"Rayne, get your sister out of here now!" cried a young woman as she blocked an attack from hitting the two girls. "But mom-""no buts get her out of here now!" snapped the woman as she flew forward. The two girls ran following their mothers orders but were cut off by a robot slouched over with razor sharp claws. The robot raised its hand prepared to take down its targets with one strike, completely oblivious to pair of glowing talons striking down at it. The robot fell and there stood a boy much older than the two girls. "Levis!" the younger girl cried.

"Here Fang, take this picture and this letter and give it to mom and dad" ordered Levis. The little girl looked back at where she and her sister left their mother in confusion. "No Fang I mean use your powers and go back in time, warn mom and dad before any of this started, if they know about it then maybe the titans might stand a chance. Okay?" asked Levis. Fang nodded. She started to concentrate, she felt the pull, when a noise distracted her and broke her concentration. She turned and saw a horrifying sight.

A massive beast with a wild mane was tossed right in front of them. Its wounds were numerous; it was barely conscious and breathing heavily. "Dad!" "Papa!" Fang broke into a run and held onto the head of the beast. "Papa, please don't die!" cried fang. "Dad! What happened!" cried Rayne and Levis. Fang felt her father's will fading slowly. "Papa, Papa!, Please Papa! Don't go, I'm scared!" she cried. She opened her mind and flew herself into her father's mind. She could feel his frustration of losing, his anger for having his family targeted, and his fear of not being able to protect his beloved children. Papa, Levis wants me to go back in time and warn you about this. But I don't want to leave you, I'm scared papa! cried the little girl. Fang, you must do this. You have to warn us of this threat before it's too late. you must go and warn your mother and me and our team before it's too late answered her father.

But I'm scared, I still can't control my powers. What if something bad happens?

You're mother can help with that, and don't worry I will never let anything happen to any of my children. I will always be there to protect you. Now concentrate Fang, papa will be right here beside you.

Fang sat up, tears running down her face as she struggled to concentrate. The tugging feeling returning once again. She opened her eyes once more and saw her sister attempting to heal the beast, her hands glowing blue. "dad, you have to get up. They're coming for us, we have to run away, please dad get up!" pleaded Rayne. A group carrying armed lasers was heading their way.

"There they are! Fire at will!" cried one of the men. Barrages of lasers were coming their way. As the tugging sensation began to pull Fang away, the last of the battle she saw was the gigantic beast shielding them from the lasers with its body howling in pain. "PAPA~!"

The little girl was pulled into a vortex, flinging her into the past. When she was thrown out into the past she landed in a pile of snow. She was in jump city. Years before it all started. Fangs eyes were filled with tears. She was cold, scared, alone, and devastated. Her teary eyes began to glow an unearthly red. Black energy swirled behind her and began to manifest itself. The energy formed into a shadowy image of the beast that had just recently protected her life, by sacrificing it's own. The little girl cried out in anger, as did the shadow beast. their cries rang throughout the night of the city.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. The alarm in the tower of the teen titans sounded off. "Titans Trouble!" cried Robin. "Dude who commits crimes in the middle of the night!" whined Beast Boy as he dragged himself to the main room.

"it seems that an animal had gotten loose and abducted a little girl, the only thing is that no one has ever seen an animal like it before" announced Robin as he typed away furiously at the keyboard. "and the other strange thing is that the animal is attacking anything that tries to get near the girl"

"so what's it want with the girl?" asked Cyborg.

"I don't know, but someone did catch an image of the animal though" replied Robin as he clicked on the image. The picture expanded to fill the view of the screen. Starfire gasped and the others eyes widened as they saw the animal that they knew all too well. It was the beast. All eyes turned to Beast Boy. "we gotta save her now dudes" he stated and took off full speed, the rest of the team followed in suit.

Raven flew ahead, she knew how dangerous that animal could be, she was attacked by it herself. In all honesty she was a little scared of that thing, it must be worse for the child. She arrived and saw the beast circling the little girl. Raven could feel the girl's fear, but she could also feel rage and sadness from the girl. "Hang on little girl, we'll save you" assured Raven. She attempted to fling the beast away from the girl using her powers only to find that she couldn't. "azarath metrion zinthos!" she chanted and the nearby lampposts were uprooted and flung at the beast. it collided with the beast and flung it into a wall. The sound caused the little girl to scream. The beast jumped up from the rubble and slammed raven into the ground.

