Matt walked with Will outside of the building and headed back to Matt's Porsche. They had been doing more research on Abigail's background through a records search at the county clerk but had come up empty. No signs that she had ever had any similar mental problems as her brother who had been institutionalized regularly since high school.

"You think she's psychotic like Dean?"

Matt shook his head.

"No…more like sociopathic which is much different," he said, "but nothing showed up as a criminal record which would be more likely than her being institutionalized."

Nothing had suggested that Abigail was anything but intellectually very gifted and much more driven than her brother. Maybe she'd been compensating for him, maybe she'd just had herself more together and her brother couldn't match her accomplishments sending him into some sort of tailspin. Matt didn't care much about the backstory at this point. He just wanted her to pay for what she had done to his best friend. C.J. had paid too high a price for something she'd only done to save her life.

"She acts so normal…when I read about her including her interview with police after her brother's death nothing stands out."

Matt agreed and he had been as baffled as Will when he'd gone back and reviewed the information. He and Roy had been training Will in investigation even though Will had other ideas what he wanted to do while reclaiming his life. But his cousin always had sharp instincts, probably honed by his years as a POW.

"She did but she might have been plotting even back then," Matt said, "She was the one who collected his body from the morgue and did the funeral arrangements."

"Not many people attended…"

Matt shook his head.

"Just family…he didn't really have any friends. C.J. said he kept to himself in high school and he wasn't out of institutions for very long. His family came from money so they could afford it."

"He was severely depressed?"

"So the paperwork stated but he was much more than that. He was obsessed with C.J. for a long time, over 10 years."

Will shook his head.

"I can't even imagine such a thing," he said, "You think he'd get a clue that she didn't even know he existed."

Matt sighed.

"He didn't care and after he showed up in L.A. he went after everyone who stood in his path. He killed Carl, made it look like an accident right down to the car breaking down and Too-Mean…"

Will remembered him, if it hadn't been for the ex-football player, they would have never gotten away from the war lord.

"He wound up in the hospital right?"

Matt nodded remembering his old friend too.

"Dean didn't look it but he was incredibly strong when he was enraged," he said, "Fast too…he ran away from me quite easily on the overpass until I lost him."

"Then he showed up at the cabin?"

Matt nodded.

"I knew that's where he'd go and one of Hoyt's cops wound up telling him."

After that, Matt hadn't bothered to take a car, he ran straight to the helipad and took the chopper out to the cabin and just in time as it turned out. He'd seen C.J. and a knife welding Dean on the ridge and saw C.J. push him off a cliff to fall 200 feet down to the bottom.

Then he'd landed the chopper to rush to her because she just sat there not daring to look over the edge. He'd just wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Now a couple of years later, they were investigating Dean's sister and Matt felt the past come back. Will hadn't been found yet when all this had played out but part of catching his cousin up on the years he missed had been talking about tragedies like this one.

"She didn't show any emotion at all," Matt said, "I didn't pay much attention because Carl's sister and brother showed up to claim his body and C.J. wanted to do a local memorial service."

"And your mind was on that," Will said, "That's understandable. Houston you can't anticipate everything out there."

"I know that but look at the cost of missing the signs on this one…C.J. having to go through a nightmare."

"Maybe there were no signs."

"Oh there were…there had to be and I missed them all. Then I should have known that her turning on Robert like she did would make him want revenge."

"Robert was locked up wasn't he, after pleading guilty to murder?"

Matt nodded.

"But they weren't watching him close in prison," he said, "He masterminded the whole thing and the Web site…he found out about Dallas and Clyde and how they tied back to C.J. years ago back in Texas…"

"That was slick…maybe he got someone to talk."

"Robert had plenty of time to do his homework and Abigail to help him on the outside."

Matt felt frustrated even though it looked like Robert would be facing more time, Dallas was back in prison and Clyde had been shot dead. Will slapped him on the shoulder before they got into the car to drive off.

"You'll find out a way to bust Abigail," he said, "You're very good at your job and somewhere I'm sure she's slipped up."

C.J. drove back to Roy's house and Millicent said that she'd meet her there with the latest on the court case. She'd tried to convince the prosecutor that Abigail had ties to Robert but so far, no proof. She hoped she and Matt might change that.

"Hi Millicent…"

The prosecutor had walked out into the back garden where C.J. had dressed up in a faded salmon colored shirt and jeans. Roy had been planting some new flowers there and she'd decided to help him, mostly to get her mind off of her case.

"Any news…?"

Millicent sighed.

"No…the police are following leads on Abigail but so far nothing. Unless she's committed a crime…"

C.J. knew the drill. No proof, no probable cause to even bring Abigail in for some serious questioning and the woman had made it clear she wouldn't be volunteering information to Matt.

"I know she's behind it but I do understand the problem," she said, "You need proof and we don't have any."

"I know that giving Robert Tyler more time doesn't mean much since he had a life term but we got Dallas for good."

"That's what they said before but he escaped."

"He's in a much tougher prison this time," Millicent said, "That won't happen again and he'll never be up for parole."

C.J. knew that officially that was the story but she didn't trust in that anymore after what had happened to her. Not that she felt that way about Millicent but what she represented.

"I still don't know what will happen if either of them have enough money to pay off the guards."

Millicent sighed.

"The prisons looked into that and the guards are facing criminal charges," she said, "That loophole will be closed."

C.J. didn't know if she believed that. The problem was too widespread through the different penal systems to ever be controlled.

"Robert probably will take the next deal," Millicent said, "then you won't have to testify at trial."

C.J. got up and brushed her hands on her pants.

"Unless Abigail gets charged," she said, "Because I don't think she'll take the deal."

Millicent shrugged.

"Like I told you, we're a long way from there," she said, "I just believe in being honest and even when you sell me on it, I'll have to convince the DA."

C.J. knew that wouldn't be easy which is why Matt and Will were out looking up records on Abigail right now.

She'd wanted to help him but he'd told her to go to Roy's and get her mind off of it for a little while. He said he'd meet her to help cook some dinner.

Roy walked out to check on her. She and Millicent looked over at him.

"I was thinking that it might be nice to make some lasagna tonight…with salad and vegetables."

C.J. smiled.

"That sounds great," she said, "Houston and Will will be heading on over here soon."

"We might need some salad fixings," Roy said, "I'll head out to the store."

"Oh I can do that," C.J. said, "I'll stop on the bakery to get some tiramisu for dessert on the way back."

Roy smiled.

"That would be great," he said, "Okay I'll start on the lasagna then."

C.J. and Millicent walked out of the house and C.J. said goodbye to the prosecutor who walked to her car to drive off.

C.J. walked to her own car and got inside of it. She started it up and drove down the street towards the supermarket.

Behind her, a blue car that had been parked across the street began following her.