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Author: CaptainTightPants12

Rating: K

Pairing: Clois

Disclaimer: If I owned Smallville or it's characters, I wouldn't have stopped at ten seasons and this would be saved for an eleventh season.

Summary: A series of 'Kill me or Kiss Me?' moments.

Chapter: #220, Room 7734

Author's Note: And the sequel to the Metropolis Ritz chapter, and part two of 'The Unexpected Team-Up' arc! Enjoy!

previously. . . .

He found room number 7734, and after taking multiple long breaths, Clark knocked.

"Come in!" sounded a voice through the door.

Clark frowned, feeling like it sounded familiar, but figured he was imagining things between his nervousness and the distortion that the door must have caused. He turned the handle slowly and stepped inside, closing his eyes for a moment.

"Our mutual friend tells me that you will introduce me to pleasures I've never imagin- ...Clark Kent?"

His eyes shot open as his face twisted into all manner of confusion and panic. Clark managed to mutter just two words.

"Lex Luthor?"

and now. . . . Room 7734. . . .

Smirking, Lex tilted his head, "I guess the deal is off."

Clark paled, "Uh, yeah!"

"Not you, that deal was never on. Don't flatter yourself, Clark. Bruno Mannheim."

Frowning, Clark recalled that name from his past. "Mannheim. The guy who was running InterGang?"

Lex poured himself a drink and leaned against the counter, "The one that shot you, I'm sure you remember. He was recently released from Strkyer Island, on a technicality I'm sure. Seems that between shooting up steroids and running the playground, Mr. Mannheim has managed to expand InterGang's territory from the inside. Even into Gotham City I hear."

"And you were going to make a deal with him?"

"I have a lot of toys for killing certain... super-talented... individuals, Clark. I have to make due with where the market is," he said with an innocent smile. "I understand that some friends of yours have made life difficult for them. They'd like to be able to fight back."

Clark clenched his jaw. "And this?"

Lex raised an eyebrow.

Waving his hands over his body, Clark wanted to growl, "Me. Coming here. What is this all about?"

"Well, I can only hope that you're here because your wife has rubbed off on you and you're undercover on a story," Clark nodded with a bit of a snarl going on, "I, on the other hand, I was merely hoping to complete the deal that I've been working on."

Clark frowned, "By meeting with a prostitute? I'm supposed to believe that?"

"Mr. Mannheim has a prostitution ring in Metropolis, as I'm sure you're aware.. I've been led to understand that you've met one of his former girls, she worked for a street level associate, whom worked for Mr. Mannheim. A lovely young lady named Mia? I was supposed to be meeting one of these young ladies, but instead he sent you. A man. I assume it's his way of telling me that he didn't like the price that I gave him. That caveman probably thought he was being clever too. I weep for the future of Crime," joked Lex.

There was nothing funny about the look on Clark's face. "And you would have taken advantage of some innocent girl?"

Sighing, Lex shook his head. "When you're involved with these kinds of people, Clark, you have to take a taste. To prove you're on the level and someone that they can trust. She wouldn't have been my first, and she wouldn't have been my last either."

"Why are you telling me this, Lex?"

Lex got up and walked closer to Clark, a small smirk was etched across his lips.

"Isn't it obvious? Mr. Mannheim isn't interested in doing business with me, Clark. Normally that's fine, but he has certain... information... that I'd rather he not have," explained Lex. His smirk started to grow slightly.

Clark frowned, "And what do I have to do with that?"

"The way I see it, we both wanna put this guy away," he started, Clark was picking up the bread crumbs. Lex gave him a full on Luthor Smirk knowing that he had finally made his friend see his point. "So I think it's time for another Luthor/Kent team-up..."

to be continued in. . . . Bruno Mannheim. . . .

Author's Note: Well, how was that for Part 2? haha. I think you guys are going to be able to see where this is going now, haha, it's time for another team-up in the spirit of the Season 4, 5, and 6 days, haha. I'm sure a lot of you are relieved to see that Lex and Clark didn't end up sharing a, uh...special night? together? hahaha. But anyways, make sure to send me some reviews!

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Next Up: John Corben.