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**Chapter 1**

I sighed deeply before I stuffed the ruby colored silk blouse back into the deepest corner of my closet.

Hesitantly I grabbed a plain white shirt from the pile in front of me and pulled it over my head. Then I turned around to look in the mirror and my face turned into a frown. What did I expect? None of my clothes would be able to turn my reflection into something skinny.

I checked the time on the small silver watch on my wrist and realized that I was already late. Quickly I run my brush through my long, chestnut hair – it was the only thing about me that I considered pretty.

It was obviously time to start a new weight loss program, again. The awful, little machine in my bathroom had told me that I was about thirty pounds above my average weight. Losing thirty pounds meant a whole lot of sit-ups and a whole lot more of eating stuff like pine-apples. Ugh! I hated pine-apples and carrots and most of the other healthy food. I liked steaks with sauce béarnaise and greasy fries with mayonnaise. One second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Damn it.

I walked down the stairs and almost stumbled over the last one. God, why did I have to be fat and clumsy? As if one burden wouldn't be enough for one single person.

My husband, Edward, hadn't touched me in about six month and I couldn't really blame him for it. Damn it, I wouldn't want to touch myself if I were him.

Of course he was too polite to tell me that my figure was the reason behind his lack of interest in sex; that and the strawberry-haired bitch Tanya, who worked as his secretary. Both of them were on a business trip in Alaska for the next six weeks and I tried not to think too much about that.

I was almost a hundred percent sure that he was fucking her behind my back. The sad thing about it wasn't really that he was cheating on me. It wasn't even the first time, since we got married five years ago.

The sad thing was that I honestly didn't care. What kind of wife doesn't care that her husband has sex with another woman? I was a horrible person. Of course I was afraid that he could leave me because I desperately wanted our daughter to have a proper family life.

It was very unlikely to happen, because Edwards's parents were very conservative and would never approve if he divorced me. Their happiness was everything to him, and I was the mother of their only grandchild.

I took the car keys from the desk and left the house without eating breakfast. My stomach growled but it wasn't like I needed the extra calories.

Esme, my mother-in-law, had persuaded me to let her youngest daughter stay with me and Lilly until she had found a place of her own.

Mary Alice had studied Fashion Design in Paris and was now moving back to the US to start her career as a designer.

I didn't really understand why she couldn't simply stay at her parents' house. If Mary Alice was only a tiny little bit like Edwards older sister Rosalie I was going to have a very nice time with her. The blonde haired beauty was an embittered bitch and used every opportunity to let me feel that I wasn't good enough for her brother. Hell, I knew I wasn't good enough for him myself.

I parked the car in front of the supermarket and turned off the engine.

Shopping with an empty stomach was always a stupid idea. The whole building smelled deliciously of strawberry frosted donuts and other no-go's for a dieting person like me.

I inhaled deeply through my nose and tried to pass the seductive section as fast as possible.

My eyes caught a huge poster that was advertising for a new sugar-free milkshake that promised to let you drop about four pounds a week. There were several pictures of women and men who had managed to lose a lot of weight with it and all of them praised the product.

Unfortunately no one ever dares to speak about how disgusting this kind of stuff tastes like, like crap, like a mixture of cardboard and chemistry. The good thing about it was that it practically managed to kill off all of your taste buds, so you didn't feel like eating ever again after swallowing down a glass of the brownish liquid. Perhaps that was the key goal of the whole weight loss industry? Get them rid of every joy at eating.

I stood up on my toes to reach for a can but was instantly stopped by a crystal-like voice behind me.

"Do you honestly think that this is a healthy way to lose some weight?"

"Mind your own business!" I snarled and turned around to say something nasty, but as soon as my eyes met hers I forgot all of the sarcastically comments I usually used in situations like this.

She was tiny, probably not bigger than 4'10 and although she was wearing a grey mini dress over a pair of black leggings, she looked like a little pixie that had suddenly landed in the world of the humans.

Her short hair was so dark that it had a bluish shimmer in the artificial light that surrounded us. The best thing about her were her eyes, they had a light brown color around the outer ring of her iris while the rest of it had a light golden shade. It reminded me of caramel toffee…god, I loved caramel.

"I'm sorry," she stumbled out and her pale cheeks turned into a crimson color that made her pretty face look even more beautiful. I wondered how old she might be, she didn't older than nineteen or twenty.

My heartbeat quickened suddenly, and I felt a strange tingling in my stomach that had nothing to do with the hunger.

"I didn't mean to offend you or anything." She continued after an awkward moment of silence.

"It's okay," I mumbled when I realized that she expected me to say something.

"And you're right. It's not a healthy way to lose weight, but if it works it'll be worth it."

"My dad says that our health is the greatest gift and we shouldn't endanger it without a reason."

"Without a reason? Without a reason?" My voice raised two octaves, reaching that embarrassing hysterical frequency that I hated more than anything.

