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Mia's hand slowly raised to her mouth covering it and tears began to pool in her eyes. It was that sight that made Letty's own eyes well with tears. The smirk never left the latina's face.

"Sup Mi?"

"Oh god Letty," Mia whispered rushing forward.




She could hardly, breath... or think...

She was here. Alive. Here in her kitchen. Mia held on to Letty with no desire to let go anytime soon.

Letty allowed Mia all the time she needed knowing how hard this must be for her closest friend. She couldn't imagine doing this herself.

Mia slowly moved to back to lean against the counter. Hand returning to cover her mouth as if afraid to speak. Letty nodded towards two cups of steaming hot tea which she had just made. She handed Mia her cup.

Letty looked on. She knew she'd have a little while; the boys wouldn't give up anytime soon.

"Letty, you'r... you're..."

"Alive, yes. Well I hope so if not you've got some freaky ass ideas of what an angel should be."

"Actually I was going to say you're in so much damn trouble..." Mia tried her hardest to lace her words with a hint of anger.

Letty's raspy laugh was like music to Mia's ears and it reminded her of how long it really had been. "Yeah. But I figured I have a little grace period before all that."

Mia nodded. There was no way to describe the feeling of seeing Letty alive and safe in front of her.

"They'll be back soon."

"Yeah I know. But I got a little while."

"I take it this is more business than pleasure."

"I got a photo for Vince," Letty said wasting no time.

Letty took out her phone and waited for Mia to do the same.

"Mia I want you to listen to me very carefully ok. This guy who's following me, he works for Braga."

"How do you know?"

"I didn't at first. I just thought it was some random but tonight at the races. He stopped to look at a few cars and I realised that's where I knew him from. He works for Braga."

"You mean worked?"

"Same thing isn't it? Look Mia you don't seem to be listening to me. He worked for Braga."

"Yeah ok, I get it, he's dangerous."

"Mia," Letty said more firmly, "can you think of anyone else who used to work for Braga hanging around lately?"

"What, no why would we have- oh. You don't mean?"

"Look I don't really care what reason she has for being here but listen to me. I know Gisele and this punk know each other. Does she know?"

"Know what?"

"About me?"

"Yeah, I made sure of that. She knows about how you and Dom-"

"No Mia, I don't give a shit whether she knows about me and Dom, he left he didn't want a 'Me and Dom', I want to know does she know that I'm alive?"

"Yeah." Mia said softly, mostly because she didn't like hearing Letty speak about herself and Dom like that.

"Mia, don't trust her. She's dangerous. They could be working together. And why we're talking about her, why the hell is she staying in this house?

Despite the serious of the situation Mia smiled and Letty's fierceness, at least that hadn't changed.

"That's Brian's idea, something about keeping enemies close or something. It wasn't my idea I assure you."

"And Vince and Leon were ok with it?"

"They didn't really care I guess, they weren't involved with Braga like Brian and Dom wer-." Mia stopped. She'd mentioned her brother and Letty didn't even flinch.

"Look Mi, I gotta go. They'll be back soon. I know you gotta tell him I was here, it's ok. Just make sure they get the photo."

"Don't you mean them?"

"No, Mia, I mean him. He's not exactly hiding indoors is he?"

"You saw him?"

"Of course I saw him, not really easy to miss. He seems to be doing well." The venom in her words was not missed by either of them.

"Letty it's not what it.."

"Don't stick up for him Mia, don't you dare. Not after all the shit I've been through over these past few months. Don't you dare."

"I am not sticking up for him, but you gotta listen to me, Letty, you can't leave and not know what's really going on."

"Mia, I know what's going on, I got two eyes." She turned her back and began to walk towards the door.

"He's looking for you. He's out because of you." Mia yelled desperately.

That stopped her.

"Letty, I can't believe you leave this part of the conversation for the last five minutes."


"Goodness, I'm going to have to give you the short version ok and I mean the short version. So listen. When I found out, I mean when I got the call..." She struggled to say the words.

"When you got the call that I was dead," Letty offered.

