Mikan waking up then was not pretty.

When she opened her eyes, all she could see was a white ceiling. When she looked left, there was a wardrobe, when she looked right, there was a dressing table. Judging by how comfortable she was, she knew she was on a bed. Probably linen or cotton. Her favorites. Definitely, it was sweet except for one tiny detail.

She was tied.


As in 'tied to the freaking bed' kind of tied.

Her hands were tied together above her head and her legs were tied together to the front edge of the bed. The ropes were tight but not tight enough for her hands and leg to be blue. She raised her eyebrow. What had she done to deserve this? Then it hit her. Slowly, the memories of yesterday swim back to her head.

"You stay away from all of them."

"And what may a lovely lady like you doing here?"


"Oh no. . .oh no, oh no. No, Natsume is going to kill me." She imagined smacking her hands to her face. What was she thinking going into the freaking mansion for shelter! She shouldn't have tried that stupid stunt! She should have just walked away, go to a safer and secluded place for shelter! Instead, she went into the mansion, got founded by some weird, creepy guy and tried to run away only to find herself slipping from a roof and fainting. She wanted to bang her head against the wall for her stupidity. If Natsume were here, he would have let her go on with it.

In the midst of self-head-banging, she didn't hear the door creaking open nor the question.

"What's your name?"

Mikan snapped out of her mentally-self-induced-head-banging and found herself in the company of two men. Well, a guy and a kid are more appropriate. She didn't answer the kid's question. That was one of Natsume's rare advices. Never give your name unless they give you theirs. Instead, she went on to checking out her two visitors, better yet, captors.

The kid had an eye patch on his right eye which was weird and a little bit sad. Funny thing was he was wearing clothes that only a noble would wear plus he had a cane. A cane? Why would a noble kid who wears an eye patch own a cane? Shaking the question away for later—if there was later—, she went on to the tall guy beside the boy. The guy was wearing a kind of uniform but she didn't know what. It looked fancy so he must be an important servant, she mused. He wore a smile and his eyes were closed.

The boy let out an exasperated sigh. "I asked you a question." He sounded annoyed.

Mikan never did respond to annoyance well. "It's not polite to ask people for their name before giving yours, right?"

The boy gripped his cane tight before letting out another sigh. "My name is Ciel Phantomhive. What's yours?"

"Mikan. Mikan Sakura. And who's the guy beside you?" she asked, noting that not once had the servant been addressed.

The guy placed his hand on his chest and bowed. "My name is Sebastian Michealis and I am the head butler of this house, my lady." That explained the uniform. The man smiled and finally opened his eyes, revealing his red eyes. Oh no. . .she internally groaned. He was the guys from the other night!

"You're going to kill me aren't you?" Not letting them answer, she continued. "Well, I'm not going to take it lying down!" She took a deep breath and cut the ropes binding her with the wind. As soon as she felt the ropes snapped, she quickly jumped out of her bed. . . .only to fall back into it again when her brain suddenly pounded in her head. "Ah!" she exclaimed in pain. To prevent herself from falling down, she grabbed the nearest thing which was the bed's headboard.

Ciel sat back and merely watched the entire thing happen. He was surprised that the ropes were suddenly cut through but he'll be damn if he showed it. Sebastian had told her all he knew about their little guest but he thought the butler was lying. It was believable if it was a shinigami or a demon to posses such power but a human? A perfectly, normal-looking girl who couldn't possibly be more than twelve years old? It was simply impossible.

But it wasn't.

Well, he reasoned with himself, if there are demons, there's bound to be other things too, right?

Mikan put a hand on her head. There was a bandaged on her head so these people must have taken care of her. Well, that was nice of them, she thought. However, she wanted to believe that they were kind and nice but Natsume warn her before they part to never trust a stranger even if they're kind to you. Even if they whisper sweet things to you. Natsume's advice were the only thing keeping her alive all this years and hell will freeze before she stops following them. Slowly, her eyes drifted to the pair. Her vision was getting glassy from the pain but she forced herself to keep awake.

"You should get back to bed, miss. You've been unconscious for a few days. You have a severe injury to your head thus a concussion. The injury is probably making it hard for you to even think at the moment." The butler's words sounded worried but Mikan knew better even without Natsume's advice. People who wanted to use you always sounds like they're worrying about you when in fact all they want to do is use you.

