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Outtake –Back to Paris

Her mouth is warm against my neck as she plants soft kisses all over it. I groan, unwilling to let go of my deep sleep. My wife is persistent, her mouth moves to my ear showering it with the same affection she just showed my neck area.

"Good Morning, Bella. Did I manage to wake you up?"

I turn my head and press my forehead against hers. "I had a dream. You woke me up from it."

"What was it about?" Ali asks, running her fingertip down my face to circle it over my lips. "Was I in it?"

I bend forward and kiss her lightly on her lips. "You are in all my dreams. Don't you know that?"

Ali's hands glide under the blanket. The sheets are incredibly soft and smell of softener beneath us. I love hotel beds. "I dreamed my wife had to go to Paris and her boss invited plain old me to accompany her on the trip."

She smiles, letting her fingers graze the hem of my t-shirt I wore to bed. "That wasn't a dream. We are really here together."

I kiss her, my lips touch against hers with a soft moan escaping from my mouth. Ali's tongue glides over my upper lip, asking impatiently for permission to explore the inside of my mouth with it.

"I love you."

"I love you more," Ali says, sitting up straight in the bed. The time on the cell that is lying on the nightstand announces it is around nine o'clock. I am still tired from the long flight here yesterday, but too excited to go sightseeing. I try to comb through my tangled hair with my fingers while Ali orders breakfast for us. I love watching her speak French.

"I could listen to you speak French forever." I tell her when she hangs up the phone. "It's fucking sexy."

Ali laughs. She jumps on the bed again, straddling me while her arms wrap tightly around me. "I know what's even sexier than Croissants and Café Au Lait." Her hands move under my shirt. "You and I and no kid close anywhere near enough to ruin the passion."

I groan when her hands cup my breasts. She rubs her fingers over the soft flesh, letting them barely graze the sensitive tips. "Stop teasing," I whimper. "Please,"

"Patience, my Love." Ali whispers, kissing my shoulder. "Patience is a virtue." She pulls my shirt over my head, tossing it carelessly aside. A moment later her face presses between my breasts. She moans and the sound sends vibrating tingles of pleasure down my spine. I whimper when her hot mouth closes around my left nipple to suck it eagerly.


"Not yet," Ali mumbles, releasing the hard tip of my breast for a moment to blow over the moist skin. "I plan on doing this slow. You are going to beg me to make love to you."

"No way," I state, tugging the stripes of her top down to expose her beautiful breasts. "You will be the one who is going to beg here. I know what to do to make you do it."

I lower my lips to her right breast. She sucks in her breathe when I scrap my teeth lightly over the small nipple. "God, you are so beautiful." I kiss the scar between her breasts and flutter my mouth tenderly all over her chest. Her heart beats fast against my palm when I still my caresses for a moment. "Happy Anniversary, my Darling."

"You didn't forget?" Ali asks. How can she think I could ever forget our five year wedding anniversary?

"I will never." I kiss her right above her belly button. "I will never." I blow another kiss on top of her lace panties. "I will never forget the happiest day of my life."

My lovely wife shifts, unconsciously parting her legs a bit to give me better access to her most intimate parts. I smile against her lower belly before kissing it gently again. Then I kiss my way up to her chest, swiping my tongue across her puckered nipples before ending with a soft kiss on her pretty lips. "I love you, Ali."

I rub my breasts against hers, shivering when her nipples touch mine. She caresses my hair and gently tries to maneuver my head lower on her body. "Beg me," I whisper, feather-lightly circling my fingers down her sides. I stroke her hips, tugging the fabric of her underwear a bit lower.

Ali groans a half-hearted no that only encourages my attempt of teasing her even more. I suck hard on her nipples, scraping the reddened tips with my front teeth. I pinch her left nipple and swirl my tongue over the right one. My thigh presses its way between Ali's legs. I can feel she is already warm and moist there. Fuck, I can't wait to taste her again. It has been way too long.

"Be a good wife and ask me to kiss you." I tease. "I know you want me to kiss you right here," I swipe my thumb over the damp lace material. "Imagine how amazing my mouth would feel there now, right where my fingers are." I stroke her outer lips through the thin panties. My fingers caress the insides of her thighs, sliding beneath the sides of her panties with every movement. "It would feel god damn amazing to have my tongue there, wouldn't it?"

Her response is a loud groan from her mouth and a gush of wetness soaking my fingertips as they glide fully inside her underwear now. She is clean shaven, her pussy lips soft, wet and velvety against my fingers. "My tongue would circle your clit like this." I mimic the movement with the tip of my forefinger. "It would pulse against my mouth."