"I was able to get Dom, he was here for the funeral, well not the actual funeral but he said he watched. He wanted to see where it, where you... the crash scene and it was like he became obsessed. He managed to meet up with Brian somewhere along the way and they somehow got into Braga's crew. Neither of them have told me everything that happened, either ashamed or scared for me I dunno. Dom found out that a driver, Fenix, was responsible for you."

Letty nodded at the mention of the name. She inadvertently shivered at the memory of racing away from Fenix, her car flipping...

"They took care of him, caught Braga and Brian thought that they were going to let Dom go, I mean, after catching their most wanted drug trafficker."

"They put him back in jail."

"Yeah, he'd been in there about three months when Agent Lee came to him. They had footage, pictures, of you, alive. They'd sent people to get you before but they never could." Mia was starting to get emotional whether it was because Letty was about to leave or the whole situation taking its toll on her.

"Agent Lee, she's really good. And she got Dom out. Made a deal with her. He's out looking for you Letty."

"Can't say I saw that one coming." Letty said as she leaned against the back door.

Mia let Letty settle her thoughts.

"Still don't change anything though, Mia."

Mia was about to interrupt but Letty held up her hand.

"I mean yeah it does but it doesn't. Gisele's is living in this house at the moment and I don't trust her, at all. I don't give a shit what he says, I didn't trust her when I met her and I don't trust her now. I can't stay Mi."

"Letty, you can, if you wanted to you can. Stop being so difficult. Just stay till he gets here. Till he sees you. He can protec-"

"What he can protect me but I can't protect him, protect you and Vince and Leon." Letty raised her voice.

"I'm not hanging around till some vato with a gun comes looking. This one isn't some low level scum like Jonny or Lance."

"God, Letty do you realise how alike you are. You're like the female version of him. Please stay."




Mia was seated on the couch alone when they returned. Had been alone for the past 15 minutes.

They all came into the lounge area, defeated looks adorned their faces, even Brian's and Rome's, Gisele looked impassive.

They thought they were so close.

Dom took one look at Mia and sensed that she was not ok. It was weird that she wasn't waiting at the door when they arrived. He realised she was disappointed that they came back empty handed.

"You ok?" He asked.

Mia stood and walked into the kitchen, nodding her head for him to follow her. Vince and Leon also stood which Mia expected but when Brian made a move to stand she glared forcing him to just shift in his seat.

The kitchen doors swung closed behind Leon.

"We looked everywhere Mia." Leon began, "We just couldn't find her."

"Hmm you weren't looking in the right place then."

"Come on Mia, it wasn't that easy." Vince rubbed the back of his head out of tiredness.

Mia looked down on the bench and the two coffee cups sitting on the bench.

Dom, Vince and Leon waited.

Mia would have to spill it out for them.

"Two cups", she said.

Vince and Leon shared a confused look but Dom caught on immediately.

"She was here?"

Mia nodded smiling slightly. "You did exactly what she wanted you to do, she was in the kitchen by the time I'd closed the front door behind Leon and walked in here."

"She was in the fucking kitchen?" Vince asked. "While we're running all across town, she was in the fucking kitchen."

"Would you keep your voice down." Mia hushed.

"What's going on, Mia?" Dom asked.

"Yeah, she gave me this," Mia opened up her phone to show the guys the photo.

He must have gotten close for Letty to get the picture. Too close for Dom's comfort.

"How'd she get this?" Vince asked.

"I don't know, and I didn't ask. There's more. She said he used to work for Braga and that she's certain that Gisele knows him and that they worked together. She got really worried, doesn't trust her."

There was a silence in the kitchen.

"So what do we do now?"

"I don't know what we should do but I know what I want to do." Dom growled. Was he being played so they could get closer to Letty?

"I think we should ring Lee?" Mia offered. "I mean, Gisele lied to her before, maybe they can take her in or something."

"Do you think she'd come clean now?" Leon asked not really expecting an answer.

"I dunno, but Letty made it clear she is headed a long way away from here and won't be coming back anytime soon, especially with her around."




Agent Lee was not expecting to hear from Dominic so soon and especially so late at night.

She rushed out into her small kitchen and flicked the kettle on before she headed back into her room to get dressed. Lee made a quick coffee and called headed to the Toretto's .

She parked across the street and headed for the back door as she was asked to but she didn't need to knock, the door was pulled open.

