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Chapter 1

It had started out a normal day for one Abigail Kirkland: she'd woken up had her breakfast, gone to work at the book-shop, stopped herself from screaming at several of the more annoying customers and was now walking home at 6 pm. The 21 year old was one of the few out on the streets, it was winter so the sun set a lot earlier and no human wanted to be out when it was dark. She walked briskly down the main streets of her town tightly clutching her coat together against the icy winds, inwardly cursing the late delivery that had caused her to wait. Thankfully a couple of the street lights were still working and Abigail made sure that she stuck to the lighter side of the street.

One or two cars drove quickly down the road and she watched them with thinly veiled envy in her eyes, but her job didn't exactly bring in the money and she had...other commitments to pay for. Fiercely wishing that she was back home with a nice hot cup of tea she walked forward, her eyes glancing from side to side nearly every minute. The town wasn't big and there was no reason to suspect that one of them would be in the relatively insignificant place. Still, every human was taught to never be outside during the dark, just in case. Abigail had always adhered to the rule because she had seen first hand the consequences of breaking it. Always. Until tonight.

Shaking her head she focused on getting back to her house as fast as possible. She'd be able to call her mum and talk about nothing, begin planning her Christmas shopping and curl up in her nice warm bed. She just had to get there first. The lights in the buildings were starting dim and the tell tale noise of curtains being drawn seemed to echo in the silent street. The only sound came from the crunching of her boots in the snow. Soft white flakes floated down from the sky and her nose wrinkled when one landed on it.



A shudder went down her spine as old memories filled her head. She caught sight of the town hall where the date was displayed: 5th December 2019. Nearly 60 years since the demons had first appeared. 1960, they had revealed themselves to the world; monsters that lived in the darkest depths of nightmares and fears. There had been bloodshed and violence after the "discovery" and although there were less of them the demons had nearly destroyed humanity. They were born fighters and 1 demon could take down nearly 20 fit human men on its own. Then someone had decided that it had to stop. Despite their strength demons were dying as well as humans.

So a compromise had been made. The humans could have the day and the demons would have the night. Any species out at the wrong time would be at the mercy of the others. Of course there were exceptions to the rule. Some demons and governments worked better together than others and it varied depending on which country you lived in. Then there where the humans who were fascinated with the demons; they were exotic, mysterious and apparently very sensual. She'd heard of "night-clubs" which were places where both species could go to at any time. 3 Rules had been created to try and ensure that the two races would stay as separate as possible:

1) Humans rule in the day, demons rule in the night – which meant that you were subject to their laws at night.

2) No human or demon should ever have a child or fall in love – she'd read that this was one of the laws that the humans had insisted upon at the agreements.

3) There must be no alliances against a group of demons or humans between humans and demons.

Abigail was never sure what to make of the demons, in her life she'd met two and it wasn't in a great situation either. Not to mention nearly every week there was a tale of some man or woman that had been abducted when they hadn't made it inside in time.

A howl pierced her thoughts and her pace suddenly increased. Telling herself that it was just a dog did nothing for her imagination and a terrible feeling of foreboding descended on her. Why hadn't she just gone home when it was light? Why had she waited for the damn delivery? Because she was Abigail Kirkland and had a stubborn streak 30 miles wide. Maybe that was why her last, and first, boyfriend had left.

Suddenly everything within her froze. Someone, or something was watching her. The rate of her heartbeat went up sharply and the clammy wetness of her hands was hardly reassuring. Ever so slowly she turned her head around to see what it was. Her breath exhaled in a sharp gasp as she saw the shape in the shadows of the street.

It looked human and for a second she felt safe, then it raised its hand into the street light. Illuminated under the glow was a red claw. The demon stretched it out to her and spoke a single word.

"Come with me." The deep guttural voice struck a cord in her, like she'd heard it before and for a second she actually felt her body turn towards him, because the voice was definitely male. Then her sense returned from their vacation and she stepped back, shaking her head. This didn't please the demon at all.

"Come here now female." The voice resembled more of a snake this time. The blatant command caused her skin to burn and a scowl appeared on her face.

"No." Pleased that her voice didn't shake she continued to back up, praying that she would be able to reach her house quicker than he could get her. It was just around the corner and the instinct to run was beckoning unbearable. A growl erupted from the demon and he lowered himself to a crouch; as if he could sense that she was going to run.

"Don't do it female." The warning shimmered in the air between them and did nothing to ease the tension in her. Silence.

One heartbeat.


She ran. She turned and ran faster than she ever had before. Animalistic instincts buried in her mind resurfaced with a sudden clarity and she forced her legs forehead. Her mind blank except for the need to get to safety away from the predator that was behind her. An enraged roar sounded behind her and she could hear the thump of his run through the blood throbbing in her ears. Her feet hit the ground with steady thuds and she was nearly there.

Her eyes narrowed on her door and she could practically taste freedom, she only had to make it a couple more meters and she would be safe.

