'Seen any hot French girls?' Giles wiggled his eyebrows at them and tugged his scarf off. The chair creaked as he dropped heavily down and stretched out with a contented sigh and wriggle of his feet.

'Totally,' Blaine said drily and shrugged out of his coat. 'All four of us were on the lookout for hot girls.' He held the collar of Kurt's coat and helped him out of it.

Giles dismissed them with a wave of his hand and a mock sigh. The bell above the door tinkled as the rest of the Warblers came into the cafe, sighing happily at the warmth and peeling off layers of clothes.

'What's this?' Nathan plucked Adam's red beret off his head and dropped it lightly back down.

'What's that?' Adam retaliated and tugged at the large black t-shirt stretched over Nathan's coat.

Nathan ran his hands over it proudly. 'It's an I Love Paris t-shirt. You're supposed to get them here.'

'No, Nathan,' Adam shook his head sadly and winced, 'you're really not.'

'Yeah you are,' Nathan pulled the hem out to look down with a grin at the large white letters.

'Oh,' Giles recoiled, 'seriously, dude, what the hell is that?'

'It's my Paris t-shirt!'

'Over your coat?' Kurt wrinkled his nose. 'Really, Nathan, really?'

'Can't see it if it's under my coat, can you?'

Adam tapped him on the shoulder. 'Nathan, that would be a good thing.'

Kurt looked around as someone touched his shoulder lightly. Simon withdrew his hand quickly. 'Mind if I pull a chair in down this end?' The chair scraped on the floor as Kurt immediately hopped it sideways. 'Thanks,' Simon flashed a quick smile.

'Trent gets to order for us,' Adam announced and wriggled comfortably back in his chair.

'Lazy. We're in France, you speak some French.'

'But,' Adam reached across and pinched his cheek, 'my boyfriend speaks it much better and won't embarrass himself like I would.'

There was the usual echoes of translations and questions, with gestures at various things and laughter as yet again Mark believed whatever lies Nathan was feeding him.

It was nice being able to finally understand the foreign language being spoken when the waiter came to take their orders. Kurt looked up with a contented smile and immediately blinked. The waiter smiled a friendly crooked smile at the group and blinked large brown eyes.

Silence fell down their end of the table. Trent's eyes widened, Adam's mouth froze in tiny smile, Blaine bit his lip against a grin and Simon pressed his knuckles to his mouth. Out the corner of his eye Kurt absently noted a circle of elbowing going around the table as the other Warblers noticed their faces and grinned at them. The waiter took the last order and flicked a sideways glance at them. His mouth curved into a shy smile and he flicked a glance through long dark eyelashes at Simon before walking away. Simon turned bright red and jolted forward as Giles slapped his back with a grin.

Trent sighed heavily and slouched back in his seat. 'I want to live in France. They all sound so hot.'

Still blushing, Simon toyed with his fork and Kurt watched as a tiny smile tugged at his lips. Almost as soon as it appeared it faded into a frown. Kurt elbowed Simon lightly in the side and bent his head closer as Simon looked up guiltily. 'He was cute.'

Under the chatter of people around them Simon murmured closer, 'He was, wasn't he?' His dimple flickered on his cheek and he exchanged a quick grin with Kurt. 'God,' he groaned and propped his elbows on the table, rolling his forehead in his palm as he closed his eyes and smiled ruefully. 'I don't want to think about it,' he lifted his head and went back to his lunch. The little smile refused to fade.


'It won't-I can't-' Mark broke off and tried to jam his ticket into the machine again. Wes rolled his eyes and reached over the gate to flip the ticket over and insert it in.

'I'm lost already,' David said faintly, eyes fixed on the huge map of the Metro lines on the wall. 'I think we're,' he hesitated with his hand outstretched, 'here?' He lightly touched his finger to a dot marking a station. 'Maybe?'

'And where do we want to go?' Adam tucked his gloved hands under his arms and leaned forward. 'David?' David shrugged and Adam looked at Giles.

Giles spread his hands. 'Fucked if I know.'

'Let's hope you don't know then.'


'Here,' Trent pulled his lollipop out of his mouth and placed a decisive finger on the map. 'That's where we want to go and we go up this,' he traced it, 'line and change here to up that way.'