"Have you ever been greeted in a shop with something like; 'We don't sell anything in your size' instead of 'How can I help you?' Have you ever been asked when the baby is due although your child has already started kindergarten? These are only two examples of the crap I have been listening to for the most time of my life and I'm so tired of it."

I closed my eyes because I was starting to feel a little bit dizzy because of my low level of blood sugar. My fingers grabbed around the shopping cart to keep me upright.

"Are you okay?" She asked me and put one of her dainty hands on my bare forearm. Her touch was light as a feather and made every single hair on my body stand up.

I couldn't remember the last time another person's touch had made me feel like that. God, I was so pathetic.

"Are you okay?" She repeated and put two of her fingers around my wrist to check my pulse.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you."

She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and released it with a popping noise.

"You don't look too fine to me. Maybe you should sit down for a moment and drink some water."

I sighed and kneeled down on the grey linoleum, thankful that no other customer seemed to pay attention to me.

She pulled a bottle out of her handbag and handed it to me. I took a big gulp from the lukewarm water and forced my lips into a grimace that was meant to look like a smile.

"Better?" she whispered while she sat down next to me on the hard ground.

I nodded my head.

"Look, you really don't have to waste your time with me. I'm sure you have other things to do."

She took a wisp of my hair and twisted it around her fingers before she finally put it behind my ear.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your hair is? It feels like silk."

Then she cleared her throat before she spoke up again.

"Can I have your number?"


"Well, I thought that if I wanted to ask you out on a date, it might be useful to have it."

My mouth fell open and it took me a moment to remember how to close it again.

"I. Am. Not. Gay." I emphasized each word as I stood up from the ground again. Well okay, I snogged Angela once, when I was in my junior class but that was nothing but a stupid bet between me and Jess Stanley.

"Sorry," she murmured. "That's the second time in less than ten minutes that I made you feel uncomfortable. I'm usually pretty good with people."

She looked embarrassed and kind of sad.

I reached out my hand to help her up. "It's no big deal. Just forget it."

My cell vibrated in my pocket and I flipped it open to read the new text.

Where the hell are you? We told you to be here at 11:30. Mom needs your help. You know far more about cooking than me. At least you look like it.


PS: Picking up Lilly to go to the zoo with her this afternoon. Em promised to show her the Grizzlies.

My four year old daughter was probably the only soft spot my sister-in-law had. She and her husband Emmett couldn't have a child of their own. They had tried in-vitro and a bunch of other stuff but nothing ever worked. Both of them loved Lilly dearly and spoilt their niece whenever the opportunity presented itself.

"I have to go now." I murmured and put the can with the milkshake-powder back.

"Okay," she croaked out and followed me through the entire supermarket. I hoped that she wasn't some kind of creepy stalker.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Which kind of wine is better, Red or white?"

I raised one eyebrow. "Are you even old enough to drink?"

She smirked and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"I'm twenty-three, its' not my fault that I have the size of a dwarf." She tried to make her voice sound cheerful but there was a bitter tone under the happy surface.

"Well, I prefer white wine." I handed her a bottle. "This one is my favorite, sweet and light. Its flavor reminds me of nectarines and vanilla. My father-in-law says that it is cheap rotgut but I don't care."

"I like nectarines," she mumbled before she disappeared behind a huge shelf.


It was hard to start a diet when you had a mother-in-law who had cooking abilities that would put every TV chef to shame.

I licked the creamy sauce from the spoon. Yes, I thought. That's worth that it makes you fat.

"Bella, I'm really grateful that you agreed to let Mary Alice stay with you."

"That's okay, Esme but why don't you want her to stay here with you and Carlisle?"

She wiped her hands on her apron and cleared her throat nervously.

"Well, she and my husband don't get along that well."

"Why?" I asked her while I stirred the sauce in the pan to keep it from sticking on the ground.

"You see, Bella. Mary Alice is our youngest child and I think that Carlisle had special expectations about what she would do with her life."

"Is he disappointed that she didn't follow his medical career?"

She nodded her head.

"That doesn't sound fair to me. He seems to be pretty content with Edward being a lawyer and Rosalie a teacher."

"Yeah, I know. The thing is that Mary Alice was the only one of our children who ever showed some kind of interest in his job. Then suddenly, a few weeks after her graduation she found out that she wanted to be a designer and moved to Europe. Carlisle flipped and decided to freeze her credit cards in a weak attempt to 'bring her back to her senses', as he called it. They didn't speak to each other for almost two years."

"Is that why she wasn't at our wedding?"

"Yes, Bella, Edward was afraid that she would probably make a scene in front of everyone."

I heard the key turn in the lock and prepared myself to meet my husband's rebellious sister.

The door opened with a squeaking noise and I gazed into a familiar pair of caramel toffee eyes.