The Christmas Memory

Chapter 1:

AN: This is a saddle club twist off of a true story. Merry Christmas.

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Saddle Club.

It was almost Christmas time, and school was finally out for the holiday break. Lisa Atwood climbed into the back seat of the car unsure about weather or not she was excited about the day's shopping trip with her mother, grandmother, and younger sister, Melanie.

Lisa loved going to the mall with her best friends Stevie Lake and Carole Hanson. Sometimes they would even ride their horses Starlight, Belle, and Prancer to the beautifully decorated stores.

But Lisa knew that this time would be different. Melanie didn't like to shop. She only wanted to go to one place, the bookshop. Lisa had been taking her little sister there since she could remember, often compromising her time to shop for herself, family, and friends.

When they picked Melanie up from school she talked on and on about her Christmas party. Unlike when Lisa was in school Trotter Elementary let the children leave school at noon after their celebration.

"Brittany got an equestrian dominos game. It had pictures of horses from countries all over the world. Who in the world would want that. That was such a stupid gift."

"That sounds like a nice gift," Mrs. Atwood said.

Lisa thought so too. She could just see herself in the hayloft of the barn with Stevie and Carole playing with the game.

"But who would want it?" Melanie insisted.

"Well anyone," said Granny Atwood. "It is a regular dominos game like was popular when I was young. They've just decided to dress it up a bit."

She handed Melanie a crisp bill to spend at the mall. Melanie quickly pocketed it without another thought.

When the four of the arrived at the mall, Melanie announced the she and Lisa were going to the bookshop first.

"No, we're going to eat first. You can go to the bookshop next," said Granny Atwood.

"I don't want to go shopping," Melanie whined.

"We aren't going shopping. We're going to eat," Granny Atwood replied firmly.

"What do you want to eat, Melanie?" Lisa asked trying to lighten the mood.

"I don't know," Melanie mumbled as she rubbed her tearing eyes.

"Do you want a cheese pizza?" Mrs. Atwood asked knowing that was one of the few things that her daughter would eat.

"Yes," said Melanie.

Granny Atwood and Mrs. Atwood shared a salad. Lisa had pasta. She wasn't even half way through her meal before Melanie shouted, "I think we should split up. Lisa and I will go to the bookshop, and you two can do whatever it is you like to do."

"Are you ready to go to the bookshop now?" Mrs. Atwood asked while giving Lisa a look.

"Yeah!" yelled Melanie, and that was that.

"Do you have any money?" Mrs. Atwood asked.

"I don't know," Lisa replied.

She watched as her mother dug in her purse. She handed Lisa some money.

Lisa took it reluctantly. She wished her mother wouldn't do this. Melanie always assumed that the money was for her, and it was starting to become a predictable habit with her.