Never written a Twilight freeverse before, so bear with me, mmkays? (:

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he's so

excruciatingly (un)perfect

(you could scream)

with his palepale skin

(as hard and cold as marble)

and captivating eyes


and his s t u p i d overprotectiveness

and it's ohsowrong

yet soveryright

and you're


(under his spell)






and just like that – you're his for eternity


and you know you can't escape 'cause

all he has to do is smile and you're his


but then jacob comes along

(with his blackblack hair and deepdeep eyes)

pulling you in


with his sweetness and genuine love

but you're not in love with him; you're not.



(damn, girl – what have you gotten yourself into this time?)


and she're caught in a world of

flawless, everdark beauty

(and the other more sensible option)


she's caught between two boys

who would do anything for her

(but you can't have them both, darling,

so choose quickly – they won't wait for long)

jacob will love her for who she is

forever loyal and good

(although temperamental)

with warmth and friendship and love

and she'll be safe and happy

(as long as she lives)

edward will never let her go

but she will never be truly safe

but she'll live a life (not really) of

thrill and fulfillment

and he'll sweep her off her feet

and love her with all his heart


(choose wisely, dear girl;

follow your heart)

and she gazes once more into jacob's earnest dark eyes

and smiles at him

(a sad smile)

'cause she knows who she'll choose;

she's known it as long as she's known him.


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