Another Chance at Love

Chapter 1: Lady Margaret

Sitting by window I looked out at the lovely scene before me, as I waited for Lady Margaret, Roy's mother. A few days ago I had received a box of roses with a letter from Roy saying that his mother was coming to town and that she wanted to meet me.

I had heard so many good things about his mother and how kind she was. Kitty my best friend thinks this is all a fantasy and things like this just don't happen like this.

I knew from the moment I met Roy on the bridge that there was something special about him. Talking to him while we were on the Underground Railroad I could tell there was just something about him. When he came to the Ballet I was so happy to see him. In fact I about stopped during the performance I was so shocked. How mad Madam would have been.

A smile came to my face as a small laugh followed soon after. That was a joke on Madam when we told her I was going to be married. Sadly, soon after Roy was called off to the front. I was heartbroken and did everything to see him off, but his train was leaving as I arrived. I saw a glimpse of him as he left my life for a short time.

Before long it felt like I had been sitting here for quite some time. People came and went as they talked and laughed as if the war wasn't going on.

Looking at the clock out of the corner of my eye I noticed that it read 5:30. I've been sitting here for nearly two hours. Sighing deeply and heavily a waitress walked by. "Excuse me miss, but could you tell me if an older lady has come through? Perhaps she hasn't seen me." I tell the waitress.

"I'm afraid not. Would you like to look at the evening paper?" the waitress asked looking at me with a smile. "I'm sure she will be here shortly."

"Of course," I said taking the paper from her with a smile. The waitress was right she would be here any moment now. "Maybe she got held up in Scotland or maybe her train left late? " I told myself as I looked on the bright side of things. However, the brightness would soon fade as I found my eyes drifting to the paper.

No, I'm not going to put myself in that spot. I told myself as I tried looking out the window yet again. Little that did, I found myself thinking about the paper as my mind began to race, wondering if Roy's name was on it. Could he be wounded? Could he be lost? Or, no, I wasn't going to think about such a thing. Of course he wasn't dead.

He told me that my lucky charm would see to it that such a thing didn't happen. However, I couldn't hold it back much longer. I simply had to look. Taking a deep breath and shutting my eyes for a quick moment I thought about the positive things. Opening my eyes I picked up the paper and began looking.

Wounded officers: Allen Richard, James Smith, William Kan, My eyes flew through the list as I franticly looked for Roy. Finally to the end of the list, oh, thank god he wasn't there. Feeling a little hope rise up in me I began looking at the lost in battle.

Charles Hampton, Edward Lane, John Miller and many others were on the lost list. Another since of hope I moved onto the next list…the fallen. I could feel my heart in my throat.

My hands began to shake as I gripped the newspaper, while my heart began to beat fast. What would I do if he was on the list? I shook my head and told myself not to think such a thing. Guiding my eyes through the list I came a crossed many men that I had seen and met before. Looking, looking and looking as my heart picked up phase while my hands began to sweat and mind still raced as all I could think about was the unthinkable.

Cronin, the newspaper slipped from my finger tips and fell back into the table. I could feel my breath being taken from me. Shutting my eyes and leaning my head back a smile came to my face. He wasn't there, he wasn't there. Oh, thank god Roy wasn't on the list. He was still alive and fighting for this country and would soon be coming home to his, country, to his mother and to me. Opening my eyes I saw a woman standing there. She was rather tall with light gray hair with little strands of brown in it. She wore rather lovely cloths and looked rather wealthy. This must be Roy's mother.

"Are you Miss Lester?" the lady asked very sweet like.

"Yes," I answered as I smiled at her. The lady sat down and ordered her things.

"I'm terribly sorry that I'm late. My train was held up by fifteen minutes." Lady Margaret said as she took her white gloves off. "I hope you haven't been waiting too long on me."

"Of course not," I answered I wasn't about to tell her I had been waiting here for two hours.

The rest of the evening went rather well. I learned quite a lot about Roy and his family over the past hour and a half we sat there talking. Roy had a younger brother named Edward who was two years younger than he. Roy grew up in Scotland most of his life had wanted to be a Captain in the army most of his life.

His family originated from England then moved to Scotland when the 1900's began. His father Jack was a Captain in the army, but was killed during a battle when Roy was a boy.

The Cronin's weren't always as rich as they are now. When his mother and father were first married all they had was a roof over their heads and lived day to day on money Jack would get taking newspapers to local business. Soon after Jack began work at an office building and soon was bring more money home then he knew what to do with.

As the hour went on I had learned so much about his family that I couldn't wait to marry Roy. Before long the sun was set and the street lights were lit. Saying our goodbyes I began my way home with a smile on my face. I could just tell that from now on it was going to be different, very different.

A/N: I've always wondered what it would have been like if Myra had never seen Roy's name in the paper and they lived happily. What do you think?