'It's like there's two Trent's in there,' Giles said wonderingly. 'How can you figure this out and still put your pants on backwards?'

'You didn't,' David looked at him sadly, 'not again.'

Standing back from the group, Simon and Blaine stood close together, heads bent forward and Blaine's hand touching just below Simon's shoulder. They remained together at the back of the group when Wes shepherded them all down the narrow stairs, along passageways under the direction of Trent and finally out onto the platform. A shoving fight immediately broke out over who would get the single spare seat on the wall and Mark ended up crushed at the bottom of a pile of Adam, Nathan and Giles. Wes lightly pushed Giles and gave a short, unexpected cackle as Giles slid off Adam and onto the ground.

Fitting onto the train was a squeeze. Kurt's face was pressed up against Trent's with Adam glued to his back and Nathan looming above them. The doors beeped shut and everyone staggered with yelps of feet being crushed as the train pulled sharply away. Over Wes' shoulder he could just make out Simon and Blaine crushed together in the corner, Simon's face a picture of misery. Kurt sighed and patted Trent's side absently.

'Just out of curiosity,' Trent spoke thickly around his lollipop, 'whose hand was that?'

'Mine,' Kurt spoke directly into his ear. He smiled as he received a hug in return and laughed when Adam managed to wriggle his arm around the both of them. In the corner Simon had pressed his forehead to Blaine shoulder and Blaine had one hand cupping the back of his head. Hazel eyes met Kurt's across the crush of people and Kurt twitched a sad little smile at him, Blaine tilted his head and just gazed at him with an indecipherable smile for a moment before blinking and looking away. Feeling slightly warm and flustered, Kurt looked back over Trent's shoulder.

'No-off-ow-' Trent tried to duck his head away from Adam. Adam caught the lollipop stick in his teeth and tugged.

Bracing his head on Trent's shoulder, Kurt just started to laugh helplessly.


'We're lost,' David said flatly and dropped the map to his side.

'No we're not,' Wes countered firmly.

'Yes we are.'

'You're just reading it wrong,' Wes yanked the map out of his hands and held it up firmly in front of David's face. 'See? Look, we're here.'

'No, look-'

'Married couple,' Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear and grinned.

'Well maybe if we hadn't spent hours trying to find a shop with "the right keyring"-' Wes pulled the map away from David again and they continued bickering.

Exploring the city had been a perfect disaster that Kurt wouldn't have done any other way. They'd eventually made it to Notre Dame loaded down with rustling plastic bags full of tacky souvenirs. Kurt couldn't count the number of times Mark had stepped on everyone's foot trying to take pictures of absolutely everything they passed. Giles had to be physically dragged away from the Cafe Panis and the unfortunately positioned street sign and Nathan's re-enactement of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame with Mark as a reluctant Esmeralda had actually earned them applause from on-lookers. Finding a lolly-shop had only made Adam even more hyper-active and Kurt didn't envy Trent when he eventually crashed.

The sky was just beginning to darken when they finally navigated their way to the Eifel Tower.

There was something about it, the undeniable magic of Paris with that famous tower lit up against the darkening sky that cast a peaceful kind of silence over everyone. Their shoes crunched on the ground as they queued up at the base and spoke in quiet, excited murmurs with only occasional bursts of happy laughter. Blaine's hand was warm and tight in Kurt's and Kurt kept him close by his side as finally, finally they started the climb up the Eifel Tower. It was hard to believe that after everything he was climbing the Eifel Tower with his boyfriend. With Blaine. Blaine caught his gaze and grinned happily at him, a dopey wide grin that Kurt secretly loved. Kurt wordlessly reached out and adjusted the line of Blaine's beanie and the messy windswept curls falling across his forehead.

Piling into the lift on the second level Kurt could almost taste the excitement in the air.

'We're here,' was all Adam whispered as they finally stepped out onto the top level.

Standing on the top most level Kurt drew in a deep breath and stared in wonder at the view. Far below the city was lit up with a myriad of little golden lights, Kurt slowly walked forward without breaking his gaze. He wrapped his arms around himself and tucked his chin down into scarf as he just stood silently by himself.

'Hey,' he said softly, not needing to even look up to recognise Blaine's presence beside him.

