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Chapter 5

Abigail stared at her co-worker. She stared some more, and then some more. Only the fact that she had two supernatural creatures with her prevented her from going over to the third supernatural creature in the room and throttling him. Heracles was a demon? What was wrong with her that she was unable to interact with her own species but with demons she was fine? She could feel all their eyes on her and a voice in the back of her mind calmly told her to react sensibly to the situation and not cause any panic. With that in mind she walked towards Heracles with a quiet and restrained air. She looked him in the eye. Registered his own eyes widening and slapped him.

"You're a demon?" If she hadn't been so angry she would have been impressed by the pitch her voice was able to reach. Antonio and Heracles flinched whilst Gilbert actually whined. She just glared at the man whom she'd actually grown to like. For the first time in a while she had a real friend, at least she thought that she had. He'd made her laugh the first time they'd met and despite their completely different personalities they'd worked quite well together.

"Abigail I-" he looked genuinely sorry and raised a hand to her face. Only for two low growls to come from the males behind her. She turned to face them, they'd shifted back into their demon forms now and were trying to murder him with their eyes. The book-seller was sure that had she moved from in front of Heracles the two would leap at him. As pissed off as she was at him she didn't want him ripped to pieces. Then again Antonio had said he was strong...No a fight was not what not she needed right now.

"There a problem dog?" OK, what kind of history was between these two to make Heracles, calm, lazy, sleepy Heracles glare at Gilbert than that. The only time she'd seen him get angry was when he'd been on the phone to that guy last week. The shop phone had wrung and she'd answered it to hear this guy with a funny accent asking for that "bastard Heracles". Her co-worker had been in a horrible mood for the rest of the day.

"Step away from Abby, and get over here so I can rip your face off." Abigail blanched at the threat but Heracles only hmmed and stayed where he was.

"Be serious dog. You wouldn't have a chance against me. Now take the dragon and leave."

"No can do gato, you're near our mate and from the sounds of it have been for quite a while. We can't leave you alone with her." Heracles's eyes had widened at the word mate and Abigail felt that sinking feeling in her stomach. Please no, please don't tell her that...

"That's impossible." The Greeks words came out a little quicker than usual and his posture straightened up. Gilbert snorted but didn't get up from his crouched stance.

"We know, a demon only has one mate bla bla bla. But this is an awesomely different situation than usual-"

"No you can't be her mate because she's someone else's." Abigail blinked. Then she blinked again and looked across at Antonio and Gilbert; who were torn between a look of shock, denial and anger. Abigail's reaction was much more simple.

"WHAT!" Cue the winces. "Heracles you have one minute to explain to me what is going on before I castrate you, demon or no." He smiled thinking she was joking but her expression remained stony and the grin disappeared.

"OK, should we go into the back." The two yells of protest from the back were ignored and she nodded. Having a talk about why a demon was out during the human time of the day was not what she wanted one of their regular customers to walk in on.

"Fine but they both come with me." She pointed at the two now-grinning demons and held her hand up at Heracles's refusal. "Right now they're the only relatively solid things I've got in regards to demons. I'm not leaving them." He huffed but nodded turning to open the back door. She let out a breath glad that the testosterone level in the room had decreased enough for their to be a relatively civil conversation.

Said breath was then sucked in when she found herself in a demon sandwich, again. They both seemed intent on rubbing her body as much as possible which wasn't helping her thought process at all. She needed a clear head to deal with whatever Heracles would tell her. A clear head was hard to manage when two extremely handsome men were touching your body. True, demons still scared the hell out of her but she was a normal woman, with certain normal instincts that reacted around males.

"W-Wh-What on e-earth are you two d-doing?" She stuttered out, desperately trying to ignore the bolts of electricity shooting across her skin enveloping her in a haze. Antonio smirked against her neck but she was too stunned to move.

"Well querida, you were standing awfully close to that cat just then..." He trailed off fascinated in the feel of her skin. His hand trailed up her arm, the idea that this bundle of fire, spirit and courage belonged to him was becoming more appealing every second. Antonio knew he was clingy when it came to things that he cared about and watching her stand in front of one of the more powerful demons he'd met had shaken him. She was a human, so many things could harm her and bringing her into his world? That would be like spending the rest of his life guarding a crystal that would shatter at one touch. Still he'd gladly do it if this woman who slapped an ancient one would stay with him.

"His scent is all over you princess." Gilbert finished Antonio's sentence. "We don't like other males scent on you." His hands were much more firmer and confidant than Antonio's. She was his dammit. Heracles words had shocked him and he needed to remind himself that she was his. He felt her skin jump beneath his touch, yes she was his. She just hadn't realised it yet. A part of him was still trying to adjust to this earthquake that had destroyed his world in the form of one tiny blonde human. He was still a long way from professing his undying love for her but it was a start.

"Oh, O-Ok." Not wanting to deal with the consequences of running away she closed her eyes and let them finish whatever they were doing. It was an odd sensation to her, contact. Sure her brothers would hug her now and then when they weren't at each others throats but this was something entirely differently. This contact smouldered and burned, it made her feel strange and she wasn't sure how to deal with it. The second they stopped she jumped out from between them and practically ran into the next room.

"She's a little skittish ain't she?"

"Síbut she's so cute." Gilbert smiled and then frowned.

"What do you think Heracles meant about that mate comment?" Antonio tensed and green eyes reverted to red.

"I don't know, but let's go find out." Gilbert raised an eyebrow. His friend was angry and that usually led to something being dismembered or decapitated. A huge grin split his face. Hopefully that something was the cat demon who dared to go near their mate.

