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A woman was looking at her baby girl. It took twelve hours of painful labor, but her baby girl was born, as she looked at her daughter she wonders if her daughter will look like her or her father or mixture of both. The woman grimaced when she thought about her daughter's father.

The woman was beautiful, she had long wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that shine with intelligence, her eyelashes were long and her face was heart shaped, her lips were full but her face was red not its usual white as she just given birth to her baby.

"I am going to name you Hermione Jean Johnson," said the woman. Her daughter was going to be a beautiful girl she knew that for a fact. She wonders if her daughter was going to live to be twenty-one but she shook her head. I shouldn't think like this thought the woman and she putted her daughter in her crib and fell asleep.

A man appeared, he looks about twenty, he looks at the woman and smiled. The man had sandy hair and a bright happy smile, he has the outdoorsy good looks.

He looked at his daughter and said, "You will look like your mother but with

my eyes."

His daughter, he hasn't had a daughter in a century and he knew that she was going to be a special girl, she has been given his blessing and he looked sad knowing what his daughter will have to go through. He remembered how he first met her mother and how it ended with her giving birth to their daughter. He would be lying if it was love at first sight. He was after all in lust with her at that time.

The woman was having dreams about the time she met her daughter's father.

Flash Back

She was in a bar with a couple of friends, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, he had cheated on her with her sister, she thought that he was being faithful to her but she was wrong. She noticed a man was staring at her but she knew his type, he was the type that would leave a woman for another.

"Come on Becca you should have fun not mope around," said her best friend Jean. She was right but she thought John was the one for her but she was wrong as she watch Jean went to dance with one of the random boys.

The man staring at her came and asked, "Hello, Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here."

She looked at him with surprise and laughed, that had to be one of the most cheesy lines she had ever heard, but he was really cute, no I can't fall for this he will leave me sooner or later thought Rebecca.

"You know that has to be one of the most cheesiest lines I have ever heard, but I am not looking for a one night stand or to date," said Rebecca looking at the man as she took a drink of vodka.

"I like you, you're feisty and I like a challenge," said the man.

She met him again on the way back from work, he pestered her for her name and she was shocked to learned his name.

"My name is Rebecca Johnson are you happy now!" Shouted Rebecca, people were staring at her. She blushed as people continued staring at her, he's so annoying thought Rebecca.

"My name is Apollo,"said the man.

"Were you named after the sun god from the Greek mythology?"Asked Rebecca, she was curious, after all when she was younger her mom used to say that curiosity killed the cat.

"Yes you can say that, so will you go out on a date with me? Only one date, and if you hate it I will leave you alone." Asked Apollo as he changed the subject. She thought about it and thought that he would stop following her.

She nodded and well, what started at one date soon turned to couple. She fell in love with him after their eighth date, he sang her a sweet romantic song but she knew that good things must come to an end.

It was nine months ago that she found out she was pregnant, she was shocked and happy and she was going to tell him but he had broken up with her by that time. She was heartbroken when he broke up with her. I was right, he was going to break up with me thought Rebecca.

Her parents weren't happy that their daughter was pregnant, but they were still excited to become grandparents, her sister was a different story. She had called her sister a scarlet woman, that was when she snapped. Rebecca screamed at her reminding her that John cheated on her with her own sister.

In her second month of pregnancy he showed up at her door, she was angry at him he walked out

"Why are you here Apollo?"Asked Rebecca she was angry at him, how dare he waltz into her life when he broke up with her two months ago.

"I know you are angry but I need to talk to you about the baby,"said Apollo.

"I am not pregnant,"said Rebecca.

"I know the truth Rebecca but I want to tell you the truth about the child,"said Apollo. What about my baby thought Rebecca as she rubbed her pregnant baby. She nodded at him and he told her that the Greek gods were real.

"You've gotta be kidding me, Apollo there is no such thing as a Greek god,"said Rebecca not believing him, he must be joking there is no such thing as Greek gods or demigods thought Rebecca.

"Rebecca I am not kidding and if you want proof then I will tell you this you are pregnant with a girl and if you still don't believe me hold onto my hand for more proof,"said Apollo. She held onto his hand, she closed her eyes and he whispered to her to opened her eyes. She was on top of the Big Ben with Apollo.

"I believe you, now can you send us back to my apartment!" She begged him and the next thing she knew, they are back at her apartment.

"There is a camp for kids like her, she must go there before she is thirteen,"said Apollo.

"Why?"Asked Rebecca. She wanted to know why and she rubbed her belly, not wanting her child to be in any kind of danger.

"As she grows older her scent will be stronger, monsters will try to kill her and thirteen is usually when that happens,"answered Apollo and that was the last time she saw him.

End of Flashback

He disappeared when Rebecca woke up at the sound of her daughter crying, she fed her and sang her a song to put her sleep. I will protect you from the monsters Mya thought Rebecca as she drifted to sleep.

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