'Hey,' Blaine echoed back. Somehow raising their voices didn't seem right. 'Can I have a moment with you?'

Kurt tilted his head in the soft lights and smiled. 'Of course. Always.'

'Kurt,' Blaine slowly clasped their hands together and walked Kurt forward into his arms. He released their hands and slid his palms up Kurt's arms, over his shoulders and curved around his face. 'There's a lot I want to say to you, but as you probably know I'm not very good at that,' Blaine leaned in to softly kiss his cheek. 'You'll just have to put up with my ramblings for a few minutes. Firstly,' he drew back and bumped his nose sideways against his raised arm, sniffing nervously in the biting cold air, 'you're beautiful,' he broke into a quick grin and bit his lip, looking briefly down until he could stop his smile, 'and um, I think you're perfect, warts and all. Not that you have warts,' he added hastily, 'or that you're bad or anything. Um, God,' he dipped his head sideways with a rueful expression, 'this is why I should stick to singing. What I meant was you're perfect. For me.'

'Blaine-' Kurt started to say softly.

'No, no,' Blaine cut him off with a lingering kiss, 'still got more to say. Just bear with me.'

Kurt slipped his arms around Blaine's waist and leaned into him. The faint blue lights of the Eifel Tower sent little shadows sliding over Blaine's face and highlighted the soft part of his lips, the length of his eyelashes. Kurt splayed his hand at the small of his back.

'So,' Blaine began again quietly, 'I feel better when I'm with you. I can tell you everything and you can yell at me and I can yell at you and Kurt,' he looked honestly into his eyes, 'I wouldn't have it any other way. You and your honesty and your support and,' he smiled with a touch of humour, 'your screaming fits-'

'I'm just a vocal person,' Kurt cut in with a murmur.

'Very vocal,' Blaine agreed. He met Kurt's eyes again and they both laughed softly. 'All of that, that's the best thing that's happened to me.'

Kurt stared into Blaine's honest hazel eyes for a moment before crushing himself against Blaine's chest. He buried his face into the warm folds of Blaine's scarf, leaning in to squeeze his arms tighter and pull Blaine as close as he possibly could.

'You're amazing, Kurt,' Blaine whispered fiercely and clutched him closer, 'and I am so lucky.'

High above the lights of the city on the balcony up in the night sky they stood silently in each other's arms.

Finally and with a slow sigh, Kurt drew back just enough to slide his hand down to Blaine's neck and press their cold lips together. 'I've had a crush on you since you sang Teenage Dream,' Kurt confessed against the corner of Blaine's mouth, stealing another kiss before he could reply. 'I thought you were amazing and this perfect charming guy straight out of a movie. Then I realised you constantly lose your school books, you mumble in your sleep and you are absolutely awful at taking hints and you still don't appreciate the perfection of Alexander McQueen shoes and every time I discovered something new you became a little bit less of that dapper movie guy and more of,' Kurt paused to touch his lips to Blaine's cheekbone and linger with a hint of nerves, 'an amazing guy that maybe, one day, might notice me like I'd noticed him.'

'Kurt,' was all Blaine murmured as they stood together and gazed down at the city, each other's profiles outlined in the view. Every so often Kurt would smile at the little kisses pressed to his jaw, cheek, temple. The pure happiness on Blaine's face when Kurt gently kissed his temple in return was something he would never tire of.

It was with a sense of strange sadness that they all wordlessly grouped together and eventually descended back down.

For once there were no snide comments, no jokes, no laughter, just the quiet murmur of voices and small content smiles as they all stood together under the tower itself. Wes rose up on his toes to pull David into a quick hug. Blaine drifted from Kurt's side and stood silently with a single arm around Simon's shoulders, Simon tilted his head up to gaze into the base of the tower and kept smiling.

'Hey, handsome stranger,' Adam curled his hands up around Kurt's shoulders from behind.

Kurt leaned back into him and covered his hands on his shoulder. 'Hey you.'

'Hug,' Trent announced and the three of them laughed they staggered sideways, Trent's arms around them both.

'Thank you,' Adam leaned his cheek against the back of Kurt's head, 'without you, Kurt, I'd probably be standing here, horribly alone, and wishing Trent would kiss me. So really,' he hugged him softly, 'thank you. I think I kinda love you.'

