Chapter Two - The Data Solution

He couldn't do anything. He couldn't help, couldn't stop it. He could only watch as his partner, his friend, was swiftly beaten into the ground, not standing a single chance against his opponent.

Ricki's grip on his digivice grew loose as he watched, his face going pale. He had finally given into Dracmon's demand to turn and fight, under the belief they at least had a chance, and that they might have been able to injure the Gabumon so they could get away.

It had been stupid, he realised with despair. Sangloupmon may as well have been an in-training for all the good it did. Now he was beaten, lying underneath his opponents paws, about to be reverted. There was nowhere else to run, nothing else they could do. They would be taken into custody, and Dracmon would be deleted. He would no longer exist.

There was a flash of blue light, briefly blinding the boy. When he could see again, Sangloupmon was no longer at Garurumon's feet. Instead there was the small, unmoving form of Dracmon, lying helpless on the ground. The agent smirked, and began to walk over to the prone form, patting his own partner on the back as he too reverted, this time willingly.

As he watched Ricki's free hand began to curl into a fist as images began to flash through his mind. Dracmon was his digimon, his partner, his friend… Without really knowing what he was doing the boy began to move forward, his legs taking him in the direction of the VCA agent as his arm drew back, a cry of rage on his lips.

The attack was unexpected, the agent having been too focused on his own partner, too confident in his own victory to even consider Ricki as a threat. The boy's fist caught the blonde on the chin, connecting with a satisfactory 'thump', before sending the agent staggering backwards.

For a second Ricki just stood there, breathing heavily, before his head began to clear, and he realised what he had just done. Yet he didn't feel shocked, or horrified, just… calm, and satisfied. Vaguely aware that the Gabumon was looking between the pair, as if unsure whether or not to help, Ricki took another step towards the agent, raising his hands again threateningly.

"Stay away from him. If you want to take him, you have to go through me as well."

In response the agent just glared at him. A bruise was slowly beginning to form where he had been hit, but other than that the punch seemed to have done little more than anger him.

"You…You are going to pay for that." He spat out, matching the boys shaky pose with his own confident one. "If you really want to fight me, feel free, but I assure you it won't do much good. I'll take both you and your partner in, and your sentence will be increased even more. You should have just stayed quiet. Then it would have been over quickly."

Ricki ignored his words, and just charged again, adrenaline still fuelling his actions. This time the agent was ready for him, however. The attack was sidestepped, the offending arm grabbed and pulled, and a foot placed in the way, resulting in the brunette flying towards the floor. For a second he stayed there dazed, and unsure of what exactly had just happened.

Steps behind him indicated the agent was walking towards him, as the blonde's smug voice filled the air. "See. I told you it wouldn't make much difference. You and your 'virus friend'…" He practically spat the last two words out, "… would have been better off surrendering. If you're going to fight back, at least make sure you're worth my time."

Images of Sangloupmon being swiftly beaten into the ground, along with Dracmon's now helpless form ran through Ricki's head, and he found himself acting without thought again, pushing up from the ground, ready to attack again, before a second, more feminine voice rang through the air.

"If they're not worth your time, why don't you just leave them alone?"

Ricki's head looked up, his body still only partially off the floor, but he didn't see anyone else in the ally except the VCA agent, who had also stopped walking, his eyes searching along with Ricki's for the source of the voice.

"In fact, why don't you just leave us all alone, and go back to wherever you came from, because you definitely aren't worth our time."

The voice wasn't coming from the ally; it was coming from above them. Sharply both boys turned their eyes upwards. Greeting them was a figure, half hidden in the slowly falling darkness, apparently sitting on the edge of the building and looking down at them.

Ricki's face furrowed in confusion, trying to make out the figure, as the VCA agent next to him called up.

"You, identify yourself!" His voice was tense, displeased with the comment that had been called down. "You are interfering with the law. Identify yourself, and stand down now or…."

