Sing Out Loud

Song dedicated to this chapter: Wouldn't Change A Thing by Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

Sam's POV

She stared at me, silent.

"Sam!" Freddie called again. I don't turn around, I kept my eyes on Morgan.

"You should go." She told me. Did she say that so she could still go through with the prank or did she say that telling me she won't? I can't risk it.

"Not until I know you won't do anything." I argue.

"I-I," She stutters. Her eyes only showed confusion. My heart races with every second that passes by, waiting for her to answer. "Go." She finally said.

"But..." I start.

"Just go, I won't do it." I look back at Freddie and he's fidgeting his feet getting anxious.

"Promise?" I ask and she answers by shaking her head. It wasn't all that convincing but I took it because I knew it was all that I could get from her and it was enough.

"Thank you." I tell her, and I meant it.

I rush towards Freddie who wanted to know what happened.

"We have no time, let's go." I say. We ran to the entrance pushing through people I hardly recognized. As we got to the stage entrance the performance before us was about to finish up. Freddie was rambling about how happy he is that we can actually sing, I on the other hand wasn't paying that much attention to him. I sneaked a peak through the opening of the curtain, my eyes peered out in to the audience then back to the stage, it was small with a bright spotlight beaming down on it while the audience was dark with little light showing a few faces of strangers in the front row. I take my eyes off the stage and glance at Freddie who notices my tense grip on the curtain.

"You'll do great." He whispers. For the first time tonight I felt calm. I don't feel like screaming my head off and ripping my hair out, I can breath again. I turn back to the stage which is now pitch black indicating that the performance is over. Once the applause dies down it was time for us to go on.

We stood there facing the crowd and waited for the music to start. I caught a quick look over at Freddie and he gave me a wink. He then waited for me to start the first verse and without thinking I did. I couldn't believe I was singing, and with Freddie. Just a few months ago choir was forbidden in my mind, how was this possible? I used to worry that singing wasn't "me" but I enjoy it, so I guess I suprised myself. And I might regret saying this later but Freddie helped me realize that. As we sing the song I can't help thinking how different we are, yet there's something about being with him that makes me happy, something I can't exactly put my finger on. That kiss wasn't just the heat of the moment, I wanted to kiss him. Maybe I don't exactly know why but I know now that he was the first guy to challenge me, to see something in myself I couldn't even see. Not once did I look back at the audience because I didn't care what they thought, I wanted my attention to be on Freddie and he stared back.

With the last few lines of the song coming up both Freddie and I grew closer together. We faced each other, I knew the song was almost over and the only thing I was thinking was I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. The lights dimmed and both of us leaned closer and closer until I finally got what I wanted, a kiss. I wouldn't change a thing about this second of happiness, it was perfect.

While I was on stage I didn't think about Alex or Morgan or the prank. I finally saw the importance of this concert, not only was I doing something I loved I was doing it with someone that was there for me the entire time. Someone that picked me up after a horrible date and got me to admit to myself I was scared. I found something special and his name is Frednub, I mean Freddie.

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