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"Toretto." The guard shouted at him. "You got a visitor, get up."

It had been six very long, very slow months since he had been incarcerated again. He'd sworn he'd never go back; he'd die before he did but things changed. When the one thing, the one single thing that mattered to him, was taken from him, things changed. And frankly, in his eyes, it was his fault. So 25 to life seemed a fitting punishment.

Dominic Toretto was handcuffed and led to a room.

While walking he thought of who could possibly be visiting him? It wasn't Sunday, so it was extremely unlikely that it was Mia. Brian hadn't visited him since the day after his sentencing so he didn't expect him either.

There really wasn't anyone else. His life wasn't the same since he had been here last. Back when he was 18 and imprisoned. It was tough! But he had visitors. Hector and Edwin came every two or three months keeping him up to date with the happenings on the street. Vince, Leon and Jesse took turns visiting him weekly, sometimes more. Mia, as she does now, visited every Sunday. Letty, would come whenever she could, sometimes with the boys, sometimes with Mia, and often by herself. It was a rare occurrence for a week to go by, without seeing her at least twice.

He hadn't heard from his boys, his brothers, for years, so he wasn't getting his hopes up on them suddenly paying him a visit. And Letty... it still hurt too much to think about. No, she wouldn't be visiting him either. So who?

He entered the interview room to see a smartly dressed, young Asian woman wearing a FBI badge. She stood as he entered, brushing down her clothes before moving her right hand out before her and then pulled it back when she saw his hands were cuffed.

"Mr Toretto, thank you for meeting with me. I am Agent Lee from the FBI. Please sit." And she gestured for him to do so.

"Didn't have a choice." He grumbled and then cleared his throat.

"What, uh, I mean pardon?" She appeared nervous.

"I didn't have a choice" he repeated. She looked at him blankly. "In meeting with you." He pressed. "I didn't have a choice in meeting with you." There was a tone to his voice which made her feel uneasy.

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry. It will only take a few minutes. I think you will be interested in what I have to say."

She waited for him to speak to her again. He didn't, so she continued.

"Mr Toretto, I am here on behalf of the FBI. We have a proposition for you." She took a deep breath giving him a chance to comment but again, he remained silent.

"Ok. Um well. I'll just uh continue." She took a deep breath as if choosing her words carefully. "Mr Toretto I'm here to offer you a chance at regaining your freedom."

At this his eyebrows rose but he didn't say a thing.

"In order to regain your freedom we need you to, to, uh find a particular person of interest, and bring them to the FBI for uh questioning. Once that person of interest has been spoken to, your record will be cleared and you will be allowed to return to your home. You will not be bothered by us again, unless of course you break the law." She finished laughing weakly hoping to break the tension in the room. She cleared her throat and waited.

He didn't budge from his position or smile at her joke.

He looked as if he were in deep thought. It was one of those things that seemed too good to be true. Find a crim, bring said crim in and be free.

"What aren't you telling me?" He said, waiting for her to elaborate. When she didn't, he then told her that it seemed too good to be true and that he wasn't buying what she was selling.

"Why aren't you using your own men for this?"

It was a good question and Agent Lee had heard it being asked many times in meetings during the past couple of days.

"Mr Toretto, I will not lie to you ok! The truth is we have been using our own men. For the past four months but we haven't made any progress. It seems that if anyone is going to find her, it's going to be you."

"Her!" he barked.

Agent Lee nodded.

He actually threw his head back in laughter at this. Not laughing out of humour, but out of surprise.

"You are going to give me my freedom, clear my record, if I go out and find some bitch who you have beef with, and bring her to you. If I do that then I get my freedom?"

When Agent Lee nodded at him in confirmation his eyes turned cold.

"You aren't telling me something. You seem to be offering big things for something that doesn't seem so big. How do I know you won't fuck me over?"

"Mr Toretto, I realise that this deal puts you in a win or lose situation. Trust me, I have run it over in my head a thousand times. But you cannot begin to comprehend the importance of this job. I will do, and have done everything in my power to ensure that you are not fucked over as you have so kindly put it. Do you want to hear more?"

It would be so easy to decline the offer, tell Agent Lee where she could go and return to his cell for another twenty-four and a half years. But something, something was pushing him to listen to her, just listen.

He slowly nodded.

Agent Lee let out the breath she didn't realise she was holding.

"You are familiar with the Braga cartel yes?" At this her eyes moved to the table as if refusing to look into his eyes.

"I thought that was all taken care of?"

"Well yes and no. The Braga cartel is no more thanks to you and O'Connor, however is now appears that Braga was actually second in command. We have no leads of who his boss was or where he is an-"

"Why don't you ask him?" Dom interrupted knowing that Braga was imprisoned somewhere in the States unlike Fenix who he hoped was burning in hell.

"As it turns out Braga was eliminated before he reached his sentencing. Someone did not want him speaking to anyone! But we believe there is one person who could possibly hold information pertinent to finding out who really ran the Braga cartel."

"Wait a minute, could possibly! I would be doing this for you when your girl could only possibly know the information you need. Look lady this doesn't make any sense!"

"Mr Toretto, you don't understand!"