"Or I'll be forced to take action, blah blah blah…" The voice returned, cutting the agent off. "Sorry, but as fun as it was watching you being sucker punched by someone of a much lower level than you, I have to stop your little catfight, otherwise he might seriously hurt you, Leonardo."

As the teasing voice came down to the pair, the agents face had slowly been growing angrier, with Ricki suspecting he was close to blowing a fuse. The last word however seemed to throw the boy off slightly.

" do you know my name?" The words came out as a growl, as a frown appeared on the agents face as he apparently tried to recall the voice.

"You don't remember me? That hurts. I certainly remember you. And how easy it was to beat you and your digimon into the ground."

The agent, Leonardo as the voice had called him, now had all his attention on the figure and it's teasing voice. His partner too seemed more focused on the one who was claiming to have beaten them than the rookie at his feet. Ricki meanwhile was just confused. The voice… did it belong to a friend? They were interfering in the fight, and had stopped him getting arrested, yet at the same time they seemed more intent on winding the agent up than actually helping.

"Still don't remember?" The figure continued, their voice sounding pleased at the effect their words were having. "How about we remind you?" With that there was a slight movement that looked like an arm being moved in some form of signal. Then suddenly a shadow appeared above the alley, as an object flew over the edge, and came crashing down in the direction of the Gabumon, who leapt away in response.

Ricki began to cry out, worried the defenceless Dracmon would be hit in place of the wolf digimon, however the object landed to the side of him, placing itself between the unconscious form and the furred lizard in a movement that Ricki was almost certain was intentional.

For a second there was complete silence as all pairs of eyes looked at the object now in the middle of them. A black oversized dart, with gold trim. Then suddenly the agent's eyes widened as if he recognised it.

"It's Wilde! Gabumon, move!" The command was sharp, and the rookie obeyed moving even further away as another shadow appeared over the alley, signalling the appearance of the owner of the thrown weapon. Ricki himself took a step back as the large form crashed into the alley, however again Dracmon remained unharmed, and uncrushed, still unconscious; completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

Now certain that the stranger was helping them, or at least were focused on antagonising the agent rather than himself and Dracmon, Ricki allowed himself to study the digimon that had just appeared before them.

At first glance it looked like an armoured centaur, complete with a helmet that completely covered its face, however as the boy looked closer, the digimon appeared to be more machine like, with large cylindrical shoulders, and arms and legs which seemed to be connected with disc like joints, rather than being one entire limb. The majority of it was black, however some parts like its hooves and the connecting joints were gold. The only noticeable non-metal part was a long red tail, which every now and then would flick slightly.

For a minute the digimon just stood there, its head facing the agent and Gabumon, as if watching them. The agent was returning the looking in kind, his eyes taking in the large form. Then suddenly his hand darted towards his digivice, and he began to call out the activation phrase to digivolve his partner again.

In the same instant the centaurs hand reached out and plucked its dart from the ground and, in the same motion, threw it again towards the pair. They scattered, one jumping in either direction to avoid the large weapon flying towards them, stopping the digivoloution. The blonde tried again, but the instant he did the centaur lunged at him, again forcing him to move out of the way.

Above them the girl's laughter could be heard again. "What's wrong, Leo? How can you take us in if you can't even digivolve to fight?" The teasing tone was back again, as though she was winding up a friend, not watching people getting chased around by a mechanical centaur.

"Wilde!" Leo spat out the word, pausing in his attempts to digivolve his partner as he glanced up. Anger was clear on his face as he finally recognised his tormentor. "Why don't you stop being a coward, and face us properly."

"Coward? I'm not being a coward. It's tactics my dear Leo, nothing more, nothing less." The girl shot back down. As she spoke, her digimon had stopped moving, still focused on Leo, waiting for him to try and digivolve again.

"While I certainly could let you digivolve, and still easily beat you, this way is just more efficient. Plus it's entertaining."