But he was faster. His breath was on her neck and she could almost feel the scratch of his claws against her legs. A sudden swerve to the right saved her but also meant that she was heading towards a straight stretch of road; away from her house. Unfortunately, the move only bought her a couple of seconds.

A pair of muscular arms encircled her waist and now she opened her mouth to scream. A claw covered her mouth and something hit the back of her head. Her vision tunnelled and she could feel her body going limp. Her last thought before she faded into unconsciousness was that she should have just collected the stupid delivery tomorrow.

Her body fell forward in a faint and would have hit the floor if the arms around her waist hadn't held her up. The demon gently manoeuvred her into his arms, a clawed finger almost reverently stroking a piece of blonde hair that had come loose from the bun. A strange purring noise emitted from his throat and he crouched down on the road with his precious cargo. He couldn't believe his luck, her scent swamped his senses and he took in a deep breath, revelling in the emotions flooding his body. It as her scent that had first led him to her. He'd been looking for amusement as usual during the night and had found a very willing human female who had been eager to bed a demon. As much as his kind were feared by humans they were also lusted after and admired.

He'd been about to accept the offer when the most amazing scent he'd ever smelt had filled the air; blown by the bitter wind. The mix of apples, cinnamon and strangely enough sea water had caused his mind to a screech to a halt and he had immediately gone hunting for the owner of it.

He looked down at her once more. She was of an average height and felt worryingly light in his arms. Long blonde hair was scraped up in a severe bun and the green eyes he'd seen before were now shut. Her face was pretty and her lips looked delicious. Biting back a growl he reached round and cut the flimsy band holding her hair back.

Waves of silky gold cascaded over her face and for a second he swore that he was holding an angel rather than a human. Swiftly shaking his head he stood up and pressed the unconscious female to his chest as a pair of leathery black wings unfolded from his back. His feet pushed off the ground and he was launched into the night.

The icy wind buffeted his face but he paid it no attention, his focus was on the scenery below and his eyes scanned for a safe place to take his treasure. Despite the unbreakable rules between them some humans still persisted in trying to destroy his kind, they searched for them during the day and he'd lost more than one friend to the violent nature of humans. In his long life he'd encountered only a handful of humans whom he could truly respect or trust, the scars on his chest and back where a vivid reminder of the hatred of humans towards him and his kind. He glanced down at the woman in his arms. Human. Fate must have a sense of irony. He idly wondered what would happen if he dropped her. His life would be simple again and he could carry on as he always had. This female would only bring trouble.

None of that mattered.

He'd finally found her.

There was no way he would let her go.

He couldn't.

He smiled when he spotted the home of one of his friends close by. Good. He'd be able to sort this out and decide what to do. Bringing her back to his home was, at the moment, impossible. His guest would be far from pleased. He dived down, smiling as the euphoric feeling of falling washed over him. He loved to fly. Just as he was about to hit the ground his wings outstretched and he landed with a slight thump.

Refolding his wings he walked forward and, moving the female onto one of his arm, knocked on the door. A muffled groan was his reply.

"Whoever you are go away, I've just woken up and the awesome me is not in a good mood." He snorted and knocked again.

"You wouldn't open the door for an old friend?" There was a sudden silence form the other side then a scuffle of movement.

"Toni? Is that you?" Antonio groaned at the use of his old nickname and raised his hand to knock a third time. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that his friend opened the door. He winced as his fist made contact with Gilbert's skull and sent the male flying back into his house.

"Mein Gott! What the hell was that for Toni?"

"I'm sorry. But Gilbert-"

"Going to give me brain damage I'm sure..."


"That is going to leave a bruise-"

"Gilbert I-"

"Why are you so un-awesome Toni?"

"Gilbert." The darker tone of voice caused the albino demon to look at his friend, the usual green eyes were bleeding to a darker more sinister red. Gilbert simply shrugged his shoulders and stood up.

"So why are you here?" Antonio simply looked down and Gilbert followed his gaze and stiffened.

"Antonio, why do you have a human female with you?" Gilbert looked sharply up at his friend. "You've never taken a human off the street before, except for well-"

"I know." He cut off his friends words. "I need to keep her somewhere whilst I have...my guest over." Gilbert blinked.

"You want to keep her?" Antonio nodded. "What the fuck are you thinking? Number one: Why would you even want to? Two: she's human. Three: This is the least awesome idea in history!" With each word he was getting closer.

"I need you to do this Gilbert." He could feel his anger beginning to rise and knew that he needed to keep a calm head.

"Why?" Red eyes clashed with green and Gilbert took in a deep breath. Before his spine suddenly stiffened.

"She's my mate Gilbert." The one that every demon hoped that he or she would find. The other side of them. The only one whom they could have children with. A growl came from Gilbert and Antonio looked at his friend. The males posture screamed defiance and challenge.

"No she's not Antonio." His patience rapidly coming to an end he clenched his teeth.

"Yes she is Gilbert, I know her scent." Gilbert shook his head once more.

"That's impossible old friend."


"Because she's mine."

The silence seemed to drown the room as the two of them stared at each other in the darkness of the room.

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