"Let me go. If you don't I'll kill you and the boy." That's what she knew she could do but at the same time, couldn't do. Even with this power she has, she never killed someone unless she's really forced to. Besides, it was becoming harder to speak let alone use her powers. Her using power just now was forced, not eased out.

"We have no intention of hurting you or using you. We merely want to know you." Ciel saw a hint of sarcastic smirk on the girl's sweat-filled face. He wanted to scream in frustration but he knew she was on the edge of fainting. All he had to do was wait.

"Yeah right. Get know me. Please, I've heard that before and look where it used to get me?" the last part was barely a whisper. Ciel almost didn't hear it if it weren't because there was no other sound on the room.

A few moment of silence grew between them. It was becoming harder for Mikan to stay awake. Sebastian noticed this and stepped out from behind Ciel to moved closer to Mikan. She scowled and took a step away. This pattern repeated itself a few times until Mikan's back hit a furniture. A wardrobe if her memory serves right. She placed her hands at the wooded door of the furniture. Mikan scanned the room, searching for an escape exit, a window preferably. She didn't care that she looked like she was searching for an escape route. When she could find no windows, she cursed. The only escape would be through the doors behind the kid. "Great, just my luck," she muttered.

Sebastian watched the girl in sort of sadistic feeling as she began to panic. He smirked and moved closer to her till she was in arm's reach. He watched her as she desperately tries to find an escape route. He grinned and it wasn't one of those grinned he should be having. If asked, he'll admit to having fun when she flinched as he let out an arm towards her. "Miss, you should be resting."

She shook her head furiously. She wished she hadn't because now her head was throbbing even more. "No, you'll just tie me up again."

"We did that because of procedures. We have many enemies and it's not good if they got away." Sebastian tried to pull off the best pleading tone he had. Oh only if the tingling in his eyes would be gone then it would have been perfect.

The girl shook her head again. Ciel who had been watching the entire thing silently sigh. He crossed his arms on his chest and moved to stand beside Sebastian. "Sakura-san, I give you my word on the name of the Phantomhive that I will not hurt you while you stay here. Neither I nor my servants will. Now, will you rest?" He pull out a hand as Sebastian pulled in his.

Mikan stared at the pale hand with distrust. From the boy's tone, it was clear he wasn't joking and she could sense he was telling the truth. Slowly she moved over to him and grabbed his hands. Like on cue, her vision began to fade and the last thing she could hear was "Sleep well."

Sebastian watched from the sidelines as Ciel carried the girl back to the bed and covered her with the white blanket. This would normally look normally except for the fact he did it with surprising gentleness. Sebastian would have scoffed if he weren't too shocked. Of course, being the hell of a butler he is, he hid it well.

Ciel stared at the girl's face. She had a creased on her forehead, like she was remembering unpleasant thing. Without even thinking about it, he took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweats on her face. When he was done he was back to staring. Normally, he would have left her to Sebastian and went about his mountain of work but somehow, seeing the girl with all her defenses down gravitate him towards her. It was if his darkness and her-supposedly darkness knew each other. Like he could relate to each other. He quickly shook the thought away. It was unlike him to brood over such things.

Taking a last look at the girl, he turned to Sebastian. "Come, Sebastian."

"Yes, Young Master." Sebastian began following his master but stop when Ciel stopped at the door.

"And have Maylene change her clothes."

Sebastian was shocked by the—again—gentleness in his voice before smiling and bowing even although Ciel wouldn't see it. "Yes, my lord."

A few days later, while Ciel was about to start eating lunch, Maylene barged into the room. Sebastian didn't have time to reprimand her for the obvious rude gesture but Ciel beat him to it. "What is it, Maylene?"

"Sakura-sama has woken up!"

Ciel stared at Maylene who's clearly for an order. Ciel sighed. "Dress her and bring her here."

"Y-yes, Young Master!" She gave him a salute before exiting.

While waiting, Ciel didn't dive into the food in front of him. He was a gentleman and a gentleman waits for his guest even though said guess is probably planning on the best way to kill him. But damn if he wasn't tempted to sink his teeth into the chocolate mousse sitting innocently in front of him, just asking to be eaten. He groaned. He was about to pinch the bridge of his nose but the sound of the door creaking open snapped him awake.

