your excuse this time, huh?"

The pink haired girl cleared her throat nervously. "Well, you see, I place the blame entirely on Sasuke."

"Your ex-boyfriend?"

Sakura inwardly cringed at the word 'ex'. However, mentally shook that off.


"And why is that?"

"Because ever since I started and stopped dating him, I've been lost and confused and my brain's totally gone missing. And that's all because he made me do drugs." Sakura retorted in a very dramatic tone.

"Is that true?"

"Everything but the drug part." she responded casually. Tsunade's eyebrow twitched, and Sakura quickly intervened. "But he might as well be guilty of making me do drugs...drugs of false love." she silently pretended to cry.

Tsunade looked at her with boredom. "Are you done bullshitting me yet?"

"Yeeeees." Sakura inwardly pouted.

"So why are you really late?"

"I would have been early if someone hadn't robbed me of my cherry, red convertible-"

"Oh don't go blaming me for this. You deserved it, and you know it." Tsunade scolded her.

Sakura sighed and leaned back in her seat. Sometimes it sucked when your principal also happens to be your guardian. When her parents died five years ago, they entrusted Sakura in Tsunade's care, and ever since then its been nothing but hell for the poor emerald-eyed girl. That woman would make a very successful watchdog. Always on her case...

"Your grades are a mess, Sakura. Especially in Kakashi's class. You're failing, and it's already the third quarter of the year! How are you ever going to get accepted into college?" Tsunade's eyes narrowed.

"You don't understand! That man is the devil; he's out to get me!"

"Oh really? I can't imagine why." Sakura opened her mouth to make a retort, until Tsunade piped in. "Oh wait! Maybe it's because you constantly talk back to your teachers and expect them to raise your grades just because you have connections with the principal. Or maybe it's because you come to class late and never bother to do your homework?"

Sakura replied with a silent 'hmph' and crossed her arms.

"If you don't bring up your grades, I'm going to have to sell that car-"


Tsunade casted her a cynical look. "You heard me."

They engaged in an angry staring contest,

but after five seconds, Sakura gave in and walked out of the office fuming without a word.

Tsunade sighed and gently rubbed her temples.

What has gotten into that girl?

"Wow, Sakura, I'm surprised." said her weird, masked teacher. "You actually decided to come to class today."

"Uh yeah." she fidgeted nervously into her seat knowing all eyes were on her. "Sorry I'm late, Kakashi-sensei."

The silver haired man walked up to her desk looking mildly surprised. "Did you just apologize? I'm even more surprised."

All the students in class laughed. Sakura was not one to apologize for her actions.

"Are you going to stand here all day or are you gonna teach me something?" Sakura said in an uninterested tone, giving Kakashi the 'I will seriously get up and leave any minute' look.

The silver haired man chuckled and said, "Now there's the Sakura we all know."

The class laughed again.

Sakura pretended to pout,

but then after a while fell short and silently giggled.

"However, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Sakura." she looked up at Kakashi with confusion in her emerald eyes. "I won't be teaching anything new today."

"Oooooo. Free period?" Sakura's eyes lit up.

"Nope. Chapter sixteen exam."

Sakura's eyes dulled.

"And you would have known that if you were in class last week." he gave her a stern look.

Sakura gave him a pouty look. "Can't I make it up another day?"

"Do you have an excuse note?"


"Well then I guess you're taking the exam today."

"Grrrrr. Meanie."

"Flattery gets you nowhere." Kakashi winked and handed her the exam that seemed to go on forever.

Sakura made no attempt to conceal her look of misery.

After looking over the contents of the exam, she realized she had no idea what the answers were. Thank god it was a multiple choice exam. She sank deeper into her chair and turned her head slightly to the right knowing full well she would come to look at

Sasuke Uchiha.

He sat there as confident as ever. All he had to do was hear the lecture, and there was his instant A. He didn't need to go through the constant tortures of studying and procrastinating. His brain was beyond human belief. At least that's what everyone in school thought, including Sakura herself. So when the raven haired boy used to take her out on late school nights, he had no problem getting up the next day, completely ready for a test. Sakura only wished she had that luxury. She actually needed those late nights to study,

or else she'd fail!

Sasuke just couldn't understand that, and she was enough of a pushover to do whatever he wanted.

Ugh how she wanted to barf...

Sasuke caught Sakura staring at him, and she quickly turned away with a furious look on her face.

She heard him scoff and make that little noise of his, the famous 'hn'.


