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It had been five years since Hermione arrived at camp, she was sad to see Alec leave camp and put Luke as the head counselor. Hermione didn't know what was in his mind when he said this to Layla.

Hermione smiled at the thought of Layla, whenever she had problems that her brother doesn't understand she would go to Layla for advise.

Hermione looked at her mother, little brother and sister with sadness. You would think after a few years she would get use to it but she didn't.

"Mya must you go, can't you stay here with us?"Asked Austin. Hermione shook her head at her little brother, they had talk about this a million times. Rebecca looked at Hermione with worry, her daughter was becoming increasingly distant from them and it doesn't help that they just learned that she was a witch.

"Yea Mya, can't you stay here?"Asked Ashley, she looked like Robert except that she had Rebecca eyes.

"You know I can't Ash,"answered Hermione as much as she wanted to, she knew she can't without putting them in danger. Rebecca hugged Hermione. Hermione went through the Camp barrier.

Hermione was surprised to see Connor waiting for her, he had grown taller thought Hermione, he had grown a few more inches since the last time she saw him. Hermione searched for Travis and was surprised to see there was no Travis.

"Hi Connor, how are you?"Asked Hermione smiling at him.

"How do you know I'm Connor? For all you know I could be Travis" said Connor trying to mess her up and Hermione chuckled at him.

"I have known you for a long time Connor, don't you think I would know how to tell you two apart,"said Hermione. Connor sighed and frowned in disappointment, he knew that Hermione preferred that he smiled so he smiled instead. Connor hugged her. Hermione doesn't know why she was blushing he only gave her a hug.

"I missed you,"whispered Connor to her ear after releasing her from the hug, Hermione felt pleased that he missed her but she doesn't know why or the reason for her missing his hug.

"I missed you too and I have some exciting news to tell you,"said Hermione, her blue eyes glinting in excitement.

"What is it?"Asked Connor looking around hoping that his brother isn't watching them, he was in one of his ninja stages and he was becoming very good at it?

"Well, I got a letter from a special boarding school,"said Hermione excitedly. Connor looked at her and wondered what happened to the girl who didn't like to study a lot, she got good marks because she had photographic memory.

"Who are you and what have you done to the real Hermione?"Asked Connor checking Hermione for a fever. Hermione hit him in the head.

"Does that answer your question?"Asked Hermione innocently as Connor rubbed his head.

"Did you have to do that?"Asked Connor.

"You asked me if I'm Hermione didn't you,"answered Hermione. Connor pouted at her.

"Yeah but did you have to hit me in the head?"Asked Connor. Hermione pretended to think about what he asked before nodding.

"So what's so different from any regular boarding school?"Asked Connor, Hermione smiled at that question.

"Well, it is a school that teaches magic that what,"said Hermione.

Connor looked at her as if she was crazy. Hermione raised her eyebrows at him and dared for him to say it.

"You know there no such thing as magic," said Connor.

"You know the gods are real but you don't believe that magic exist," said Hermione. They started to argue if magic was real or not until they reached Apollo's cabin, they saw Clarisse dragging a new camper to the bathroom. Hermione smiled when she saw it was the boy from her vision and then she frowned. This is the year that Luke will betray us thought Hermione sadly, she was hoping it wasn't going to happen.

"What's wrong?"Asked Connor when he noticed the worry look in her face.

"Nothing, I can take my bags from here Connor, you should go see if your brother needs any help with pranking,"said Hermione, Connor didn't want to leave her alone but he really needed to help his brother prank the Demeter's Cabin.

Hermione took a deep breath before going inside, she needed one last breath before entering the cabin. Hermione smiled when she saw Will playing the lyre and singing, she sneaked up on him.

"BOO!"Shouted Hermione from behind him, Will dropped his lyre and clutched his chest. Hermione laughed when she saw that she made him so scared.

"Hermione please don't do that,"begged Will.

"I promise I won't do that again,"said Hermione crossing her finger behind her back. Will smiled at her and gave her hug. Will looked at Hermione to see any changes, he noticed that she had gotten taller and she looked a bit more athletic.

"So who is the new boy?"Asked Hermione.

"What new boy?"Asked Will looking at his sister, he didn't know what she was talking about.

"Well, I saw Clarisse dragging some boy to the bathroom,"answered Hermione, Will understood what she meant now, so he told her everything about Percy that he heard. Hermione eyes widen when she learned about his mother and she felt like crying for the boy.

Hermione continued to unpack until someone covered her eyes, Hermione smiled at this, she only knew two people who does this to her.

"Layla must you do this every time I come back?"Asked Hermione pretending to be annoyed.

"You are getting better at this, so how was school?"Asked Layla sitting on Hermione bed.

"Well, I got expelled again this time and I got accepted to a special boarding school,"answered Hermione. Layla smiled at the mention of a special boarding school, Layla hoped that Hermione got a letter from a magic school because Allison told Layla a few years ago that Hermione might have magic inside her.

