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Beast Boy gasped. "Hold on. Slade has a first name?" Ravens' jaw dropped at how short Beast Boy's attention could be.

"Will you focus Beast Boy? It's because of Slade that we are in a war in the future, that we're being hunted down, that our little girl has to suffer the pain of being separated from us! When did he go from being a super villain to being the leader of rebels who decide to hunt us down? And all you can think about is him having a first name?" Raven snapped. "How do you survive with that kind of attention span? I wonder how Fang even made it to existence through us, and she's our THIRD!" the ground rumbled as Raven's volume increased.

"Look Raven I know okay? I'm not a complete idiot, I'm just curious okay? I mean if Slade is going by his civilian name then shouldn't we have been able to at least warn the government or something that they've done something wrong? And how the hell am I supposed to know how Fang exists right now? You're the one who said yes! I mean how is she even still here if both of us know that she's OURS?" Beast Boy yelled back.

"Well even if I did say yes which would be a miracle in itself what makes you think I'd even consider staying in the same bed as you?"

"we share the same house already!"

Fang let go of Raven's hand and started to walk off as Beast Boy and Raven started to get in each others face, she disliked it when people fought. She came here to prevent the fighting not make more fighting happen. Especially between the two people who meant the world to her.

"And you know what Raven? I- huh? Where's Fang?" he stopped enough to notice she had gone. Something he was surprised she could do, what with his hearing being very acute. Raven stopped scowling at him and took a look around to notice that the small girl was gone.
"Where'd she go?" Raven wondered aloud.

"No use just standing here and wondering, let's go find out" answered Beast Boy as he ran through the doorway with Raven in pursuit. They searched every room they could think of starting at the top working their way down. But no sign of Fang could be found anywhere. Beast boy started searching his way from the bottom back up when he decided to break the silence between him and his friend. "You know, growing up in Africa I had to run on instinct a lot" he continued when he didn't hear Raven say anything to him. "It's the reason why I do a lot of things, not just because I'm a teenager. Growing up in Africa I had to run on instinct, it's mostly the reason why I do what I do. But the doom patrol taught me control too". He slammed another door that did not have Fang in the room.

"Growing up where I was told about my father using me and how I was to always stay in control if I wanted to keep my father from using me, you can see why I can't tolerate you a lot of the time"

"Because I grew up in the wild, and you grew up with monks? Raven, we're so alike in so many ways it's not even funny. I told you before, You think you're alone but you're not."

"and how are we alike beast boy?"

"we both had to learn how to survive. You learned to survive through control. I learned through instinct. Dude it's not rocket science"

"you're not convincing me, learning control and survival aren't very similar"

"Try saying that when you're fighting the instincts of every animal in the animal kingdom, remember Rae

"Listen, Beast Boy I'm sorry for snapping at you about the whole Slade thing"

"ah you know me enough that I forgive you, just laugh at one little joke and we can call it even" Beast Boy turned and started heading towards the gym doors. "Hey did you hear the one about a guy who walked into a bar? He said-" as he opened the doors a staff belonging to Robin came flying and hit Beast boy square in the forehead. Beast boy fell in a heap clutching his head and rolling on the ground. "OW!"

"Beast Boy, you okay?" asked Robin. He stood by the door with a shocked look on his face.

Raven ran over to the fallen titan and tried to get him to sit up straight. "I can help you if you stay still" she said as she tried to examine the injury. It was a decent sized lump and it was bruised as well. Raven placed her hand on the bump and her hand started glowing.

"Thanks, but I always did like the kiss it better treatment" said Beast boy. Raven lightly smacked the side of his head once she took her hand off his head.

"Just because we got married in the future doesn't mean you get to make a move on me now"

"Hey was worth a shot"

"well you missed"

"Here I thought I was the funny guy"

Robin grinned at the little moment the two were having. He cleared his throat to remind the two he was still there. Raven got up and tried regain her composure. "Mind telling me what you two are looking for?" asked Robin.

"dude, you seen Fang anywhere?" responded Beast boy.

Robin opened his mouth to reply but something caught his attention off in the distance. "she's right there" he answered. Robin pointed down the hall past the two at a little cloaked Fang.

Raven and Beast boy ran over to the little girl and Beast Boy embraced Fang in a big hug. "dude where have you been? Raven and I have been looking everywhere for you!" he exclaimed as he held the girl at arms length to inspect her. She was wearing Raven's costume. Surprisingly the tights were able to fit Fang, albeit a little loosely, and the cloak was much too big for her. Her hair was damp though and her skin did feel a little cold to the touch. "dude, did you just get out of the shower?" he asked. Fang nodded and replied "I went to mommy's room and took some of her clothes then I went to the shower."

The two sighed in relief that they hadn't lost their "bundle of joy" and walked back to the main room holding hands with Fang in the middle. Fang was enjoying this togetherness with her parents. Nothing would pull her away from this moment. Nothing. That is until she felt something pull her hands away from her parents hands. It was a pull that she was all too familiar with. Her hands phased right through her parents hands. She held her hands in front of her face and could see right through them. But just as the pull had arrived it left, and her hands became solid once more.

"hey Fang, is something wrong?" asked Beast Boy.

Fang looked from her hands to Beast Boy and Raven, a somewhat puzzled look was plastered on her face but she shook it off and answered "No, I'm fine".

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