For the past few minutes Ricki hadn't been paying attention. While the centaur had forced Leo and Gabumon back down the alley, the boy had run forward to pick up the prone form of his partner, and had been trying to figure out if he was okay.

Now that it appeared he was going to be okay for the moment, the boy turned his attention back on the fight… If it could really be called that. The girl's digimon was still just chasing the pair around, attacking the second the agent tried to digivolve Gabumon. Every now and then the rookie would fire a stream of blue fire, but the champion always just blocked it with the dart, or easily moved out of the way.

While it certainly was amusing, Ricki couldn't help but agree that it really didn't seem fair the pair weren't even letting them have a fighting chance. Not that he could do anything but watch…

"Hey! You just going to stand there?" A new voice suddenly came from behind him. Whirling around Ricki came to face with a boy who looked to be about a year older than him. Dirty blonde hair had been allowed to grow to an inch above his shoulders, with a shorter fringe framing his face, which currently wore a welcoming smile.

"Who are you?" The mistrust was evident in Ricki's voice as he studied the boy in front of him. He was slightly taller than Ricki himself, but the boy was fairly confident he could take him if he needed to…

"A friend. I'll explain more, but I suggest we get you and your partner out of here first, while Katelyn has those two distracted." Without saying anymore the boy turned and began to walk away, evidently expecting Ricki to just follow.

Deciding that his chances were slightly better with someone who at least claimed to be a friend, than with to the agent who was definitely his enemy, Ricki began to walk after him, but not before glancing over his shoulder. "What about…?"

"Katelyn can take care of herself. Don't worry about her." The older boy cut him off as they turned a corner. "If anything feel sorry for those two we left to get tormented by her…" There was only a slight hint of humour in his tone, as if the boy rarely conveyed his emotions through his voice.

"Here we are." The boy suddenly stopped, causing Ricki to almost bump into him. The brunette looked around in confusion, trying to figure out what classified as 'here' as to him it looked like they had just stopped in the middle of a random alley, until the boy bent down and began to lift the manhole cover that lay at his feet.

"You have got to be kidding me." Ricki said, his eyes widening in surprise as the boy removed it with ease, as if it had already been loosened. "We're going to use the sewers?"

"Pretty much." The boy replied as he began to climb down. "Don't worry, you get used to it after a bit."

"I thought they only did that in movies and shows?" Ricki was still dubious as he watched the boy disappear.

"In that case you and the VCA think alike. That's why we use them." The boy's voice floated up from below. "Do you want to pass you partner down to me? It'll make it easier."

Ricki peered over the edge of the hole, to see the boy holding his arms up, ready to receive Dracmon. When he saw the doubt in Ricki's eyes, a small smile appeared. "I won't hurt him. I promise."

Hesitantly Ricki lowered Dracmon down into the waiting arms, before quickly climbing down himself. Immediately taking Dracmon back from the boy, he began to speak again, when suddenly he noticed his surroundings.

"Are sewers meant to be this big?" His eyes were wide as he looked around. It looked like the sewers you saw on cartoons, or movies. It was spacious, with plenty of room to move around.

The boy next to him chuckled as he climbed back up the ladder, dragging the manhole back into its rightful place. "That's the second reason why we use them. I'm certain the guy who designed these things was a movie fan, and desperately wanted someone to use them as a mode of transport, if not a secret base."

"Secret base… we're not actually going to…" Ricki started, but the boy just chuckled again.

"Don't worry, we don't actually live here. We just use them when we want to avoid detection." The boy replied. "Anyway, now that we're safely away, I believe introductions are in order. I'm Ryan." He extended a hand, which Ricki slowly took.

"Ricki, and this is Dracmon…Who are you… and that girl?"

"We're people in the same boat as you." Ryan had started walking again, as if he wasn't going to bother explaining what he meant by his words. "All the details can wait though, we've got more important things to do."

"Important things?" Ricki echoed as he continued to follow.

Ryan gave another small smile as he nodded. "Very important things" He sped up his pace slightly before calling over his shoulder. "By the way I hope you don't mind margarita."