"What did you got expelled for this time?"Asked Layla as she looked at one of Hermione's brother, she didn't get it why that some of the boys forgot to wear shirts not that she was complaining but it must ruin Hermione sight sometimes.

"I hit a boy,"answered Hermione simply. Well, she didn't exactly hit him more like she was defending herself from him. One day when I see Ryan again I must thank him for teaching me how to fight thought Hermione as she remembered how she hit the boy.

"You were expelled because you hit a boy?"Asked Layla disbelieving at what Hermione had said.

"Well, I hit the principle's son."Answered Hermione smirking at this. Layla shook her head and smiled at this.

"So what are you two talking about?"Asked Will sitting beside a blushing Layla. Hermione looked at the two of them wondering what was wrong with Layla.

"We were talking about how I punch the principle son,"answered Hermione. Will looked at his half-sister in surprise out of all the people in camp, she was the least violent person well except the Aphrodite's and Demeter's children.

Hermione felt a headache coming and braced herself for it, she wondered in the Wizardly Word if there is a cure for incoming headaches. Layla looked at Hermione in worry, she can see that Hermione was in great deal of pain.


A boy about Hermione age was in the zoo, he had messy black hair and emerald green eyes and he was wearing clothes twice his size. The boy was staring at a snake and he was talking to it in another language.

A fat boy pushed the thin boy when he saw the snake was wake, suddenly the snake's cage glass disappeared and the snake was let loose and the fat boy was inside the snake's cage. The fat boy tried to get out but it seemed like the glass was back.

The fat boy mother was crying and the father was looking at the thin boy in anger as if he had blamed him for this.

End of the Future

Hermione opened her eyes to find herself in the infirmary, she needed to draw the boy with the raven black hair and green eyes. Hermione could see the sadness and the loneliness in the boy eyes.

She wondered why the Uncle blamed the kid, it wasn't his fault that the snake went out. Hermione knew the boy was like her, a wizard, she could see that he couldn't control his magic.

"Glad your back from the dead,"joked Connor, Hermione felt butterflies in her stomach and she wondered when he came in here but didn't say anything.

"So what happened to you Hermione?"Asked Connor looking at her with worry.

"You know, the usual" answered Hermione and she noticed Layla who gave her the look that said that you need to talk to Chiron. Connor looked at his best friend in worry, he didn't know why but at times she fainted.

"So can I get out of here because I need to draw something,"said Hermione, Will started check everything about his sister was fine before discharging her and Connor sighed he knew that Hermione wasn't going to tell him what really happened. Hermione decided to go to the field where she had met her father.

Hermione was surprised to see her father, she was secretly glad that he was here but didn't show it. Apollo looked the same to Hermione as the last time they saw each other and Hermione took a seat beside him.

"Daddy did you know I was able to see the future when we first met?"Asked Hermione going immediately to the point. Apollo sighed he knew this was coming eventually and he was honestly hoping for the later.

"Yes, Mia I had known since your birth actually that you had this gift."Answered Apollo looking at the sky. Hermione felt tears coming down and Apollo gave her hug, saying comfortably words to his daughter. Apollo was still new on how to be a father to a girl.

"Dad if I go to Hogwarts, how will I know everyone is going to be my real friend and not some fake one?"Asked Hermione wiping the tears from her eyes, she was afraid to go to Hogwarts because most of the time when she goes to a new school all the girls become her friend because she was pretty and when she turned her back for a few minutes they will back-stab her.

Apollo thought about it before answering her question and then he snapped his finger. He had a bright idea and he hope it will work but he make sure it will fade when she is in America and she turns seventeen.

"Mia I will manipulate the mist to change your appearance when you are in Hogwarts or with any wizard however this will work until you are seventeen and you will know by then who are your real friends and who is not. If they accept your appearance by then."Answered Apollo, Hermione thought about it and nodded.

Hermione liked the idea that means nobody will disturb her if she was studying. Hermione then realized that she was here to draw and so she started to draw. Apollo was amazed at the level of determination in Hermione's eyes. Apollo eyes narrowed when he saw a lightening scar on the boy head.

"Hermione who is this boy?"Asked Apollo. Hermione looked at the picture and realized the boy from her vision was none other then Harry Potter himself. Hermione knew she couldn't lie to her Dad since he was the god of truth.

"Dad this is the savior of the wizardly world Harry Potter,"said Hermione, she had gotten her hand in every book that had knowledge of the wizardly world. Hermione can say that Harry Potter have a horrible aunt and uncle from the looks of things.

"Have you met him before?"Asked Apollo.

"No, I have never met him before but I think I will see him when I go to Hogwarts."Answered Hermione, she might have a glimpse of him but that is that. Hermione continued to draw while Apollo listened to music. Hermione noticed Will coming towards them.