'Yeah, me too,' Trent shuffled in even closer.

'You wouldn't have been hoping I'd kiss you,' Adam lifted his head to stare at Trent.

'I was agreeing to loving Kurt,' Trent reached across and shoved his shoulder lightly, 'keep up, seriously.'

Kurt wrapped his arms around his friends and propped his chin on Trent's shoulder. 'I love you both too.' Even in such a short time he already couldn't imagine not having the friendship of Adam and Trent. Adam shivered faintly in the cold and tucked his nose into the back of Kurt's scarf in a gesture that spoke of years of friendship not just days. Suddenly Kurt felt as if he couldn't hug them close enough, couldn't voice exactly how much they meant to him.

'Moving on?' Mark asked quietly, nodding his head towards where the others were slowly starting to wander.

'Where to now?' Adam stepped back and Kurt shivered in the sudden rush of cold down his back.

'Carousel,' Mark grinned and tucked his chin down into his scarf, he pointed across at the brightly lit carousel and Adam grinned.


Kurt lingered as the others hurried across towards the carousel, walking backwards for just a moment to take one last look up into the Eifel Tower. He smiled. 'Thank you,' he whispered. He didn't know what he was saying thank you to, maybe the Tower itself and Blaine's confession, Paris as the supposed city of love, the trip itself, the people with him and Blaine or perhaps just the magic of the lights against the night sky. He whispered it again and turned away, feet crunching on the gravel as he jogged up to Blaine.

'Hop on,' Blaine patted the back of his carousel horse with a grin as Kurt stepped up onto the platform. 'I tried to select the most tastefully decorated horse.'

Kurt ran his eyes over the golden saddle, pink reins and the orange lines running down its legs. He grimaced. 'Well done. It's only moderately hideous and foul.' Bracing his hands on the cold back of the horse, Kurt awkwardly hitched his leg up and shuffled sideways. His back thumped into Blaine's as he immediately slipped on the smooth surface and only quick hands gripping the back of the saddle stopped it becoming a full body slam.

'You on okay? Not going to fall off?' Blaine craned his head back.

'All good,' Kurt kept his death grip on the saddle and the respectable distance between himself and Blaine's back and well...he tore his eyes up and swallowed. He couldn't mess this up, not now.

'Kurt?' Blaine tipped his head back further. 'Everything alright? I can kinda feel you radiating awkward. Are you slipping?'

'Fine. All good,' he repeated.

Blaine bit his lip and kept looking at him with a hopeful expression. 'I was kinda hoping, maybe, it being Paris and all, you could put your arms around my waist?'

'Ah-' Kurt didn't quite know how to voice his concerns that from this angle his legs would end up around Blaine's hips, with everything up against Blaine. He tentatively released his grip on the horse and slid forward, legs falling over the tops of Blaine thighs as he wound his arms around his waist. Something tightened briefly in the pit of his stomach at the way he could feel Blaine's legs shift under his thighs and the fact that Blaine was between his legs. Kurt's fingers clutched unconsciously at Blaine's jacket.

'Take a picture of us?' Blaine nestled his head back in the curve of Kurt's shoulder.

'Sure,' Kurt tightened his arms around Blaine's waist and smiled as Blaine held up the camera. His eyes slipped closed as Blaine lifted his free hand to Kurt's cheek and cupped it firmly. He saw the light of the flash through his eyelids and opened them again just in time for another flash as Blaine tilted his head to kiss his jaw. 'Take another one,' Kurt murmured with smile and tightened his arms around Blaine to pull him up into a kiss. Blaine's gloved hand on his cheek slipped back slightly to rub over the sensitive skin under his ear. Kurt shivered and pressed forward into a deeper kiss. They broke apart with a quick laugh as the carousel jolted into life.

Head now resting on Blaine's shoulder, leaning into the soft wool of his beanie, Kurt could hear him humming contentedly under the whoops of the Warblers. That was a little trait he was growing incredibly fond of, the soft humming Blaine unconsciously did when he was lazy and happy, almost like a cat purring. Kurt kissed his cold cheek.