"Sakuuuuraaa." Kakashi startled Sakura with that dull voice of his. She nearly fell out of her seat. "Are you cheating?"

"O-Of course not!" she flushed and pretended to concentrate on her paper.


The pink haired girl closed her locker and turned to see three girls walking toward her. "Hey, you guys." she smiled.

Noticing the frowns on their faces, Sakura's smile suddenly vanished. They finally caught up with her and leaned sadly against the lockers.

"We heard." said the tall brunette, in a sympathetic voice. "Are you okay?"

Sakura raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Huh?"

"You don't need to hold it in. Just cry." said the platinum blond as she dramatically held Sakura close to her and patted her back.

"Did someone die?" Sakura's voice was unheard.

The shortest of the three, a girl with short, dark purple hair, placed a dainty hand on the pink haired beauty's shoulder. "Sakura, please don't be afraid to hide your feelings." her voice was soft and comforting.

"Are you guys retarded or something? I'm fine." Sakura rolled her eyes at them. Her stomach growled furiously; she forgot to eat breakfast this morning. It completely slipped her mind. "Tenten, Ino, Hinata...," she sighed sadly when she realized something.

All three girls eagerly looked at her, ready to comfort her in any way.

"Which one of you wants to treat me to lunch? I totally forgot my wallet at home."

Their eyes twitched.

"SAKURA YOU JUST GOT DUMPED BY POSSIBLY THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD AND YOU ACT LIKE ITS NOTHING!" Ino wildly thrashed her arms in the air, wanting to knock some sense into her best friend.

"Ohhhhh. This is about Sasuke."


"Sherlock Holmes." Sakura corrected.

"WHATEVER THE HELL!" Ino's eyes burned with passion. "STOP TRYIN' TO ACT COOL AND CRY ALREADY!" she demanded harshly.

Sakura looked boringly into Ino's crystal-clear blue eyes. "First of all, why are you yelling?"

"She forgot to take her medication." Hinata whispered secretly in her ear.

That explains it.

"Second, I don't have to act cool. I'm naturally that way."

Ino looked like she smelled something funky.

"And lastly, I'm not going to cry over a big, stupid jerk like Sasuke. I'm better than that. WAY BETTER." Sakura made it perfectly clear.

Besides, she pretty much cried her heart out the day he broke up with her, leaving her all cried out.

"Oh. And lastly lastly, take your medication already. Geez." Sakura muttered under her breath.

The blond haired girl temporarily stopped in her rampage. "Well I was about to, until I heard the rumor: SAKURA GOT DUMPED BY SASUKE OVER THE WEEKEND! SO I THOUGHT I'D GO TO HER AND COMFORT HER BUT SHE'S OBVIOUSLY DEAD INSIDE BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T SEEM TO CARE AT ALL!" Ino huffed.

"Gosh. What's the big deal?" Sakura frowned. "I've seen better."

Ino, Hinata, and Tenten seemed to doubt that. "Oh yeah? Name one." demanded Ino.

Sakura reopened her locker and presented them with a large picture taped inside. "Meet Edward Cullen." she introduced in a dreamy state.

Tenten's eyes dulled. "You mean the fictional character in the Twilight series?"

She hated how girls worshiped at his feet. He's not THAT good looking.

Her statement seemed to have greatly offended Sakura. "What's wrong with falling in love with a fictional character?"

"Well, first of all, it'll never happen because he's FAKE. And second, he's already taken." Ino snorted at her friend's ignorance.

"I'm way hotter than that Bella-Bitch." Sakura muttered bitterly.


The pink haired girl raised an eyebrow. "Is that what your shrink told you?"

The blond cleared her throat. "Yes."

"I agree with Ino." added Hinata. "I think it's healthy for a girl to cry out her feelings."

"See!" Ino exclaimed.

"We'll be here for you whenever you need us, Sakura." Hinata smiled in support.

That's exactly what Sakura loved about her friends. They would come to her aid whenever she needed them. It was such a relief knowing she had this kind of support. "Aww, thanks you guys." she group hugged them. "This is why nothing can come between us." she smiled gratefully.

In the middle of their group hug, another voice happened to call out to Sakura.

And this time it came in the form of a small freshman.

"Hey!" he gave her a boyish grin.

Sakura pulled out of her hug and returned the smile. "What's up, Konohamaru?"

The boy blushed in her presence. "That old bat wants to see you in her office...again."

The four girls rolled their eyes. "Tsunade." they muttered.

