DOT: Well, I've started a new story in hopes of people liking it. Its even for a different story, SHUGO CHARA!

Kukai: Dude, its written in the Shugo Chara section so it kinda has to be about us.

DOT: SHHhhh! Don't ruin my fun :D

Kukai: Anyway, what's this story about?

DOT: Well-

Amu: Wait, lemme guess. It's another Amuto?

DOT: Nope! Although I'd love to write an Amuto, it isn't. This is about Yaya, a rare read right?

Kukai: Umm, I bet if you searched you could find one.

Amu: -mumble- In a way I'm kinda disappointed it isn't one.

DOT: What was that I heard?

Amu: N-n-nothing! Just get on with the story!

DOT: Desperate are we? Kukai, it's disclaimer time!

Kukai: -fist pump- Yes! Dawn of Time doesn't own Shugo Chara.

DOT: -sad face- If I did, there would be more of an Amuto ending.


Yaya Gone Bad

"Yaya's Heart! Unlock!"

I am Yuiki Yaya, youngest of the Guardians. Yaya leads a double life. Why? You may ask that but it is simple, really. Yaya's friends have all moved up to middle school, leaving Yaya alone with guardians to train and duties to fufill.

Yaya also suffers from a broken heart. Kairi calculated that Yaya and him weren't compatible. That made Yaya incredibly sad. Yaya just wanted to be with him. Yaya's alone now.

Yaya has to train Guardians too. How is she supposed to train new ones if she can't even purify eggs? Yaya is useless. The stress too, Yaya is just a baby character. People shouldn't leave big important things to Yaya.

But then, Yaya found Holiday. They promised to help. They changed Pepe-chan. They said Yaya could do whatever she wants because she has a purpose now. Yaya won't have to rely on others, Yaya will be strong. All Yaya has to do is fill out a certain number of x-eggs a month. Just create a couple, and Amu-chii can cure them.

"Character Transformation! Spoiled Brat!"

DOT: It's just an intro, please tell me if I should continue! Thanks!


DOT: Urm, nothing…. –guilty look-

Rima: Lier.

DOT: When did you get here?

Rima: Just now.

DOT: Okay then, please review!