"Yeah, dad?"

"We're gonna have a bonfire tonight! Isn't that cool?"

Alexis rubbed at her eyes sleepily and then blinked at him. "What?"

"Remember? The camping trip with your very awesome dad?"

She stared at him for a moment.

"You do remember, right?"

"Yeah! Yeah, of course. I do. I'm just… still working on waking up. Give me a minute, okay?"

Castle faked a hurt expression and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Please stop pouting, dad."

"Fine," he said. "But bonfire! Really! Can you not build up a little more excitement about this?"


"Sorry! I just-"

"I think you're excited enough for the both of us," Alexis said.

Castle grinned smugly. "Yeah, I guess I am. You make a good point, little one."

"I do."

"You know, this bonfire is for you, Alexis," he hinted. His efforts were rewarded with a knowing smile and a smirk.

"I'm excited, dad. Okay? Can we talk about something else now?"

"Certainly," he said with a nod. "That's all I wanted to hear."