The lights on the garish gold poles and beams spread faint yellow light out across the dark ground, periodically blinking with the sweeping light of the Eifel Tower. Kurt leaned his cheek on the back of Blaine's neck and smiled softly. The cold bit at his cheeks and lips but Blaine was warm and the perfect, solid weight in his arms. Blaine held onto the pole with one hand for them and Kurt just held on to him, every breath breathing in his scent and each slow rock of the horse pressed his cheek just that bit more against the little curls at the base of his neck. Blaine threaded their fingers together and Kurt's smiled deepened. His eyes slowly slid closed.

Then the carousel started to speed up. Kurt's eyes snapped open as he was jolted against Blaine's back. Panic made his heart beat faster and his fingers threaded through Blaine's scarf because while most of him was having a fit the other part was very, very interested in the rocking jolt of the carousel and the fact that his boyfriend was fitted very snugly between his legs.

'You okay?' Blaine tried to look back at him, obviously feeling his panicked attempts to squirm backwards.

'I-' oh God, 'I-' Kurt was pushed forward again and his breath hitched. His hands gripped Blaine's side instinctively. The horse started to rock on its own pole and Kurt's hips slammed forward. He knew Blaine could hear the gasp that tore from his throat. He wanted to run in panic, stay exactly where he was and laugh in some sort of horrified way all at the same time.

'Are you feeling sick?' Blaine started to twist around in concern.

Sick? Kurt's heart thudded. Definitely not sick. He could feel the cold bite of the wind disappearing as his cheeks started to burn in embarrassment and with- God, he didn't even want to think about that. All he could feel was every point where his body pressed and rocked against Blaine.

'Kurt!' Blaine gripped his leg just above his knee and met his eyes in open concern. 'Do you want to get off?'

Kurt's cheeks burned fiercely and he wished fervently that Blaine had phrased that better. He also wished Blaine would stop gripping his leg, stop trying to twist and wriggling and pressing and oh shit-

'Oh,' was all Blaine said and he stopped dead. There was no way he couldn't feel it now.

Kurt had never felt so humiliated. The carousel kept moving in its horrible mocking rock and Blaine remained still and silent. 'I-I'm sorry,' he whispered. He bit his lip and slowly tugged his arms away from Blaine to just curl in to himself and hang his head. What sort of pathetic guy got, he blanched from even thinking the word to himself, hard, from a freaking carousel? He certainly wasn't anymore, the overwhelming embarrassment and horror and seen to that but the damage was already done.

The minute the carousel slowed to a stop Kurt was off that horse, away from Blaine, off the stand with its stupid bright flickering lights and cheerful music because who was it to play that when he'd just freaked out his boyfriend? He hurried off the stand, almost tripping and staggering forward before he came to a stop outside the circle of light around the carousel. He stopped in the shadows and pressed his hands to his face, hunching over and letting out a loud shuddering breath. He wanted to be sick. His ears rang and some part of him distantly noted this must be how Blaine felt during his panic attacks. That wasn't how it was supposed to go. In all his nervous and fleeting fantasies of how it might be when maybe they'd be making out together and he'd get, his mind whispered the word, aroused –Kurt felt even more sick and pressed his hand over his mouth- none of them had ended with him feeling mortified and nauseous.

'Kurt,' Blaine's footsteps approached and Kurt just wanted to die, disappear, anything. 'Kurt, Kurt, look at me, please, Kurt.'

Kurt couldn't. He just couldn't.

'Kurt,' Blaine slid his hand under Kurt's cheek and cupped his downturned face, 'the only reason I didn't, couldn't say anything was because if I did, if I thought about- I-' his voice caught and dropped, 'do you have any idea how fucking hot that was?'

Kurt's head snapped up and dark eyes met his desperately. 'You sw-'

'Just,' the other hand that Blaine lifted to Kurt's jaw shook slightly and his voice wavered, 'let me kiss you?' He waited until Kurt gave a short jerky nod. Blaine suddenly lunged forward and pressed their mouths together desperately. Kurt gasped and Blaine parted his lips eagerly, sucking firmly on Kurt's lower lip and fisting his hands in his hair. He slipped his tongue, hot and insistent into Kurt's mouth and Kurt quickly tugged Blaine forward and groaned.