It wasn't that odd when Sakura found a little bit of fear in Konohamaru's eyes. "She seems kinda mad. I think you're in trouble."

Sakura laid her hands on her waist and sighed. For a moment she stood there and wondered if she should skip the rest of the day and avoid the wrath of her guardian...but then she knew she'd receive a VERY loud lecture if she ever went through with it. Closing her locker (not before kissing the picture of Edward inside), she walked towards the direction of death. "Thanks for the warning, Konohamaru."

"Be careful, Sakura!" he called out. "She looks dangerous in there." he shivered a little.

As soon as Sakura stepped into the office, darkness surrounded Tsunade. Sakura felt the chill and nervously sat herself across her guardian, for the second time today.

"What's the problem, Tsunade?" she threw her an innocent look, not entirely sure why she was in trouble.

The principal clenched her fists in rage. "You've got a lot of explaining to do."

"Tsunade, you're still blue-"


All of a sudden, someone entered through the door at that exact second Tsunade was about to give Sakura a piece of her mind.

"Oh, hey Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura looked up at him gratefully. "Thanks for saving me. She definitely won't hurt me as much if you're in here." she smiled in relief.

Kakashi rubbed the back of his neck. "Looks like I got here just in time then." he returned the smile. "Tsunade-sama, there's really nothing to worry about-" at that moment Kakashi found something very odd about his superior. "You're all blue-"

"Sakura, I'll just get straight to the point." Tsunade quickly interrupted him and opened her desk drawer, pulling out a piece of paper.

The girl looked closely at the paper and frowned.

"This is the exam you took in Kakashi's class not too long ago."

"Oh." Sakura nodded her head understanding the situation very clearly. "So this is what it's about? Well, you see, I didn't study. But I have a good reason for that: It's because Kakashi forgot to tell me the exam was today! Can you believe him?" Sakura laughed sheepishly when Kakashi raised an amused eyebrow at her. "I'll definitely do better next time, Tsunade." she gulped, hoping to get away with it.

All she got out of her guardian was a highly confused look.

"Do you mean to tell me didn't cheat?"

Now it was Sakura's turn to look confused. "Do you mean to tell me that...I actually did good on the exam?"

That heavy burden on Tsunade was suddenly lifted. What a relief! She didn't want her 'daughter' ending up a hoodlum that Naruto brat.

"Sheesh, Tsunade! You actually thought I cheated?" Sakura tsked her. "What little faith you have in me." she shook her head in shame.

"All right. Get outta here, you little punk." Tsunade shooed her away.

Sakura smiled and quickly walked out before Tsunade would find another reason to yell at her.

"You know, she's actually a really smart girl." Kakashi assured.

Tsunade sighed. "Or maybe it's luck."

There was absolutely no way Sakura had the brains to pass that test without studying.

'It was definitely luck.' she concluded.

Back when Sakura Haruno was a child, she had been a very firm believer in luck.

Girls were always jealous of her cuteness and popularity amongst the little boys and teachers, automatically assuming it was because of the lucky charm she always kept in her Pikachu backpack back in the first grade. Sakura was devastated when someone actually had the nerve to steal her precious lucky charm! Luckily, she realized she didn't need it, because things like popularity and beauty came naturally to her. However, ever since the day she hooked up with Sasuke (which at the time, she thought was luck), her grades began to drop, she lost many of her girlfriends (besides her closest: Ino, Hinata, and Tenten), and she was denied her cherry, red convertible!

Not to mention the constant scoldings she received from Tsunade.

And don't even remind her of that kiss she shared with Naruto Uzumaki just a few hours ago.

Something suddenly hit her.

"Wait a minute." Sakura went deep into thought. "Could it be...?"

Her unexplained A+ on that extremely difficult history exam was definitely luck. Fifty multiple choice questions, all of which she had no clue what the answers were, and all of which she got the answers correct. She tracked back and thought of all the things she did today leading up to this very moment. The only thing out of the ordinary was running into Naruto Uzumaki, and kis-

Sakura shook her head violently.

"No, no, no, no, no, no." she desperately wanted to scream. Why did it have to be him of all people?

The biggest loser in school...

Then the image of her cherry red convertible being sold to the likes of someone else entered her mind.

That's when she came to a decision.

"Naruto Uzumaki..." she whispered his name demonically.

And then she stood up, looking at nothing in particular with determination in her eyes. No matter what the consequences, she will get her grades up, and finally be reunited with her convertible!

"'re mine."

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