Title: Soundless Language

Summary: Because to them… words are not needed at all.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belongs to Akira Amano

Pairing: 1869/6918

Warning: None

Dedicated to: ikebukurolove; Happy Birthday~

Soundless Language

They've been fighting ever since they met, he mused.

Ten years ago, at the abandoned amusement park, they met and they fought. Ten years later, they're still fighting, constantly pushing each other to their limits…

In a sense, that's their way of communication.

Tonfas meet trident in another clash, as stormy blue orbs meet mismatched ones. One grimaced as he backed away, glaring hard at the smug grin on the other's face. Purple flames flared and indigo flames surrounded…

It's almost like a work of art, really.

…Yet art can never compare to reality.

Because what was never noticed were the brief moment of worry that crossed their faces when the other disappears for too long; or the small sigh of relief that escapes their lips when they see the other heavily injured – but alive.

And then, after all the healing, they fight – stronger, harsher.

Destructive to others, but to them, it was enough.

Enough to assure them that it wasn't an alluring illusion, but that the other was real and alive.

It was… enough.

And when the fight is over, they rest; patiently awaiting the time they would clash again. Because as long as they fight again, they know that the other is still around.

It was an unspoken – yet understood – promise between them.

Stay alive…

Don't leave me…

A glance. A touch.

I love you.

It was their language – their little secret.

A rare smile graces his lips.

I know.

Because to them… words are not needed at all.

A/N: First attempt at something I hope to be poetic (I felt like this didn't turn out well, really...) and, more importantly, first attempt at ikebukurolove's birthday gift. I hope you love it~ Happy birthday, sweetie~!