"Please," Ali calls out. "Please, Bella. I need you."

I smile, rubbing my fingertips over her slick folds. "You need what?" I tap against the upper side of her clit. "Tell me."

"Your mouth," She moans, exhaling deeply through her parted lips. "I need your mouth on me."

"Where?" I ask, rubbing her nether lip between my fingers. "Here?" I stroke over her clit. "or here?" My fingers slide through her wet pussy lips before caressing her entrance. "Or everywhere down here?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Ali's entire body is beautifully flushed red in excitement. I pull down her panties, asking her to kick them off when I reach her ankles. Then I throw her legs over my shoulders and pull her lower body close to my face. I start by peppering tender kisses onto the insides of her thighs. My nose rubs against the warm skin there.


I place a chaste, close-lipped kiss on her wet pussy. Ali sucks in her breathe. I kiss her puss again, but this time I allow my tongue to dart out and taste her. Her hands fists into my hair when I begin to circle my way up to give her clit the attention it needs. I suck and lick, making sure than my tongue strokes every little crevice of her sex before flickering fast and hard and against the little pearl above her entrance. I can't resist letting my right hand glide between my own legs when Ali starts squirming underneath me. I am soaking wet as my fingers slap against my sex, rubbing myself roughly. I love playing with my pussy while my mouth is pleasuring Ali. The sensation is overwhelming. Her taste…the moist heat of her flesh. Oh…my…fucking…

"Bella," Ali moans chants my name again and again. "Please, baby, make me come. Please, Bella. I need, I need you so much."

My tongue swipes over her clit, making sharp pointed circles now to intensify her pleasures. I can feel her coming against my mouth even before the next groan of my name leaves Ali's lips.

I slow down my movements, making her ride out the waves of lust rippling throughout her now. I lap on her wetness until she breathlessly begs me to stop because she can't take no more.

"You are a tease." Ali says, panting heavily. "But a good one,"

I rub my lips and nose over Ali's shoulder. "I had a good teacher. She told me everything about teasing and even more about pleasing." I kiss the tip of her nose. "I love her very much."

A persistent knock on the door makes me jump away from Ali and grab my shirt. There is no way I need to have some hotel employee see me butt-naked.

"I still need to work on your modesty." Ali laughs. She wraps a silk robe around her shoulders and ties it together while I try to make the bed appear untouched. It is ridiculous. This is a hotel. They are probably used to having people make love here. Isn't Paris the town of love?

Ali speaks briefly with the young man who places a tray on the right corner of the huge bed. I will forever be grateful to Didyme for booking this incredible Suite for us.

I lean back against the fluffiest, cloud-like pillows and close my eyes. "Can we stay here forever?"

"Would you like that?" Ali sits down across from me and dips a small silver spoon into a jar of honey. Wouldn't you miss the kids?" She spreads some honey over the tip of the Croissants and holds it up, so I can take a bite.

"I would miss them."

I take a bite and nod my head in agreement. "You are right. But our little away time is nice. Don't you agree? It's just me and you in the town of love."

Ali's cell rings and my wife jumps from the bed to pick up the call. From the melody playing I instantly know that it must be her boss calling her. I don't like the way Didyme tends to treat my Ali like her personal serf.

"No, I wasn't sleeping." Ali says into the receiver. "I have been up forever."

My mood that has been excellent until now sinks a bit when I hear that Didyme requests what she calls an emergency meeting with Ali in the next hour. I try not to frown when Ali hangs up and crawl onto the bed again.

"Don't make such a face now. We knew I would have to work while we are here."

She cups my face and kisses me fully on the mouth. "I love you."

"I love you more." I whisper. "You are my life."

I dip the other end of the croissant into the strawberry jam and put it against Ali's lips. "Open up. You need to eat something before you leave."

She takes my hand between both of hers and rubs her thumbs over my pulse point. "I am hungrier for something else."

I lean back against the headboard behind me and watch completely mesmerized how Ali pushes my shirt up. Then she dips the tip of her forefinger into the jam and draws a heart over the inside of my left thigh.

"Body-painting?" I giggle before sucking in my breath when she lowers her mouth to her work of art.

Her mouth is warm and her tongue is hot and perfect when it swipes over my hipbone and down to my inner thigh again. I whimper when she finally touches her lips against my pelvic bone.