"Two calls in two days, you're either really good or really not."

"Letty came here tonight." Mia said.

"Hmm, keep going, was she ok, is she uh, ok just keep going." Lee said calming her thoughts.

Dom let Mia relay the story to Agent Lee. Since he found out that Letty had been her, in his house he couldn't shake the utter disappointment and the overwhelming feeling of loss that happened all over again.

"How sure was she that Gisele knows her tracker?"

"She was certain. She said she wants us to be careful, then she took off."

"Ok let's go talk to her."

"Don't you wanna, like, do it on your own?" Leon asked.

"No, I gave her the chance to talk to me quietly about anything she knew, she didn't take it. Now she can have an audience. Doesn't seem like the kind of girl who'd mind."

Lee led the way into the lounge. Brian, Rome and Gisele were still sitting in the same spots they were earlier.

"Agent Lee." Brian said standing.

Gisele looked towards the where Lee stood but did not react in any way that showed the slightest bit of unease.

"To what do we owe this pleasure?" Rome grunted, knowing that he, Brian and Gisele had been kept out of something big.

"I'm here to talk to Miss Harabo again."

"Now?" Brian asked out of surprise.

Wasting no time Lee began, "Miss Harabo I would like you to tell me everything you knew about Braga and try not to leave anything out."

"I thought I already did," said Gisele standing up to defend herself.

"It appears that you may have not. Specifically, I want to know if you have seen anybody who worked in the Braga organisation lately?"

"What, no. I mainly worked with Fenix and Campos, well Braga. Nobody else comes to mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure. Why, what is with these questions, I thought we'd already been through all this?"

"Show her the picture." Lee asked Mia.

"This is who has been following Letty. He used to work for Braga."

Brian looked at the photo over Gisele's shoulder.

"He was at the races."

"How do you know?" Lee asked.

"Cop instincts. He was keeping to himself, looked like he was packing. I made a note. How do you know this is the guy that's been following Letty?"

"She told me." Mia answered.

"How she tell you?" Rome interjected.

"She came here, while we went out looking for her." Vince gruffled shaking his head.

Gisele shook her head and turned to Dom.

"I saw him last night, or this evening, whichever you prefer to call it. I didn't think anything of it Dominic, honestly. He's practically harmless. I met him once, his name is Carmon. He'd only been working for Braga for maybe a month, no more than two when Letty was recruited. I don't even think they did any runs together."

"Then you explain to me why he's following her?" Lee asked.

"I don't know, I don't know ok. This has nothing to do with me. I stopped working for Braga when he tried to run me down. What happened in those few days after, I don't know. I'm telling you the truth."

"What was his role?" Agent Lee asked.

"I don't understand?"

"His role, what he did. What did this Carmon do when he started working for Braga?"

"Um, he started of scaling street parties at the beginning, you know blending in letting us know if anything suspicious was happening. He did that for a few weeks, he started working on cars, making sure the drivers had everything they needed um he trailed Fenix a lot."

"Did he have anything to do with Letty?"

"I already told you that I didn't think-"

"Think harder."

"No, I mean they would have met at the few parties before the runs, but they didn't work together."

"Is it possible that Fenix knew more about the runnings of the Braga cartel than you did?" Agent Lee asked.

"If you asked me a week ago I would have said no, but now... I don't know. Fenix was certain that he killed Letty, he came back boasting that night. He was so sure. If Fenix knew more about Braga than I did then there is a chance Carmon does too. I mean, it is possible that Carmon has been recruited to fulfil Fenix place."




It was safe to say that no one slept well in the few hours that followed. One however, did not sleep at all.

Dom could not understand how Letty could be so close yet couldn't make an effort to let him know that she was ok, anything. She could have left a note, something in his room. Anything!

He headed towards the kitchen after Lee had left and everyone else had gone to bed. He wanted to find something to say that she'd been in this house, in his kitchen, some kind of sign that she was here, that she was alive. Something instead of some fucking coffee cup.

The kitchen didn't look different, feel different hell, even smell different.

He could sense Mia standing at the kitchen doors before he turned to look.

"Is she ok?" He gruffed. He recalled asking Vince the same questions a few days earlier.

"Yeah, she is. Hasn't changed a peep."

