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Author: CaptainTightPants12

Rating: K

Pairing: Clois

Disclaimer: If I owned Smallville or it's characters, I wouldn't have stopped at ten seasons and this would be saved for an eleventh season.

Summary: A series of 'Kill me or Kiss Me?' moments.

Chapter: #219, Fort Rozz

Author's Note: Well, this serves as an Epilogue to the Return of Zod storyline. Hope you guys like it!

"He can help us?"

Clark didn't want to nod. He didn't want to give her false hope. "He's my only contact within the Phantom Zone. If Chris is there, he will know about it. He's been keeping tabs on Zod for me since he got there."

Moving the crystals around in the console, a beam of light shot down before them. As a man appeared, Lois vaguely recalled when she journeyed to the Fortress and they stumbled across the recording of Clark's parents. "Mon-El," Clark greeted.

"Kal-El, it is good to see you. And Lois, I see."

She nodded, "Clark tells me that you can help us find our son."

Both Clark and Mon-El looked away for a moment. "I'm going to do everything I can, Lois. I promise."

"Going to... Does that mean you haven't found him? What do you know? Did he go back with the rest of the Zoners?"

Mon-El shook his head, "As far as I can tell, he is not here."

"What about Zod? Could he have taken Chris?" asked Lois, barely keeping herself together.

Mon-El shook his head. "I've kept my eye on Zod since his return, and there hasn't been any chatter about Chris. After everything that has happened, if he had him, we'd know about it. Zod hasn't left Fort Rozz since he returned."

Clark frowned, "Fort Rozz?"

"It was a prison on Krypton. There was a jail break, and instead of risking lives if they escaped or trying to fight them, the Council forced your father to send the entire prison to the Phantom Zone. At least that's what I've heard," explained Mon-El. "Zod uses it as his base of operations. It's far on the other side of the Zone, far from the portals, I'm not surprised you've never come across it."

Her lip quivered, "So there's nothing? We just give up?"

Clark put his hand on her shoulder, "We never give up, Lois."

"Nor will I," agreed Mon-El. "After all that Kal-El has done for me, I will never stop looking for him. If he is here, I will find him."

Lois and Clark nodded, "Thank you."

The projector turned off, and Clark sighed. When he turned, he saw her eyes. Big, scared, and filled with tears. He knew that she had waited until Mon-El was gone to break down. He knew she'd been waiting since he told her that Chris was gone to break down. Now that it was just the two of them, she didn't need to wear her armor for a moment longer.

It was time for her to break down to the only person she'd ever let see her this way.

"What if we never see him again, Smallville?" she cried. "What if he's lost in that place, lost and alone? What if he is scared, Clark? We can't just give up on him, we have to find him... We have to find our son, Clark..."

He grabbed her and pulled her close, but he had no words to say. He'd been thinking all those same thoughts since the moment that light flashed and Chris had disappeared mere inches away. He just held her. He let her cry. Because he had no answers.

Lois sobbed into Clark's chest, "Where is our son, Clark? What is he?"

"I promise, Lois..." he had to bite back tears of his own, "...I will find him... I promise..."

. . . .elsewhere. . . .

"Not again...Not...Not again!" he growled. His knife plunged into the sand where he knelt. "I will destroy him...I will kill him..." Each time he drew the symbol, his symbol, he ripped an X across it. "I will not fail again... I will not-"

There was a shuffle in the sand nearby, he noticed it immediately. The voice barely squeaked as he shot from his knees.


The knife tore right through the soldier's uniform, his words were but an empty breath on his lips as his mouth filled with blood. Twisting his knife into the man's heart, Zod shook with rage as he snarled, "I was to be left alone. That was an order!" He turned to the man who stood next to his victim. "Illuminate me as to why you have disobeyed my orders if you wish not to share his fate..." he growled.

Words escaped the second soldier as Zod removed the knife from the heart of the man who laid dead at his feet. "Speak!"

"The mission, sir. We were successful."

His eyes clenched tightly as he began to shake with rage again, "Kal-El lives. Earth spins on. What-"

"Not that mission, sir... The other mission..."

Author's Note: Did I just leave you with more questions than you already had? I think I might have... Oops... hahaha. Anyways, I hope that you guys liked it still! haha. I promise, this isn't the last that we'll hear for ole Zod and a certain boy who has won over the heart of one Lois Lane. You'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out at an undisclosed date!

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