Ricki stopped walking, a puzzled look on his face, but the blonde boy made no show of stopping, so after shrugging, and making sure Dracmon was still okay, Ricki followed suit.


"Stop playing games, Wilde!"

Leo was practically snarling as he yelled up to the girl on the roof. He should have expected this, the second he had realised who it was. Katelyn Wilde. He'd only met her once before, but that time she'd also messed around, instead of engaging in a straightforward battle.

The girl had called it tactics. He called it cowardice and dirty tricks. Forcing the enemy to run around instead of facing them in proper fight. That was the only reason why he'd lost last time. If she bothered to face him properly she would already be locked up, and her digimon deleted.

Gritting his teeth and forcing the thoughts out of his head, he dodged to the side as her digimon charged again. Knightchessmon, a champion digimon capable of jumping long distances, its abilities matched with its tamer was beginning to get on the boys nerves.

It wasn't even trying to hit him or Gabumon. Not really. Just preventing them from digivolving and tiring them out. If Wilde wanted to end the fight at any point she probably could. While they couldn't digivolve they were helpless. Yet she seemed content on drawing it out, playing games.

"Gabumon! Howl!" The phrase almost seemed to have no meaning now, with the amount of times he had tried to call it out, and failing. This time however, as the words left his lips he wasn't met with a charge. Instead the mechanical digimon actually stopped, as if waiting, as Gabumon become surround by the blue ones and zeros, his shape altering.

"So, you finally decided to stop fooling around and fight properly Wilde?" Leo called up to the girl as Gabumon finished evolving, emerging from the cloud of ones and zeros once again as a large wolf. "Have you had enough of being a coward?"

"Have you had enough of throwing that word around just because I'm better than you?" Was the response. "I wasn't fooling around. I was achieving a task, and now that it's done, I can finish up properly."

Achieving a task? For a minute Leo just stared up at the figure on the roof in confusion, before realization suddenly hit him and he whirled around, looking to where the other virus tamer and his partner had been last time he looked. All his eyes were met with was an empty space. They'd fled, using the girl's distraction to get away.

Anger began to fill within the boy. Not only was the girl insisting on messing around with him, she'd also caused him to lose his original objective after all the effort he had gone through to chase him down.

"You…" He started, before the angry look on his face grew into a smile. "Well it just looks like I'm going to have to catch you to make up for losing my target."

His response was met with laughter. "You really think you can? You're forgetting who won last time, and this time you and your partner are tired. I'd like to see you try."

The boy almost growled in annoyance at the realization that she was right. Garurumon was tired from all the chasing, whereas her own partner was better built for endurance, and had been going easy the entire time. Still he wasn't content with just letting her win.

"Garurumon, go. Try and prevent it from jumping." He ordered. His partner looked at him, then nodded before charging forward, aiming for his opponents legs.

Predictably Knightchessmon immediately jumped up, over the attack, however Garurumon just raised his head and fire a blast of blue flame at the centaur underbelly as it passed over the top of the wolf. The attack scorched the metal, however the digimon barely stumbled as it landed, instead immediately whirling around for a charge of its own. Unlike the centaur however, Garurumon didn't have the ability to jump over the attack, so he dodged to the side, the narrow confines of the alley making it a close miss.

Instead of turning around in the thin alleys again, Knightchessmon leaped, causing Garurumon and Leo to watch in amazement as it easily landed on top of one of the buildings, before spinning around, free of the narrow walls that would otherwise have slowed it down, and jumping back down, aiming to flatten Garurumon.

The wolf pulled backwards, before once again letting out a stream of blue fire, which was knocked away by the dart. The second the centaur landed Garurumon charged, aiming for the legs again, however the virus was already back in the air, landing on the roof where Garurumon couldn't reach.

"Agent Maygold." Leo was pulled away from the fight as Knightchessmon through its dart, catching Garurumon one on the shoulder, though the wolf just gritted his teeth, and fired his blue flame again "This is the HQ. How is the situation?"

