Anonymous prompt from LJ. These are a great way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon...;)

Tommy slipped into the dressing room. "Adam?" He was a little worried when he didn't get an immediate response, but noticed him standing in front of the mirror, shirtless, running his hand over his belly.

"Something wrong?" Adam sounded a little sad, and Tommy felt his heart sink a bit.

"No. I just messed up my lipstick." Tommy put a hand on the counter, actively searching, then suddenly stopped. "Adam? Is everything okay?"

Adam sighed with a frustration he couldn't quite conceal. "S'alright. I'm okay." He frowned at the mirror as his hand slowly ran up his stomach again.

Tommy didn't buy it. "You wanna talk about it?" He found his tube of cherry red lipstick and looked into the mirror as he applied it, but also kept his gaze on Adam. The brunette let out another frustrated sigh.

"I just...I think I'm gaining a little weight again. It's no big deal, Tommy, really."

Tommy set his lipstick tube back on the counter. "If it's gonna affect you during the show..."

"No. It won't. It's nothing, honestly."

Adam was confident that this would have no effect on the show whatsoever. The stage was the one place he simply was not self concious in any way, as long as the energy was consistent. But as he stared harder at his own reflection, then at Tommy's, he just felt a little lost. He could be skin and bone and still feel as if he had weight to lose. A lot of his life was spent in a self concious state of mind.

Tommy turned to Adam. "Don't wanna take any chances." he said thoughtfully. Adam was beautiful; he'd be damned if he went around feeling otherwise. He got behind Adam, gripping his shoulder with one hand, and running his other hand over the singer's stomach. "You're gorgeous Adam, you really are." He was almost inaudible now.

The way Tommy's hand fluttered up and down his belly was almost hypnotizing. It put him in a bit of a daze, so he almost failed to notice Tommy kneeling before him, swinging around to his front as the blond started pressing soft kisses up and down Adam's stomach.

Adam watched his expression of disbelief dissolve into a grateful smile in the mirror. Tommy had this uncanny ability to put Adam at ease, no matter what was wrong, The singer brushed his hand gently through Tommy's fringe. He wasn't pulling; he just wanted contact. Tommy purred at the touch, rising from his knees slowly, moving up to his chest.

"Five minutes!" Somebody called from beyond the door.

"Dammit." Tommy stood up all the way, quickly giving Adam a peck on the lips. He looked at Adam's reflection and the mirror and cursed.

Tommy's lipstick was all over Adam's stomach and chest now. "Uhmm...Adam, sorry, I-"

Adam laughed. "Baby, it's beautiful, honestly. Looks great." Tommy gave him a mock scowl, and reapplied his lipstick. Adam pulled on his v-neck, all of those encumbering necklaces, the suede and fur jacket, then the feathered tophat, not bothering to wash off the lipstick from his torso.

"There he goes, my baby walks so slow, sexual tic tac toe, yeah I know we both know it isn't"

Adam slammed his lips agaisnt Tommy's, and it didn't go unnoticed when the bassist quickly, secretly ran his hand up Adam's shirt, where his liptick was still pretty fresh. He caught Adam's eye, offering a playful smirk. It was returned tenfold.