The girl who listen to the tree's heartbeat

Maya is not your normal girl,she had no parents or siblings,well at least not human one's.

She didn't live in the village,in-fact, she lived on the other side of the village,she lived in the Forbidden forest,

and, no it is not cursed or anything,the humans just named it that,because in the middle of the forest ,is an enchanted garden,it's pure beauty that no man can go near it because only a pure heart and soul can come into it.

Only Maya lives there,lengend has it that one pure girl will bring all demons to shame and the angel's will sing.

Maya is part of that lengend.

When Maya was found in the village ,she was only a baby then,and group of beautful people came and picked her up and took good care of her.

But they soon relized that Maya was in great danger,so the group of people took her into the forbidden forest and asked the spirit of the foerst to look out for her and protect her,and so did the spirit gave Maya the power's of love,light,and nature.

17 years later,Maya can now listen and talk to the tree's.

But Maya was called to the spirit of the forest,

"maya, right now i am dying and i need you to fing the golden heart which will save me and you".

Maya looked shocked "why,why are you dying"?

he told her it was because there is evil in the world and only the lendary Goddess can save me and the world.

So,Maya accepted the challgened.

The spirit gave Maya an emerald necklace to protect her from harm.

He also said that there is a ring just like it,but has gone missing ever Maya came to him.

Maya said her goodbyes and left by running.

When she got the the end of the forest,she looked below and saw a bautiful vally with a village.

(to be contiuned)