"Hermione there you are, I have been searching for you. We got archery practice now,"said Will and then he noticed his father sitting there listening to music. Will bowed to Apollo.

"Hi there Will, how is your mother?"Asked Apollo grinning at Will. Will was speechless, Hermione wondered if Apollo ever visit his sons before.

"Mom is fine father,"said Will who was still speechless. Hermione giggled at this, it wasn't everyday you see him speechless. Apollo nodded at this and smiled at the two of them.

"Oh and before I forget I wanted to give this to the two of you,"said Apollo giving the two of them a present. Hermione got a bracelet and she frowned wondering what the hell she needed a bracelet for and Will got an iPod.

"Um Dad as much as I like the present but what does the bracelet do?"Asked Hermione.

"The bracelet will become any weapon you need when you rub it and you must imagine what you want it to be."Answered Apollo and Will looked at his iPod wondering what it can do.

"Your iPod can hold unlimited amount of music and Will consider this a late fifteenth birthday present,"said Apollo and Will smiled at his father. Hermione rub the bracelet and thought of a bow and arrow and it became a bow and arrow.

"Thank you Dad,"said Hermione and Will. Hermione gave Apollo a hug and Will looked at his Dad awkwardly, he didn't know what to do so he decided on a hand sake.

"You had met Dad before."Stated Will and Hermione nodded, she didn't know what was the big deal.

"Yup five years ago on the day I was claimed,"said Hermione popping the p. As they walked towards the Archery practice, they saw an arrow dangling in Chiron tail. Hermione kept a straight face until he left before laughing.

"What happened to him?"Asked Hermione and she saw Percy looking sheepishly.

"Well, I learned that I am no child of Apollo,"said Percy who looked at the two siblings sheepishly. Hermione chuckled at this, she knew that from what she had just seen.

"My name is Hermione and this is my brother Will,"said Hermione smiling at him. Percy felt relieved that there was someone nice to him beside Luke on his first day in camp. Hermione felt a headache coming and she groaned. Will looked at her wondering what is happening to his sister.


Alec was pacing around what looks like a hospital room, waiting for the news of his wife. A midwife came out of the room and smiled at Alec. Alec, who looked like he hadn't had enough sleep, looked at the midwife with worry.

"You can see your wife now,"said the midwife, when Alec heard that, he ran immediately to his wife side. Holly was holding a baby and she smiled at Alec whom she beckon to come closer. Alec remembered her screaming at him for getting her pregnant and he hopes she isn't angry with him.

"Alec meet your daughter,"said Holly giving the baby to Alec, he looked at the baby in wonder. Alec looked at his wife and child with love.

"What are we going to name her?"Asked Alec looking at his daughter.

"I was thinking Angela Cassandra Vega."Answered Holly. Alec smiled at the name and looked at the baby.

"I like that, she is our little angel,"said Alec. Holly smiled and little Angela was crying for food and Alec gave Angela back to her mother.

End of the Vision

Hermione opened her eyes and find herself in the infirmary, she looked around and noticed Will, Connor, Travis and Layla all of whom were asleep. Hermione felt guilty and then smiled, she was going to win the bet on Holly and Alec about them getting married.

Hermione looked at her brother and best friends, she was lucky to be surrounded with people that cared for her. Hermione knew that she couldn't keep her ability a secret from her brother or from Connor and Travis especially Connor. Hermione smiled when she heard Connor snoring, Hermione saw that only Connor didn't had a blanket.

Hermione looked around before getting up and took an extra blanket from the cabinet to find all but Layla missing and she went back to her bed.

"I see that you are a wake,"whispered Layla and Hermione jumped in surprise.

"I thought that you were asleep,"whispered Hermione, Layla shook her head and sat beside Hermione in her bed.

"Hermione, how long since I dated?"Asked Layla, Hermione didn't know where did this came from and thought about it. Hermione remembered Layla dating a son of Ares before he broke it off, Hermione remembered how angry and bitter Layla became and she smiled when Will cheered her up.

"A year why do you ask?"Asked Hermione.

"Lex asked me out last week but I am not sure whether to accept it or not,"said Layla, she really liked Lex but she doesn't know what to do with her feelings for Doug or her feeling towards Will were.

"Lex as in Lex the son of Athena?"Asked Hermione, Layla nodded at Hermione shyly. They didn't know that Will, Travis and Connor were outside the door hearing this, Will felt like his heart was breaking into a million pieces. Will liked Layla since they were thirteen.

"Yes, but I don't know whether to accept because one I don't know the guy and I don't know my feelings towards him because I don't want to lead him on,"said Layla letting it all out.

Hermione can see it was troubling her friend a lot but Hermione had never liked a guy before nor did she ever kissed a guy before. Will was praying to god that she will not accept it, he was jealous when Doug asked Layla out, he was secretly glad when they broke up.

"Layla if I were you I would try to get to know the guy and then see if you have feelings for him are romantic and not well brotherly,"answered Hermione. Layla looked at her in shocked. Will groaned at his sister, why couldn't she say don't date him and not try to get to know him.

