Okay, it has been forever since I posted a chapter! I'm so sorry! Okay, so not sure if you remember, but before all of the miscommunication in the last chapter, Blaine Wes and David were assigned by the Warblers to attend McKinley for a week. Chaos will ensue. But the good, hilarious kind of chaos!

(I don't own Glee. I really hate that I have to admit it.)

It was 5:50 AM and Blaine and Kurt were on the phone.

"Blaine, calm down! What's the matter?"

"What do I wear? I have to be fashionable, yet not too flashy. I have to be comfortable but I can't look too relaxed. I don't know how you do this every day, Kurt!"

"First of all, I doubt you'll look too relaxed." Kurt joked. Blaine made an annoyed noise and Kurt continued "But… I'd say the skinny jeans we got you and the black shirt… With that silver vest over the top of it. Oh, and the white scarf! So, no not the silver vest the white one."

"Okay… Thanks Kurt, you're the best."

Kurt chuckled and replied "No problem. See you at school."

After trying about 20 different outfits Kurt settled on something simple. He had light blue skinny jeans and a navy jacket with big buttons. He had decided on a hat instead of a scarf, which currently sat atop his perfectly fixed hair.

Kurt started his car and Finn hopped in the passenger seat (Kurt wouldn't let anyone besides himself drive his car on principle).

"Hey, Finn guess what?" Kurt asked, he had wanted Blaine's presence to come as a surprise to the rest of New Directions, but he couldn't contain it anymore.

Finn made a noise between a grunt and a grumble to acknowledge Kurt's question (Finn was not a morning person).

"Blaine's coming to McKinley for the week!" Kurt exclaimed.

Finn sat up quickly and bumped his head on the low ceiling of Kurt's car. "What?" He asked, astonished.

"I said, Blaine's co-" Kurt began again, agitated.

"No, Kurt. I heard you the first time I just… Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Kurt replied, genuinely wondering.

"Dude, people give you crap for being gay every day… Having your..." Finn paused awkwardly at the word 'boyfriend' "…Having Blaine around might not be good for either of you."

"You mean because he's my boyfriend?" Kurt asked agitatedly.

"Well, yeah." Finn told him weakly.

"Blaine and I will be perfectly fine. I can handle the jocks by myself." Kurt said.

"Alright, I just don't know if this week's going to end well."

Kurt parked and headed toward the school. Blaine had a visitor nametag on and he had a schedule printed out, although he didn't need it because he, Wes, and David were attending classes with Kurt.

Wes and David were wearing their Dalton uniforms and looked awkward and out of place. Other students were giving them odd looks as they passed by on the way to their classes.

Kurt hurried over to Blaine and his friends and showed them where their first class was.

They flew through the day easily. Kurt was already ahead of most of his classes and his Dalton tagalongs were so far ahead of all of McKinley's classes that they simply sat and mocked other students and teachers (well, Wes and David did, Blaine sat in a respectful silence until the teacher's lecture was over).

The only class the three Dalton boys did struggle in was Kurt's French class. Wes and David were both taking Spanish and Blaine had opted to take Chinese. Kurt spent the entire class period either insulting his friends or flirting with Blaine in fluent French. The teacher didn't understand most of what he was saying anyway, but the looks on the other boys' faces as he spoke to them was hilarious.

When the final bell rang, the four boys headed out of the classroom and toward the choir room. They were walking along when Kurt heard a farmiliar voice behind him call "Hey, Porcelain!"

Kurt froze. "Okay, you guys go to the choir room. It's down the hall to the left, room 103. I'll be right there."

Wes and David took one look at the cheerleading coach and followed Kurt's directions. Blaine however told Kurt "I'll stay. By the looks of it you might need backup."

Kurt grinned as Sue reached the two of them. "Who's your friend, Porcelain?" Sue asked suspiciously.

"Oh, this is Blaine Anderson. He's just visiting for the week from Dalton."

Sue looked Blaine up and down, judging him, then replied "You know, I thought that when I'd met one Will Schuster that I would never see someone with more product in their hair. But you… you just proved me wrong and honestly I find it disgusting."

Blaine raised an eyebrow and said "What's your problem? You're not even a teacher!"

Kurt's mouth dropped open at the same time as Sue's. No one ever talked back to coach Sylvester.

"Coach, he has no idea what he's saying. You see… he's, um, he's just not feeling well that's all."

"You know what I think? I think that that much hair product is what's making him delusional." And with that Sue grabbed Blaine by the ear and pulled him into the women's bathroom. She shoved his head into the sink and turned on the water. When she felt the product was gone she pulled Blaine back up.

At the sight of Blaine's hair, Sue and Kurt both began to hyperventilate. Sue because she had never seen anyone with such awful, curly hair and she honestly found it both offensive and morally wrong. Kurt hyperventilated because he had never seen Blaine without hair product and was so overcome with the urge to grab Blaine and kiss him that he began to bite his fingers to restrain himself.

Kurt, realizing that Sue was in shock, took the opportunity to grab Blaine's hand and pull him out of the bathroom and down the hallway toward the choir room. Sue was in such a state of horror that she hardly noticed.

Outside of the choir room, Kurt simply stood staring at Blaine's hair.

"Why do you put gel in your hair?"

"Because I don't really like it like this." Blaine replied bluntly.

With that Kurt pulled Blaine into a kiss and said breathlessly "Well I really do like it like that."