Ali reaches for the jar with the jam again and paints another heart right above my mound. "You should get a tattoo." She says, flickering her tongue over the form of the heart. I shiver, my hips buck upwards in an attempt to get her tongue to glide a bit lower. "Right here,"

My breathing comes out louder. Ali's fingers move between my thighs, rubbing and teasing my nether lips. Then finally, finally her perfect mouth is on my clit. Her tongue draws circles over the throbbing pearl. Within seconds my insides clench and quiver. I manage to grab a pillow and bite into it to suffocate my moans.

"No fair." Ali protests, raising her head. "You know I want to hear you."

"You, but not the entire rest of the hotel." I mumble, reaching for the blanket to pull it over my wife and myself. "That would be embarrassing."

"It is hot when you get loud." She states, leaning her head against my shoulder. She yawns. "God these new medications make me too sleepy."

I run my fingers through her hair. It's past her shoulders now and the curls are framing her beautiful face just perfectly. "Maybe you should switch to the old one again."

"No," she calls out, sitting up straight. She tugs her feet underneath her thigh and sighs. "You know that I can keep taking the new medication while I am pregnant? It has been approved for that."

In my head I try to count to five, but only make it to three when I speak up again. How often do we need to have this discussion? It's too dangerous. Ali is my life and losing her is the most horrible thing I can think of. "I don't want a third child." I say. "It's too risky."

Ali's eyes get glassy. "But you said we could try."

"The new medication, yes, because it has fewer side effects." I pull her against my chest again. "I don't want you to risk your health for a baby. We need you."

Her bottom lips quivers. Crap, when she starts crying now, it will be my fault. Ali has set her heart into trying for a baby. I can't destroy her hopes. Maybe hope is all she will ever have when it comes to a child of her own.

I hold her close and kiss her hair. It smells so good. She always smells good enough to eat to me. "I love you. We have Zoe and she will always be our baby."

My wife takes my hand in hers and lifts it up to her mouth. "We need to get dressed before Didyme shows up here."

I groan. Why can't Ali's boss leave her alone for just one day? I was looking forward to doing some nice sightseeing today.

"Don't buy anything from suspicious looking people." She says, rushing into the bathroom to return only five minutes later with her make-up freshly applied and her hair tied up into a knot. "Zip me up?" she says, wiggling her backside at me.

I smile and step closer. My lips touch against her now bare neck. "This is a very pretty dress," I pull the zipper upwards, stopping midway to touch my fingertips over the exposed skin on her upper back. "It's one you can't put on yourself."

"That is the point." Ali says, turning her head to kiss me on the lips. "That is the point in dresses like that."

She sits down at the edge of the bed and puts on a pair of silver-colored sandals. "You should buy yourself a dress while you are out. I am going to take you to dinner tonight to this really awesome place."

How can she still not know that I detest shopping for clothes? The only ones I really enjoy wearing are the dresses she designed for me. It sucks too much that Didyme doesn't want to hear anything about the ideas Ali has for a plus size line.

With a sigh, I rise up from the comfortable bed and make my way to the bathroom in order to be halfway presentable when Didyme shows up. Ali's boss is the kind of person I always feel crappy dressed around, no matter what afford I put into my outfit.

Today, a plain black dress, topped with a light blue cardigan will have to do. I am just about to tame the tangles in my long hair when I hear a knock on the door.

"Good morning, Didyme. Did you sleep well?" Ali greets her boss, taking a handbag from Didyme arms that probably cost more than I make in a month. I am not jealous of her. Didyme is rich but she is lonely. But you can't buy love, not even the illusion of it.

"My head is killing me," My wife's boss lifts her freshly manicured hands to her temples to rub them in circles. "These headaches are beyond awful."

Ali pulls some pills out of Didyme's handbag that her boss swallows down with a bottle of water from our mini bar.

"Maybe you should see a doctor about it?" she suggests.

"Oh Ali, please, it is just a headache. I am not lethally ill." For a moment she closes her eyes and waits for the medication to start working. "Oh Ali, dear, can you get me the patterns from my suite? I forget them there."

Like a dog being trained to do a trick, Ali jumps up. She blows a wet kiss on my cheek before rushing outside. Great, now I am alone with Didyme. I never know what to talk to her.

"Is this your first time in Paris?" Didyme asks, breaking the awkward silence between us.

I clear my throat. "Yes, I have never really been anywhere. I always made big plans about travelling the world. But then I had kids and other things got more important to me."

Didyme pinches the bridge of her nose. "You are a very lucky woman, Isabella. Maybe you don't even know how lucky you are."

And I nod my head, knowing you she so right about it.