"When did you became wise in romantic department?"Asked Layla.

"I don't know maybe because I spend many time with you."Answered Hermione. Connor didn't mean to eavesdrop but he couldn't help it, one because he wanted to know what they were talking about and two if Hermione will tell Layla about what happened. Connor was surprised to hear them talking about his sister love life.

Travis wanted to beat any guy that was dating his sister, his sister shouldn't even be dating but who is he tell her who she can and can't date. Travis smiled when he remembered what he, Connor and Will did to Doug well you can say now Doug will never looked at a girl the same way again.

"So Hermione do you like anyone?"Asked Layla. Hermione blushed at this and looked at her hands. Connor interest peeked at this and he thought that she looked cute when she blushes. Travis sneaked a peak at Connor and he sighed his brother had that look again.

"N...O I d...don't think so,"stuttered Hermione and Layla grinned. Will payed quick attention to this conversation, his sister was growing up and well he wanted to know who his sister likes.

"Come on you can tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone,"coaxed Layla, she had seen Hermione blushing a few times but she didn't know who she likes. Hermione knew it wouldn't be harmless and well Will is gone so it means the boy she likes is safe from her brothers.

"Well, I think John is cute,"admitted Hermione.

Connor felt sad, he knew that he had feelings for Hermione and Will felt like murdering the son of Demeter. Travis looked at Connor sadly, his brother had been crushing on Hermione since last year, he was shocked when Connor told him this and now he can see that it was more then that.

"So have you heard any news from Alec?"Asked Hermione changing the subject.

"Well, from what I have been told he is planing to propose to Holly,"said Layla, she was the only one who kept in contact with him. Layla smiled when she heard that he was planing on proposing to Holly. It took a long time for Layla to warm up to Holly but she was now happy to call her a sister.

"Hermione what was your vision this time?"Asked Layla.

"I saw Alec pacing around a hospital room and a midwife came in and told him he can see Holly. It seems like in a few years you are going to be an aunt,"said Hermione and Layla squealed. What did Layla mean about vision thought Will and he wasn't the only one who was thinking that,

"A boy or a girl?"Asked Layla.

"Girl."Answered Hermione. Will decided it was time for him to go in there and pretend to be happy.

"Hi Hermione, how are you?"Asked Will putting a fake smile. Hermione can see through that fake smile and saw her brother hurting in the inside. Connor came in next who was a better at pretending that he was happy.

"I am fine so what did I miss?"Asked Hermione.

"Hermione would you mind telling me why you fainted twice in one day?"Asked Will.

"You wouldn't believe me if I tell you,"answered Hermione.

"Mia, I will believe you no matter,"said Will. Hermione sighed and nodded at the two of them to sit down.

"Will do you remembered the day after I was claimed,"said Hermione. Will nodded, how can he ever forget. Hermione had fainted that day, everyone in the cabin was worried about her.

"Whenever I faint, I will get visions. Some of them are scary and frankly some of them can be about quite gross,"said Hermione remembering one of her vision and she felt like vomiting from what she saw.

Hermione can say one thing that she knew how babies were made when she was seven. Will remembered all the times when she fainted, he remembered the time when she was seven. They had been so worried about her and after she woken up, she vomited on Ryan.

"When you were seven what was the vision that made you vomit?"Asked Will. Layla looked at her with interest, Hermione tells her almost all her vision except that one. Hermione blushed but didn't answer the question immediately. Connor can see that she was embarrassed about the vision.

"I can say that if you told me a stork delivers the baby, I won't believe you,"said Hermione. Will rubbed his neck and blushed, Layla whistled and Connor blushed as red as his sister hair, his brothers had given him the talk before.

"So Hermione some of your drawing, do they show the future?"Asked Will changing the subject.

"Some of them are so emotional that I wanted to draw them,"answered Hermione. Connor realized that if Hermione can see the future that means that she might saw his future, Connor wondered if Hermione was a part of it and if she wasn't, he would make sure she was.

The next few weeks were wonderful to Hermione but it was also one of the most depressing. Hermione wasn't shocked to find that Annabeth had gone with Percy on his quest, Annabeth had wanted a quest for a long time.

"Do you think that they are going to be fine?"Asked Connor a week after Percy and Annabeth quest.

"Yup, Percy has Annabeth and Grover,"answered Hermione and she started to play the lyre. Connor wanted to know why she is so relax and not worrying, everyone in camp was worrying about them except her.

"How can you sit there and not worry about them!"Shouted Connor. Hermione chuckled and stopped playing the guitar. Hermione can see that Connor was worried about them, even through it didn't seem like it but Annabeth and Connor did get along but not as well as Hermione and him get along. Travis shook his head at his brother.