Raven was stunned and looked helplessly as the beast sniffed at her. It growled and stepped back from her. Raven couldn't understand what was going on. she turned and saw the little girl looking at her with glowing red, tear filled, eyes. Raven slowly sat up and made her way towards the girl. The girl mumbled something Raven could not hear. "what?" she asked. "mama, help me" she whimpered.

"Don't worry, I'll get you to your mommy, I promise"

"Mama!" the girls eyes went wide with fear as the beast started to charge. Raven looked behind her and saw the Beast charging at her. Raven scooped up the little girl and flew as high as she could, away from the animals reach. "Mama help me please, I can't get rid of it" the girl pleaded. Raven was shocked and confused. This little girl in her arms was proclaiming to be her daughter. The others finally arrived. They jumped out and got into action.

Cyborg blasted at the beast with his sonic cannon, but to no avail. The animal seemed invulnerable to most of their attacks. Starfire's bolts of energy didn't have any effect and neither did robins gadgets.

Beast boy didn't like doing that morph, but it seemed like the only thing that stood a chance. he felt the change, the primal instincts in him becoming alive. This was not their territory to be in, he would fight and make any who dared enter his territory submit or face their doom. The beast was unleashed. He let out a howl and challenged his opponent.

The two beasts circled each other, sizing up the other. Beast boy charged in and bit down on the others neck. Something wasn't right here. He could feel some presence there, but his teeth sunk down into nothing. The two wrestled at each others throats tearing away fur and clawing at one another's bodies. Beast boy was losing though. His hits didn't seem to do anything to the opponent. His claws seemed to go right through it. He was getting exhausted. Even with the help of the other titans. It didn't seem to do anything. He was beaten down, the beast stood over the fallen beast boy.

Raven had been finding it difficult to fly with a little girl who refused to let go of her especially in battle. But as she saw Beast Boy get beaten down by the beast she was in total shock. "beast boy!" she shouted.

Fang kept her eyes shut during the entire time Raven was flying around until she heard Raven yell out beast boy's name, and she opened them and saw the black beast ready to deliver the crushing blow. "NO~!" she shrieked, hand reaching out towards beast boy. As the black beast swung its arms down it disappeared like someone had blown out a candle. Fang fell limp in Raven's arms. She mumbled softly at Raven "I'm sorry I almost hurt papa mommy" and with that she fell unconscious.

Raven thought this could not get any weirder. Some little girl showing up calling her mother, and the beast disappearing like that. She was tired and worn out. She got into the car and sat down. The little girl snuggled up against her. As she looked at the little girl she saw a bit of crumpled paper in her front pocket on her overalls. She pulled on the piece of paper and a photo came falling out as the paper came out of the pocket. Raven picked up the photo and read the writing on the back. Our happy little family was what it read. "her family, did she run away?" asked Raven as she turned over the photo.

A red blush decorated her face as she looked at the picture. There was a woman that held the young girl that was now in raven's arms and two children standing by her side. The boy had a tinge of green in his skin and his hair was a messy spiky mess. His eyes were the same color as Raven's and the girls had the same kind of skin tone to Raven. The older girl had Raven's eyes as well, and almost the same expression, with a little pointed tooth right outside of her mouth. The younger girl had the same tooth sticking out as well. But her eyes were emerald green. All the kids had one thing in common, their ears were pointed at the end. The thing was, that it was the parents that shocked raven the most. The girl's mother looked like Raven, if this was raven, adulthood was something to look forward too. As for the father, if there was anything that would make her mind go haywire right now, this one just made an atomic bomb go off in her head. There was no mistaking who this person was, after all how many people had GREEN skin?. This is awkward thought Raven.

The awkwardness just went to a higher level when Beast Boy climbed into the car and plop right in the middle of the seat next to Raven. "What a way to start off my birthday, at one in the morning" groaned Beast boy. "it's only going to get a lot weirder now, Beast boy" muttered Raven as he dropped his head back against the seat.

"You say something Rae?"

"Nothing, dear"

"What was that?" Beast boy asked trying to clean his ear if he heard correctly.

"go to sleep Beast Boy!" snapped Raven.