To little, to late.

Chapter 1

Laurant leaned closer to me. His mouth going to my throat. I froze.

Edward! I love you! I yelled in my head. I screamed in pain as his teeth dug into my skin, and the venom spread through my vain. I knew I was going to die, and that's what let me think of Edward. Both physical and emotional pain engulfed me. At least it would over soon. Death would take me, and I would free from this hurt.

I heard a growl, and Laurant dropped me. I knew this was strange, but the venom caused so much pain, that I didn't care. I screamed again.

Please make it stop! I thought, I might of said it out loud as well, but I'm not shore.

Jacobs POV

We stood in between the trees, and watched the leach talk to Bella.

Sam, we should attack him now. It sounds like he's going to bite her. We can't let that happen! I said to Sam through my mind.

We cannot attack unless we have reason. He might be one of the Cullens or that knew family. He replied calmly. I was getting agitated. I kept watching. The filthy blood sucker lent towards her. This was it. He's going to bite her. The pack left the safety of the woods and went towards the leach. But… it was too late. He was already taking her blood. I growled in anger. He looked up, and dropped Bella in the grass and took off running.

We killed the leach, I changed back into my normal self, and ran over to where Bella was laying in the grass, withering in pain. She was changing into one of them. I was so angry at this that my vission turned red, and my whole body was shaking. I ran into the trees, away from Bella, and turned back.

We have to take care of this. She can't be allowed to become one of them and be a threat. Sam said in a gentle voice.

No. this was too much. I couldn't loose Bella, I just couldn't. And I definitely didn't want to be the one to kill her.

I went over to her, a low whine in my throat.

Only if we had been a little quicker, then she would be fine. I little shaken up by the sight of a pack of huge wolves, but she would be alive and human.

Lexie's POV

We where hunting, and I was on the path of a mountain lion, and Chris was following my lead, when we heard a scream of pain and a growl from a wolf. I looked at Chris.

"What was that?" I asked panicked. He shrugged nonchalantly, but I could see the worry in his eyes. An other scream penetrated the silence, and with out thinking I ran towards it, with Chris on my heels.

We smelt the wolves, a strange vampire, and a floral sent of fresh human blood. It smelled lush, and I could feel my mouth watering at the sent. I shook myself. I did not kill humans.

We arrived at a small circular meadow and the wolves where surrounding a girl who was laying on the floor, flinching in pain.

"She's been bitten." Chris muttered. The wolves looked up when they heard his voice and growled at us. I moved forward, trying to get to the girl, but Chris stopped me.

"Stop, it could be dangerous." he said, defensive. I loved Chris, he was my mate, but sometimes he's just too damn protective.

"We can't leave her there. We have to bring her back home. I'm shore Adam and Maria will welcome her into the family." I turned back to the wolves and walked forward. They growled at me, but let me approach. I held my hands u, showing that I wasn't a threat. Chris was right behind me, staring down the wolves to show that anyone who touched me would die.

"Let us help her. We can look after her. We can keep her safe, and help keep the humans safe from her." I said pleadingly. The russet red wolf, who was standing over the poor girl protectively, looked at me. We stared at each other for a couple of minutes before he nodded and stepped aside.

I picked her up and ran towards home.