"Connor, Percy is a good sword fighter plus he got Annie who is very good in strategy,"said Hermione calmly. Hermione and Annabeth still didn't get along and Hermione sighed. Even through Annabeth is wise, she doesn't notice Luke's behavior at all. Hermione is truly angry at Annabeth for being too stubborn to believe that Luke will betray them.

Hermione frowned when she thought about Luke's behavior, he had became more bitter more withdrawn and more angry with the Olympians.

Hermione took her guitar, the guitar was a birthday present from one of her friends. Hermione was happy when she got it. Hermione played her guitar when she was angry, sad or happy.

Grew up in a small town

And when the rain would fall down

I'd just stare out my window

Dreaming of what could be

And if I'd end up happy

I would pray

Trying hard to reach out

But when I'd try to speak out

Felt like no one could hear me

Wanted to belong here

But something felt so wrong here

So I pray

I could breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes? Till I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget all the ones that I loved

I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Wanna feel the warm breeze

Sleep under a palm tree

Feel the rush of the ocean

Get on board a fast train

Travel on a jet plane, far away

And breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

Wanna feel the warm breeze

Sleep under a palm tree

Feel the rush of the ocean

Get on board a fast train

Travel on a jet plane, far away

And breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway

Connor smiled sadly at the song, he knew how badly Hermione wanted to get away from her hometown. Hermione sighed and looked at Connor, she is happy to go to Hogwarts but at the same time she isn't.

Hermione didn't want to leave her family alone but she knew it will be for the best. Her siblings will be safe and the same can be said for her mother and stepfather. Hermione was happy to leave because she might find a place where she belongs, Hermione knew camp is where she belongs but she knew at the same time when she grows older that she can't be in camp.

"You know, I want to know why you want to be a doctor and not a singer?"Asked Connor.

"Well, because if I become a doctor, I can help people and I would have to keep a perfect image if I was a singer,"answered Hermione. Connor shook his head at her, he can see Hermione going places with that voice of hers.

"You always say that but we can see how much you love music more then healing,"said Travis. You have to be blind not to see it thought Travis. Hermione sighed, she love music but when she sings in front of her mother, she has that sad look and she also didn't want to disappoint her mother.

Connor needed to do something quick to make her smile and so he decided that they should play tag.

"Tag you're it,"said Connor. Hermione smiled and ran to get them, she knew that Connor was trying to cheer her up and she was grateful at that. Hermione started to chase them but couldn't keep up with them.

Hermione went back to her cabin and started to draw, she needed to get her mind off about her family and her worries about Luke. Hermione thought about what she wanted to draw and she thought about Connor, he had been acting weird the past summer and she doesn't know why and then her mind wondered to the prophecy.

Hermione wished she knew about the prophecy but sadly Chiron won't tell her saying it is too dangerous. Hermione knew it was about a child of the big three that will reach sixteen and have a choice but other then that she doesn't know anything.

"Hey sis mind telling me your problem?"Asked Lee taking a seat beside her.

"It's nothing lee-lee,"lied Hermione.

"Hermione I know I might not be close to you as Will but I am still your brother and I know when you lie,"said Lee taking a close look at his sister. Hermione decided to tell him a half-truth.

"I have this weird feeling that something bad might happen,"said Hermione and that's true because in the past week she had a feeling something bad is happening and she knew it wasn't to do with Luke no it was something else entirely and she can't put her hand on it.

It was near the end of the summer and Hermione can honestly say this was one of the best summers in her life. Hermione was shocked to see Annabeth in her cabin and she frowned when she saw Annabeth.

"Annabeth what's wrong?"Asked Hermione as much as she wanted to call Annabeth, Annie she knew she shouldn't unless she wanted a scar.

"You were right,"admitted Annabeth grudging.

"About what?"Asked Hermione as she packed her bags.

"Luke betraying us,"answered Annabeth.

"You know you would have recognize the change in his behavior but of course you didn't,"said Hermione quietly.

"Are you saying that I am not perceptive,"said Annabeth angrily. Hermione raised her eyebrows and looked at her brothers to give them some privacy.

"No, I am saying that you were having a silly crush that you didn't notice change,"said Hermione.

"I do not have a crush on Luke,"denied Annabeth.

"Who said anything about Luke,"said Hermione innocently.

"You didn't notice any of the changes,"accused Annabeth who was trying to change the subject.

"Who said I didn't, I noticed that he was becoming more bitter, more angry and most of all withdrawn,"said Hermione sourly, she noticed them ever since he came back from the quest.

"He wasn't withdrawn, I think I would notice,"said Annabeth but she didn't look so sure about that.

"No you wouldn't because you had a silly crush on him and whenever he was with you he wasn't acting withdrawn but with his brothers and sisters he was, he didn't go play pranks and don't let me get it started when he talks about the gods to a new kid, you can hear a slight trace of bitter Annabeth so don't say I didn't notice any of the changes," said Hermione angrily.