"Not good." He replied quietly, glancing up to the rooftops towards Wilde, hoping her attention was on the fight. "Katelyn Wilde has appeared, and the original target has escaped. I may require assistance in bringing her down. She is using the surroundings to her advantage." He hated admitting that he was in trouble, especially to others. Right now however the most important thing was preventing Wilde from getting away.

"Understood. Agent Gray has already been dispatched, and should reach your position soon."

Leo vaguely remembered them informing him earlier that reinforcements were on the way when he had originally given chase of the boy tamer. It hadn't helped he didn't recognise the name 'Gray'. Then again he had never really been able to remember the names of anyone except those who worked closely with him.

"We should be able to hold our own for a while. Can you get Gray to aim for Wilde? She's commanding her partner from one of the buildings. If she's taken out of the picture, dealing with her partner may become easier."

"Understood. I will inform Agent Gray. She will be there in a couple of minutes. HQ out."

Leo smiled grimly as the conversation ended. Pressing a button on the digivice he was holding, he spoke again into the headpiece.

"Garurumon. We're getting help. Focus on avoiding the attacks, and drag it out for as long as you can." He hated running, instead of attacking directly, but it would lengthen the fight. Not to mention the fact many of Garurumon's attacks were missing anyway, thanks to the enemy now using the roof tops. More cowardice.

Garurumon glanced briefly over his shoulder, nodding to confirm he had heard, before leaping to the side as the dart flew down into the ground next to him. The wolf was looking very worse for wear. He was panting heavily, and the wound in his shoulder from where the dart had hit wasn't looking too good

As Garurumon focused on dodging Leo glanced up at the figure on the roof. While a fast digimon, the alleys provided little space for Garurumon to manoeuvre around, so eventually he would be hit again. Whoever Gray was Leo hoped they knew what they doing.


"Maria, we are approaching the site."

The wind tore the words from the digimon's mouth as he spoke them, however the brown haired girl riding on top of him heard them clearly, her partner's voice resounding clearly through the headpiece she, and all other VCA agents wore.

"Alright. Do you remember the plan Doru?"

"We land, and you go and sneak up on the girl while I stand there and look pretty." His words were spoken gruffly, his distaste for having to stand back coming through. In response however the girl just chuckled, and brought a hand up to stroke his furred head.

"Come on Doru. I know you don't like not being able to do anything, but things will go quicker if we take her by surprise. Then once she's out of the picture you can help Maygold and his partner."

The digimon grumbled, but didn't say anything else, instead focusing on flying. Used to her partner's mood Maria just smiled, before turning her mind back to the task they were about to undertake. A simple assistance and virus capture, that was all, yet her heart had sped up, and every time she thought it through in her head fear spread through her. Fear of messing up and failing... something they couldn't afford to do. Not now, not when...

"We'll be fine." Doru's insistent voice in her ear broke through her thoughts, the flying beast apparently having picked up on her anxiety. "We've dealt with far worse. We'll take this chick down, and prove to everyone that we deserve to be here."

"I know Doru." She smiled softly as she stroked his head again. "It's just when I think about what's resting on this..."

"Well you'd better get over it quickly. We're here." As he spoke Doru angled his dark blue wings, both slowing down and turning at the same time, to land on the edge of a building, where in the dark Maria could just make figure standing out on the edge. Below the figure flashes of blue fire could be seen coming from the alley, all aimed at a large jumping digimon, which was hopping around the rooftops.

Doru landed on the roof softly, and as quietly as she could Maria slid off. Their target, Katelyn Wild, appeared to be focused on the fight below. Slowly Maria crept forward, at the same time trying to calm her thoughts, and keep her hand steady.

"You're here early."

The words made the agent stopped in her tracks, alarm crossing her face, as the other girl turned around slowly, a smirk on her face. How had she known she was there? Even if she had been expecting reinforcements, as her words suggested, Maria was certain she had been silent.

