She Runs

So I run, hide and tear myself up
Start again with a brand new name
And eyes that see into infinity

- "Capricorn", 30 Seconds to Mars.

She runs. There's no way to properly escape the Dollhouse but still, she does her best to get away. She runs faster and harder and she hides where she can to rest and freshen up and then she runs some more.

As soon as she can, she gets fake papers. She makes up a new name: "Faith". It's what she needs right now, to have faith in something, in herself. She needs to believe that she will one day have a normal life again, even if it seems all but impossible now.

And so Faith fits perfectly.

She shoplifts scissors at a dusty petrol station on a deadbeat street, and takes them into the cramped bathroom out the back. There, she studies her reflection in a mirror caked with dirt and grit. Dark brown hair falls past her shoulders.

It's looking worse for wear. Being on the run doesn't lend one much time for beauty products or even the simple shampoo and conditioner mix. With a slight cringe, she lifts the scissors and lops off as much as she can bare. It puddles on the ground at her feet.

When she leaves the petrol station, scissors tossed in a trash can in the bathroom, she is a different person on the outside too.

It'll make things easier. It'll be easier to hide. She'll colour her hair later and that'll make it even more easy.

It doesn't quench the feeling in her gut though, that tells her maybe she doesn't have to go to such lengths. Maybe there's another option.

Maybe she can rescue everyone from the Dollhouse and live out her life with her own identity and personality rather than making up an entirely new one.

For now though, she keeps running. It's all she can do.