'I,' Kurt managed to gasp and drew back an inch.

Blaine groaned and trapped Kurt's face between his hands. 'More kissing,' he mumbled hurriedly against Kurt's mouth.

'Stop sucking face and get over here!' Giles bawled across at them.

Blaine gave him the finger and hooting laughter carried across from the Warblers. 'I'm going to kill them,' Blaine declared and drew in a deep, deliberately slow breath. Kurt watched him through half-lowered eyelashes. Flushed, panting and flustered Blaine was...hot. 'Oh Jesus,' Blaine ran his eyes over Kurt's face and his hands lifted back up to Kurt's cheeks as he stepped forward again, 'you've got to stop looking like that, I can't-'


Blaine buried his head in Kurt's shoulder and finally started to laugh. He drew back and rubbed his hands over his face as the Warblers kept yelling out the song. 'Sometimes I forget that they can actually sing as well as be obnoxious arses!' He yelled the last words across at them and received a chorus of wolf whistles in reply. Blaine turned his eyes back to Kurt and just looked at him in silence for a moment. Suddenly Blaine's hand was on the side of his neck and his lips pressed to his ear, 'Please don't be embarrassed. I really wanted to turn around on the horse,' he whispered before drawing back an inch.

'Really?' Kurt blushed fiercely again. Blaine grinned, shyly at first then wider as Kurt returned it. 'Can we forget this happened?' Kurt pleaded.

Blaine tilted his head. 'Really? Why?'

'Because I want to die with embarrassment!' Kurt hissed and buried his face in Blaine's shoulder with a groan. 'On a carousel, a carousel, Blaine! In Paris! It's supposed to be romantic not...that.'

'Should I kiss you again to prove how hot and not embarrassing it was?'

'You can kiss me again,' Kurt agreed, 'but that won't-' Blaine cut him off with an eager kiss.


'I hate them,' Blaine slumped his forehead into Kurt's neck, 'I hate them so much.'

'A carousel,' Kurt just muttered again and finally let himself laugh, pressing his hands over his face and groaning again.

Blaine chuckled and hummed. 'My Paris memories are amazing now.'

'Mine aren't,' Kurt muttered half-heartedly. He had to look up at Blaine just to check, make sure it really was alright. Blaine grinned at him. 'It's not funny, Blaine.'

'I agree, it wasn't funny it was hot.'

'No it wasn't,' Kurt pulled him along by the hand before he could disagree again. He glanced over at the carousel and its stupid happy music and rocking horses and couldn't help choking on a short, mostly embarrassed laugh.

Blaine kissed the back of his neck warmly. 'I don't suppose we could go on again?'



Giving control of their route over to Trent turned out to be one of the wiser decisions of the day when they arrived with three minutes to spare at the boat on the Seine. Mrs James looked impressed. Kurt had mostly recovered and Blaine had returned to his normal self, although Kurt couldn't help admitting to himself that the Blaine of before had been kinda...he blushed yet again and filed that thought away for later.

'I will be singing My Heart Will Go On at some point on this boat ride,' Adam informed everyone firmly.

Mr Rowley sighed and exchanged a helpless glance with Mrs James.

'It's a shame the moose couldn't make it,' Nathan nodded regretfully and shrugged sadly.

'But we brought you a picture of Carl so he could share this moment with us,' Giles produced a photo and handed it solemnly to Mr Rowley.

'Thank you, boys,' Mr Rowley said automatically before his eyes widened as he looked down at the photo. A spluttering laugh burst free before he hurriedly composed himself. 'This,' his voice shook and he cleared his throat, 'this is very nice, thank you for your consideration.'

Kurt tugged Blaine backwards and held him as they shuffled past Mr Rowley onto the boat, hiding his grin against the back of Blaine's neck. 'They used the one with it in the Dalton uniform, didn't they?'

'I think Wes vetoed the one of it coming out of the shower in a towel.'

They all chose seats in a row by the window before the lights on board dimmed and they gazed out on the lights of the city. The boat rumbled and slowly pulled away from the pier to a murmur of excited voices from all onboard.