She stood up now and began pacing the length of the interview room. "She is good, we have been trailing her for months and just when we think we are close enough to bring her in... she's gone and we're back to the beginning. She's fast! We have sent our best to get her and they all come back empty handed. She's good at running, it's like she never stops. There's never a break! It is to the point now where we are afraid that we aren't the only ones trying to get her. I mean, what else could she been running from. It's too dangerous to get other law enforcement agencies looking for her because we don't know the bigger picture. There could be other people involved. Without knowing who is on whose side we are blind"

Agent Lee stopped there. She didn't want to tell too much, well that was the plan at the beginning anyway. She looked at Dominic Toretto, the one person she knew would be able to help her. She could tell that he was running all of the information through his head. She was praying silently in her head for him to help, who knew, maybe it would help him too.

"Ok." He grumbled.

"What! Really? Oh Mr Toretto..."

"Number one, if we are going to work together you really need to stop doing that. Call me Dominic."

"Thank-you uh, Dominic. Ok I need to debrief you on the situation and then I will have someone take you home. I just need to get some paperwork sent over from the office. Give me a minute."

He called out to her before she could leave the room. "I can go home today?" he asked his demeanour changing.

"Yes." She smiled kindly. "I'll be back soon."

He wondered if she would come back. Whether someone was playing some sick joke on him, getting his hopes up and then purposely ripping them away. However the sound of the door opening chased those thoughts away.

When she returned she had a rather large envelope in her hands and also a folder full of paper work. She also retuned with a guard, who was surprised to be asked to remove his handcuffs and collect his personal belongings.

They took care of the necessary paperwork and the guard returned with a small box full of some photos, his cross chain and letters Mia had sent.

"Ok Dominic, this is the difficult part of the proposition. I want you to understand that this may be hard for you to hear. But you need to ok, so just listen until I finish and then we'll go from there."

There was a shake to her voice which wasn't there before, the excitement and passion for the job had disappeared and now there was fear. Fear of what? He didn't know, but it was the first time since he walked into the room that he realised this may be serious.

"Ok this is the woman who we need you to find. I know this may come as a shock to you -," she continued speaking as she pulled out a collection of photos from the envelope.

He didn't hear anything else she was saying.

Those eyes.

He thought she was dead.

But then things started coming together

She's fast!

Those eyes. He hadn't looked at them for over a year.

She's good at running!

Those eyes. Oh how he had missed them and the pain he felt that second was unbearable. White hot pain. It was tearing him up.

It was like he was still holding that phone and hearing Mia's voice... she's been murdered.

He chose that moment to look up at Agent Lee. She had stopped talking and was looking at him with sad eyes.

"Is this some kind of a twisted joke?" He asked, standing, trying with everything he had to keep his temper into line.

"We have reason to believe Leticia Ortiz is alive. That she didn't die in that car." Lee spoke slowly as if calming a lion.

She continued, "These are our latest surveillance of her recent activity."

There were four photos in total. Each showed the same woman. In three, the woman wore dark sunglasses covering her eyes. In the last photo. The one closest to Dom, there was nothing hiding her face to him. In this photo, it she was walking towards a grocery store when she had turned around. The photo had been taken mid action so her hair fanned around her face. The photo had been enlarged to show the woman's face clearly.


He couldn't speak. He wanted to but nothing was coming out. Once again this woman had thrown him, his woman. She was alive.

She is good, we have been trailing her for months and just when we think we are close enough to bring her in... She's gone and we're back to the beginning.

She's fast! Damn straight she is, he wouldn't have had it another way.


"Is she ok?" he asked softly, running his finger over the picture.

Once again Agent Lee smiled at him. "I really don't know but we have never trailed her to a hospital so I think so. We have more surveillance coming in on Thursday which I will happily bring you and then it's up to you to find her. I am assuming of course you will still help?"


"Of course! But what am I supposed to do until Thursday?"

"Well I assumed you would have liked some time with your sister. So really, your record is being cleared as we speak. For the next two days, enjoy yourself! I will come see you on Thursday and hopefully bring new photos telling us where Miss Ortiz is. Mr Toretto I realise the position I am putting you in. I really do! But do you see why you are the only person for the job?

"Mmmm yeah"

"What happens when I find her? I don't want her locked up!"

"Dominic, that's not even on the cards. All we want to know is, if she knows who really ran the Braga cartel. That's it! Like I said before, she may know or she may not. But we have to try! Besides do you really think I would be fighting for you to be let go and then turn around and lock your girlfriend up. I just need to talk to her. Let me go organise for you to be taken home. It's been a long day."

She left again but the photos remained on the table. Despite the fact that in three of them her eyes were hidden he knew it was her. Her body language and clothes were screaming at him.

How could he not know she was still alive?

Those eyes.

Since he'd taken that phone call from Mia, those eyes were all he thought about. He could look into those deep brown eyes forever and still want more. Those eyes sparkled when she was laughing and turned fierce when she was angry. Those eyes had showed him more love and dedication than any one person deserved in an entire life time.

And most importantly those eyes had a chance, a real chance, of coming back to him, and nothing would stand in his way.




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