"Sneaking up on me?" The lack haired girl spoke again, the smirk till on her face. "At least some people at VCA have some brains, as opposed to the fools who go on about honour, and charge in blindly."

"We...we will use whatever tactics are necessary in order to contain virus." Maria mentally swore as she heard herself stutter. Telling herself to focus she continued. "You are hereby ordered, under authority of the VCA, to stand down and turn yourself in."

Katelyn appeared to ignore her words as she casually pulled out a black and pink digivice from her shirt, where it had hung around her neck "Are you new? I don't recall seeing you before, and I make it a rule to be able to recognise all you agents." Despite asking a question, the girl just looked at her digivice, as if unbothered by the answer, or the fact Maria was there at all, something that unnerved the brunette.

"I… I'm Agent Maria Gray. I just transferred." Maria forced herself to look stern. "That doesn't however mean you can ignore me, and the organization I represent. Stand down, and order your partner to do likewise." She repeated, taking another step forward. Behind her she could hear Doru ruffling his wings, ready to spring into action if needed.

"Dorugamon, thought to be a prototype digimon due to the red interface on its forehead. A data type. Thought to have the disposition of both a beast and a dragon." The words were spoken as if they were directed at someone, as Katelyn finally looked up from her digivice, and instead focused her gaze on Maria's partner.

Glancing back Maria saw her partner shift slightly, bearing his teeth. He certainly did look like a purple furred dragon, with zigzagged markings. Even his wings were furred, though it could only be seen up-close. The red triangle on his forehead glinted in the dying light as he shook his head.

"Well done. You know now what I am. Now listen to Maria before this beast dragon decides to gut you." He growled, and Maria winced slightly at the violence in his words.

The threat seemed to only make Wilde smile however, as she tucked her digivice back under her white shirt. "You know it amuses me how often you lot all repeat those words. Stand down. Give yourself up." There was suddenly a flash of anger in her eyes as she took a step forward. "Well let me tell you something. I've been running my entire life, and I'm not about to stop now. Aim for the wings."

The last words caused Maria and Doru to share a puzzled look, before another voice suddenly rang through the air.

"Green Flare Breath!"

As the words rang out a stream of green fire coursed from the air towards Dorugamon. Taken completely by surprise the purple dragon didn't even have a chance to dodge before the attack hit his wings, causing him to let out a enraged cry as he stretched them, showing Maria large burns.

"Doru!" She called as she ran back to him. "Are you okay?"

The dragon let out a growl. "Whoever did that is about to pay!" He spat out the word as he stood up straight, folding the injured limbs against his back.

"Are you sure about that?" Katelyn asked, smirking again. "You're a flying digimon. While you would have been difficult to fight airborne, I wonder how well you will do now your wings are clipped."

"Yeah!" Another vice emerged, sounding slightly childish. "Besides, I don't have anything to pay you with anyway..." As the words were spoken a sheet on the far end of the roof, which Maria hadn't even noticed, moved, and a large green bipedal dragon emerged. A large horn adorned his nose and two spiked antler like constructions jutted from the back of his head. He also had a pair of small green wings, however it didn't look like they got much use.

"Coredramon." Maria muttered, remembering the quick briefing she had been given before being sent to help. "You're Ryan Colt's partner."

"Yay! I'm famous." The dragon looked genuinely pleased at the thought as he walked towards them.

"You're also dead!" Doru growled. "Power Metal!"

A metal ball emerged from the data digimon's mouth and flew towards the dragon, who's eyes widened, before he darted out of the way, moving faster than Maria would have thought possible for his size. The ball embedded itself in the ground where the dragon had stood, causing cracks to appear around it.

"Careful Doru." Maria said quietly. "We don't want to destroy this place. People live here."