Hermione left Annabeth standing there and went to the barrier, Hermione saw Connor and Travis waiting for her. Hermione smiled at both of them, they always said goodbye to her.

"So Hermione do we get to see you next year?"Asked Connor.

"Connor you know as well as I do that I will be back,"answered Hermione.

"Remember to cause trouble and not be a goody two shoes,"reminded Travis to Hermione. Hermione shook her head at him.

"I don't want to get expelled this time so I don't think I will try cause trouble,"said Hermione. Travis and Connor snapped their fingers and gave her the puppy dog look. Hermione knew what they were trying to do.

"No,"said Hermione smiling at him.

"Come on,"said Connor going on his knees, begging her to cause trouble.

"Let me think about it, no,"answered Hermione. Connor sighed, one day he will make Hermione do a prank in a school.

"Remember to I.M us whenever you have a chance,"said Connor and Hermione smiled at him. Connor thought he was going to faint because of her smiling to him like that to him.

"I guess I will see the two of you next summer,"said Hermione smiling at them. When she reached her family, she was being squeezed by her younger brother and sister. Hermione hugged them back awkwardly, they didn't really hug her that much.

Rebecca looked at her eldest daughter, she was going to have her daughter with her for one week before she goes to Hogwarts and even then she will see her less. Rebecca ushered her children into the car.

"So Hermione how was camp?"Asked Rebecca smiling at her eldest daughter.

"It was fun but Connor had been acting kinda of strange lately,"said Hermione. Rebecca was alarmed at what she was saying, Rebecca heard many things about the Connor kid. Some of them could ashamed Jean, Rebecca smiled sadly when she thought about Jean.

Jean was one of the best liars you have ever seen and it doesn't help that she was also good at sneaking around and stealing, Rebecca remembered the time she highjacked a car.

"Mom, how do I know if I like a boy?"Asked Hermione shyly. Hermione's sister and brother pretended to vomit at what she had just said.

"Mia, do you like a boy?"Asked Rebecca. Hermione shook her head at her mother, she honestly doesn't know but she really wants to know when she grows older if that ever happened. Rebecca sighed, she didn't want to give Hermione the birds and the bees talk yet.

"Well, you think about them a lot, you want to get to know them better and if you have funny feeling in your stomach,"answered Rebecca.

Hermione looked at the twins, they were coloring in their coloring book. Austin was the youngest out of the two being born forty-five minutes after Ashley.

"Mia does this look nice?"Asked Ashley showing her sister, a drawing of a cat. Ashley wanted to be as good drawer as her sister, her art teacher was always telling the class about her sister's artwork. Ashley loves her sister but it was sometimes annoying to be known as Hermione little sister.

Austin shook his head at his twin sister, he knew his sister wanted to prove to everyone she was her own person and not their sister younger sister, he have the same problem as his sister except worse. Some of the older kids became his friends to get closer to his sister and he was secretly glad that she was going to that magic school.

Hermione looked at the picture thoughtfully, she can't say it is bad because at her sister age, it is quite good but not good enough to make her proud but she can see some improvement in her drawing.

"I think it is a good drawing but Ashley you need to practice a bit more if you want to get better,"said Hermione, Ashley beamed at her sister. Ashley knew her sister took drawing seriously and to hear a compliment from her sister about her drawing is very rare.

Hermione looked out the window, she knew that she needed to make sure that she doesn't make many friends and to that she needs to be her opposite. Hermione was afraid to become bossy and not know how to have fun but she knew she will act like that temporary but she still didn't like it.

"Hermione how is Connor and Travis?"Asked Rebecca. Hermione smiled and told her everything, Rebecca heard a lot about Connor then Travis. Rebecca wanted to meet this boy but sadly it seems like he stayed in camp, she wanted to meet the boy who make Hermione laugh and act like a child sometimes.

Rebecca knew in her heart that her daughter, she never acted like a child only in camp, she acted like a child. Rebecca remembered the first time she acted like someone older then her age, it was after she fainted. Rebecca remembered that a few nights after the accident that her daughter was crying but whenever she asked her what happened, she would answer it was nothing.

"Mia how come we never met your friend Connor?"Asked Austin, he wanted to meet the boy with that sense of humor.

"He lives in camp Austin so it will be impossible for him to come here,"answered Hermione sadly. Ashley noticed that her sister was wearing the bracelet, she wondered who gave her sister that and she wondered if her sister could lend it to her.

"Mia who gave you that bracelet?"Asked Ashley. Rebecca stopped the car and looked at her daughter in alarmed, she didn't notice that but then again she never notice when her daughter wear jewelry.

"My father gave that to me,"said Hermione.

Rebecca knew Apollo never had taste when it came to jewelry so she wondered who helped him. They continued to talk through the drive to the airport. Ashley and Austin talked to Hermione what they did in their grandparents house. Hermione pretended to be surprise at what they said because she knew what happened when she I.M her mother a week ago.