Blaine leaned back against Kurt and settled his head on his shoulder. Nathan promptly turned to Giles and snuggled back in his arms. Giles leaned back into David and David wriggled across the seat into Wes. Mark protested as Wes ended up sprawled across his lap and Simon just sighed when Mark slung a friendly arm around his shoulder. With an impudent grin Adam kicked his legs up and laid them heavily across Blaine's lap and stretched out with his back on Trent. Kurt grinned up at the golden lights illuminating the bridge over the Seine when Nathan carefully reached forward and knotted the laces on Adam's shoes together.

Draped over each other, they all watched the beautiful architecture of Paris slowly pass by, everyone's faces peaceful and content bathed in the shifting light of the buildings. Someone sighed softly and someone's jacket rustled as they settled comfortably against their friend.

The peaceful silence eventually broke, as it inevitably did when the Warblers were around, with Adam falling to the floor in a heap.

Kurt slipped his hand into Blaine's and they quietly escaped upstairs while Adam frantically undid his laces and tried, in a quiet and subtle way under the watchful gaze of Mrs James, to attack Nathan.

'I honestly can't think of a better place to be,' Blaine leaned back against the side railing along the upper deck and tilted his head sideways to gaze at the city along the river. Kurt propped his elbows on the top rail and smiled his agreement. Faint lights played across the deck with the occasional flash of a camera and the yellow glow of the deck lights.

'It'll be strange going back to Dalton, uniforms, classes, normal days.'

The light caught the line of Blaine's cheekbone as he grinned down at the dark water. 'Those guys will never be normal.'

'They seemed so serious and formal at Dalton,' Kurt confessed and tapped his fingers along the cold metal.

'Only because you didn't know them.' Warm gloved fingers scratched lightly at the back of Kurt's hand before Kurt flipped his hand over and pressed their palms together. 'It's a bit different at Dalton with everyone else there, but seriously,' he dipped his head and met Kurt's reluctant gaze, 'can you imagine Giles toning it down?'

'I guess not.'

'You just didn't spend that much time around them before.' Blaine shook their hands together lightly. 'You'll see, it'll be fine.'

'Titanic!' Someone said excitedly.

Kurt smiled and pushed away from the railing. 'I think everyone's coming up here.'

'Every night in my dreams,' Adam started singing, 'I see you, I feel you, that is how I know you go on-'

The people on the deck started to look round curiously as more of the Warblers started to join in. People bursting into Titanic songs at the front of the boat was probably not that unusual, but an all male trained choir was probably not expected. Kurt hurried forward through the slowly gathering crowd to join the group. Singing Celine Dion was something that he was definitely not going to be in the back for. Adam was standing in front of Nathan with both their arms outstretched and Kurt grinned as Adam breathily told Nathan, Jack, he trusted him.

'Near, far-' Blaine caught the back of Kurt's coat belt and tugged him backwards with a mock growl. Kurt laughed and tumbled back against his chest. '-wherever you are-' Blaine kissed the back of his head firmly.

'I believe that the heart does go on,' Kurt sang through a grin. They were being a sickeningly sweet new couple and he wouldn't change a thing. Before Blaine he'd never pictured himself as having anyone willing to publicly flaunt that he was theirs. He supposed, maybe, just maybe, Blaine had never had never saw himself with anyone like that either. Kurt angled his head back and, for once in his life, let someone else keep singing the Celine Dion song. 'I can't wait to tell everyone at home that I got you,' he whispered.

Blaine blushed, a faint pink blush in the deck light that did something to Kurt's heart. He didn't fully know what that feeling was that made him feel so warm, so dizzy, so perfectly happy just looking at his boyfriend -his boyfriend- but he could probably guess. Meeting Blaine's soft gaze Kurt rather thought he'd guessed too.

The boat passed slowly under a bridge and in that brief darkness Kurt pressed their lips softly together. He could do this forever.


Thank you so much to all you wonderful readers :) I hope it worked out as you wanted. I honestly could have written something the length of War and Peace on all these characters, my dump file has approximately 7000 words of cut scenes that didn't fit but I just got too attached to! I think though when I started mentally shipping some of my own OCs and other characters it's definitely time to stop because there's got to be a rule against that somewhere...

And yes, there is actually a place called Cafe Panis and an unfortunately positioned street sign in Paris. I have the pictures to prove it. I leave it to your imaginations.