disclaimer: Pokémon ain't mine.
note: Will is probably one of the greatest psychic type trainers out there that I just love.
Meh. This could have been better.
and: I got inspired by Corpse's Bride.

and that's why everything, every last little thing, every single tiny little microscopic thing must go —
according to plan


Will has never actually met her before when he visited the Battle Castle, the cursed tower, which she seemed to reside in. She was always hiding or getting Darach to do the battling for her, and personally Will hated it. He hated how she just let her family control her; how he let his family control him into marrying her.

But she's beautiful in that little faded photograph of hers, and he'll be foolish if he did not admit that he agreed to marry her because he wanted to protect her. But even he cannot bear to stand the insult of being left on the altar by a runaway bride. (He begins to think of her strong though— standing up for herself, doing what she believes in, leaving a note that says, I fell in love. The girl is so cruel, with rosy lips and glassy eyes— he can see her kissing another man in his eyes. She's a girl in love, even if that means disgracing her family).

And he starts to fall in love with the picture of the girl— for he has never met the real one.


A few years later, he can't help but notice the pretty little psychic trainer of the Elite Four in Unova region with an engagement ring wrapped around her beautiful breakable finger, her hand intertwined around the dark type's hand.

Their eyes meet, and she smiles.


(And he can't help but wonder what nice thing he has done for the girl, before he realizes that he set her free. A wedding gave a chance to runaway, and that's how everything, every last little thing, ever single tiny microscopic thing had gone, according to plan.

and for some odd reason, he can't help but smile and raise his glass to them in a toast).


the end