Well this was awkward. Having three super strong men glare at each other from across the room was hardly an ideal situation. Men, life had been so much simpler back when she was 6 and still thought that they were all icky and had germs. Then she discovered their existence was necessary for continued life on the planet and it had gotten worse from there.

"So, who or what are you Heracles?" She turned her attention back to him and tried to push back the fondness she'd felt for him when they first started to work together.

"My name really is Heracles Karpusi. I'm a cat demon, well more like a lynx or something than the average tom-cat. Both my parents were demons and I was born in Greece around 150 BC." Choosing to ignore the sound of Abigail choking on her drink he carried on. "My upbringing was relatively normal for a demon but I won't bore you with all the details. I'm a pretty laid back demon and I've rarely been involved with fighting either human or demon." Once again that dark crown crossed his face. "Well, except for one idiot who doesn't know how to stay dead." She noticed that Antonio also tensed and wondered who this unknown demon was.

"Why did you come here?" She really didn't want to ask, she really didn't but it had to be said. Heracles winced but to his credit he met her gaze.

"For what its worth, no matter what reason I came here I enjoyed getting to know you Abigail Kirkland."

Oh she was really not going to like what he was going to say was she?

"A friend of mine was travelling around the area. One night, before the sun had fully set he was out doing some early hunting when he saw you enter your house. I'm not sure what you know about demon mating bonds-"

"Enough to know they're incredibly annoying and apparently irreversible."

"Basically yeah, but they allow the demon to instantly recognise their mate through either sight or smell. When he saw you he knew you were his mate. My friend was scared for your safety so he asked me to watch over you for a while."

Abigail wanted to sleep. She wanted to yell, rant and scream. She wanted to wake up in her grandparents house; her only knowledge of demons being what she read in the newspapers.

"Who is this friend?" Antonio all but snarled.

"I can't say. At the moment he's having a couple of issues with the council." She looked to Gilbert for an explanation.

"The council basically enforce the laws of our world. They are very strong, second in power only to the king. They basically ensure that demons don't wipe out humanity. It takes a lot to anger them." Abigail frowned, great now she was attracting demon criminals as well.

"It was a misunderstanding. He just wanted me to keep an eye on you in case the council realised what you were to him and tried to use you to get to him. I was just asked to keep you safe until he could return and claim you himself."

"Who is he Heracles?" She asked softly, yelling would never get her any answers. The Cat demon sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"I really can't say Abigail. He wanted to be the one to introduce himself to you, besides I don't want the two idiots by your side badmouthing him to you." Both "idiots" frowned.

"How on earth can I be a-a mate for three demons? I know enough to know that it's not normal but not enough to know how to solve it." She clenched her fists and looked out the window. "I just want to know why this is happening to me." Her voice was suspiciously quiet and all three of the men could smell tears.

Shit. She was crying.

All of them moved to comfort her in some way but she stood up and headed for the balcony. She needed to be alone.

By then the sun was out in full and she could see humans emerging from their houses ready to take control of the world once again. They lived in happy obliviousness, they only thought about demons when one of them was missing or killed. To most of them demons were still just words on paper. Yesterday she'd been one of them, well that wasn't strictly true, but she had pretended well. Now, now her life was bound to the night.

Oh wait no, it had been bound weeks, maybe months before when the mysterious demon had first seen her. She knew that she should feel more considerate of them. Gilbert had told her quite clearly last night that this messed their lives up as much as it did hers. Yet she couldn't bring herself to care. For a moment she would be selfish. The tears were finally let loose.

She cried for herself, for the lives that she had inadvertently affected by simply being alive. She missed her brothers, she'd give anything just to hear Ian screaming at her for burning the dinner or Dyllan telling her to stop studying and get to bed. She missed her mother and father. She missed her grandparents, because if they were still here than that horrific indecent wouldn't have happened and she wouldn't be terrified of the demons. She wouldn't know what they were capable of doing.

But she did. So she could never let herself love them or let them in. Her fear would never leave her because the scars were still there on both her mind and body.

She wept for them too. They were given a mate that would never feel the same way about them.

A hand reached out and stroked her hair. Her head shot up and she looked up into the sad eyes of Heracles.

"I'm sorry for this Abigail." She let out another sob before throwing herself at him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him to her. It didn't matter that he had been sent here to watch her, it didn't matter that he was a demon who had who knows how many abilities and it didn't matter that he had lied to her. He was someone who wasn't bound to her by some mystical bond, he didn't cause her heart to race or that strange heat to erupt inside her. He was a friend, which was what she needed.

"Where are the other two?" She asked wiping her eyes on his shirt. He smiled and nuzzled her head.

"I tied them to the couch and gagged them so they wouldn't disturb you." He looked so pleased and they would be so angry. A tiny giggle escaped her, which soon evolved into a genuine laugh. A part of her wanted to go and look but she was content to be comforted by her friend at the moment.

"Do you have a mate Heracles?" She felt him shake his head.

"No I've not met mine yet. I'll find them eventually, it's a wonderful thing to find a mate you know."

"Really?" He chuckled at the blankness of her voice.

"Yeah. Most demons spend their entire adult lives looking for their mate because they don't see themselves as complete." She hummed non-committally.

"You know my friend didn't just leave the second he saw you."

"He didn't?"

"No he admired you from afar for a couple of weeks. Nearly bored me to tears how often he spoke about how kind and beautiful you were. He was much more interesting when he spoke about your temper." She looked up to scowl at him and he used the moment to wipe her cheeks.

"I'll say it again Abigail. For whatever reason I came here for. I'm glad I met you."

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