"Hermione, you know you don't have to go to that school,"said Rebecca as they walked through security. Hermione sighed as she saw some of the men staring at her mother, don't they notice that she is a married woman thought Hermione, it happened every time they go overseas.

Hermione wondered how Robert deal with them, her stepfather was a jealous man as proven by his action. Hermione remembered one time when her stepfather beaten the crap out of one of the man because he was staring at her mother in the wrong way.

Hermione sighed, her siblings are so young and innocent and she envied them for that. Hermione wondered what it would be like to be naive and normal again but then again what does she knew about being normal, she tries to be normal but she can't.

Hermione looked at the sky, she couldn't help but frowned when she remembered about Zeus and Poseidon fighting. Hermione couldn't believe that Zeus would think that Poseidon would take the Lightning bolt from what Hermione remembers from the stories, it wouldn't be his style and Hermione agrees with Zeus about being paranoid because what happened with the golden net but still it wouldn't be his style.

Hermione felt sleep coming and for once in her life, she welcomed it with opened arms.


Hermione was standing in front of what looks like a ship, she saw Luke who was talking to a casket but Hermione knew he was talking to Kronos and it seemed like they were having argument.

"My Lord why would we need her?"Asked Luke. Hermione felt alarmed and she felt sweat forming in her neck, she needed to know who they were trying to recruit and she needed to know fast.

"The girl can see the future and it will be useful for us if she was with us also she is a powerful witch,"said Kronos.

"She can't see the future, it is impossible my lord," said Luke. Hermione felt like hitting him in the head with a book, it isn't impossible after all and she was proof of that.

"It is possible you insolent boy and she is proof, she is the first one in centuries,"said Kronos. Hermione shuddered at his voice and was glad that they didn't notice her.

"You must find a way to make her join us Luke,"said Kronos.

End of Dream

Hermione had never been more glad that her siblings woke her up. Hermione was glad that they landed and she prayed that Luke will not find her if he had one ounce of kindness left in him.

"How long have I been a sleep?"Asked Hermione as she rubbed her eyes. Rebecca looked at her eldest child in worry, she had been talking in her sleep about some boy called Luke.

"You have been asleep since the flight started sweetie,"answered Rebecca. Ashley and Austin wanted to wake Hermione earlier but Rebecca made sure they didn't.

Ashley and Austin ran to their Dad with opened arms while Hermione smiled at him and gave him a hug.

"I miss all of you too,"said Robert. Rebecca smiled at him, he couldn't come with them this time because they needed someone who could keep an eye on the business while she was away. This was their routine since they got married, one of them go to America and the other will stay in England.

"So how was camp?"Asked Robert as he put the bags into the car. Hermione looked around and notice a beautiful woman with auburn hair but what shock Hermione the most was her eyes, it was a color that she had never seen on people, it was silvery as the moon.

"Hermione are you getting in or not?"Asked Robert.

"I am coming,"said Hermione shook her head and got in the car.

Artemis P.O.V

I was curious to find out more about my idiotic brother's daughter, my brother was breaking the rules by seeing this child. I can't see in any way that they were related, the girl didn't look like him at all well except for the eyes but other then that, she looked like her mother but her eyes seemed to seen a lot things that her age didn't see not even the half-bloods in her camp.

The girl noticed me, she looked at me as if she was shocked. The man whom I presume was her mother's husband asked her if she was getting in or not. Hermione shook her head and got inside the car. I can see her arguing with her younger half-brother about something and I smiled at this, it reminds me on how I argue with Apollo.

Hermione, she is the first daughter of my brother to survive this long. I need to know more about this girl, she might be an interesting addition to the hunt. The girl doesn't even know how special she is to my brother.

I returned to the camp site where I see Zoe ordering rest of the hunters. Zoe has been my lieutenant for a long time, she is the only one who had never strayed from her oath like all the other lieutenants before her.

"Milady where have you been?"Asked Zoe.

"I went to see my brother's child," Zoe looked at me in surprise, she knew of my dislike of men and from what I can see, she is thinking this child is a boy.

"How old is she?"Asked Zoe.

"Eleven." This girl is the first demigod witch in centuries after Athena's child Rowena and we all know the fate of a demigod who have magic, they change the course of the Wizardly world for the better or for the worse and I hope she will change it for the better.

End of Artemis P.O.V

"Wake up!"Shouted Austin and Ashley as they jumped up and down on Hermione's bed. Hermione took her pillow and threw it at them. Don't they know something call sleep thought Hermione as she tried to get herself back to sleep.

"Mommy said if you don't wake up, you don't get pancakes,"said Ashley who was still jumping on the bed. That woke Hermione up, she ran immediately to the kitchen when she heard the word pancake.

"Hi sleepyhead,"said Rebecca giving her daughter some pancake. Rebecca looked at her daughter sadly, today was the day she was going to Hogwarts and Rebecca wouldn't be able to see her everyday or she will hear Hermione complaining about the principle.

