Hello there! This is going to be a series of short stories about how different characters interfere with Blaine and Kurt's relationship. This is the beginning, in which Blaine and Kurt are just friends and Finn attempts to make it really awkward for them.

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The doorbell rang and Finn shouted "I'LL GET IT!" Dashing to the door. He opened the door and grinned. So that was Blaine.

"Hi, I'm Blaine." Blaine said.

Finn nodded knowing and replied, "the hot one with the amazing hair. I know who you are."

Blaine looked confused and a bit scared, but Finn continued cheerily. "Kurt's in the other room. I'll show you the way."

Finn escorted Blaine to the living room where Kurt was already pouring over his text books. Kurt looked up as His stepbrother and friend entered the room.

"Hi Blaine!" Kurt grinned, Blaine smiled back and replied "Hello yourself" before sitting on the couch next to Kurt.

"Soooo, what are you two crazy kids up to?" Finn asked, sitting across from Blaine and Kurt.

"We're studying." Kurt replied warily. His stepbrother was up to something, and that never ended well for Kurt.

"Studying? hmmm, in my professional opinion it's a bit early to be studying each other."

Blaine cleared his throat loudly and Kurt blushed. "No, you idiot. We're studying history." Kurt growled.

Finn could hardly contain himself. "Now Kurt, we all know that you've never dated before but I feel if you study Blaine's history you might get jealous of his past loves."

"Not each other's history Finn! US History. There's an exam tomorrow!" Kurt said, glaring at Finn who grinned back mischievously.

"Ahh. Well, you both live in America. And I'm sure that there have been gay people here for hundreds of years, so you can just go back to studying each other." Finn reasoned.

"Finn, just because were both gay doesn't mean that we're instantly going to fall in love with each other!" Kurt exclaimed, exasperated, "We're honestly just friends."

"That's not what you say when you tell me about Blaine. About how sexy he is, how he's an amazing singer, etc." Finn could have swore that he saw Blaine perk up a bit.

"I've never talked to you about Blaine. Ever." Kurt replied, confused, "How do you even know who he is?"

"I stole your phone and went through your texts." Finn said nonchalantly, Kurt glared at him again. "What? I had to make sure you weren't sending dirty text messages or looking up bad things online. He's not by the way Blaine."

"Finn, can you please just get out of here? I really do need to study. If I fail this exam I'm holding you personally accountable."

"Alright Kurt. I'll leave you two. Alone. Together. On a couch. Perhaps I'll even soundproof the room for you..."

"Finn, I swear!" Kurt cut him off, heaving a pillow at Finn's face. Finn grabbed the pillow and threw it back at Kurt, who ducked. However, Blaine was not so fast and was hit in the face with said pillow.

"Kurt!" Finn cried "Blaine is hurt! Kiss him to make him feel better!"

Kurt got up and pushed Finn out of the room, locking the door behind him. He returned to the couch and he and Blaine actually began to study. They got to the year 1893 before deciding to take a break. The majority of the exam was 1700-1900, so they were in good shape.

"I think we're going to do really well on the exam." Kurt decided, flipping through his notes on the remaining years. "The rest of the stuff is really pretty simple."

"Awesome. I hate studying." Blaine said, leaning back and propping his feet up on the coffee table.


Kurt began to shout at Finn, but Blaine was laughing too hard to actually make sense of any of the words.

"It's not funny!" Kurt whined, as Blaine continued to laugh hysterically.

"Sorry...sorry...I...I just...you...hahahaha!" Blaine said between fits of giggles. Tears were actually beginning to form in his eyes. Kurt began to hit Blaine over the head with a pillow until Blaine calmed down.

"Was he serious?" Blaine asked, when he'd finally stopped laughing.

"Yeah. I was trying to be straight. To please my dad." Kurt admitted.

"I HAVE PICTURES!" Finn shouted again.

Blaine laughed again. Kurt scowled at him.

"Any other interesting information I should know about you Kurt?" Blaine asked innocently...and loudly.


"I'm going to murder him." Kurt growled, rolling his eyes.

"Aww, then you'd go to jail and I'd never be able to see you again." Blaine pouted.

"Well, I'd make it look like an accident." Kurt said, and Blaine laughed.


Kurt hopped up and unlocked the door. "Finn, there is no need to shout. We can't understand a word you're saying." He lied. Finn looked disappointed.

"Well, you two can go back to studying. I'll just sit over here." Finn told them, sitting in the love-seat across from them again.

Kurt and Blaine eyed Finn warily, but eventually went back to studying. With most of the years that were going to be on the test reviewed, Kurt and Blaine began to do homework.

"What class do you want to start on?" Blaine asked.

"How about chemistry? We have a few review worksheets to get started on."

"You two don't need to study chemistry, you already have it." Finn interjected.

Kurt ignored him. "Maybe not chemistry Blaine, those worksheets are easy. We can finish them alone. How about math?"

"Kurt plus Blaine equals love. That's math." Finn added, making a heart with his hands.

"Kurt plus Blaine minus Finn equals productivity." Kurt countered.

"Sorry to break it to you Kurt, but no matter how productive you are, you can't produce. You're a guy." Finn replied.

Kurt flushed and Finn grinned. He loved messing with Kurt.

"You know what I mean!" Kurt shouted. "Like productive with homework."

"My mistake." Finn said innocently.

"You know what Blaine, maybe you should go now." Kurt said, eyeing Finn angrily.

"What? Why? It's so fun to have him around!" Finn argued.

"Fun for you. I am not enjoying myself!" Kurt said curtly (Hehe).

"I was enjoying myself" Blaine said earnestly.

"Oh..." Kurt said after a long awkward silence.

"Kurt enjoys you." Finn told Blaine.

"Well, I'm a very enjoyable person." Blaine replied quickly, avoiding the awkward mood Finn was trying so very hard to create.

"Kurt's enjoyable too, or so I've been told. Thus you're perfect for each other. Kurt's room is downstairs."

"You know, Kurt, maybe I should go. It's getting late... and..." Blaine looked at Finn awkwardly.

"We should study at your place next time." Kurt sighed.

"Sounds good to me. See you Kurt. Finn." Blaine left the room. Finn and Kurt heard the door close.

"Success!" Finn shouted, jumping up and pumping his fist in the air.

"You're a jerk," Kurt said, "This is why you can't keep a girlfriend."

Finn glared at his step-brother and stalked out of the room angrily. Kurt had ruined his success moment.

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