"Master, Mikan-sama is here." Maylene's head peaked out from the small opening.

"Bring her in."

"Yes, Young Master."

The door opened a lot wider and enter Mikan Sakura. She was a completely different girl. Her head was tied in a low pony tail with a few strands of hair left at the sides of her face. She wore a rose pink dress which was fairly simple and not eye blinding except for the white lace at the bottom of the dress and the waist line. It looked a bit loose but otherwise fitted perfectly. It had been one of Elizabeth's normal dresses that she sometime leaves at the mansion. He noticed the girl looked a bit loss before Sebastian drew up a chair. "Sit, Sakura-san."

"Thank you." She sat down at the chair and actually gave a small smile to Ciel and Sebastian. Ciel quickly put down his head to hide his small hint of blush. When he was sure it was gone, he raised his head again.

"Would you like anything specific to eat?"

Mikan thought about it for a moment. At the facility—AKA the hellhole—she never really gets to choose. "I don't know. I've never been able to choose anything anyway."

Ciel was about to say something but Sebastian got there first. "Well Sakura-sama, why don't I bring you something of Phantomhive's specialty? Are you a vegetarian?"


"Is there anything you're allergic too? "

"Nuts. All type of nuts."

"Very well, I will come back with something. For now, please enjoy the Kairin tea we had just imported from China."

Mikan merely nodded and watch as Sebastian poured a cup of tea for her. She whispered a 'thank you' and then off Sebastian go. When he was gone, she went on to staring at the brown-ish color tea. The word poisoning came to mind.

"It's not poisoned," said Ciel when he saw the girl beside him stare into her cup.

Mikan gave a curt nod but wouldn't take a sip. Instead, she sniffed it for any suspicious smell. She had been trained to recognize the smell of poison. When there was no 'funny' smell as she likes to call it, she took a sip. Almost instantly the taste of bitter-sweet tea hit her taste bud. It there was no taste of poison so she went on to finishing the tea. She was done in a few seconds. The best thing was, even after it was all drained down her throat, it still left the aftertaste which was amazing. Unknown to her, her food had already been laid down in front of her. She snapped out of her daydream when Ciel cleared her throat. She swiftly looks left and right to see any signs of trouble but there was none. Only when she looked down did she notice the heavenly-looking beef. Her mouth instantly watered at the smell.

Sebastian gave a silent chuckled at the stricken expression the little girl was having and cleared his throat. "This is a roast beef with oyster sauce and a hint of lime. I can assure you the beef is from the best source and top quality. Please enjoy."

Mikan nodded. "Thank you for the food."

Ciel watched with satisfaction when she smiled while looking at the beef. However, he was shocked when the only utensil she picked up from the table was a fork. Then, the shock grew. One moment the beef was still intact and the next moment it was all cut up nicely. His mouth actually dropped a bit. He must have looked like a gaping fish but unsurprisingly, he didn't mind. All he could do was stared at the beef.

The beef was amazing when it hit Mikan's tongue. It was absolutely divine. She was at first lost in her little world but then she felt eyes staring at her. She looked up from the food and stared at Ciel who looked as if he was petrified. He wasn't even blinking which she knew must hurt a lot.

"Um, is there something wrong?" When there was no answer, she began waving her hands in front of his face. Worried was all over her face. When Ciel didn't response, she looked up to Sebastian who was standing behind her. "Sebastian-san, I think there's something wrong with Phantomhive-san. He looks like he just seen a ghost."

This time, Sebastian didn't get to answer. "It's okay Sakura-san, I was just a bit surprised." Ciel had a hand on his forehead as if he was tired. Why wouldn't he be? He just saw another living proof of Sebastian words. Really! This was not how a Phantomhive should be! He needed to stop being so shocked and get his act together.

"Are you surprised because I cut the beef without a knife?"


"Oh. Okay. Well, if you want to kill me because of it, you have to wait in line with the rest of the world. If you're trying to cut the line, well, I won't stop you but don't get mad if you leave with more than scratches." Without another word, she continued eating, all the while ignoring the stares she was getting from the two.

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