In response Doru growled, before lunging at Coredramon. The dragon responded by whirling around and lashing out with his large tail. Instinctively Dorugamon opened his wings to fly over the attack, forgetting they were burned. He cried out in pain as the movement caused the wound to hurt again, and then the next second Coredramon's tail hit, knocking the champion flying back toward Maria, where he hit the ground at her feet.

"Doru!" Maria found herself calling again as she knelt by him, before looking up at Katelyn, who had moved towards them.

"Like I said, you can't fight with your wings injured. I suggest you let us pass, unless you have any tricks up your sleeve."

"Us?" Maria began to question, when suddenly a large form appeared in the air, and landed on the roof with them. Knightchessmon. For a second she thought it meant Maygold had been defeated, but then she heard shout coming from the alley, something about 'don't be a coward', and to 'stop running away.'

The girl put her hand to her pocket, gripping the grey and purple digivice that lay within. They could probably get out of the situation, if she just...but no there were too many buildings around. Too many people.

Gritting her teeth she stood up, and then move to the side, indicating to the other girl she would no longer try and stop her.

"Smart move." Katelyn said as she pulled herself up onto Knightchessmon's back.

Doru stirred, and began to stand up, as the centaurs legs bent, before straightening, sending itself and its partner over to another rooftop. Coredramon followed, though in slightly shorter jumps. Maria was left running a reassuring hand over Doru's back a she watched them disappear into the night.


"Pizza?" Ricki exclaimed allowed as he walked through the sewers after Ryan, holding several boxes close to his body. "This was the important thing you were talking about?"

"We've got to eat haven't we?" Ryan replied his soft smile still on his face as he walked ahead of them, also carrying boxes of food."

"Is this what you guys always do? Save someone's life, and then detour to get pizza afterwards? Isn't that a bit carefree?" Dracmon, who had woken up only a short while earlier asked, from where he walked next to Ricki. Even he hadn't been spared from the chore of carrying, holding a couple of smaller boxes.

The boy chuckled in the response, before answering. "I suppose you could call it that, but that's just the way life works. Besides, it's the other way round. I was already coming to get the pizza. You guys are the detour.

"You were going to carry all of this by yourself?" Ricki asked, glancing at all the boxes. Either the group was fairly big, or very hungry.

"No, thankfully. I had my partner with me, but he went to act as backup for Katelyn, seeing as I got you two to help me instead. Here we are. If I climb up will you pass me the stuff?" The boy didn't even wait for a reply, before placing his own load on the floor, and climbing up the ladder they had stopped at, again easily pushing the cover of, and climbing out.

"Do you guys really managed to eat all of this?" Ricki asked as he began passing boxes up. "How many of you are there?"

"A few, but yeah, I admit most of us appreciate food. Besides if we don't finish, we can always save a trip to a store or something, and eat it later. That's the last of it. Come on up."

For the second time that day Ricki found himself climbing out of the sewers, the first time being to pick up the pizza. As he poked his head out of the hole he stopped, surprised at where they had ended up. "Is this...Westgate?"

All around him stood abandoned homes, some falling to pieces, others already in ruins. Also known as the abandoned, or burned, district, Westgate had been the source of a massive explosion 9 years ago. With the exact source unknown, it had been designated as unsafe, and everyone had moved away. Several years on various rumours about the area ran around the rest of the city. Secret government trials, evil digimon, ghosts... everybody avoided it. At least Ricki had thought everybody did.

"That it is. It's also home." Ryan responded, beginning to walk to one of the house that was in a slightly better state.

"Why Westgate?" Ricki asked as he bent down, to help Dracmon climb out of the ground, due to his short legs causing problems.

"What better place for a group of fugitive to hide than a place everyone avoids?" The boy responded as he reached the door.

"Fugitives?" Ricki echoed, not sure whether or not he should follow the boy.

"As I said earlier, we're in the same boat as you. We're virus tamers. All of us." Ryan continued as he opened the door, before stepping to the side, and gesturing for Ricki and Dracmon to enter. "Welcome to the fold, kid. Welcome to VDS."


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