"So are you excited about today?" asked Rebecca. Hermione looked at her mom and smiled.

"Yup but I will miss you guys a lot," answered Hermione. Rebecca smiled at this, she looked at the time and frowned. They needed to get to King Cross station before eleven o'clock.

Hermione felt like her headache was coming, she needed to fight back because she isn't going to faint before she goes to school. Hermione was glad that for the first time that she didn't faint and she didn't get a vision.

"We need to get you to King Cross Station now," said Rebecca. Hermione nodded, she ran to her room and get her trunk. Hermione felt nervous, she was going to be a completely different person in this school.

If Hermione was to be honest with herself, she could see why the children of Athena loved Architecture. The buildings were truly magnificent to Hermione, she wanted to go with the people who were touring just to learn more about the buildings.

"We're here," said Rebecca softly. Hermione looked at the platform and frowned, she could see a platform 9 and 10 but she couldn't see a 9 3/4. Hermione looked around to see if there was anyone who could helped them.

Hermione narrowed her eyes when she saw a boy and his grandmother running towards the wall between them. Hermione narrowed her eyes and saw many kids, some her age and others older talking to their family.

"Mom I think I figure out how to get into 9 3/4," whispered Hermione. Rebecca looked at what her daughter was staring at and saw nothing but a wall. Rebecca sighed, her daughter was smart and she can see things very well so she might as well trust her daughter at what she was seeing.

Rebecca held her daughter's hand and Hermione started to run towards the platform. Rebecca closed her eyes and waited for her to hit the wall but instead of hitting the wall, she was standing in front of a train. Rebecca looked at the train in amazement.

"Hermione promise me you will write to me," said Rebecca smiling secretly at her daughter. Hermione gave a sly grin to her mother, she knew that her mother wanted her to I.M her.

She didn't know what was wrong with him, he is her best-friend but something was changing and she didn't know what. Connor face kept turning red whenever he was near her and sometimes he wasn't acting like himself but acting like John.

Hermione took her trunk and try to find an empty compartment. Hermione sighed, she was happy to see an empty compartment. Hermione sighed, she couldn't sit still and that was her problem.

Hermione felt the train moving, she looked at the scenery and smiled. If she couldn't do anything then she might as well draw the scenery. Hermione took out her sketchbook and a pencil, she loved the scenery and thought it would be a perfect way to show her siblings the scenery of England.

"Excuse me have you seen a frog, I have lost my frog," said a chubby boy. Hermione shook her head at him and saw how sad he was.

"You want me to help you find your frog?" asked Hermione. The boy hesitated and then nodded.

"What is your frog name?" asked Hermione.

"Trevor," answered the boy.

"What is your name?" asked Hermione.

"Neville Longbottom and what is yours?" asked the boy. Hermione was wondering whether to use her mother maiden name or her stepfather surname. Hermione decided to use her father surname, it would be for the best.

"My name is Hermione Granger," answered Hermione smiling at him. Hermione started to search for his frog but no one seemed to seen it. Hermione opened the next compartment door hoping to find Neville's frog.

So for the rest of the train ride, Hermione was searching for Neville's frog. Hermione had a feeling where the frog might be. Hermione smiled when she remembered that she made a bad impression on them. She really didn't want to make friends because she learned a long time ago that they can hurt you.

Hermione felt like someone was staring at her, she turned around and notice a boy about her age looking at her with interest. The boy was cute, Hermione wondered if he was a child of Aphrodite because he had shaggy black hair and warm chocolate brown eyes, he also had high cheek bone.

Hermione snapped out of her trance and took the boat with Neville, Harry and Ron. She looked at the lake, she felt this itch to draw again and she tried to resist that urge.

Hermione looked at the castle and she smiled. Hermione had been trying to imagine what this castle would look like and it was better then she imagined.

She couldn't keep her excitement about being here and when she is excited, she talks so she couldn't help herself when she talked about what she read.

Hermione couldn't stand still while waiting for her turn to be sorted. She noticed that everyone else was also nervous and she saw a that boy still had dirt in his nose.

She heard Professor McGonagall call her name and she ran to the sorting hat.

"I haven't seen your kind for a long time," Hermione eyes widen when she heard the sorting hat spoke.

"What is my kind," whispered Hermione, she knew what the sorting hat was speaking about. A half-blood my child and the last one was one of our own founders. I can see that you have the gift of seeing the future.

"Are you going to sort me or not?" asked Hermione. Be patient child, hmm I can see you have a thirst of knowledge but you are too brave to go into Ravenclaw so might as well be

"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the sorting hat.

Hermione was glad that was over and she took a seat in the Gryffindor's table. Hermione looked at the staff's table and she looked at her new defense against the darks arts teacher.

Hermione didn't know what but there was something about him that made her worry. Hermione knew she needs to keep an eye on him and if she makes any friends in this school. She must keep them safe.