Sighing, Squall set his coffee mug on the table and picked up the thrown controller on the ground. "Seifer, if you're going to play Tetris, play it elsewhere."


The blond frowned. "Okay, so apparently, I'm fat."

" … no called you fat; you're just assuming things."

"Yeah, well, let me remind you of who exactly ordered this Sensa-shit for my Christmas present."

Shrugging, Squall finished up wrapping Rinoa's gift and placed it under the tree, nodding at Xu, who crossed the name off of the list.

"That's just a stocking stuffer."

"What the hell!"

" … do you want a hunk of coal, or not?"

'Tis better to give than receive.


Seifer spat out a curse as he ducked behind a potted plant: Warily, he lurched to the decoration's counterpart and gasped, rolling over to the other side of the room as he narrowly avoided a swing of Lionheart.

"Alright, who added tequila to the eggnog?"


Seifer deeply chuckled as he pulled the other into his lap, grinning all the more when an arched brow was thrown his way. "Now, what would you like for Christmas, Squally-Boy?"


"No, you put the butter in last," Seifer corrected, leaning forward to put the cookies in the oven. "And the nuts are chopped and sprinkled over them when they're cool."

Squall blankly looked at the batter. "… what happens if you reversed the order?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

A pause. "Instead of starting from step one—"

"Well, then, be prepared for the shittiest reindeer munchies on Earth."

" …."

" …" Realization: "Squall; tell me that you didn't—"

The other end of the kitchen answered with a boom.


Grinning, Seifer captured the other's lips, emitting a noise of satisfaction when he received a positive response, his laugh subtle as he dangled a sprig of mistletoe over their heads.

"Merry Christmas, babe."