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He was both the anchor in her world and the albatross. Margaret Schroeder came to this conclusion cuddled in his arms and feeling naked for the first time with him. She was drunk, open, and serene with her choice after the election party. In his place above the sea, he had taken her and they celebrated their reunion with champagne and love.

Nucky had told her she now knew everything about him, more than any other person, and in immediate aftermath of that conversation she resented him for it. For showing her his humanity. His vulnerability. But now...now she felt a responsibility for him and she was both elated by that fact and burdened with it. That he needed her. God, what this man did to her!

"You're pretty quiet there." Nucky Thompson whispered, his cheek rubbing against her slightly sweaty forehead. Margaret took in a breath and burrowed deeper into the crook of his neck, closing her eyes.

"Tell me what is going on in that head of yours, Margaret."

She could feel his fingertips run through her hair. She had missed this when she was gone from him. Out of his life and his world. She could admit that now when before she could only suppress it. Her desire for him. Her desire for her former lifestyle. Her ache for sin. Now she was dizzy from champagne and sex and she never felt so...complete. A small chuckle escaped her lips.

She could feel his smile against her skin and his hands moved to her flesh. Nucky was a surprising lover, gentle with his words where he was abrasive to his employees, tender to her skin where he was cruel in his other business, passionate where he was reserved and cold when making political calculations. No one knew this part of the man the way she did and it made her giddy with power and affection.

"No one ever told me how great things are with a drink."


Sometimes Nucky wondered who this woman was. Daylight played on her features and he felt a wave of tenderness, confusion, and fear eat away at his belly. She was asleep, tired and exhausted, naked in his bed after he thought she was going to leave him. Margaret had said leaving was for the best and now? Now she was here, drunk off champagne and laid over him, as if nothing had ever changed between them.

But it had. She knew everything and his disconcertion about this was echoing in his head. She knew he was corrupt. That the things he did were illegal and immoral. That he had murdered her husband, leaving her a widow and her children fatherless. And yet, here she was.

He was not naive enough to think that it was out of pure affection for him that brought her back. He was powerful, rich, and could take care of her. But now he knew there was more there than that. Money wasn't enough to keep her. Her tears at his confession about his wife were not for show.

'Big mess, here Nucky boy.' He thought to himself. It would have been better if she was just here for the cash. He knew what to do with that. But the woman that was with him tonight named Margaret Schroeder?

'Shit!' Nucky thought as he kissed her forehead. 'I'm in big trouble.'


Nucky closed his eyes and hugged her closer to himself. She was the only one allowed to call him that. He was in big big trouble.

"I'm right here." And she was the only one he would answer by that name.