"Mmmm," he gruffed, not feeling satisfied at the answer.

"I tried to get her to stay, but she couldn't."

"Couldn't or wouldn't."

"Both, sounded a lot like you actually, claiming she's protecting us. What would you do?"

"I fucking wouldn't have gotten involved in a drug organisation Mia." Dom argued.

"Oh really, so let's say your girlfriend leaves you because she thinks it's too dangerous for you to be found with her. Then after months of trying to find her you make your way home and you try to pick up the pieces of your seemingly half assed life, because Dom it wouldn't be a full life without the person who is literally your other half."

Dom tried to interrupt her but Mia wouldn't have any of it. "Then you see the person who tore it all apart, the reason that you don't have your family anymore, find out he's back living his dream of being a boy in blue and you work out that despite him being responsible for everything that went wrong, you work out that he could be the person to get it all back. No, you wouldn't do anything like that, Dom, not to get your family back.

"Don't you stick up for her Mia, I get it I fucked up but what she did was reckless and stu-," he stopped when he realised that instead of firing her up more, Mia had begun to laugh.


"This is the second time I've been accused of sticking up for people tonight. Letty thought I was sticking up for you earlier."

"Hm, well so you should, you're my sister."

"I wasn't sticking up for you and I wasn't sticking up for her. I just want you to know to know that she's already lost everything once, she isn't going to risk it all again."

"Yeah I know Mia, trust me, I know."




The next morning found Dom sitting on the front step of the house, waiting. He wanted badly to head out and find her and had made a plan too. He had figured if she was running then she would stick to the places she knew in order to feel at ease. So he had decided to scope out old hang outs, haunts and old race meet locations. But, when the thought that she might return the house entered his head he found no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't leave the house.

So, he sent Leon and Vince. Rome had offered to go too which didn't seem to bother the boys. He rode with Vince.

They'd been gone for a couple of hours and he hadn't heard anything. So he waited.

And waited.




Letty had seen Leon twice already. The first time he had driven right past her car, she was inside some dodgy little corner store at the time. She let it slide putting it down to coincidence.

The second time she worked out he was a few cars in front of her. When he got the green light to turn, she saw Vince in the car in front of him with a man she hadn't seen riding shotgun. It was then that she worked out they were looking for her again.





Brian and Gisele had kept to themselves for most of the afternoon however no one could stay hidden forever.

Brian knew better than to try and approach Mia in case she felt like she was being cornered. If she was, he would find himself out of this house quicker than he could blink.

Gisele had no desire to talk to Mia again either, not after their last conversation. She instead, chose to approach Dom. He was tense and angry and understandably so, but he needed to lighten up, and she knew just how to do it.




Mia's cell rang out once. Twice. Three times. Mia normally ignored numbers that were blocked, but when it started ringing for the fourth time, seconds after the third time failed, Mia gave in.





Cars. She was going to get through to him with cars. Getting him to relax even slightly would be an improvement to what he was now. And, not just cars on their own, racing cars.




"Does he have Leon and Vince doing his dirty work?"

Mia knew the voice without an introduction but it still shocked her.

"Yes but it's because he thinks that you're going to come back here."

"Well I'm not Mia, I told you that last night. Put him on."

"What?" Mia whispered not sure that she heard the request right.

"Put him on the damn phone Mia."




Surprise surprise Gisele found him on the front step. Woman's instinct could tell her what he was there for. Well she just needed to take his mind off that, wouldn't she...




"Letty, you can't just talk to him on the phone and disappear. You need to come here."

"It's more than what I got."




Dom wasn't really listening to what Gisele was saying, he was watching the street. She was talking about heading out for a race. Trying to make him feel better, he wasn't interested.




Mia opened the door and saw Gisele and Dom talking, well she saw Gisele talking to Dom. He didn't seem to be responding.

"Dom, here," she said shakily handing him the phone.

"Maybe that's what you need. You are a car man Dom, you need them. You need the adrenaline. Go out have a few races, real races. You never know you might even win. And winners get all the glory, they even get trophies."

He had let her say too much. He didn't hear Mia's voice or see her handing him her phone.

"I don't need a trophy," he said angrily to Giselle turning to stalk to his car.




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