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December 13th, 2020

"Stan! Wake up!" Kyle screamed running into my room in hysterics. "Get your shit! We gotta go out of here NOW!"

I jumped out of my bed without thinking and run strait for my closet, pulling on a pair of jeans as I threw all the stuff I could into my grey duffel bag. "Goddamnit! What's going on?"

Both of my roommates grabbed my bag, Kenny looked over his shoulder as they jogged out of my room, "Cartman started the 'Free For All' act. I'll tell you about it later. Get all the knifes and paintball guns, any kind of weapon you can think of. Meet us at your car in five minutes." That's when a bomb shook the building. Screams were coming from every direction, I knew we were in deep shit but, I did as I was told, slipping on my combat boots I ran around our apartment searching for hazardous items.

Once I had all the weapons I could find I sprinted out of the apartment building. Downtown Denver was in total chaos, buildings burning, people shooting each other, children crying. I've never seen anything like this, not even in video games.

I ran through the cross fire of Bakers Street to my SUV where Kyle and Kenny were loading our things in the back. Once I reached the Hummer they had finished packing, so I threw my stuff in carelessly and closed the door, noticing a hello kitty bag among our things, which I knew none of us owned. But I brushed that aside and jumped into the back seat.

I landed on something soft and light blue, Butters' lap. "What the fuck?", but as soon as the door was closed the SUV was set in motion.

Most of the roads were littered with wrecked cars and dead bodies, a truly disgusting sight. "Butters offered some guns and food if we let him come with us." Kenny said blankly, everyone took a sigh of relief as we got on the main highway to leave Denver.

Great. I thought, "Ok, so what's this free for all thing? And why the HELL is everyone killing each other?"

Kyle, who was sitting in the front passenger seat of my hummer, turned around to look at Butters and I. "Cartman overthrew the government, he's now dictator." Holy. Shit. We're. Screwed. He's changed the U.S. into The Divided States Of Cartmania."

"Wow, that's a shitty name man." I sighed, trying to act as cool as I could, I didn't want the others to know that on the inside I'm freaking out. I looked out the window at all the destruction, the skies were a dark red, like the blood of all the dead had evaporated into the sky, turning it red as a reminder of how horrible things were right now.

Butters finally spoke after a few moments of complete sinlence, "Well geeā€¦. I can't believe Eric would do somethin' like this." Kenny and Kyle erupted into laugher, I scoffed, this kid was too innocent for his own good, I thought to myself.

"I can, fatass has been evil from the beginning. I just can't believe I didn't see this coming." Kyle stated.

Kenny nodded his head in agreement., "Yah Butters, I saw it coming when he became president. I didn't know he'd go this far though."

"Ok, no one has answered my question yet!" I pointed out.

Kyle sighed, "Ok dude. While you were sleeping Kenny and I were watching the morning news in the kitchen. The anchorman came on and explained the act to everyone, you have free reign to kill whoever you want for 5 years. And on July 4th, 2021, Cartman will let whoever is still alive leave the country. No one really ahs a choice dude, if we don't play, we die. And the game started at 7 this morning. Kenny and I knew we'd be dead by 8 if we didn't get the hell out of Denver. So here we are, 8:30 and still alive."

That shut me up for a while, leaving me to my thoughts Kenny turned on the radio, which I was surprised by. Wouldn't you think the broadcasters would either be dead or out on a killing spree? Oh well. That's the least of our worries right now.

An hour had gone by in complete silence. Barely anyone was out on the highway, and the ones who were didn't pay any attention to us, they probably had the same goal in mind, getting as far away from the chaos as possible. It wasn't till we had to stop for gas about 30 miles from South Park did we run into trouble.

Kenny and I had gotten out of the car, armed with paintball guns. Why paintball guns? Because neither of us wanted to kill anyone if we could help it. Kenny started up the pump while I stood watch, making sure no one was stalking around. Everything seemed fine, so I let me guard down a little bit. But that was a huge mistake, for as soon as I let my gun fall to my sides shoots were fired at us. Kenny hit the deck and crawled under the Hummer to shoot from below, while I shoot towards the source of all the violence. I did rapid fire at the store's windows, and after 20 shots or so I heard a scream.

"Goddamnit man!" I heard the perpetrator yell from behind the glass. I cautiously inched my way up to the source of heavy breathing. I look over the broken glass thinking what I would find would be a stranger but, what I found was not what I had expected.

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